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Valuable Properties

Pangamic acid (vitamin B15) is found in the embryonic seeds of many plants and sprouts, almonds and other stone fruit kernels. The content of vitamins in the wild fruit and berries is low, and in this respect they differ little from their cultural counterparts. And they both are not the source, and can only be an additional reserve of these vitamins. Folic acid (vitamin B9) is rich in strawberries, with its associated beneficial than effect of anemia. More of a raspberry. It is also found in apples, apricots, black currants and other valuable property of vitamin B15 – the ability to attenuate a side effect of some toxic and medicinal preparations by-products produced in the body during metabolism. Vitamin successfully used in complex therapeutic agents for certain heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, rheumatism and liver diseases. Vitamin K helps blood to clot when bleeding.

Nowadays you can clean the pillows on the professional equipment for cleaning pads. Diseases associated with lack of food in vitamin K, practically do not occur, so as it is produced by bacteria in the gut. Vitamin found in nettles, spinach, apples, etc. Vitamin E has a very high antioxidant activity. It improves digestion and absorption of vitamin A, has stimulating effect on the muscular system. In significant amounts contained in sea-buckthorn, dog rose, apple, plum and other alkaloids.

The most important group of biologically active substances are alkaloids – substances produced by plants and represent a complex nitrogen-containing compounds. Need cleaning pads. Currently have about 5000 different alkaloids. In various plant species accumulate alkaloids uneven. Particularly rich in alkaloids, plants of the nightshade family, and poppy. Many alkaloids (morphine, papaverine, codeine, ephedrine, quinine, strychnine, etc.) used to treat diseases of the nervous system, internal bodies and other diseases. The content of alkaloids in the same plant can vary depending on the season and where they are grown. Alkaloidosoderzhaschimi plants are celandine, barberry, mordovnik, ergot, etc.

Oncology Patients

Recent advances in electronics and optics, and the creation of new endoscopic instruments have greatly expanded ability to diagnose and treat patients with neoplastic diseases of different localization. Now is not the secret that the execution holitsistektomii (removal of the gall bladder) in 95%, and appendectomy (removal of the appendicular process), 86% performed laparoscopically. As a result, the appearance of sophisticated in its capabilities videopriborov many operations that previously could be achieved only by open, it was possible to perform minimally invasive technique using. Videohirurgiya reduces trauma and surgery in many respects facilitates the surgical diagnosis to conservative treatment, to evaluate the effectiveness of a previous treatment has helped to solve the problem of differential diagnosis and leads to a reduction in length of stay patients in the hospital. Advantages over traditional videohirurgii surgical technique in oncology: rapid onset of a special treat small traumatic cosmetic effect of reducing the frequency and severity of complications decreased need for medication reduction in length of hospitalization These advantages make VATS ideal method for diagnosis and treatment of elderly patients and patients who have recently conducted chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy. Thoracoscopy (videohirurgicheskoe intervention on organs of the chest) allows access to all structures of the chest. As a rule, thoracoscopy performed through small ports with a diameter of 15 mm. It allows, as amended by biopsy of tissue and ligation of vessels and bronchi.

In addition to the visualization of all segments of the lung, thoracoscopy provides access to peritrahealnym lymph nodes. Using thoracoscopy (Mini-Cams) in combination with conventional surgical instruments has led to videoassistirovannoy thoracoscopic surgery, which provides access into the chest cavity to the same extent as the thoracotomy. The size of the cut in videoassistirovannoy thoracoscopic surgical procedure can vary from a small 4-5cm to 15-20cm. Thoracoscopic surgery is less painful and traumatic procedure than thoracotomy. Operations performed torakosopicheskim access: space-occupying lesions biopsy, lung resection, lobectomy (removal of an entire lobe of the lung), removal of mediastinal tumors of various localization. Laparoscopy (videohirurgicheskoe intervention for abdominal and pelvic organs) allows safe for the patient to carry out interventions such as resection liver, nephrectomy (kidney removal), adrenalectomy (removal of the adrenal gland), surgery on the gastrointestinal tract of various sizes, resection of the ovaries, myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids), hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Such a plan hi-tech operations are carried out under general anesthesia in the operating-equipped with modern equipment. Small skin incisions made for access to the abdominal or thoracic cavity sutured cosmetic intradermal sutures after that do not are left with scars. At this point, almost all surgical interventions in oncology at the initial stages of the process may perform videohirurgicheskim way without violating the fundamental ways of oncology.

