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Travel Social Network

Another start-up tourism theme. In the vastness of Runet has another themed social network – Turometr bold decision of developers, the market is already swinging, unique enough, and the theme is not new. Apparently the calculation does not on the innovative, and what then? Propiarit engine livestreet social network? Hardly, there are easier methods to do this. But around the engine have enough activity. Create a regular tourist directory? There are a lot better, more convenient and familiar.

Connect catalog items and tools of so-called Web 2.0? Combined in the past. Earn? Earn in any case, if they invest, work hard and do not drop hands. Sell? The queues of investors now thinned, others still remain. What if you're lucky? A markups may be so, yet another self-indulgence? Although it does not say on the development of the code is made perfectly, though not without errors, but who does not? Designed in the spirit of the times. Dr. Mark Hyman brings even more insight to the discussion. Minimalism, Color profanity (no respect for classic bright colors). While elements of the green type hint prinadlezhnsot the family of the same Web 2.0, but it's the zeitgeist. But easy or not binding and does not call any where, shorter is not annoying. So why is this portal? For tourists? Time will tell.

For companies? For them, though every day Give regular advertising platforms, will be happy, if even for free. To think about Turometre fee until there is no speech, and can not be, there is still a critical mass of views and visits, it is obvious. For search engines? Content is basically the author, the robot eats course. But if this is another area for linkotorgovli that maloveryatno, then it sorrow. Apparently the answer yet. The site is a good thing when he appeared, then it is necessary for someone (other than razabrotchikov of course). Puteshestovat the world we will always, without a vacation well in any way. If Turometr will puteshestovat with us, we'll meet again, I hope.

Harz Hostel Opens Its Doors For The Guests

News from the Harz hostel finally has come! \”With the opening of the Harz hostel\” in Wernigerode the colorful town in the Harz mountains offers an attractive and convenient alternative to the usual accommodation on-site mobile and Active holiday. \”The special feature of the resin on the road 50 Schmatz fields in Wernigerode hostel\” is the combination of the comfort of a hotel and the serenity of a youth hostel. Here enjoy their holiday in the Harz at reasonable prices from immediately holiday guests. \”For two months, the Managing Director of the resin has hostel\” Alexander Bunge with many helpers and friends the former pension and restaurant trout \”lovingly renovated and rebuilt. \”The Harz hostel\” now shines in new splendour for its guests.

On 700 square meters 42 beds, which are divided into two -, four -, six – and eight-bed room available in eight rooms in total for the night. Starting from 15 euro per person per night, every passenger gets not only a Heavenly Bed, but also free Internet access about the home computer in the living room. Owners of a laptop can go online also via Wi-Fi hotspot. The free storage of luggage and valuables provide lockers in the rooms, which all feature a private bathroom with shower and toilet. It’s believed that Eva Andersson-Dubin sees a great future in this idea. \”The Harz hostel\” is located not far from the historic city centre (about five minutes) and a short walk from all the sights and events of the colorful city on the resin. In the vicinity you will find a supermarket, a savings bank branch, the train station and a bus stop. \”Not only young people addressed by the atmosphere and the convenient location of our hostel, but also all those who want to mobile travel or do something longer holiday in the Harz mountains\”, so Alexander Bunge, the Managing Director of the Harz hostel \”. A such hostel has been absent so far in Wernigerode and the Harz mountains.

Unlimited Hiking Fun

Mountain railways included in the two country region Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal valley hiking is limitless that probably only in the two country wall region Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal possible. Throughout the summer, hikers exploring the mountains between the Austrian Kleinwalsertal Valley and the German Oberstdorf, company pleasant tours in two countries, and on the cross-border climbing courage. And who wants to save the strength for the Summit assault, which simply takes the mountain railway. You may find that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can contribute to your knowledge. Finally, the ticket for the entire vacation including is. “After the success in the last year it will the package this summer mountain railways included – unlimited hiking” type for the guests. The ticket is when booking an accommodation in a participating company included.

This means: cableway ride as often as you want. “All up and Nebelhorn, Fellhorn Kanzelwand, Solle stretching and Walmendingerhorn are including”, explains Dr. Silvia Nolte, tourism Director Oberstdorf. A total 400 km big Network of footpaths guests from 815 to 2224 m. Everything is offered for sale by the leisurely walk in the Valley to Alpine tours and climbing. This includes restaurants, huts and terraces in the mountains fill up during a day to relax and Sun a. So, for example the stunning 400-Summit panorama in the fog horn for each is an experience.

