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Holistic Education

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education Master of holistic education DE RAMON GALLEGOS By Ana Isabel Becerra Regalado, 2009 Introduction. In the development of this test carried out an analysis of 12 books of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava about holistic education, which highlights the journey through time that the author gives us about the history of education and the different paradigms that have been presented to date, which stands as education evolved to our present time. In reading the works of Dr. Ramon Gallegos admit that three years ago lived in the dark, was haunted, which say, until my husband told me about the MA in holistic education, go to the website of Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava I immediately identified with the vision, I discovered that this was what I needed to fill the emptiness inside of me. Today we see how many people live in the darkness to which many be in search of light out through false doors that lead to problems such as hedonism and hoc or the same carrying the drug, prostitution, sex, suicide, etc.. other serious problems we are experiencing is abuse of our planet we do, so these days we see so many disasters in our environment, because people have a very low level of consciousness and the only tool we can use to solve this issue is the holistic education, because its center is the human being is the spirit in which to work able to discover his true nature to evolve forest spirit and conscience.