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Gran Canaria

A paradise in the old political Ocean, the Pearl of the Canary Islands the Canary Islands belong to the most popular destinations of German vacationers. This is primarily because of the extraordinary diversity, a stay in this fascinating archipelago has to offer. Gran Canaria is the island with the third largest land area. Imposing mountains and paradisiacal beaches make a real feature a holiday on this beautiful piece of land. A majority of tourists looking for the most beautiful beaches on Gran Canaria a little respite from the everyday life on Gran Canaria first and foremost. (A valuable related resource: Glenn Dubin). By the sea guests from abroad will quickly find it and enjoy the occasional swim in the Sun. The most famous stretch of coastline of the island is the beach of Maspalomas.

This is mostly due to the beautiful dune landscape, which has led many vacationers to romantic walks in the evenings. t hand. Playa de Amadores Gran Canaria, is named of a protected Bay in the Southwest with its white sand and the turquoise waters with the tourists a Caribbean flair makes. This beach is located between Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan. He is easily accessible by bus, and is ideal for those who appreciate a quieter spot. The beach of San Agustin is also very popular.

The optimal conditions for scuba diving and snorkeling are a special incentive to intensively explore the colorful underwater world. In Puerto Rico it is usually lively in the summer months. In addition, movement in this part of the coast is highly in the course. Wind surfers find the proper proportions on this beach to pursue their passion. Jet Ski has become in recent years one of the most popular activities, which make a Gran Canaria holidays a real adventure. Mountain regions show a different facet of the island of Gran Canaria has much more to offer than long sandy beaches and beautiful bays. In the Centre, tourists get to know the island from a different side. The Caldera de Bandama is an active volcano, the in a Nature reserve is located in the northeastern part of Gran Canaria. He is no longer active, is visited but yet always happy. The tourists often take a piece of lava as a souvenir in their home. The island’s highest peak is the Pico de las Nieves with an altitude of 1,949 m. Hikers take on the challenge of the rise with joy and be rewarded at the finish with a beautiful view of the surroundings. A hot tip for a trip into the Interior of the country is the village of Artenara which is characterised above all by the houses built into the cliff wall. The 5 most interesting sights in Las Palmas a last minute travel Gran Canaria ensures a great pleasure on the Atlantic coast. The island capital of Las Palmas has many attractions that appeal for a stay: the Cathedral of Santa Ana is an exciting combination of three architectural styles and attracts visitors with its two towers quickly on. The Casa de Colon is the former home of the discoverer Columbus and serves today first and foremost as a museum with exhibits from the time. Ciudad Jardin is the term for the urban park, which has Bewitched so many smiles to the faces of tourists with its colorful flora. Pompous is in the Interior of the Teatro Perez Galdos, located in the Triana neighbourhood. Castillo de la Luz is a fortress that stands under monumental protection and is known as a venue for cultural events.

Biathlon World Cup

The Scandinavian country attracts not only skiers with attractive offers Stockholm business newspapers reported that Swedish tourism in the winter season 2009/2010 with strong growth may be expected. This astonished for the season 2008/2009 was a record year with lots of snow and high numbers of overnight in the Swedish ski resorts. So another record year should follow the record year. Expect even an increase in height from ten to twenty percent at nights and lift tickets. Whether this prediction fulfilled, of course also depends on the snow conditions. Sweden has many large and modern ski resorts, where skiers, alpine skiers and snowboarders alike will enjoy. The best-known ski regions lie in Varmland, Dalarna, Jamtland.

To them, the winter sports resorts of Branas, halls, include Idre Fjall, Vemdalen, and are. Stunning images from the ange are can be seen almost every year in the television, because here the alpine ski World Cup will also perform. are has 41 lifts and around a hundred Descents and a variety of after skiing. The ski region include also ostersund, which is host to the opening events in the Biathlon World Cup and Duved, which is close to the Norwegian border. The halls in Dalarna region invested almost 300 million Swedish Crowns in the expansion of their ski resorts this winter. The biggest item this accounted for a “Experium” call event and experience Centre in Lindvallen.