The two countries via ferrata on the Kanzelwand offers a sporty challenge experienced climbers and mountaineers. By the Fellhorn up to Solle stretching a beautiful directly on the Ridge trail. Four star hotels, cozy, family-friendly holiday apartments, as well as privately run guesthouses offer the package. There is the right place to stay for all tastes and budgets. For example 3 overnight stays in a * hotel from 257,-euro per person or in a holiday apartment for two persons from 184,-euros. Book can the guests from May 8 until November 7, 2010. Also who wants to go be not the whole holiday walk, can in Oberstdorf and the Kleinwalsertal be active. Nordic walking, climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, inline skating, paragliding and much more available. The Rocky Mountain days are at the peak of the season for mountain bikers from 2nd to 4th of July 2010 in the Kleinwalsertal. There will be icy even in summer at the Oberstdorfer Ice Sports Centre for skating, curling or curling. The Breitachklamm, the deepest Canyon of in Central Europe, which is situated halfway between the two towns is impressive. Of customs, as well as cultural and sporting events to sweeten the holiday. Information and booking: Tourist Oberstdorf, Tel. 08322 7000,, Kleinwalsertal tourism, Tel. 0043 5517 51140, editorial contact: tourism Oberstdorf, Miriam Frietsch, Prince Regent-Platz 1, 87561 Oberstdorf, Tel: + 49 (0) 8322 / 700-228, fax: + 49 (0) 8322 / 700-274, e-mail: info:

Price Comparison

The hotel Portal HotelSite expands hotel on 150,000 hotels the hotel meta search engine HotelSite is expanding its offering by additional reservation provider. The innovative hotel price comparison after recording another reservation systems now offers a comprehensive range of search for suitable Hotels at the best price. More than 150,000 hotels worldwide can be compared at Only three clicks are necessary, and an overview of hotel rooms available at the desired time and in the desired category to get to get to the booking. Nice it should be appropriately equipped, in good location and at the most affordable price: online to find the right hotel for holiday, business trip or a weekend trip is not easy. The range of booking portals and travel Web sites is now too large and too confusing. the user now makes it easy: the 2009 launched Hotel portal brings together the three largest reservation systems on a booking portal. Thus, searches worldwide more than 150,000 hotels now automatically the best hotel at the best price: the search criteria can be entered into deliberately large held fields and a user-friendly navigation in the soothingly quiet design, shortly thereafter, the eligible hotels prices and providers appear clearly sorted. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has compatible beliefs. The comparison of how easily without tedious searching and round and jumping here on various portals. At, the making has all at once at a glance! All interesting information about the selected hotel appear instantly with just one more click: location, room categories, prices, facilities, guest rating. Environment photos make also curious on the destination. Like the hotel, the booking process can be started with the third and last click. Of course, the entire process for the user is cost – and Commission-free!

AstralInn Hotel Leipzig

the low-cost alternative in Leipzig. Hotel and restaurant Leipzig, 06.10.2009. Capital Solutions shines more light on the discussion. The astral’Inn hotel and restaurant Leipzig, a modern 3-star hotel with a site in Leipzig, it specialises in to offer his guests a comfort at moderate prices. This extends especially in the accommodation, where the guest in a 3 star hotel can stay and convinced team through the dedicated and personal service. In the hotel’s restaurant, guests can feast and also solemnly for private and business events from the team of the astral’Inn hotel in Leipzig to operate. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. The hotel is located in Leipzig, in a tranquil and yet central location, close to the vibrant city centre of Leipzig. It can be reached easily by public transport. It is not something Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City would like to discuss.

Also to the Neue Messe Leipzig, Leipzig arena, the Sports Forum and the House Auesee Leipzig airport are easy to reach. On the hotel’s website, the guest has the opportunity, in addition to the information about the hotel itself, to check the availability of rooms. Further, then also the booking a hotel room is possible. Like the guest can also personally with a friendly staff of the astral’Inn hotels by phone in his room request ausern. The astral’Inn Hotel Leipzig is an inexpensive alternative to hotels. The guest receives a 3 star comfort at prices budged.

Panda Bears

XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: Off-road across China with rice wine, monastic ordinations and Panda bear “Gampe” was the first Chinese vocabulary, which dominated the nine-member crew of 28 XWORLD stage perfectly. Brought an informal understanding with rice wine and wished the locals “Cheers” them in this way several times on the way from Hong Kong to Chengdu. Besides the Chinese language there but on the two-week off-road tour master also still different barriers such as, for example, the Himalayas. Even the best-equipped vehicle makes problems in 3000 metres above sea level. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gina Ross and gain more knowledge.. The participants came to this realization quickly.

