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Control Of People And Its Security

The current times are times of unreliability, products and equipamentosesto always under the robbery threat, the people are citizens perigosmesmo in great cities where combastantes policemen exist police authorities, before a situation as this the deprodutos manufacturers continue the production and technological evolution of seusequipamentos so that the citizen can have products to answer aosperigos that face. One of the equipment that is more utilizadoatualmente in millions of places is the access control, one dispositivoque has in its essence the function to obtain to control, authorizeing ounegando the ticket of people to the place. The control systems deacesso can be isolated devices in the case of pequenadimenso places or where the security guard very does not need to be pressed, but umsistema of access control also can be constituted by umconjunto of some on devices to a central office that receives all ainformao and all makes the coordination of the equipment that is to acontrolar the accesses. They exist some types of systems for the access control, the ratchets are part of the known equipment more and costuma serutilizado in places where for example it is necessary to receive correct ainformao I number of it of people who are to use the local ouesto in ticket for another used space the ticket where estinstalada the ratchet. The credentials can be part of umainstalao of access control, in its known form more are to afalar of a PIN, accurately as a password that can be identical paratodos the users when only is necessary to know the number depessoas in the place or a different password for each person, this ultimasoluo allows to know who was present in place. Existemcredenciais that is objects that authorize the ticket through daproximidade a magnetic card or for a bar code, but seestas technologies does not surprise nobody exists others that already comeama to be part of our days but that still obtain criarexpectativas. We are speaking of the biometria, this departamentotorna our current life in one it has almost filmed of scientific fiction, aquiloque if it saw in the television was carried to our lives. Nocaso of the systems of access control the biometria serves comocredencial, that is it legalizes any person appealing to its body. Existematualmente systems of access control the computers that necessitamque the person places the finger in a device to authorize the dessecomputador use, the system recognizes the person and authorizes the use, but abiometria in the access control is not this way. The umdos Iris is agency of the body that more has been used to use emdispositivos of control of accesses, in more complex systems aautenticao can be made through veins of the human body.

Computer Game

The game patience is a classic game of letters and possesss, also, a virtual version. It can be played with distributed real letters in a table, or also through the screen of its computer, he becomes what it much more simple, therefore you will not have the work to mount the game. Sites of game online gratis also disponibilizam different versions of this classic. You only need to look these sites through any page of search. The patience game possesss many derivations nowadays, but the classic way it game is, still, the most popular and play. Hardly somebody does not know as if patience plays, therefore this is considered the game most popular of all the times. Many computers bring the classic version of the patience in its softwares, but if its does not possess, you can play through sites of game online gratis or look for to lower in some site of download.

The game is composed for one baralho complete, that is, 52 letters. To mount it, you it will have to make first a mount with seven letters and to place them upside-down on the surface that it chose to play. After that, it makes a new mount with more six letters and places to the side of that one. It makes this more some times, until the last mount is only with an only letter. The letters that sobraram will be part of the purchase mount. A space reserved for the final part of the game leaves, where the letters will be piled up. It turns the first letter each mount, less of the purchase mount.

Soon, you finish to mount the game and can start the departure and if amuse. He is possible to put into motion any letter that will be piled up. The stacks will be made respecting the sequncia, of the greater for the minor, alternating its colors. The game respects the classic sequncia: , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. When some column will be empty, is possible to start to make a new stack, placing the King (k) in first place. The objective of the game is to complete the spaces reserved with four stacks, one of each naipe, composed for the letters of Ace the King, in this sequncia. The game finishes when all the letters will be mounted in these stacks. If you not to want to have all this work to mount the game, you search its version for computer. You can have it already installed in its machine, but if she will not have, can look for in the Internet that certainly will go to find. Now that you already know as to play this classic, is alone if to amuse. This is a game for only one player, excellent for moments where you will be alone, or will not be the end if to amuse with nobody. That rainy afternoon of sunday is a good one asked for a departure of popcorn patience, folloied and cooling, he is not same? Then, it disconnect the television and it now goes to play patience.