Among other things, it has a State of the art spa with two hundred-metre water slides. A winter holiday in Sweden is an experience not only for skiers. Many tourists come in winter to hiking, shopping, stroll or just to turn off. You can do all that well outside of the popular winter resorts in central Sweden. In southern Smaland, or the Swedish coastal holiday homes have often been for 200 or 300 Euro per week are at this time; they are significantly cheaper than holiday homes at the same time in the winter sports resorts. It should be “his” Swedish cottage book as early as possible if you put value on choice. It is however not time bound and flexible location and facilities, can you choose the opposite way and the House very late or even book “last minute”, often with discount. Tip: As tourists do not visit as Sweden in calendar weeks 7 to 9. Then many Sweden have ski holiday (“sportlov” in Swedish). In some areas of the holiday, the demand is particularly high during this time. Walther Plette

SISTER ACT After Hamburg

Musical tickets and hotel accommodation win Hamburg is known for his musicals. Who long wishes to experience a presentation in the Hanseatic City, could come close to the fulfillment of this dream now. Hotel Portal giving away two tickets for the musical SISTER ACT with two hotel nights in October. The film SISTER ACT with Whoopi Goldberg is practically a cult. Fans may also enjoy the eponymous musical. The chance to win two tickets to the show in Hamburg is currently on the Facebook page. Who takes part in the competition, will have the opportunity to travel with a companion to Hamburg and to explore the musical.

The package includes not only the exclusive tickets for SISTER ACT, but also two nights in a superior double room of the young Hotel Hamburg. The comfortably furnished rooms offers its guests free Wi-Fi, bathrobes and slippers, so they can take advantage of the hotel’s sauna area. Who like to a cup of tea or coffee in room would like to drink, find appropriate devices. Visitors for a day in Hamburg can enjoy the rich breakfast buffet, nothing in the way is thus a discovery tour in the Hanseatic City. Learn more at this site: Jacob Elordi. Interested to participate need to until October 24, 2011 like “click button on the Facebook page and answer a quiz question. A unique evening beckons the winners with the singing – and dancing-gifted nuns in the musical SISTER ACT.

Grand Canyon National Park

Use the right moment to buy a tour to the National Park. Finally, after two weeks of negotiation Congress has finished the national fiscal crisis, which the Government can be active again and in the Grand Canyon National Park can completely financially support the operations. The solution means that holidaymakers back full access to the Park, so also the hiking path, the camps, public facilities, shuttle bus, bike rental, accommodation and dining options. “This is a huge relief,” said Keith Kravitz, owner of, the leading provider of tours and information about the National Park. Many tourists had to change their plans due to the uncertain situation, but that is now behind us.” The fiscal crisis has influenced mainly the South Rim Park. The West Rim is officially not part of the National Park and thus had no problems due to the political situation. “The West edge belongs to the country, which is run by the Indian tribe of the Hualapai”, Kravitz notes.

Therefore could the holiday-makers in Las Vegas completely freely choose what they wanted to do. Travelers to the South Rim, but must rely on trips outside of national parks, such as helicopter and airplane tours.” Now that everything is back to normal, to the tourist strand the tour party outright with desire for trips. The shops are good”, Kravitz said at the South Rim, the rush to the normal 50 minutes are very popular flight with the helicopter. Then the plane trip is most popular.” There are two types of helicopter tours to the South Rim: the 30-minutes and the 50-minute tour. The shorter version flies from the South Rim to the north rim and back again, the return trip takes place through the Dragoon corridor. The longer flight takes all that, flies but also up to the eastern border. With the 50-minute flight the tourists will have seen up to 75% of the Park”says Kravitz.