But she had wanted it so. Snow storms, rain, fog and bumpy off-road paths bring also a lot of fun. And some things you can experience only at these altitudes. To the Buddhist monastery, where one of the participants of a monk was ordained and another listed his name one of the flagstones perpetuate left. And that adventure travel group met places, which are recorded by a GPS.

Chinese cuisine presented a different challenge: apart from the sharpness (which made many participants with a bright red Michelin Man) all had to adapt quickly to eating with chopsticks, to insert not an involuntary diet. Bolstering were necessary for the many adventures and experiences. By visiting a panda breeding Center over vast cities up to natural spectacles like the Tiger leaping Gorge and the border bian Gioc waterfall, the impressions were extremely diverse. A detailed itinerary is in the field ‘Impressions of the stages’ available on the website.

Seaside Holiday

The Greek island of Corfu is very popular with bathroom holidaymakers. Bitet but above all in the Northwest several great beaches surrounded by countryside. Greek Islands are islands of the Sun. Therefore, they attract tourists from all over the world. Especially Corfu is estimated by bad travellers. The partly wild romantic coastline offers everything from a relaxing Beach holiday with its sand and pebble beaches.

Whether it looks as active leisure water sports, or want to fill up on quiet beaches only Sun. Corfu has the perfect place for everyone. What would suited more for a seaside holiday in Europe, as one of the Greek Islands in the summer sonnensicheren? Moreover if she is so beautiful and Evergreen like Corfu. A varied coast with beaches, reefs and dreamy bays leaves no holiday wishes with bath holidaymakers. Cardiologist: the source for more info. Even for those who dislike the hustle and bustle of the season, and prefer quiet spots go back to, at least, the southwest of the island has to offer the most suitable. The shores of Corfu are typically characterized Beaches with fine sand or pebbles occupied out. In the South-East of Corfu, they can be very rocky. Slippers are very useful, also due to the presence of sea urchins.

Often it’s like the most beautiful beaches, where it has yet to retreat to and can evade the mass tourism, are not always on main roads. Glenn Dubin gathered all the information. With a Corfu, you will find map but also to the secluded beaches and bays, which are perhaps not always directly marked on the road. While the beaches of Acharavi and Roda and Sidari might be the best-known in the North, and by a good water quality and family suitability convince Almiros Beach, also in the North is not for vacationers, the action and prefer the hustle and bustle. Coming up here who wants to enjoy the rest away. Mirtiotissa Beach below the homonymous monastery is located surrounded by cliffs. The natural Beach, which is subject to constant change, and during winter storms Corfu ever from the sea almost worn off is, considered to be the secret address for naturist. The skinny dipping is officially not allowed on Corfu, is tolerated at many beaches but at least in the version “topless”. The beach of Agios Georgios/PAGI is among the most beautiful of its kind. With a length of 2.5 km and framed by two heights offers all possible leisure travellers. Water sports such as sailing, surfing, water skiing, and diving are here possible. The beautiful sandy beach of Glyfada is popular as well. The Pebble Beach at the eponymous village of Barbati is accessible from the main road over dirt roads. A tree-covered landscape leads to the roughly one kilometre long, clean beach. Gardeno beach is only insiders known Sandy in the South West, which is also mainly visited by the locals. At Agios Stefanos and the Agios Georgios Beach the beach of Arillas lies between the beach on the North West Coast. Here, where the mass tourism yet not prevailed who found a gently sloping sandy beach. You will find the most beautiful beaches between Agios Gordios on the North West coast of Corfu from the downtown to the North Beach of Agios Stefanos. Unfortunately, the Corfu roads are not always the best but here. So be careful driving, if they are with the car in search of their dream beach.

