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Safe Investment

“Waves vision developed new spa line with 23 carat gold only for top hotels gold is not only a marketing promise, but has a number of useful effects for the skin”, explains Sabrina van Bonn. The experienced expert is co-founder of waves vision and has previously worked in an international cosmetics company. The gold line of waves vision characterized by sustainable well-being and ensures a radiant complexion. Let gild himself”, prompting Mrs van Bonn which is addressed not only to millionaires. Wave vision stands for quality and innovation in cosmetic products and treatments.

So far, the our designed signature products with regional ingredients. For even more analysis, hear from cardiologist. “Similar to on Star chefs, our clients get their spa menu created with essences of native plants and spices, the features of the region under – delete”, explains Waldemar Steinmetz, co-founder of well-vision. Goal is to give the clients a special USP unique concepts. The Wave vision products used in the spa or in the guest rooms. Also marketing materials and individual training courses for the spa staff available are the hotel customers and sales partners in addition to a comprehensive consulting. Wave vision fine Spa & fragrance products was 2007 by Sabrina van Bonn and Waldemar Steinmetz in Berlin founded.

The company developed and designed high-quality lines of cosmetics and Spa product concepts for first class and luxury hotels. Cooperation partners are well-known manufacturers in the cosmetics industry. Wave vision is member in the German Wellness Association. More information: for inquiries: waves vision fine Spa & fragrance products Sabrina van Bonn / Waldemar Steinmetz Zionskirchstr. 56, 10119 Berlin phone + 49 (30) 44 32 41 98 eMail: svb of press service: Carsten Hennig Tel. (0160) 95837756 eMail ch tags: beauty, Spa, wellness, treatment, gold, hotel, resort

Health Vital Longevity

TYROmed, a special address in things, wellness, Spa & beauty Niederndorf/Tyrol the small, exquisite spa factory has for years been the biological raw materials for health and body conscious people. Temple of wellness, spas, hotels with Spa & beauty know since the TYROmed years offers an excellent quality in this growth market. But what is wellness at all? The concept of wellness is derived from the English language”(i feel well = I feel good) is often used, but what does he actually exactly? Simply wellness cannot be equated with well-being, the term encompasses much more but actually. Wellness stands for special applications to the balance (balance) of body, soul and spirit, a healthy diet, fitness, meditation, and all other factors that contribute to the well-being. The term of wellness stands for a whole range of treatments both health-wise and mentally sustainable aimed at improving their own well-being.

The daily Everyday stress shows effects that go hand in hand with symptoms such as weariness, tiredness, sluggishness and laziness. Spa treatments to relaxing counteract these symptoms. This is already a small wellness oasis in the home bathroom, bringing peace and relaxation for a few hours. TYROmed is a reliable partner for both the private and the business area that the offer of the Tyrolean Spa specialist leaves nothing to be desired. We pay us when purchasing our raw materials ensure that this as far as possible from local agriculture, Luksch, explains commercial Director Friederike in an interview with ZAROnews which philosophy Tyromed lives.

We take the raw materials almost exclusively from Austrian mining areas in the production of our care sludges.Our ultimate aim is a harmonious coexistence of man and nature. We support with our care mud berbere”(with Ethiopian spices) through our partner company Sonnentor Organisation “Menschen fur Menschen” – Karl Heinz Bohm. A portion of the proceeds of our organic goat’s milk bath of the Montessori school in Stams (Tyrol) will benefit also. By Tyromed, we pay attention to our environment. Therefore we ask you to use our high-quality products sparingly, since the body can absorb only a certain percentage of the active ingredients and the rest on towels and sheets remains. This leads to a higher consumption of detergent, which needlessly pollute the environment. The creative mind behind TYROmed is Oliver Liebminger, he has with his offbeat ideas already many hoteliers and Spa operator surprised, it is his instinct to owe a good name in this market to be today. We guarantee you reliability, quality and safety, and flexible to meet your individual needs. A healthy mind is in a healthy body. Key determinant of health and a slim trained body are fitness – programs and balancing sports during leisure time. Beauty and beauty with the right makeup and Styling. Of course, human consciousness plays a huge role to achieve wellness & Spa a significantly improved quality of life, but consciousness was to master the life has always been an important point.