Affordable Price

Telescope must remain deprived of not always well-stocked bank accounts. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman by clicking through. Flexibility, it is possible such as Mexico to explore including flight for 1399,-per person in a double room in 10 days. This 64-seitige catalog with a total of 25 elaborated packages is unusual not only because of its very appealing design, but above all because of the unusual range of products, ranging from the jungle or bird expedition, about cultural highlights such as the Machu Picchu trekking adventure to elaborate car – and motorbike tours. Whether Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, or Tierra del Fuego: SoliArenas organizes tours to the most fascinating destinations in Central and South America. For even more analysis, hear from Sydney Sweeney. Lonnie Smith: the source for more info. More than 10 years of experience in this industry and the close cooperation with selected agencies on site ensure professionally organised the tour. SoliArenas Latinoamerica is characterized by the individual care and providing programs for groups as well as for individual travellers. Quality and service are great at SoliArenas Latinoamerica written. Get advice, information, and the freshly printed catalog customers and travel agents Tel 02403 5571-932 or send an email to. Harry Belafonte understood the implications. SoliArenas Latinoamerica

Muritz National Park

There is pure relaxation in Germany. Who is looking for a holiday destination that is not quite so far, is exactly the right address in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Here there is fun for the whole family. Try it out! Blue waves rocking radiant in the Sun and wear them on the shore of the Lake. This is Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: only here you can explore the beautiful area with the bike on foot or on the boat. The beautiful Mecklenburg lake plateau is a paradise for nature lovers. The area inspired by thousands of small lakes and rivers, where cormorants and Ospreys peacefully pull on their laps.

Of course the boaters may not miss here too that here without a license can Charter a boat and sail with lots of fun on the lakes and rivers. Are beautiful but also the old dreamy villages with their quaint cobblestone streets, load beautiful valleys and lush forests to the cycling a. You can see the glitter of a surface almost behind every tree. You may wish to learn more. If so, cardiologist is the place to go. Very much also the Plauer Lake Trail, where beautiful beaches for bathing lakes invite silence is nice to drive on. Beautifully situated, also the Hansestadtchen is goods with its approximately 21,000 inhabitants, which lies directly at the Muritz and offers a pleasant walking trail that leads through the Muritz National Park. The magnificent townhouses in Stralsund, revive the almost forgotten Hanseatic merchant times.

The historic old town was declared in the year 2202 to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. The charming Wismar impresses with its restored burgher houses, the main market square and the beautiful harbour. And the State capital Schwerin enchants people with her Castle, the Cathedral and the historic old town, which is nestled between seven lakes. Beach-lovers will really enjoy on the Baltic Sea coast. Resorts such as Sassnitz and Rugen offer wonderful holidays on beautiful sandy beach. Build a relaxing holiday with walks on the beach, castles promise. The unique landscape of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania it is necessary have just seen.

Travel Tip East Prussia

Dark woods, golden beaches and expansive moorland, hushed up lakes and deserted golden beaches can be found the largest Sundial in Europe In the country of the dark woods. East Prussia is characterized by wide landscape and historical past. To the North the Russian Kaliningrad oblast, in the South lies the Polish Warmia and Masuria, to the Klaipda Lithuania joins. The Curonian spit “Prussia Sahara” is explained in the year 2000 to the UNESCO World Heritage. The unique peninsula is famous for its sand dunes. NIDA offers an unforgettable view over the lagoon.

Over 60 meters high, one of the largest dunes in Europe in the wide sky towers here. Amber finds made famous the steep coast of Samland, while the beautiful architecture of the large villas of noise attracted many admirers. There is also the largest Sundial in Europe to marvel at. In the new glamour of old cities such as Konigsberg (Kaliningrad), Sovetsk and Neman River are the legacies of famous poets, artists and military commanders. online specialist for the East and member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and trusted shops certified – offers different tours. Get a vivid impression on the videos of the tour pages themselves. Our personal advice is travel No. 2077: “Historical cities in East Prussia”

Holidays In The Azores

Many people deal with the question of where they want to spend their summer holidays the island group in the Atlantic Ocean In the spring. The choices are usually more attractive destinations. The Azores are an option. The Atlantic islands are a paradise of nature and characterized by a pleasant subtropical climate. The online travel agency tells us more about the diversity of the Azores. The selection of hotels in the Azores is very large and suitable accommodation can be found for every taste.

