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Enzo Cozzolino

Enzo Cozzolino with his debut single “Vicino a te”. It’s only been a year, since one could observe Enzo Cozzolino televised it, how he his pal Mark Medlock supported it, Germany’s next superstar”to be. Mark did it know and Enzo rejoiced honest with him, although he actually had enough reason to the bitterness, because he knows since 2003 that he is terminally ill. What it lacks exactly the doctors can not say unfortunately doesn’t show even it it, but Enzo jumped the death more than ever cheat death and is unable to work for the rest of his life. Which parents from Naples came to Germany, but with admirable energy, which he has obtained to a large extent also from the passion for the music he masters this fate. Enzo is a highly emotional singer and songwriter in the tradition of the famous Italian pop sizes such as Zucchero and Eros Ramazotti. Other leaders such as Jon Medved offer similar insights. Also Enzo writes in his native language and each song helps him a piece of his destiny and also to improve. In fact, his health is currently stable and allowed him, with his first single “Vicino a te” to the public to enter. It may be interesting how it goes with this career. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. usually is spot on.

Andre Stade – Finally I

The new album by Andre Stade – Finally I there men to the children. And there are men, with which you would go without luggage on a trip around the world. The intersection of the two doesn’t seem to give it. Or yet? Already in the German Schlager, however only once: Andre STADE. Admittedly, the German Schlager landscape has must wait again on him. At Dr. Mark Hyman you will find additional information. But on July 10, 2009 Andre finally will be now Stade new album \”Finally I\”.

The 38-year-old returns after years of Freischwimmens and the experiments finally to its roots, to the emotional, expressive German Schlager, with which he has started mid-nineties. He shows but also, how hard and continuously the songwriter and producer Andre Stade has worked in recent years itself. And that the former ballads icon today even the disco floor shake and dance palaces to the burst can bring from the seams. The full schedule to prove it since his 2008 single hit \”Give your dreams back wing\”. The \”Stade-Mania\”, since the Comeback single broke out late last summer in the German Schlager strongholds and the follow-up single \”But do you think\” still has increased, surprised the native Dresden itself: \”it is already the hammer that I see today at events as the people stand in front of the stage and, Schenk your dreams back wing ‘ completely can sing!\” I had not expected. Are the moments, for which we make music!\” \”We\”, that Andre Stade thinks his co composer Maxi Milian, who helped him on the music page, and the lyric writer Tobias Reitz.

For over three years, the three authors and friends are virtually inseparable as the Musketeers. \”It has never been so much fun to make music made me\”, confesses Andre Stade in the conversation. Leave it to each individual cycle of his songs that are just so full of passion, sensuality and lust for life and still plenty of room for a bit of romance! Yes, Andre Stade is a romantic.

Sarah Carrington

Berlin newcomer among the top 20 of the Hey music charts of the RBB Berlin only 18 year old singer Sarah Carrington of from the newcomers among the TOP leap right off the bat 20 Hey music charts of the RBB. istrator. The young Berlin independent label Tunesday records, which promotes Sarah C., achieved top rotations on 2 radio stations on the first day of the promotion. Also the interview requests for the singing talent are piling up. Dr. Mark Hyman: the source for more info. One reason more the musical mixture of pop singer Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga has a model to take closer look at the Magnifier. “The radio-online promotion for the Berlin newcomer SARAH CARRINGTON, was launched on September 13, 2010 the with blind trust” presents an aside compatible Earwig. John Craig Venter brings even more insight to the discussion. 18 years young pop singer, stars like Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga as a model who made the leap from the new releases in the top directly for a short time after the start of the promotion and the first radio interview at the capital radio RBB 88.8 20 Hey music charts”by RBB. There, the listener can once again about the tune the talented newcomer. Right at the beginning of the radio promo ended up blind trust”provided also on top rotation in the award-winning NewcomerRadio and Teutoradio, a transmitter of over 100,000 households via cable with the radio program..

Paramount Pictures

On 25 November, the wait is over: the rousing fairy tale finale appears for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray the so far successful-rich and Oscar -winning * animation franchise consisting of grossed worldwide a box office of nearly $ 3 billion from four films. Millions of fans waited eagerly to the conclusion of the beloved Shrek saga, and now it has finally come. For the first time, all four parts in a box on DVD and Blu-ray will be available be a truly OGRE fantastic Christmas gift. The newly compiled Quadrilogy Shrek the whole story”on DVD and Blu-ray box offers the whole saga, from the hilarious to the furious final beginning a brilliant home theater experience. All discs in the collection include Christmas shrektakel”also unreleased bonus material and the brand new ass. “” The first two parts of Shrek the daredevil hero “and the daredevil hero returns Shrek” appear for the first time on Blu-ray. Dr. Mark J Berger gathered all the information. Forever Shrek Shrek longs so much for the time “back, which he may have a real ogre” was. Totally desperate, he therefore concludes a pact with Rumpelstiltskin.