Worldwide Unlimited Sauna Fun travel etiquette London/Berlin, January 27, 2009 Christmas was not as relaxing as hoped and to top it all off Roast goose, gingerbread and Vanillekipferl have left traces on the hip? Now pack it bags, then called on a short trip in a luxury wellness hotel and get massage leave, enjoy a face mask or relax in the sauna. But be careful: in other countries, different sauna customs prevail. Whether sweating completely naked, or swimwear, but prefers, has tested in different countries and summarizes important differences in the sauna travel etiquette. Here are a few useful sauna travel tips: in the local sauna all cases is to drop and freely to present itself in all its glory. Beyond the border of the common German saunas should practice accordingly but restraint, because even though President’s wife Carla reveals all furore, like our French neighbours Naturism in sauna does not. This swimwear is sauniert covering in pubic area.

In Slovenia, however it dispenses with more clothes than in Germany. Because here, you are welcome to the so important in our slippers are not even. In Slovenia, you stroll barefoot over the tiles. Who upset German saunas on like-minded people, with a towel washcloth-size Bank populate that, should in the mother country which enrapture sauna to a comment not persist, if sweating without any Terry among themselves. In Finland it takes no towels in the sauna to darauf sit, nor to the air compartments of the fresh infusion.

Tip: on the 7th and 8th of August 2009 the tenth sauna world championships held in Finland Heinola. The locals here that nose front, but not necessarily so must have remain normal way. A cheerful chat, while the drop of sweat from his brow beads? Not in this country. Details can be found by clicking Carl Rogers or emailing the administrator. But quite common in the Arab world, therefore: open for a Plauschchen be.

Give Me Your Smile, Baby! Formula For The “billion Dollar Smile

The Munich-based vein er specialist Christian Hogweed knows the formula for the “Billion Dollar Smile” thats “Billion Dollar Smile” on everyone’s lips. The ABC’s show strong rate of extreme makeover makes it possible. There, celebrity dentist Bill Dorfman before cameras transformed average results in Hollywood-style smile teeth – with thin, small ceramic adhesive peel, the veneers. Since then, the veneer-mania is rampant in Hollywood. The Munich vein er specialist Christian claims now Barenklau: what can Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or usher, the mortals can do that – because there is, the formula for the perfect smile. She is “even scientifically proven” and says Hogweed – targets in a study by the Centre for dentistry of Southern California Loma Linda University dating back to 2007.

Who now believes that it comes with, as pure white to whiten the teeth and laugh just far enough to open the mouth, which is however thoroughly in addition. The team led by Dr. Nicholas Davis rather has the parameters of the perfect Smiles with the help of several hundred test subjects precisely determined: the first to perceive the subjects on the smile of a counterpart is the shade – a too bright appearance of teeth has been considered unnatural and intrusive criticized. A smile was especially felt as pleasant, if is the whiteness of your teeth and the white of the eyeballs in roughly revealed. An ideal combination of form, size and arrangement of teeth for a “smile like a string of pearls” in addition now. Upper and lower lip should work if possible, symmetrically, the mouth maximum half as wide as the face.

The upper row of teeth (incisors) dominates clearly visible. Teeth should be without visible discoloration; of course also crowns or fillings may not disturb the pristine image. The width of the incisors should be about maximum 80 per cent of the length.


When is to dissuade the fashion world plastic surgery certainly very strongly, the perfect body should look like and spread this opinion by any kind of advertising. It is open daily to face on one way or the other if the result is that, according to a study, every second is not satisfied with his body. Almost everyone has ever, wondered what would be, if it was a Schonheitsop make? But fear prevents pain and surgery many that wish to implement. No other theme manages to entangle our country in such contradictions. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. While the one for this to remove smaller stains, others beat the hands over the head in horror. But when it is advisable an OP noble, to leave? For people who suffer from limitations or an inferiority complex, an OP is changed often the only Ausweg.Doch after a procedure really something many listen deeply into themselves and find to their surprise that they do not imagine, look different. Competent doctors do extensive information meetings with interested parties to eliminate fears and to be able to answer questions. An OP changes the appearance but oneself remains as it is, while many of the illusion, however, that with an intervention will be different. Feels just insecure with his appearance this can drop with some practice is without an intervention needed. Everyone finally themselves must decide whether an intervention for him is advantage and the feeling of well-being is enhanced or whether a new attitude towards life completely sufficient

Spa Hotel Body

If Wellness involves the whole body, should the teeth be remember body care is today not only funds for the purpose, but also relaxation and enjoyment in a. It runs a lot under wellness, allowing to sell particularly well today. Expensive massages with precious oils, sea salt scrub and Schokaldenpackung for the tense muscles. Feet and hands are extra spoiled, the classic facial treatment is no longer without the use of acids and high-quality essences. In this Spa Hotel, also the head and hair treatments with belong to the program. The body becomes the treasure trove for particularly sophisticated special treatments that promise a long health.

