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Collection Telephone

The telephone reminder speech is a strength of the debt collection company sense and purpose of the call is to confront the defaulting debtor with the open demands and to agree on a mutually acceptable solution, because only the debtor knows why he doesn’t pay the outstanding claim. The direct telephone speech is a successful instrument in the out-of-court procedure and gives us a goal-oriented approach. For this reason we use the telephone reminder speech in our collection of receivables,”Burkhard cross Hall, Managing Director of general accounts receivable and collection service GmbH holding. In the telephone debt collection can often payment agreements are questions clarified and discussed economic and personal situations with the debtor. Often the telephone reminder language is always used, when in the run-up to the debtor has not responded to the postal letter of formal notice. Then help mostly the direct route to the address to come with the debtor in contact and ultimately the Demand to recover successfully. A number of contact attempts of employees at different times and on different days of the week is partly necessary, until the debtor is reached by telephone.

Mobile phones turned off, working hours, mailbox, or answering machine are just a few reasons why debtors by telephone not always directly for us are reachable,”so cross man. The beginning of the phone call is usually on the explanation on the part of the debtor or has why he so far has not paid the debt and that previous letter not answered or ignored. Usually that requiring the debtor is well known, but is currently funding or opportunities lacks, to settle this in a total turns out in the telephone conversation. Often also misunderstandings or objections on the part of the debtor’s available, easier can be resolved in the telephone conversation, so that the claim will be paid faster. Also the staff enlighten the debtor also what impact another non-payment will have for him. From the conversation in the telephone debt collection, the debt collection company receives valuable information about the debtor, so that the collection staff can offer individual terms of payment the debtor. These agreements fit better on his situation and lead to the successful collection of receivables for the creditors. Our staff are specially trained on such talks in telephone collections and trained.

Continuous training ensure our high quality standard and facilitate handling difficult conversations, our employees”includes cross man. General accounts receivable and collection service Ltd. is a debt collection company specialized on the debt collection of amounts of. With modern claims management, he successfully cares about the collection of open claims. The range includes also the Court collection procedure in addition to the pre-trial procedure.

Event Technology

You are planning an event, a celebration or otherwise any events in or around Mannheim? Why then company with this important task assign not an event technology? You are planning an event, a celebration or otherwise any events in or around Mannheim? Why then company with this important task assign not an event technology? Anyone who has also just organized a small child’s birthday, which know how time consuming and sometimes complicated the organisation of such an event can be. And now you think of times you need to organize an event for 200 or 300 people. Who would be there not first overwhelmed? Something like that requires a comprehensive and professional planning, because to play some music and to provide drinks is not enough by far. Just when you need some professionally organize, like for example a company celebration, it’s incredibly hard to keep track. The correct lighting, the optimal setting of the premises until the compliance with all safety regulations There is a lot of work on you.

Often it involves more effort than many would believe or can see at first glance. Because it offers to look after company with this task to an external event technology. This helps you continuously from the initial idea, through the planning to the execution of your project locally. This helps you with your work immensely and ensures that your event or your event is a success. Who want to have answer event before the chef for a failed or at the family party need to explain to relatives why there are no drinks and no longer plays the music? Get so professional help for your project. And just in Mannheim, Germany companies are highly experienced and respected event technology, that have a professional portfolio of modern technology in the areas of sound, lighting and stage set-up and can spare you such scenarios. So leave your ideas with one of these corporate reality will and the know-how is don’t waste time so hard”to acquire, which is required for the Organization of major events, but rather benefit from the experience of the many providers in and around Mannheim. So enjoy your professionally planned event without having to worry about every little thing.

Wolfgang Radhouane Kalan

forget-me-not is communication with a new partner and three new power ranges on the market. Thus the uberlinger communication specialist among the owner-managed agencies now has an offer that is unusual in its breadth. The company makes fit for the care of large national and international brands. in 2008, the forget-me-not Werbeagentur GmbH was founded, 2010 launched the forget-me-not PR unit. Now, the company widened its range again. With the forget-me-not event unit under Jochen Stark went a third power range at the start in July 2013. The Business Manager offers a wide range of services the Agency customers.

This ranges from the planning and organization of annual meeting, conferences, B2B events, fairs, company anniversaries, Christmas celebrations to the successful product placement, incentives, or sporting events. Since may, 2013, forget-me-not cooperates also in partnership with GMCTechnology. The Salem company has the Specialized technology consulting international operating companies. Technology consulting is business consulting from the innovation and technology perspective to the understanding of GMCTechnology, because founder and owner Schadnusch Nejad is a recognized technology expert. After his professional career at Bosch Nejad held leading positions at various technology companies and established itself with the ATMvision AG and ATMgroup GmbH successful high-tech companies in the area of measuring and inspection systems, and nanotechnology.

ZGMCTechnology myosotis shares in future market research conducted by Kathleen Nejad. The diploma in business administration and Bachelor of Arts worked among other things at Bosch in the central marketing, as well as the MTU in the strategic management and ATMvision. Their performance portfolio ranges from customer and image analysis on international market research, competitive analysis, case studies of individual market or customer segments and studies on market developments to support the product, design and communication optimization or use tests. With the three new service areas, forget-me-not as owner-managed agency now offers a range of services, which is unparalleled in its breadth and Lake Constance in Baden-Wurttemberg. Contact person for questions: Wolfgang Radhouane Kalan, 07551 9472911, Jochen Stark, 01525 360 5715, Kathleen Nejad, 07553 82098800, basic information to forget-me-not: > founded: 2008 > company: independent, owner-managed > divisions: forget-me-not Werbeagentur GmbH (Wolfgang Radhouane Kalan, Achim Gunter, Jens Schroder), forget-me-nots (Antje Efkes) PR unit, forget-me-not event unit (Jochen stark), GMCTechnology market research (Kathleen Nejad), GMCTechnology technology consulting (Schadnusch Nejad) > employees: 18 > references: alsecco, Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutsche Post, Draenert, EDEKA, ELCO, Hymer Leichtmetallbau, Rieker, Ravensburger u.a > operation: project management, oriented to the GWA-standard > creativity: “1 x Gold at advertising professional of 2012, 4 x in the year book of advertising 2013 > mission: brand makes an unforgettable experience!”