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Medical University

Vil.V.Dokov * VV ** Docks, Department of Public Health, ** Department of Dental Medicine, Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Introduction. The creative legacy of Prof.. VK Docks (1920-1988) 2,4,12,14, the largest Bulgarian histologist, still poorly understood. We have tried to do this by applying the search engine PubMed 3, but as further our research 5,6,7,8,9,10,13, this method gives only a nai-a general idea of the creative journey of a scientist. For even more opinions, read materials from Neil deGrasse Tyson . Purpose. The aim of our work is to study in multilingual science professor. VK docks, the method of quantitative analysis of publications in his bibliography 1, in particular the place of publication of journals and languages in which written articles.

Materials and methods. Analizovano 122 literary sources 1 published in 37 year period (1945-1983). We investigated the place of publication of magazines, which are written in languages learning articles, the number and percentage distribution. The data processed by statistical methods of variations and alternative analysis. Results and discussion. In the studied material, we found that the prof. Docks published in scientific journals nine countries and more often (t = 3.98, pAnaliziruya findings, we can see that from foreign journals most articles appeared in Belgian (n = 10, 8.19 16.99%), German (n = 10, 8.19 16.99%) journals in the U.S. (n = 5, 4.09 17.36%), France (n = 3, 2.45 17.49%) and Yugoslavia (n = 3, 2.45 17.49%). Single Publication note in Hungary (n = 2, 1.63 17.54%), Britain (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%), Italy (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%), Russia (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%) and Czechoslovakia (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%).

South America Teeth

Fortunately, things are gradually improves. Increased attention to hygiene and appearance of teeth. But even in this sphere is not so simple. Even in the West, not all understand correctly, what dental aesthetics. When it comes to creating a 'Hollywood' smile it is often more dentists doing the same patients, large and evenly white teeth, but when it comes to bits, it is also badly divided between themselves the teeth. This happens for several reasons: lack of understanding of dental aesthetics from the doctor and the inability on his part to make aesthetically correct operation, not to mention his indifference to other people's problems on the one hand, and blunt follow the wishes of patients, after watching Hollywood movies and do not understand what his teeth really need to be considered beautiful.

Modern dentistry is uniquely dictates: aesthetic that estesstvenno. Human teeth is not the same white over its entire length. They yellower in the neck, more white in the center and transparency at the cutting edge. Upper front teeth, which are mostly visible when smiling, are different in shape and size. Not all teeth are identical in color.

So they should be to recreate. Artificially whiten your teeth, not only unnatural and dangerous – a substance used for bleaching inevitably damage the teeth in one form or another. Tooth color is transmitted genetically. The color that a person has, can only be yellow with age. If the teeth are attacked, it must be removed mechanically. Chemical effect on the teeth to change their natural color – there is something else, like an artificial human mutilation for the sake of fashion. In a series of such procedures are increasing the length of the neck by not fixing it metal rings (Africa), the insertion of the lower lip circular stone plate in place specifically for this remote teeth (South America) and body pircing – this modern idiocy infecting the country. It must be noted that similar methods are used by people who want to stand out at any price. With no talent or merit, they emit a most primitive manner, disfiguring his body, ie clearly suffer from mental disorders, for endangering their health for the sake of vanity. In cases when there is a real need, there are 3 main ways to change shape and color of teeth by artificial means. Crowns. A crown covers the tooth completely. It can be made of plastic, metal, porcelain (ceramic) and a combination of different materials. Somatic Experiencing helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For example: a metal-coated plastic, or metal coated with porcelain. The most beautiful and close to real teeth (by color) are porcelain crowns on the basis of zirconium oxide. They are more expensive than the common bits of metal and porcelain. Crowns are the most durable way to restore teeth and are indispensable in cases where necessary replace missing teeth. Beniry. In cases when proteziruemom site has all the teeth, veneers can be made – a thin porcelain covering that is attached to the visible povehnosti tooth, giving it the required shape and color. There is a way to change the color and shape of the tooth, without resorting to prosthetics. Geliomaterialy. Today available materials that allow to form a tooth or a portion directly into the patient's mouth. To this end, various light-curing materials. Appearance of such a restoration is much depends on art abilities doctor.