Digestive Enzymes

PEAK ENZYMES – DIGESTIVE ENZYMES AND SYSTEM enzymes (enzymes) – specific proteins that speed many times chemical reactions occurring in living organisms. The speed of their work and activity is very high. Enzymes – genius unit of nature. In humans, there are over 3,000 known enzymes, through which can be updated grown old and worn-out cells, transformation of nutrients into energy and building materials, waste disposal and exchange of foreign body substances, protection of rights of pathogenic bacteria and wound healing. With the help of enzymes are accelerated and managed everything vital processes of the body. "The key to long and healthy life can only be defined in one word: enzymes.

" Dr. Perhaps check out Jon Medved for more information. Hiromi Shinya (Dr. Hiromi Shinya) Would you like to have more energy and feel younger? Would you like to speed up the recovery process of your body? Would you like to improve the quality of your life? Then the most advanced solutions today – a technology of enzymes! Enzymes are the spark of life Do you know that your pancreas is two to three times its normal size? Do You that your immune system works to the bottom, spending more resources in helping the body to digest and absorb food in the blood? How do we know that this is indeed true, and if this applies to us? We know this, because almost all of us eat food that has been subjected to heat treatment. Foods cooked at a temperature higher than 47 C (about 118 degrees Fahrenheit) is devoid of enzymes.

Treatment Of Sunflower

Generously wide-open basket sunflower bees willingly visit. Sunflower honey is the best varieties. He has a beautiful golden color, light flavor and a nice tart taste, quickly crystallizes and becomes pale yellow with a greenish tinge, resembling melted butter. It is better to keep in the cold, since prolonged storage it is sometimes advocated the formation of crystals and liquid glucose fructose, which can turn sour. Honey from the flowers of sunflower is useful for people suffering from broncho-pulmonary diseases, pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system. Folk medicine has long used baskets outer flowers and leaves sunflower. Mixed dried equally marginal flowers and young leaves are preparing a tincture with vodka (1:5). Insist in a dark warm place for two weeks, then filtered.

Drink 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day with 1 / 4 tbsp. boiled water for malaria fevers, colds, lung disease, poor appetite and sluggish bowels. In rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic affections of joints prepared infusion of young Sunflower. Gather them in beginning of flowering, chop, fill a glass jar on a third and topped up to the top 70% alcohol or strong brew. Insist 10-12 days, filter. Take 20-30 drops in water 2-3 times a day, rub the week of courses break in the week. On the night of the same tincture rubbed the affected joints.

When metabolism of young broth dried sunflower baskets used in the hives, and metabolic disorders, general exhaustion. 2 tablespoons dried minced raw boil 15 minutes in 0.5 liters of water, filter. Drink 1 / 4 tbsp. 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes before eating. Seeds will relieve the cough is recommended to eat 1-2 tablespoons daily non-fried sunflower seeds in the protracted bronchitis, hives, cramps, malaria. Rates for 3-4 weeks with a break of one week. By following these simple recipes, you keep your youth and your health for years to come.

Healing Stone Shungite

Shungite – specific carbon species, which received its name from the village of Shunga on the shore of Lake Onega, where the first shungite was found. Shungite produced in Karelia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, near the town of Abakan, and as in Kazakhstan. Color shungite depending on the chemical composition can be black, gray, ashen, and other hues, interspersed with pyrite (gold), quartz (white). Shungite This can be distinguished from forgery because it conducts electricity easily. Shungite has an amazing ability to change the structure of water, giving it the healing properties due to the fact that amorphous carbon has the ability to move from the surface schungite in the water. Thus, water is carbonaceous. Due to this flow of water increases, and increases the permeability of water through the cell membrane. Shungite cleans water, removing it from harmful substances that blagotvortno effect on the body.

Complications when taking food from Shungite does not arise. This stone possesses anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects. In terms of feng shui shungite belongs to the element of water and therefore its use to people who need water, or to whom water is favorable. Since inflammation include the element of fire, shungite (water) decreases (inhibits) the tumor (the fire) So it successfully used in oncology. Shungite sold as a rock poroshek, pasta, pyramid, an ointment. This unusual stone is able to reduce the effect gepatogennyh zones, it is used often in mounds around military installations.

Shungite vozdeysvie reduces electrical appliances, mobile phones, reducing the aggressiveness of humans and animals. Since aggression is the influence of the metal, shungite (water) drains irritation and anger (metal). If the house put in a room aggressive person or a fighter Shungite pyramid, the man slowly but surely change its behavior. You can also change the behavior and aggressive animals in the house. Pyramid with shungite better use wax krikleiv inside in the upper corner of a piece of rock crystal, then the effect of the pyramid is a more lenient. Those who are familiar with the school of feng shui "Flying Star" is recommended to place the pyramid on the metal cluster of stars, or where is now unfavorable metal star 7. Currently sold rugs for cars with shungite, pillows, and a pyramid. People using shungite could see that they have more accidents on the roads there. Shungite (water) weakens the negative effect of the metal (machines). Anyone who enjoys shungite respond positively only to the breed. But it is worth remembering that the general recipe for all no. And people who have a very small Number of items metal in the body, shungite not help, but just the opposite. People who need the element of fire and have it a little, shungite (water) is contraindicated. How do I know that certain elements are favorable, and some are not, you must acquainted with the eastern astrology.

