Control Of People And Its Security

The current times are times of unreliability, products and equipamentosesto always under the robbery threat, the people are citizens perigosmesmo in great cities where combastantes policemen exist police authorities, before a situation as this the deprodutos manufacturers continue the production and technological evolution of seusequipamentos so that the citizen can have products to answer aosperigos that face. One of the equipment that is more utilizadoatualmente in millions of places is the access control, one dispositivoque has in its essence the function to obtain to control, authorizeing ounegando the ticket of people to the place. The control systems deacesso can be isolated devices in the case of pequenadimenso places or where the security guard very does not need to be pressed, but umsistema of access control also can be constituted by umconjunto of some on devices to a central office that receives all ainformao and all makes the coordination of the equipment that is to acontrolar the accesses. They exist some types of systems for the access control, the ratchets are part of the known equipment more and costuma serutilizado in places where for example it is necessary to receive correct ainformao I number of it of people who are to use the local ouesto in ticket for another used space the ticket where estinstalada the ratchet. The credentials can be part of umainstalao of access control, in its known form more are to afalar of a PIN, accurately as a password that can be identical paratodos the users when only is necessary to know the number depessoas in the place or a different password for each person, this ultimasoluo allows to know who was present in place. Existemcredenciais that is objects that authorize the ticket through daproximidade a magnetic card or for a bar code, but seestas technologies does not surprise nobody exists others that already comeama to be part of our days but that still obtain criarexpectativas. We are speaking of the biometria, this departamentotorna our current life in one it has almost filmed of scientific fiction, aquiloque if it saw in the television was carried to our lives. Nocaso of the systems of access control the biometria serves comocredencial, that is it legalizes any person appealing to its body. Existematualmente systems of access control the computers that necessitamque the person places the finger in a device to authorize the dessecomputador use, the system recognizes the person and authorizes the use, but abiometria in the access control is not this way. The umdos Iris is agency of the body that more has been used to use emdispositivos of control of accesses, in more complex systems aautenticao can be made through veins of the human body.