Tea Tree Oil

From what plants do, tea tree oil? First you need to say that "tea tree oil" to the tea does not have a well, not relationships. And the name is a plant was due to Captain James Cook. He and his sailors tried to imagine the healing power of a decoction of the leaves of tea tree during an expedition in 1770. Tea trees grow in Australia and New Zealand. In folk medicine, tea tree used for a long time. Aborigines for treatment of wounds using mashed leaves of tea tree, as well as prepare them to extract the healing, helping in the treatment of many diseases (scurvy, skin diseases, sunburn, tropical infections, snake bites etc. Tea trees in Australia and New Zealand grows two – leptospermum and Tea Tree. Natives called the tea tree leptospermum, but around the world tea tree oil Tea Tree oil became known.

As it turned out probably remain a mystery. Tea Tree – is a low evergreen shrubs or trees with narrow elongated leaves, scented (some of them even like needles) of the myrtle family. Tea Tree is very beautiful blooms. Inflorescences resemble fluffy bottle brush in different colors. At Tea Tree alternifolia, from the leaves of which actually make the tea tree oil, white lacy buds.

Tea Tree is very fond of moisture and light, easy to grow from seeds and growing fast enough. The leaves are grown Tea Tree can be collected, insisting, boil and use as well as tea tree oil. This is a very good antiseptic, which has a complex of very useful for the skin substances. Manuka – it's "popular" name leptospermuma. Online you can find many references to the usefulness of honey manuka oil and manuka. That leptospermum New Zealanders also nazyvyut "tea tree" and is made from its leaves a drink similar to tea. Leptospermum, like Tea Tree, myrtle belongs to the family. It also stunted shrub with elongated rounded leaves. There are many types of inflorescences leptospermuma different colors. One of the most beautiful – leptospermum Rosaceae. The leaves also make leptospermuma essential oil. Call it a New Zealand tea tree oil or manuka oil. In our country it can be found relatively rarely, although manuka oil, according to experts, even more efficient oil Tea Tree (ie tea tree oil). Leptospermum, like Tea Tree, sprouts readily from seed and is growing rapidly. Well formed by cutting and rapidly accumulates. Leaves leptospermuma also always come in handy in your home medicine cabinet.

ASD Faction Drug

The drug ASD fraction 2 was discovered more than half a century ago, Soviet scientists Dorogov, in honor of him and he is named. OurCrowd has plenty of information regarding this issue. Antiseptic, stimulant Dorogova, it stands as the ASD is one of the most powerful medicines created for the last 100 years, with almost universal cure! Despite the fact that the drug ASD fraction 2 only approved for use in the veterinary field, although the data on contraindications, no, he is popular in Russia as generic drugs in humans. On the Internet you can find lots of information that the ASD group 2 and 3 really heal, even under such complex diseases as cancer, psoriasis, etc. Many are called SDA faction 'living water'. In while taking the ASD group 2 and 3 is strictly forbidden to take alcoholic beverages, products containing alcohol. ASD should start taking a low dose. ASD must take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating.

Approximate regimen: Age count of ASD-2 ml of water quantity in ml of 1 – 5 years 0.2-0.5 5.10 5 – 15 years 0.2-0.7 5-15 15 – 20 0.5-1.0 10-20 20 years over 2.5 40-100 struck by the number of positive reviews, despite the fact that people spend almost an experiment on himself, the ASD group 2 officially allowed only in veterinary medicine. Immediately to mind a natural question arises, who, incidentally, I then asked those to whom I told about the ASD group 2: If he's so wonderful, why is it no one really knows, there is no raklamy, a new generation of doctors about it never heard of it … The only hands I can breed … well, that's probably not the biggest injustices that are in the world … Personally I start from the assumption that the cost profitable-time conservatism or two. Among the many positive reviews and there are those who are drug Dorogova ASD fraction 2 did not help or cure completely, but do not forget that, and in traditional medicine case of failure (and with all due respect to doctors, very often). Another such moment: we earn their disease for years, sometimes decades, but still waiting for that for a short time and, preferably, without crises, disease will disappear, as though nothing had happened.