Development Assertiveness

Below you will find techniques that will help you develop your confidence. The best moments recall those moments of your life when you felt like a real winner. To recall all the details of the situation, sounds, smells, caught the admiring glances, take a dip at the moment and live it again. Experience the taste of victory and a sense of overflowing pride you, fix this image in mind, move it to the current situation and say to yourself: 'It turned out then – it will now. " I – Hero Who would you say is true epitome of confidence? Whose image appears in your right mind? Perhaps it is the hero of some of the cult film or the character of your favorite book, the famous leader or someone from your surroundings? Or maybe it yourself, but without the slightest hint of timidity, indecision and doubt? Create an image of a hero in your mind, watch how he holds, what his habits, he says. Live at the image and connect with him, you – this is it.

Remember your hero before going to bed and fell asleep, tell yourself that tomorrow morning you wake up in the form of 100% confident man. The next day, behave as would behave your hero. Repeat this technique throughout the week. Exciting gesture our body – the strongest emotional guide. When we are afraid or worried, it is visible to the naked eye: our whole body is compressed, the head is drawn into the arms, shoulders lowered, the back stoop. .

Overweight And Its Problems

The problem of excess weight from year to year is becoming more urgent: the last 20 years, the total excess weight of the world population increased by three (!) Times to threaten the figures. The cause of obesity is primarily malnutrition. People consume far more calories than you expend. Sedentary lifestyle, passion for junk food, unbalanced nutrition – all prerequisites for the extra weight. But the extra weight – it's not just an aesthetic problem. This is a serious health threat, since extra weight pulling with it a trail of various diseases. First of all, it's cardio vascular system: hypertension, coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes – the constant companion of obesity.

It is known that high blood pressure, fat people suffer 3-4 times more often than people of normal weight. The reason is simple: to ensure that the blood of his "enlarged" heart farms forced to take the increased load. A capacity increase of heart-pump, in turn, leads to increased pressure. Further destruction of the picture of health can be seen easily: arterial hypertension leads to the defeat of all the organs and tissues. But first of all, it strikes just the vital organs, so-called target organs: heart, brain and kidneys.

The most serious complication of high blood pressure – is stroke. But we have only five extra pounds to lose, and systolic blood pressure decrease by approximately 5 mm Hg, and diastolic – 2 mm. Decrease the load on the heart. Otherwise, people with overweight risk earn coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks. Relationship of obesity and diabetes due to increased sensitivity to insulin, which leads to disruption of carbohydrate metabolism and development of diabetes (type 2). There is a group of diseases of musculoskeletal system that occur because of excess weight – it's arthritis and arthrosis. With obesity pronounced dysfunction of the respiratory system. Vital capacity can be significantly reduced compared to the norm, which depends not only on border changes and compression of the lungs, but also from respiratory difficulties associated with disorders of metabolic processes in the lung tissue. The high degree of obesity is accompanied by curvature of the spine due to the offset center of gravity, high standing of the diaphragm, chest deformation and reduce its elasticity. When excess weight is often affects the liver: stagnation in the gallbladder and hepatic ducts creates the conditions for the formation of stones, which are found in obesity in 30 – 40% of cases. and gastro-intestinal tract. The list of diseases that are triggered by excess weight, you can continue. It is clear that treatment of these diseases is only possible while reducing weight. Control of this process should lead specialist. A fascination with trendy diets and weight loss independent if there is a whole bunch of diseases is fraught with aggravation of problems.

Why Am I Fat? How Should I Eat ?

Women usually start with chubby on the sides and the front or the popular "wheel" and the little men "beer belly." Gradually the body mass continues to grow and women and men are getting fatter. One of the reasons why fat is usually the way of eating. We got used to eating a lot and sometimes we are forced to eat it all simply by not throwing away food or finish what is on the plate but still full. Read more from Joey King to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Also eat three times a day in huge amounts by saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day then we eat bread, eggs, cereal and a number of things that usually the body fails to digest until lunchtime in which get used to eating soup, dry and dessert. Not satisfied with what we've eaten during the day, we came home tired and the first thing we do is eat, or what was left of lunch or prepare a big meal. Think that the body needs time to digest and eliminate food. Add to your understanding with Riney Family Foundation. That's why many people become very fat and they say they are eating "Only" three times a day.

