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Presidents Fidel Castro

Perhaps some agreements with greater resonance were: Cuba signs an agreement with Venezuela to purchase oil on preferential terms (30 October 2000) source: ttp: / /, the other was conducted in Havana, on December 15 of the year 2004. Source: Strategic Alliance agreed between the Presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez took off with a range of agreements without parallel, which sets a floor of guarantee for the price of Venezuelan oil, opens wide the island capital and exports from the South American partner, stationed more than 15,000 doctors and Cuban health in Venezuela Tevcnicos and allows the reciprocal of State banks opening, among other mechanisms of unpredictable political and economic impact. Castro and Chavez signed an agreement for the implementation of the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas, in the Palace of the revolution, (ALBA), which recognizes as a basis the political, economic and social asymmetries in both countries. We reject firmly the content and purposes of the FTAA (free trade of the Americas Area), said the chairpersons on an additional statement. Instead, they claimed the ALBA initiative, launched by Chavez it makes in the year 2000, as the true Latin American and Caribbean, integration based on justice, and both pledged to fight to make it reality. It is worth noting that the foreign policy of the Government of Venezuela offers many benefits to the nation because Caribbean which has played a key role in the Venezuelan oil exports and some of its derivatives to the island since the beginning of the conventions, the energy field. In addition to this, agreements on agriculture, education, telecommunications, iron and steel are others of great importance for the island of Cuba. The serious question that originates from all this is is there equality of benefits for both countries under these conventions? While it is true that the program neighborhood inside benefited many low-income Venezuelans, it is also true that the Caribbean country has greatly benefited with the supply of Venezuelan crude oil, however, there is still a vacuum of information regarding the balanced exchange of how many barrels of oil costs Venezuela a medico cubano or vice versa.

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One of the best ways to burn energy is by increasing the metabolism. The higher your metabolic rate, more energy that burns. Increase your metabolism and get rid of fat from the legs, do the following: proteins: help the body burn more calories. In this case, you will need to choose the best sources of protein to keep the burning of the excess calories throughout the day. The best sources of protein include lean meats, beans, egg and poultry.

You will need to choose the low-fat options, for example, instead of frying the chicken, you can make it broiled or grilled. You can choose Turkey or chicken without skin, fish is also an excellent choice. These are just examples of how to eat healthy. Vegetables and fruits: this type of food are also called catabolic foods because they burn more calories that offer it. You don’t need to obsess on the calorie count. Supplementing dairy dishes with fruit throughout the day. Fruits such as apples, blackberries, grapefruit, oranges, mangoes, lemons, limes and pineapples are good examples.

Also vegetables like spinach, Kale, carrots, spinach, leeks, peppers, broccoli and tomatoes are good examples. These foods will increase your metabolism and help burn excess fat you have on your legs. They are also very healthy due to their low calorie. Staying physically active and healthy is as simple as doing regular physical activity. Well let’s get to point a critical point, you really don’t have to lose money to a gym. Wondering how long and how many times can walk or jogging every week? How many times does exercises with friends every week? How many times does aerobic exercise a week? Most likely, not be enough active physically as it should. Your health is important and if you don’t have money to invest in costly exercises and memberships at gyms equipment, then look for cost-free exercises that are usually funny. Exercise 3 times a week about 30 to 45 minutes. Take your time and do this if you want to lose fat legs and stay healthy. Start slowly if you are a beginner. The combination of these three tips can increase the chances of slimming leg and stay healthy. So eating lean, increase your metabolism and will be burning fat faster than expected. The only thing that stands in his way for weight loss is you yourself. Make a decision and put into action, particularly with regard to physical activity.

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Why clean the colon? Many common health and weight problems may be linked to the State of the colon, and 90% of all diseases are related to a dirty colon. Without a healthy diet and regular exercise, our system has problems digesting food properly. The result is stored in the colon waste (the average is 5 to 25 pounds per person). This causes the spread of bacteria and toxins through the body via the blood capillaries that are aligned to the intestinal wall, which absorbs these toxins and distributes them in the bloodstream, bringing as a result the pollution of all organs and cells, and the end result is disease and even death. Statistics show that an estimated 156,000 Americans develop colon cancer each year and approximately 60,000 will die of this disease that can be prevented. Cleanliness of our digestive system leads to a healthier lifestyle, because when the colon is clean, our body assimilates more nutrition of the foods and supplements we take. Through the course of our lives, we rarely think about the effects that greasy food, excessive dairy products, meats and other foods with toxic substances can have on our digestive system, particularly our intestines. In the same way that we care for and clean the outside of our bodies, it is very important to keep the interior of our body clean also, because this cleaning can have big effects on our health.

A good colon cleanser will eliminate old fecal material and toxic waste, which eventually will prevent proper digestion, absorption of vital nutrients and the Elimination of waste. Eye, this product is not a laxative. Reza a popular saying, good health begins in the colon. A healthy colon is an important part of sustaining a healthy body. Without the proper disposal of products which the body discards, they can cause serious health problems that otherwise could be avoided.