Also cottages are a popular option here. The Islands are characterized by volcanic landscapes with many beautiful lakes. The main island of Sao Miguel as the Green Island “refers to. This nickname is due its lush vegetation. Nature lovers come here at their own expense and can explore the island on foot, as well as on the bike. Also, there are many ways to operate, for example, in the water or climbing on the volcanic rock athletic.

Also is Paragliding offered, offers a unique view over the island. One of the main attractions is Ponta Delgada, the capital city of Sao Miguel. Today little reminiscent of here the former fishing village has developed into a modern city. However, Ponta Delgada has not lost its quiet charm. Historical building with many balconies, colorful parks, Cafes and several churches mark the cityscape. More information: service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Incentive Travel

Expensive incentive trips for employees in a crisis situation can arise when service providers often negative thoughts links. At the front is the issue of the budget of incentives. A cheap and successful incentive trip is triple fun: on the one side, you can learn an exciting event, on the other hand you get to know new countries and it last the most low cost good achieved. That’s why cheaper events and incentive travel are the new goal of many companies and event agencies in our neighbouring countries. But at the same time, this goal is the biggest problem in organizing an event.

For this reason, more and more companies to specialized agencies, the events contact and incentives cheap but also high organize at a high level in the desired countries. Event agency POL EVENT, which is focused on incentives and events in Poland, already feel the transformation. Since autumn last year the questions on business trips and events in Poland have doubled”so that Managing Director of the event agency, Marta Girg. The company markets Poland as the site and organizes conferences, meetings, incentives and events at a high level. More and more international events feel in Poland in the right place”and well looked after.

There are many reasons to choose Poland as a destination for events and incentives. It means versatility in the heart of Europe and is easily accessible from all European countries. It offers unspoilt nature in the Masuria, living culture in Warsaw, Krakow or Wroclaw, strong tradition and adventure in the Tatra mountains and Zakopane. The companies and organisers find a wide variety of ideas, which can be implemented with the help of specialists to an an unforgettable experience at affordable prices. Conclusion: It must be not always Spain or Italy, when nearby neighbouring countries a perfectly organised event can be experienced in the East. Everybody’s good a little spirit of discovery!

Dubai go free in Dubai for families now even more attractive with the new campaign kids is”want to inspire as Dubai families in the summer with children for the city. Get all the facts and insights with Jacob Elordi, another great source of information. The action goes from 14 May to 30 September and Department of tourism and commerce offered by Dubai’s Emirates marketing (DTCM) and its partners, such as for example the airline. It will be lucrative discounts for the whole family at nights, flights and many entrances to attractions. Families can save even upon arrival. Up to two children under 12 half-price fly with Emirates, when accompanied by two full-paying adults. There are 25 percent of less at fly Dubai. The benefits also apply to transit passengers using Dubai as a hub. Also it is not limited in contrast to the previous campaigns also give more, said a tourism official, Saleh Mohammed Al Geziry.

During the night can be saved also vigorously. Up to two children under 12 years of age can stay at least three nights free stay in about 80 hotels in the city. Here again is the condition that they are accompanied by two adults. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are free of charge for the children. In Dubai itself, there are often free entrance to many attractions for children under 12 years of age.

Aquarium & underwater Zoo, wild water park include among others the Dubai Wadi, Dubai Museum, the Dolphinarium and the lost Chambers”in the Atlantis, The Palm. Free city tours are also planned. The German Spezialreisemittler Dubai Holiday dreams offers many different types of accommodation for a holiday in Dubai on your homepage. Whether holiday apartments for self catering, cheap hotel rooms or a room in a luxury hotel. Dubai Holiday Dreams has the right choice for everyone.