Now the idea is not to "diet" as they call it all, the diet of pineapple, tuna and even the diet of glasses of water because these diets are the only thing that is bad to the body. What you need to do is eat well and exercise. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn usually is spot on. By eating well I mean that the food must be divided into several portions.

Tea Tree Oil

From what plants do, tea tree oil? First you need to say that "tea tree oil" to the tea does not have a well, not relationships. And the name is a plant was due to Captain James Cook. He and his sailors tried to imagine the healing power of a decoction of the leaves of tea tree during an expedition in 1770. Tea trees grow in Australia and New Zealand. In folk medicine, tea tree used for a long time. Aborigines for treatment of wounds using mashed leaves of tea tree, as well as prepare them to extract the healing, helping in the treatment of many diseases (scurvy, skin diseases, sunburn, tropical infections, snake bites etc. Tea trees in Australia and New Zealand grows two – leptospermum and Tea Tree. Natives called the tea tree leptospermum, but around the world tea tree oil Tea Tree oil became known.

As it turned out probably remain a mystery. Tea Tree – is a low evergreen shrubs or trees with narrow elongated leaves, scented (some of them even like needles) of the myrtle family. Tea Tree is very beautiful blooms. Inflorescences resemble fluffy bottle brush in different colors. At Tea Tree alternifolia, from the leaves of which actually make the tea tree oil, white lacy buds.

Tea Tree is very fond of moisture and light, easy to grow from seeds and growing fast enough. The leaves are grown Tea Tree can be collected, insisting, boil and use as well as tea tree oil. This is a very good antiseptic, which has a complex of very useful for the skin substances. Manuka – it's "popular" name leptospermuma. Online you can find many references to the usefulness of honey manuka oil and manuka. That leptospermum New Zealanders also nazyvyut "tea tree" and is made from its leaves a drink similar to tea. Leptospermum, like Tea Tree, myrtle belongs to the family. It also stunted shrub with elongated rounded leaves. There are many types of inflorescences leptospermuma different colors. One of the most beautiful – leptospermum Rosaceae. The leaves also make leptospermuma essential oil. Call it a New Zealand tea tree oil or manuka oil. In our country it can be found relatively rarely, although manuka oil, according to experts, even more efficient oil Tea Tree (ie tea tree oil). Leptospermum, like Tea Tree, sprouts readily from seed and is growing rapidly. Well formed by cutting and rapidly accumulates. Leaves leptospermuma also always come in handy in your home medicine cabinet.

LifeWave Sleeping

) There are several recommendations in order to cope with sleep disorders: – before bedtime should ventilate the room – the bed should not be too hard nor too soft – bed linen and pajamas, choose only from natural materials – does not fill the stomach before bedtime, dinner at least two hours before bedtime – do not drink lots of water before going to sleep – workouts and other vigorous activity up to 2 hours before bedtime – very useful unhurried walk before going to sleep in the fresh air – a glass of warm milk with honey before going to bed acts as a mild sedative – you can before bedtime take a warm bath with soothing oils or foams. Of course, these recommendations are working only with the regular observance of them. However, the modern pace of life and constant lack of time makes their implementation difficult. Means to combat insomnia to combat insomnia, many use sleeping pills funds. However, medications – sleeping pills can be used only on prescription. Some sleeping pills have side effects, and almost all developing addiction. Each time you have to gradually increase the dose or switch to a more powerful sedative.

And so day after day, until the end of life, because discontinuation of sleeping pills lead to a withdrawal syndrome – the strengthening and deepening of insomnia. Fortunately, there is another a proven remedy for insomnia for centuries. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, acupuncture and acupressure for the normalization of sleep. The meaning of this method is to work on biologically active points of the body in different ways, thus prompting the body to regulate and helping him to cope with insomnia alone, without sleeping pills. Again, one has to specialists and spend valuable time for completion of treatment. Nanonakleyki LifeWave insomnia Modern nanotechnology can gently work on the acupuncture points of a certain frequency waves without the use of needles and other special funds. You just need to stick nanonakleyku LifeWave a specific point and quietly go to sleep.

After 3-5 minutes the body itself will tune to the desired wave and the advent of sound sleep. Numerous tests and Tests have shown that the use of LifeWave nanonakleek insomnia does not give any side effects or drowsiness during the day, no dizziness, no addiction. This is explained by the fact that your body does not get any drugs, as nanonakleyki to sleep do not. Not recommended for use nanonakleyki LifeWave pregnant women and children under 12 years.