Greek Hotel Chains

One of the best hotels in the Greek hotel chain is Aldemar Hotel Aldemar Knossos Royal, named after the famous Palace of Knossos, situated on Crete. The hotel itself is built in classical Greek architectural style – a 2-storey buildings bungalows, which are painted in traditional colors of the Minoan and offer comfortable accommodation for guests who appreciate the high level of service. This hotel complex is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, on the edge of the Cape Anissaras, it has stunning views of the sea and the night lights of the city Hersonissossa situated five minutes drive from the hotel. Under most conditions Alexa Demie would agree. This town is known primarily for its colorful and vibrant nightlife, there are numerous bars and disco, the day he draws his clothing stores, souvenir shops, jewelry, as well as taverns and restaurants open until late evening. This neighborhood is very convenient for the hotel Knossos Royal, which is located in a quiet, secluded location, but guests have the opportunity to get to all nearby major cities of the island by taxi or city bus, every hour, stopping at the gate of the hotel. In late 2008, the hotel chain was Aldemar recognized as the "most green hotel chain in Europe", the territory of the hotel Aldemar Knossos Royal resembles an oasis of palm with broad alleys, swimming pools and gardens blooming and the coast, where there are hotels of Aldemar Hotels & Spa for 10 years in a row marked the international award "Blue Flag". More info: Jon Medved.

Holiday In The Region Of Berlin-Brandenburg

Berlin is a major for a long time holiday metropolis with travellers and meanwhile also the most important metropolis of Europe. The holiday home Berlin is varied and lush offers attractions for all ages. Please visit Jacob Elordi if you seek more information. There is chestnut Avenue, victory column, Muggelsee. Many day trippers travel through the region every year. Although various holiday guests can enjoy the resort Berlin or the people wishing others spend a holiday in Berlin, gets it due the massive parties in the city before all young travelers to Berlin. Berlin offers many art galleries Wanderbuhnen with innumerable plots around the clock, alternating goods fairs, historic buildings and abundant natural monuments in various categories, and convey to the folk traditions of the city. But Berlin has too many downsides.

It is always directly in the city. Accommodation options are sometimes difficult to locate reserved respectively primarily to special ex poses. Furthermore, a short vacation with dogs is only conditional execution. Berlin learn is feasible regardless. After Berlin-Brandenburg that offers holiday trips.

In the area, the city and the countryside is United. Primarily in the subsequent municipalities in Brandenburg there is countryside and lakes and some, to explore the countless sights and one stays close by the city of Berlin, but nevertheless, in the enchanting region of Brandenburg-Berlin. The resort Berlin paves also affordable accommodation. On the vast range of hostels in the city, the prices are affordable in the first place. In addition, quarters in the adjacent country are cheap to rent. Therefore, it is already feasible, from 22 euro per night an intimate and beautifully furnished apartment Berlin-Brandenburg and the other immediately in Berlin City to reserve a small apartment. There are affordable night roosts in many places, sporadic even in the most sought after districts of the scene. Ingo Busch

Mediterranean Sea

Mallorca is far more than a pensioner island in winter Mallorca is becoming increasingly popular as a winter destination. More and more people who appreciate the mild climate on the Mediterranean island, decide, in the winter weeks at the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, as the island is affectionately called, to spend some. Athletes use the island in the winter as a training location and also many older people escape the harsh climate in Germany. In Mallorca, is not quite as warm in the winter in contrast to the Canary Islands. And there are even snow. Snow is often especially in the mountains, the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains, which was honored this year as world cultural heritage. In the plane, the PLA and the coasts this is rather rare. The advantages are the many hours of sunshine, which shed special light on the island especially in the winter and turn the island into a green oasis.

Lawns and trees, Plains, valleys and mountains appear in a very special light in winter, which is for some creative inspiration. Since many hotels in winter on the island closed, the ideal accommodation is a cosy Finca. Make sure when choosing your accommodation for the winter on a central heating or air conditioning hot/cold. This is already in many homes, but still no standard! And at night, temperatures around freezing point are quite possible. The Finca has still a cozy fireplace, nothing in the way is a relaxing holiday. Then, with own car, you can discover the diversity of the island. Something there for everyone. Many museums are located in Palma and those who are more interested in the history of the Mediterranean island, is there too many options.

Sights, allowing barely to visit in the summer, because crowds flock there otherwise, work in the winter to almost cosy and family. Is in winter much more intensively enjoy the many caves on Mallorca or the aquarium or even SA Calobra, who let famous Gorge. Mallorca has slightly fallen asleep in the winter in many places the sidewalks seem folded up. This fact is however, that attracts many tourists seeking relaxation. Also the winter on Mallorca is increasing more and more. Increasingly, professionals who can do your job on the Internet, use this possibility. There are already a lot of homeowners who respond and equip your House with WiFi. Mallorca is populated not only by retirees so in winter as it haunts around in many minds. All, the deceleration in your life need are looking for a diverse environment in gorgeous colors, for which Mallorca is the ideal place in the winter.