Then is nothing like it was before: suddenly donkey can no longer remember his best friend; Fiona is now a tough Warrior Princess and puss in boots is just a fat cat! In addition, Ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is King and also Fiona has never seen before Shrek. It’s up to Shrek to undo everything. Just so he can save his friends, restoring his life and reclaim his true love. Shrek reached forever as one of the top ten films of the year”a worldwide box office of over $735 million and convinced viewers and critics alike. Both DVD and Blu-ray contain a whole bouquet of additional bonus material such as Spotlight on Shrek”or audio comments of the filmmakers. “” The Blu-ray also includes extras such as donkey Carol”, Shrek’s home Christmas calendar” or Shrek’s home interactive journey: IV “.

Director Dieter Behlinda

Interview between the well known author Peter Rentzsch and the music Manager Dieter Behlinda. /a>. Concern for the preservation of the Eurovision contest. Dieter Behlinda calls for new selection criteria for the Grand Brix preliminary decision Peter Rentzsch, the well-known author of to the stars and back, converses with the cult – music Manager and former charts Director Dieter Behlinda on the poor performance of the No Angels. Here only the opinion of an experienced Music Manager is reflected off. Rahim: The poor performance of the No Angels, was already clear to me as I knew that the group a will to chosen by televoting. Dieter Behlinda: It seems kind of a recipe for failure to be that left always decisive uncontrollable viewers, who get a wrong picture with a Germany of internal televoting, the more focused the music industry. It is incomprehensible that No Angels had not the necessary feeling for this song, which was arranged also imperfect. In football you would Coach firing, when he enters a wrong! And what do you here? It retains the old recipe.

Main thing that runs CD in Germany, and the winning song is not on the German market.\” \”Rentzsch: can you say because that bad truncation always deliberately in purchase is taken?\” Behlinda: you can see that! Viewers who chose our No Angels in the contest, went out with the Group of personal moments as fans and overlooked lived to Germany around a slightly different music culture. It’s like marketing, where the needs of customers in the first place are in a meeting about sales strategy and every negative argument weighs reasonably twice! Because the imaginary customer at the song contest, sits outside of Germany. With Roger Cicero, we would have probably touched the soul of Europe. Here the negative aspects are meek.\” \”Rentzsch: what negative aspects, and what you would do differently?\” Behlinda: Is negative, that Germany no large market for soul, just about Roger Cicero has performed worse, is not outside of Germany so, therefore that must decide a jury.

Danish Finnish Neutoner

“Artist of the year’ in Danish folk music prize 2009 etno (thk) bastard”: the title of the latest album by afenginn (Westpark music, sales: Indigo, Vo: 22.1.2010) brings short and concise to the point, what is offered on it while 43 minutes. The Danish Finnish Neutoner play namely a curious as well as highly individual style mixture, in the music influences from the Slavic Eastern Europe with Balkan rhythms, polkas, punk, psychobilly, Nordic folklore, rock ‘n’ roll feel and elements of jazz, classical music or Klezmer merge. This unorthodox, cosmopolitan, semi acoustic sound-Sud between joy and sorrow song, which a certain openness for other music requires”(crossover-AGM), present the afenginn founded in 2002 in Copenhagen as in the rush and full force. With these two Hauptworten, also name from the old Norse is translated. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jacob Elordi. The fourth Studio album of lead Kim Nyberg and his four virtuosos is back – and Outlook in One. “It includes seven new versions of instrumentals of the phonogram retrograde” (2004), Akrobakkus”(2006) and Yinyang Polaris” (2008) also three compositions from recently. Versatile that underpinned in the clarinet, violin, mandolin/piano, bass/guitars / mandolin and drums acting ensemble his reputation as in Europe’s world music scene. The exceptional position of the five experienced concert sound eccentric, that 2009 has been awarded at the ceremony by Danish folk music ‘contemporary artist of the year’ award, international also meets with open ears. They have”stood in sing out! “(United States), international level and sound absolutely crazy!