Archimedes Pressure

Recently I found an interesting aerodynamic dependence. To prove it, such an example: The AN-12. Maximum takeoff weight – 61 tons Wing Area – 121.7 square meters. m. To create the lift force necessary to detach from the aircraft Land enough of a 5% drop in pressure between the upper and lower surfaces of the wing. Five percent of the standard (760 mm. Hg. Column) pressure near the ground is 38 mm. Hg. column. 760 – 38 = 722 mm. Hg. column. According to the table of international standard Atmosphere (ISA), we find that the pressure of 722 mm. Hg. column corresponds to a height equal to 425 meters. Now, attention! Atmospheric column height of 425 meters, with a cross-sectional area 121.7 sq.m. contains within itself the 61 ton air. Coincidence?

In fact, I believe that this dependence is discovered by accident, a purely mathematical way, has more to do with physics than to the aerodynamics. Something akin to the corollary of the Law of Archimedes, for an asymmetric body harder air and balanced in it vertically through the pressure difference above and below this body resulting from its wrapping horizontal air flow. Although, strictly speaking, the law of Archimedes, it is the law of static fluids and gas, and here we are dealing with the dynamics. Very interesting detail in my opening – before it is not described anywhere. That is, I actually turned out to be a pioneer. Using the knowledge gained through my rather big aviation career, I could open and prove that the area between the wing and a cross section four hundred twenty-five meter high pillar is a link that to my discovery of ‘remained in the shadows. “.

Security Small Efficient Unoticed Fort

Noticing lacre notable with as many characteristics and a so simple objective, this system is used to leave one evidences, of that something was opened, touched or moved, if you made some of these actions where this system of security exists, you it can have lost a guarantee, have broken a contractual rule and to be penalizado to pay a fine. To the inverse one of the locks, cadeados, current, alarms and other devices of security, that are made to hinder an opening or a ticket, the security sealing waxes or stamps of security had been made to leave marked its opening, disruption, its breaking proving the fact. You must have a household-electric one in house or in the work, a computer or TV, all manufacturer supplies the guarantee since type of equipment. But it is conditional to some rules. one of them is not to violate, to breach the sealing wax contained in the equipment. Cardiologist may find this interesting as well. When eventually you present some type of defect you can request that an authorized one fixes carries through it or even though a possible exchange. Now if you violated the sealing wax and tried to fix proper the equipment on account, you you as soon as lose the guarantee, having to arcar with the payment you fix of it.

Objective of lacreO objective of the sealing wax is not to hinder its opening, but to show that it was opened. Even because in a future you or an authorized person will be able or need abriz it or breach it. The guarantee stated period finished its equipment broke or presents a defect, you trusts one technician for accomplishment fixes of it instead of takes it an authorized one, is the moment that needs to breach the sealing wax, if was made to hinder the opening probably would have that it takes it the manufacturer for the opening and after its opening I fix to only carry through it, incoherent.


Are you interested in getting into gardening? Even as entertainment, gardening attracts more and more people.A new web site has become the place where mowers are protagonists and where we can learn different versions of these machines. Since the modern lawnmower, which replaced the old Clipper machines, up to comfortable lawn mower tractors, all models are contained in the site. Hedges are used for various purposes, but all require the same care. For this reason, it is necessary to resort to a hedge trimmer machine. Complete information about machines is just one of the bases in which stands the site. Another important base is the presence of shops of first level, with offerings that seek to put into our hands the products needed for a good care of the garden.

Already have a good quality mower is not something reserved for a few. Through the site, with a few clicks, access discount coupons that will allow us to purchase products from first at a reduced price. Already advised: If you look for an easy way of obtaining a garden that is the subject of admiration by its neighbors, there is a site that can help you meet your desire..

Color Video Intercoms. Take A Closer Look

Color video intercoms. Take a closer look! In recent years the Internet in a number of articles on the entryphone give very serious recommendations for choosing entryphone, analyzing his work and specific use. On I think that in these articles is not enough attention has been given a color video intercom. As reasons for the choice of black and white version of the authors cited their lower cost and better image quality. Yes, definitely black and white camera has a higher sensitivity and a black and white video phone is cheaper than color, but progress is not in place and the rapid development of electronics industry leads to a blurring of the qualitative and price distinction between color and black-and-white video surveillance systems in general and video systems in particular.

