Security Small Efficient Unoticed Fort

Noticing lacre notable with as many characteristics and a so simple objective, this system is used to leave one evidences, of that something was opened, touched or moved, if you made some of these actions where this system of security exists, you it can have lost a guarantee, have broken a contractual rule and to be penalizado to pay a fine. To the inverse one of the locks, cadeados, current, alarms and other devices of security, that are made to hinder an opening or a ticket, the security sealing waxes or stamps of security had been made to leave marked its opening, disruption, its breaking proving the fact. You must have a household-electric one in house or in the work, a computer or TV, all manufacturer supplies the guarantee since type of equipment. But it is conditional to some rules. one of them is not to violate, to breach the sealing wax contained in the equipment. Cardiologist may find this interesting as well. When eventually you present some type of defect you can request that an authorized one fixes carries through it or even though a possible exchange. Now if you violated the sealing wax and tried to fix proper the equipment on account, you you as soon as lose the guarantee, having to arcar with the payment you fix of it.

Objective of lacreO objective of the sealing wax is not to hinder its opening, but to show that it was opened. Even because in a future you or an authorized person will be able or need abriz it or breach it. The guarantee stated period finished its equipment broke or presents a defect, you trusts one technician for accomplishment fixes of it instead of takes it an authorized one, is the moment that needs to breach the sealing wax, if was made to hinder the opening probably would have that it takes it the manufacturer for the opening and after its opening I fix to only carry through it, incoherent.