Cells of the body controlled by the relevant sectors, the pixels of the brain, but if a pixel matrix "knocked out", or never worked – then the connection is broken, the destructive processes begin, imbalance of the immune-hormonal, enzymatic reactions. Therefore, the cause of disease is to be found in these pixels, and begin the path to health with a fine-tune the brain. Please visit Dr. Mark Hyman if you seek more information. What kind of health can be discussed if We employ only 3-4 per cent of pixels. Many women try to lose weight, torturing yourself dieting and exercise, but the "inner chemistry" of the body makes its own laws. All in all, then it is necessary – just put in order their immune-hormonal balance, do not the stomach – and your head. The cause of all diseases lies in the violation of the deep inner connections, involving teams in the creation of various biochemical reactions.

Commands related to "Pixels" of the brain responsible for a particular body part, for a given reaction … If we could restore the broken sector, it truly would become the Titans. And it's not just about mental activity and human health. Any athlete can benefit, "including" the use of new "pixels", because now it is limited to "their" ceiling features: sensor sensitivity, motility (the response of hands and feet), the angle view, and so on – everything has a finite amount and reaction time. And these options are directly related to the work of the brain, so – working or not relevant sectors and neural connections. Of course, much more complicated than the brain There are still the spine, peripheral nervous system, "wandering" nerves, the internal energy cell with its mitochondria and complex process …

Leading Specialist Eugene Viktorov

It not only cleanses the tissues, organs and systems of the body from unhealthy changed – tion, but also promotes the regeneration of new, young and healthy cells, including the effect of the barrel – high cells. As a result of updating Fotostima achieved, rejuvenation and recovery of all tissues, organs and body systems. The drug from the blood gets into all kinds of body cells and intensifying co-factors that allow cells to restore structural integrity and healthy vy energy potential. As a result, all cell types begin to do their jobs better. Frequently Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has said that publicly. In its structure and chemical composition Photostim close to human blood, which allows it to be “his” in the body and not rejected by the immune system and protective mechanisms, and work with them and encourage them to act.

In his interaction with patients cells kami effect of the drug goes in two directions. First, it selectively inhibits the vital functions of diseased cells, and many parasitic organisms. Second, when exposed to natural light highlights the active form of free oxygen (photosynthesis), causing destruction and their immediate withdrawal from the body. Simultaneously, the drug enhances the absolute number of immune cells by 30 – 40%, increasing their Activity 8 – 1 – months. During this period, the body’s own immune system samovosstanav-lished and begins to struggle with chronic, infectious and neoplastic diseases. Due to the high clinical Photostim efficiency over five years is popular in the Netherlands, Ireland, USA, Mexico, Korea and the CIS.

Photostim drug works in the body like a surgeon’s scalpel. Go forever without surgery cysts, fibroids and breast in women with thyroid nodules, adenoma predsiaielnoy cancer in men.