Look at the market monitors for cctv! All lcd Monitors – color, and the share produced in black and white monitors crt tends to zero. This is due primarily to significant improvement in the characteristics of color video cameras. Their resolution and sensitivity, particularly in the cells’ day-night, almost no yield similar parameters of black and white cameras with much higher information content of color images and more comfort for the operator. All this can be to the same extent attributed to the color video intercom systems whether a simple system for home or office, or a complex multi-tiered system for a large cottage community, or multifamily residential complex. Using a calling panels modern color Chambers’ day-night, which at night will switch to black and white mode and can use additional illumination from the ir diodes, the use of lcd panels with high resolution and excellent color make color video intercoms systems in its technical parameters in no way inferior to them in black and white counterparts..

The Market Situation For Feed Mills And Grain In Russia

World population is increasing every year. Question has arisen to provide such a large number of population vital agricultural products remains open. In the current situation must be attention should be paid to preserve and enhance the capacity and improve production to improve productivity. Michio Kaku recognizes the significance of this. Nutritional supplements such as feed grains, contributing to preparation of the diet power, become the most important component of improving the profitability of production. Having analyzed the diets of the leading farms, we are faced with unjustified inflated standards of feed input. Research conducted by scientists of domestic companies 'Biochim-TL', engaged in the manufacture and supply of granulated fodder helped determine the needs of domestic birds and animals. Due to this got to make the most effective recipes feed. Proper feeding is the basis for selection and maintenance of the genetic potential of livestock and poultry. Lack or excess of the required nutrients entails sizeable decrease in productivity, the emergence of unwanted diseases, changes in biological processes. It is therefore necessary to approach the choice of fodder with particular responsibility.

Technology In The Field Of Radio Equipment

Often the use of radios in the mountains – first, the portable radio is needed in case of dangerous situations where any delay could cost .Vo Secondly – if you ride group, the radio will provide you with prompt. constant between group members, if you get lost when you are away from each other, or in trouble or when they simply want to tell their experiences with friends after a crazy descent. Why do I need portable radio, I have a mobile phone? It is believed that cell phones often can not bail out – or the connection fails or you 'specifically' will be taken to roaming. Although today's radios boast a high level of adaptability, and serve to coupling constant communication with each other in a big team – whether different kinds of outdoor activities, or collective sports, just a family field trips, hiking, hunting or just riding in cars. Many believe – it is 'indispensable' attribute is only for people with excess cash, or for those who have not played enough in childhood spies. Why should I buy the walkie-talkie? 1) first come to mind bad words when it comes to poking frozen fingers in strong winds and snow in the mobile phone button to dial your friends. And using the radio, pressed, and talked to all known – the broadcast. 2) Do not climb into the far pocket or in a deeper place – per cell is constant, when you need someone to find.

3) You make the call by pressing one button. 4) Acceptance by automated. 5) Phone freezes in the cold! 6) is free and great efficiency of negotiations. 7) Telephone often lost in the snow or falling from the lift, and put the radio into a deep pocket before going out and everything. If you decide to buy the radio station, you need to know the following main features – a distance (or radius) of walkie-talkies.

What does it depend on? – Capacity of the radio – the more the better. – As a rule, driven by describing the characteristics of range can be achieved when 'ideal conditions', ie this implies a complete lack of barriers, different weather conditions, 'fed' batteries, the absence of electromagnetic interference. If you select the radio for skiing in the high mountains, you'll come in handy: the presence of moisture protection. We recommend not to mix up and distinguish between moisture protection from waterproof to scan channels (portable radio automatically calculates the required channels), what do you want such features as indication of charge level and signal strength are not required explained. Most likely, first you get the radio, thinking about its necessity, a couple of times to lose each other on the slope, but then you do not notice that she will become your irreplaceable 'toy'.