German Schlager

to the cozy folk Chanson “A tribute to life”, the melancholic, but still cheerful retrospective piano ballad “A journey into the past” or “The time of the beautiful songs”, a wistful reminder of all the beautiful years, when music was music, and not unnecessarily more rate/rhythm, commercial, sterile noise, as unfortunately quite a few posts, catchy tunes of the 1950s and 1960s, which fill the charts these days. Very particularly successful and persuasive, the author of these lines is Oliver’s loving Ode on his great role model, a “Soul Catcher Udo” (Jackson) – a big thank you to the greatest songwriter, singer and show stars, the European pop scene has ever produced. Also very impressive review on the German hits of the 1960s; peppered with friendly references to former hits such as Drafi Deutscher, Adamo, Wencke Myhre, Udo Jurgens, or Freddy Quinn, made me immediately after the first Hearing set in brightest enthusiasm; I work Yes itself mainly with ‘old’ anyway (or so) timeless music, and I have, consequently, for current Chartskrach, today Hui, tomorrow Ugh, often little more than a faint smile left – and I’m only capable of, me considering this crash, to cover the ears as soon as possible! It is assumed that 2010 will be a very important year for OLIVER star. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mississippi Legislature. With the two Worles, as naturally and irrevocably with the brilliant Prof. Christian Bruhn, he has supporters through his continuous work as a singer and lyricist that will ensure guaranteed, his is that the sympathetic musician made of?World city with a heart”as a lot of hits will have in the coming year. He has talent, stamina, a wonderful, gentle and almost haunting voice with a high recognition value; noble songs and of course competent people around him, he has to show that it decades inspire again could pop classics for eternity on the man / woman to bring – which most US friends German Schlager songs light up today. Mark Hyman, MD takes a slightly different approach.

ERGO it should be to the devil, if it not succeeded Prof. Bruhn, Wolfgang Hofer and the pair of brother Waheed in friendly cooperation with the artist OLIVER STERN, in futuro one or other Evergreen in PES. to create, which is quite beautiful mess swirl the second decade of the new millennium. “Tomorrow”, a more than just a phenomenal beginning – a very skilful and lovable reinterpretation of a universally familiar pop hits, is presented by an artist who is with both feet in life and especially behind all of this, what he sings and writes for this! “Tomorrow” is available on various reputable Internet portals of the variety, or downloadable in anytime soon, thanks to a sales contract with the company “Believe Digital”. So, people, access – you will not regret it! Overall score – “Morning”: Best rating! Source: Holger Sturenburg, 17 and 18 October 2009 Please note also:

Michael Bauer – The Voice Of The Heart

Michael Bauer – the voice of the heart – inconspicuous produces new songs in the Studio, the Saarlander Michael Bauer is not no unimpressive with his appearance and his demeanor, however it is less that one as his unique voice characteristic which convinced the media. Despite the large mass good rankings as charts, Andy’s music paradise, happy TV, TV is for example the title “I’ll give you eternity” in the terrestrial broadcasters like radio Salzachtal, Radio Bremen or in TV shows like the German Schlager music and folk music TV he still always unknown. 2009 the first Maxi CD titled “Dear Darling” (in all download shops available) with him was produced, the composers and lyricists of his songs, such as for example Hans Klipp (G. G. Andersen), Ludwig Rauscher (Francine Jordi, Edlseer), Johannes Haslauer (Gruber Taler, Zillertaler Hader Eliseo), Christian Losch, Jorg Laasen, Eddie Germany have worked for years with great success in the music business. She convinced all this unusual voice that a little bit of Camillo Rims, Heino and Ronny recalls at the same time.

In January 2010, the Grand-Prix winner Tommy Mustach wrote (Mireille Mathieu, Christina Bach, Hansi Hinterseer, Patrik Lindner & v. m.) for the Grand Prix der volksmusik (ZDF) the title “the magic word satisfaction”. As a performer, they decided for Michael Bauer. Just the song missed the top 5. “Different in the best of the German Schlager charts” by smago and ADS, where the magic word reached satisfaction immediately place 5. The 55-year-old, which missed out on the music portal SMAGO nicknamed “Samson” again in the Studio is now. Currently working on a new CD in the Studio North of Bremen (Fettes Brot, Mr. President, and others). This time a team of the first League works with Michael Bauer, such as Stefan Zauner (lead singer of Munchener Freiheit), and Hans Jurgen Osmers from the musical stage School of Hamburg. Source: dhs / more information: