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Point Trader

What a trader does not convince myself not to take loss and the result ended a deal with a large loss than anticipated, or out of a profitable trade too early, or being in a profitable deal, do not take profits and as a result ended with a loss, or moved the foot closer to the point of entry and stay out of the market when the market flew in his direction. This is not a complete list of errors that are constantly committed to the market. But this error is caused by the market. The market is neutral, it just gives information about yourself, which gives us to act. That's all. The market has no influence on our ability to perceive information, or to control our decisions and actions. The aforementioned errors are the result of misperception of the market. Misperception generates fear instead of confidence and consistency.

Learn to fully accept the risk not just in any environment, but it is particularly difficult in the market. What we usually fear (besides fear of death or public opinion)? We are afraid of losing money and are afraid to be wrong. Recognize that you are wrong and losing money is very unpleasant. But by trading, we are confronted with these possibilities is almost constant. Trading represents a fundamental paradox: how to stay disciplined, focused and confident in the face of constant uncertainty? When you learn to think like a trader, you will be able to achieve this. Having learned to override your actions as a trader in such a way as to take the risk – the key to the development of thinking a successful trader.

Lose Weight In A Short Time

You can lose weight in a short time by using a liquid meal. For people with active lifestyles and watching their health cooks have developed a liquid meals – smoothies (English smoothies). It's a cross between mashed potatoes and juice, make its fresh fruit, berries and vegetables. The fruits are crushed in a blender until tender, thick mass. These mousses abound in vitamins and fiber and, therefore, beneficial to health. Besides smoothies are well saturated and not create heaviness in the stomach. Eat smoothies were the first to serfengisty as this product helps to cope with hunger and delivers vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Smoothies well restore power, and their cooking takes only minutes.

Smoothies – the best remedy for those wishing to lose weight in a short time without feeling hungry. And so, fruits, vegetables and berries in any proportions are crushed in the blender. By chopped fruit can be added: ice, milk, mineral water. Learn more at this site: Kynikos Associates. A variety of flavors of fruit can be honey, nuts and spices (ginger, cinnamon, tarragon, mint). Vegetable smoothies from tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and bell peppers can be combined with parsley and dill, celery and lettuce. Severe restrictions there, proportion and composition depend on your taste. To lose weight in a short time with the liquid meal, you must follow some rules.

Serving a wide straw . techniques smoothies with purified water, tea (black, green, herbal), coffee and milk. As for coffee, in any case do not drink instant surrogate, just ground and brewed (will save the stomach and pressure). Remove from the diet sodas, juices and other industrial rubbish. Juices only fresh.Esli you do not add milk to smoothies, then it can be replaced by fat-free yogurt. Either take a separate glass of milk or a little cottage cheese. To use podstalstit med.Retsepty: Vegetable – smoothies. A glass of kefir (1% fat), tomatoes, cucumber, fresh herbs (dill, parsley), lettuce or celery, garlic clove, salt, ground black pepper. Fruit – smoothie. Glass raspberry, apple, pear and a glass of milk (1% fat), honey to taste.