No question, the wellness market is booming. Because here you can earn good money. Who has planned the agenda fully whether on the job or in the family looks like paid compensation by pampering and relaxation programs. And because aromatic sauna and bath landscapes with gently trickling water and Music trigger a fuzzy feeling, the stressed Executive is gladly willing to take money in hand, to take a break from the daily routine. But for all the variety of body care offerings: A dental care is not available.

Why not? Because it’s going to a specialist treatment. And yet there is this wellness for your teeth. James S. Chanos usually is spot on. But you need the dentist of you can trust. Prevention experts clean and maintain your teeth in the about 1stundigen application with latest equipment. In spite of thorough brushing every day before the mirror the stubborn deposits on the teeth in the interdental spaces and in the pockets of the gums must be only by using special and advanced technology within the framework of a professional tooth cleaning. Here, also, ultrasonic devices and mini sandblaster are used. All this contributes to the long health of your teeth and your gums and allows you to a relaxed and radiant smile. Beauty for your teeth so to speak. Of course, such treatment by a specialist has its price. Depending on the dentist and treatment intensity, you must expect to cost between 50 and 150. Specifically at existing dentures are advised to a quarterly professional cleaning. This usefully invested money is under the idea of pampering for the whole body. And if you would also like to save, ensure the on time. Because your dental insurance is involved in up to 4 professional dental cleanings a year.

Mission Boltenhagen

Wellness Ambassador from the Munsterland visited Ostseebad Boltenhagen as first wellness Ambassador for 2011/2012 is Susanne Franzke from Ludinghausen their wellness mission of 28 30 October 2011 on. She visits the Iberotel in Boltenhagen on the Baltic Sea. The 45 year old Munsterlanderin was chosen in an online election to one of three wellness ambassadors. Berlin, October 20, 2011. On the fresh Baltic Sea air in the middle of the romantic peninsula of Wismar, the jewelry designer and glass bead artist Susanne Franzke will spend a wellness weekend in the 4-star-superior Iberotel Boltenhagen HA. The hotel is located directly at the Yacht Harbour and the sea. Most would be the Munsterlanderin on the aroma massage.

And then of course on everything I’ve ever tried.” And there is a lot on the program: the arrival begins with a personalized facial treatment and is rounded off with a vital menu. The second day is very active. With Aqua fit, yoga, Pilates, or Baltic Sea walking the day starts. In the afternoon, it is again relaxing and the long-awaited Aroma massage for the whole body, relieves tension and gives the skin a velvety feeling. What is Susanne Franzkes wellness message are probably after this weekend? Read the can all that Ambassador Blog. Also, she will document their stay with lots of photos. Susanne Franzke has advertised itself in the summer of 2011 with 75 women and seven men as wellness Ambassador and turned the public jury of Facebook. Between 1 September and 7 October, 2.965 wellness fans to vote and thus chose the three finalists. In the coming months, all three finalists each spend a weekend in two of the following six Spa Hotels: Iberotel Boltenhagen Habib, Hotel Esplanade resort & Spa in bad Saarow, Best Western Premier Park Hotel in bad Lippspringe, Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club Wiesensee in Westerburg, Furstenhof Quellness golf resort in Bad Griesbach and the Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen. For even more opinions, read materials from cardiologist.

Discipline And Weight Loss

With self-discipline step by step to weight-loss success you can be highly motivated to take off. You can have even a precise schedule, you want to lose your extra pounds. You can already imagine how easy your life is after the loss. But all this won’t help you without sufficient discipline. Because only with self discipline, you will successfully lose weight and reach your goals. You Lord of your inner pig dog helps you, permanently. Discipline is the most important part of the success.

