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Relationship Self-esteem

Self-esteem, however difficult it may seem to believe, defines the vast majority of our experiences and choices that we are taking over our lives. One such election relates specifically to how we choose our mates. The value that we have is reflected in the couple have … Self-esteem has become a trite concept, and it seems that everyone knows what he's talking, but I think it is important to return the meaning of the word. Self-esteem is the feeling of worth for our person, regardless of the situations which we live. Is closely related to the personal self, the capacity to develop, and the feeling of uncertainty as to move forward and resolve our life circumstances, with our resources. But how is self-esteem? Self-esteem develops from birth.

Mainly in childhood and adolescence structure is taking shape. It's about relationships with our parents, the environment in which we live and our personal characteristics. That is, self-esteem has to do with how we see and what are the ways to love ourselves. The vast majority of human beings, we have lived, for whatever reason, lenses distorted or negative labels, sometimes it is difficult to erase. That is, the rest of us have come under its glass, and now, we believe or think, that: We are not worthy of love … We are too ugly …

very intelligent … Full of berrinchudos or defects … Too Awful … Just nice to others … Self-esteem is that feeling you get into your own person, your tastes, your physique, your interests and of course, your relationships …

The Spiritual Way Of The Meditation And Silence

Silence is the oration, says the Atma Puya Upanishad. And, really, little we needed to arrive at the knowledge the essential more. In an ordinary oration, verbal, we were listened to same; they are the words, the language, which wishes to communicate with the Supreme thing. And the language is limited, is an instrument to use between humans, but it does not stop to communicate with the divine thing. Oration (of lat. oris-ratio: the mouth that reasons ) could be defined as " the reason expressed by means of the mouth or of palabras" and word (of lat. parabola gr.

Parabol: compracin , similar ) is not more than an image than supplants to the object, that is to say, a subjective budget of the real thing. Therefore, the access to the real thing escapes us to the being internalised in language, as Lacan, real Noah would understand, or it cannot be included/understood. The real thing is the nothing. There am a word, here nothing, of great philosophical importance, turned into ismo by authors like Schopenhauer or Nietzsche. And it is that the nihilismo it supposes the great opening of the modern philosophical thought and posmoderno. ismo of the existence, according to Sartre, is in the acceptance of the anything against important or the Metaphysical thing. We remember the sartriana key work of the formulation of the existencialismo: " The being and nada". What can make the being against the anything? What can do something against which nothing is ? What can explain to us that from the anything something arises? What sense soon has to be something to be nothing? Here we have the great dichotomy of the sense of the existence: idealismo-materialism. The essential against the accidental thing. The be-essential of Parmnides against the be-accidental one of Heraclitus.

Costume Help Astronauts

Weightlessness, reigning in orbit, reflects badly on the human skeleton. Even when the astronauts are trying to compensate for her regular exercise, inevitably loses 1.5 kg of bone mass in just a month. More most affected femur and lower spine. The same mass as women lose each year after menopause. To prevent this problem, the Russian cosmonauts are on the orbital station, special costumes, that compensate for the absence of gravity. Insert heavier suit, mimicking the body's weight.

But to wear those costumes constantly impossible, so it remains unclear how effective they are in the fight against bone loss. Costume developed Weldy and his colleagues, is more comfortable to wear. It is made from flexible material, and when first worn, straps under the feet make the suit to stretch, and the shoulders have the same load as the at the Earth's gravity. Also, insertion of non-elastic material, allow you to adjust the load on the legs and torso, as in normal torso to withstand less weight than the legs. Conducted in 2009 tested showed that the suit could not yet provide a sufficient load on the calves, while the rest does its job a substitute for gravity. In the near future the team plans to test the creators of whether a suit prevent excessive elongation of the spine, as from a long stay in weightlessness, astronauts sometimes spine increased by more than 7 cm in length. Nevertheless, the idea has its critics. Gene Sibonga, for example, believes that the suit will not help astronauts maintain bone mass, because "the muscles play in this case a much larger role."

Tips For Live Happy Improving The Self-esteem

Self-esteem is formed with the valuation of our person, the image we have of us, how much we want or we desvalorizamos. Self-esteem is the image, which is based on our culture, beliefs and personal experiences. It is the assessment of what others (parents, friends, teachers, etc.) think of us, and made us believe that this good or evil. If you would like to improve self-esteem? It improves learning to appreciate the good things we have, giving us account of everything that we do and our capabilities. Breaking with the ideas, we bring children who instilled in us, that we do not serve for nothing, we are fools, etc. All we serve for something, we all are good at something, learn to make you realize that you like, that makes you happy, so you’re good, surely sos for many things! If still did not find your profession, or are not satisfied with your life, is for sure not do what you like!, if one does what he likes, it generally does not well to work, that you’re able to do that task, then one feels good and upload your Self-esteem. I’ll surely say: I can not change jobs, I don’t have time to do what I like, No, No, and No.

Well, here is where you have to start to change, to break with those not, and start saying if I can. Do little by little, step by step, begins by knowing that you like, you sport, would like to work? arm yourself a list with things that you like. I give a few minutes to make her armes! Well, read it, and begins with the easiest, so less time takes you. If a sport, and you got no is money, walking does not cost money, leaves the car more far to walk a few blocks, or several stops further takes the collective, or I went out to walk around the square, get a friend or friend that you want to accompany it’s more fun! Or watching television you got many kinds of free gymnastics. If you want to study or do something that you like, Internet find all free, what you can learn, and do when you have time and desire, without any fees.

Always try to of search solution, before you say: I can’t, everything has somehow be solved: look for it, you can, if you’re reading this article, is that you’re smart, learns to reason, to find a way, find the back to improve your life. Wait no that fate or others do so by vos, Vos tenes that improve your life! Conclusion: Learn to know what you like. find a way to do the things that you like doing things that you like, you feel well, you value and you self esteem rises. your life improvement and you feel happy. Thank you best regards, Maria H.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities In his book "A Comprehensive View of Education" Ramon Gallegos tells us that refers Learning Communities a holistic educational environment where all participants both teachers and students, parents, administrators and employers participating in a process of mutual education, the goal of all irrespective of their role is to learn. The concept of learning communities is used by educators holistic to identify schools or comprehensive educational environments have two main principles: 1 .- It moves away from the idea that school is for children to learn to view that all members of the organization to learn. 2 .- Provide support and conditions designed to facilitate spiritual experience. In an education based on this concept says NO! to the dominant vision of the modern era with its values of standardization, materialism, efficiency, profit and power, instead it follows a path in which recognize the various dimensions of human, moral contexts, cultural and ecological as well as various learning pathways and understanding the experience as a guide to the evolution of consciousness (8). The college or school that pays attention to the cultivation of their souls, become sanctuaries for both students and teachers (9). This means that the school should be an integrated system of souls, not so much a place but a state of consciousness where these can flourish. Both students and teachers look forward to being in school because they feel that their spirits are nourished by the environment that there are, respect, care and reverence, they feel loved valid human predominates love instead of fear, they feel heard at heart level and there is a sense of community. .