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Dealing with Curly Hair

This has always been: holders of curly locks dreamed of direct obedient hair, while others, daily winding its direct locks on rollers, envied by those who stubbornly fights with curly hair … big hair or small curls at least once without fail decorated star heads of international celebrities. Madonna, Valeria, Cher, Lyme Vajkule … The list is endless. One thing is for sure – the curls are always in fashion. And what is more natural and organic Your hair looks, the more commendable skill barber and the beauty products that he uses in his work.

One option to achieve the desired effect is perm (Japanese Chemistry) But be careful when deciding how to be a dream – 'blond curls swing' is not transformed into another – immediately cut off 'glassy hair'. And no matter how gently it is not known – silk, etc. – it harmful to one degree or another, along with no more useful as a manipulation of hair coloring, blow-dry everyday, etc. So, right now, and the opportunity to minimize its adverse impact is not recommended to perm hair, tired of the experiments. What is the recipe for a perm to choose largely depends on the type and condition of your hair. First, the classical waving at alkaline-based approaches for healthy, coarse hair.

Tool for curling of hair must be strong enough to fix them in the shape of the curl. If such a chemistry is done right, then it will stay until while you were not sostrizhete. True, shiny curls unlikely to get, but when you use special shampoos and conditioners can significantly improve their appearance. Secondly, for tired hair to suit the composition of acid-base, he acts on the hair softer and less resistant and not suitable for all hair types. If you have a sensitive scalp, it is better to choose biozavivku. This new feature is nice for the skin because instead of the usual Ammonia is a natural part of urea. And finally, neutral coloring (in the people – just 'a Japanese perm' or 'Japanese chemistry') – a novelty. It has a uniform effect on the hair and is suitable for all types of hair. To form a curl neutral compounds do not break the S-links of hair, as alkaline, but only stretch them, so after 2-6 months curls just unwind, leaving behind a destructive trail. In the process Japanese waving compositions used LC2 and EVOLUTION. So, you can only choose an experienced master who embodies the idea to life. But do not be surprised if a professional will evaluate your hair and overall health, refuse 'Dream into reality. " Even being armed with the latest tools for a perm, sometimes with the 'chemistry' is better to wait. If a miracle happened and you were like a red-haired beast with provocative spirals or tender a fabulous lady, or just found individuality, do not forget that half-baked curls require its transfigured mistress attention and material investments. For what they have saved you from daily wrap on hair curlers – Holt and cherish them: just comb the comb with a few teeth, wash with special shampoos, make masks, in general – loved them as samoyu yourself and good humor will get you for this award.