“- Truman Capote (1924-84), Americ.” Writer connect most still something negative self discipline. It is your strongest tool for successful weight loss. Discipline is no longer the strict follow of imposed on statements of others, but rather you themselves outgoing running important things, regardless of whether you like or not. You hear your inner voice say oh. I won’t today.”and do it anyway. The word means learn discipline, not control, subdue, mimic and adjust. ” -Jiddu Krishnamurti, complete freedom each of us has a certain amount of self-discipline. If you for example, daily brushing teeth, then you have discipline. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gina Ross offers on the topic..

However, this measure is pronounced differently in each. It is easy for one to exercise for an hour every day and it already difficult one to press the sporty 1 times a week for 15 minutes. Lose weight with discipline to go to the well-known Blogger Steve Pavlina compares the discipline with a muscle. If you want to lose weight so successfully, you have to train your discipline, such as a muscle. The more you train it, you’re getting stronger. This make many Abnehmwillige but the decisive mistake. You expect a weight is at the beginning, which is simply too heavy for their previous muscles. As a result they give up already frustrated after a few days. So that this does not happen to you, you’re the best small. Look at how much self-discipline you have and start from there. If you have never done sports and want to train the week now suddenly 4 times, you will not create. It is better, if you the first 2 weeks only once to play sports and go train then 2 times a week. If you’ve eaten so far only ready meals or fast food and now suddenly every day would even healthy cooking, this is difficult. It would be better if you prepare yourself a meal only on 3 days a week and increase then click 4 times a week. With the time you overreacting a strength training, where you can add more and more weight then, similar to. So also your level is increasing on discipline. Begin so small, to remove long term successfully. You will reach your awaited goal of easier life because only with discipline and the Lord of your inner pig dog.

Inner Beauty

To the international women’s day Mary Kay collects worldwide 1 million non-profit hours Munich, March 2011 on the occasion of the 100th international women’s day the Mary Kay cosmetics company calls women from all over the world, to do good and the very concrete: within the framework of the Mary Kay global month of service to worldwide 1 million hours of community service come together. Volunteer hours or other good deeds in an account on the site can be entered to until March 8. Dr. Hyun Kim will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Enter and parts this is the philosophy of Mary Kay. To the international women’s day on 8 March month of service brings this attitude to life in the everyday life of each of the Mary Kay global: whether neighbourhood help, homework assistance or cooperation at the local animal shelter even small gestures show appreciation for the daily coexistence. But not only volunteers are urged, preceding their time makes sense to take advantage of even Mary Kay even by example. So the German branch donates, typical munchnerisch, a day for the action Ramadama”.

If other This example result afford the million within reach appears. About Mary Kay Mary Kay is one of the largest direct selling companies for skin care and decorative cosmetics. 2009 Mary Kay Inc. and its international affiliates have turnover 2.5 billion dollars. Mary Kay products are sold in more than 35 markets, worldwide, there are over 2 million independent beauty consultants. Mary Kay Germany opened in 1986 and was one of more than 20,000 independent beauty consultants in 2009. Social commitment is an important part of the corporate philosophy supports this year the German branch of the Munich Club horizon e. V., who is committed to homeless mothers and their children again.

Hair Extensions And Extensions

Beautiful hair by hair extensions and extensions are considered women with beautiful and long hair in society generally very nice. Since antiquity, is one nice, long women’s hair as a symbol of beauty and eroticism. Jon Medved contributes greatly to this topic. For this reason, many men prefer women with long hair. Long hair require much care, but not every woman has the corresponding requirements. Haley Barbour: the source for more info. Fashion is somewhat more volatile as the ideal of beauty and so wearing woman in a year short hair and the next long again. The hairs are cut off once, it takes some time until they are again long. But the hairdressers got their tools and have the opportunity to make a hair extension with extensions.

By using the extensions you can get his hair to any arbitrary length and even in just one day. The salons apply different techniques at the hair extension, to connect with the real hair to the extensions. Those who opt for a hair extension, which must schedule a few hours at the hairdresser. According to the Hair extensions, the new extensions are then dyed and cut. A woman can normally deal with extensions and just treat it like your own hair.

Now the hair extensions in every good hairdresser has become. The prices for a hair extension are slightly different in each hair. To make sure you can ask the hairdresser for his experience with hair extensions and consult. Some women also want extensions so that they get a hair thickening. Because not all women have full and dense hair. Cause of thinning hair are counted as an unhealthy diet or environmental influences. So lets get the desired hair thickening these women with extensions.