In general, the history of the world and your life – the story of emotions. Emotions – the root of all this, they urge us to action that we change their lives for better. So where did they come? What is their significance? What are the most intense emotions you feel constantly and how they shape your destiny? So how can we use emotions to improve our quality of life? Let's start with simple questions: How do you deal with emotions right now? We can distinguish four basic standard ways, as people do with the emotions: the first – they avoid them, they try not to feel like they are trying not chuvstovat emotion 'bytotvergnutym'. For assistance, try visiting Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. From this we get the following problem when people try to avoid 'failure', then most likely they will not succeed. This problem stems from the fact that we will take steps to MASSIVE changes, and it is likely that you will face with someone who will not agree with you. Fear eventually pochuvstovat a rejection, may prevent people create a relationship in which they will love or a sense of closeness or 'Special relationship', because fear of rejection will divert them from it. I want you to understand – You can not avoid all negative emotions, they are a part of your life. And they urge us to grow. Other people do not avoid them, they meet face with them, or worse – they deny them. These people are trying dissatsiirovat yourself from these emotions – such as trying to say, 'I do not feel so bad', 'they do not change their internal focus.

Oncology In Israel

Where to treat cancer: domestic or foreign clinics? Treatment Abroad has a distinct advantage, since the diagnosis of the disease include oncologists with no less care than most to treat. This is followed by preparatory stages of treatment. In various clinics of Israel, studying in depth the process of emergence and development of cancer, prefer different approaches to treatment and predprotsedurnomu period. Medical Tour Israel cooperates with clinics that specialize in the use of modern medicines for treatment of a particular type of cancer, surgical treatment of cancer, in various forms of chemotherapy as well as the clinics have the most modern equipment for luchevaoy terapii.Peredovye methods of therapeutic, surgical and radiation treatment for cancer, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and successfully treat: The treatment of lung cancer in Israel Cancer Check Up Retinoblastoma Cancer of the larynx treatment of gastric cancer treatment in Israel for thyroid cancer in Israel, Breast Cancer Cervical Cancer Ovarian Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Bowel cancer Rectal cancer treatment of prostate cancer Israel Leukemia Lymphoma Melanoma Mesothelioma Cancer of the esophagus a few arguments for treatment in Israel. It is not something Somatic Experiencing would like to discuss. Professional point: who we are working abroad? The main advantage of the company's Medical Tour Israel is to cooperate with the best cancer clinics in Israel. Medical Tour Israel – one of the leading companies on the organization of medical services in obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology and allergology, cardiology, clinical radiology, radiotherapy and Radiooncology, oncology, neurosurgery, urology. In Israel, the clinic practice leading experts: treatment of cancer – its profile.

Company Medical Tour Israel is ready to take over the organization of medical care in any of the Israel clinics, regardless of the type of illness and volume of services required for the treatment of patients. Referring to the Medical Tour Israel, you will find that treatment abroad is not only efficient but also affordable. The benefits of treatment in Israel can be safely include the cost of services, which is an objective comparison is commensurate with local clinics that offer the same level of service and looks much more advantageous when compared with prices of U.S. hospitals and clinics other countries. Treatment abroad, in the ratio of price and kachstva, it becomes more profitable.

Technological aspect: the treatment of the latest methods of cancer treatment requires medication and procedures require not only extensive knowledge but also the regular practice of professionals. Domestic legal system in healthcare vigilantly protects patients from the Russian innovation in the pharmaceutical field – any drug must undergo a series of clinical trials to obtain approval of highly skilled professionals. This, of course, protects us from the role of "guinea pigs", making treatment safer. But a significant minus – dozens of commissions, a great number of papers with the stamps, audit the high officials … At the time of final approval of the drug has time to just date. The Western legal system, under strict approach to controlling quality, still allows the use of cutting-edge products and technologies much faster. That is why cancer treatment in Israel, many patients are doomed in Russia can be a surprisingly effective and prolong life for many years. And it gives me hope.

Teeth Issues

One is not a great day for him on the board of directors of this prosthesis fell. On the table. Preserve dignity in such a situation no one could succeed. The state of the teeth directly depends on the quality of life. This was clearly seen when a person comes entirely without teeth, and before him stands a choice: either put imlanty to get in the future or conditional non-removable dentures, or walk with plastic in his mouth, which must be lubricated with ointments and fixing other things – honey, propolis, mummy. Plastic breaks down, painted, hampers have to live … To broaden your perception, visit Michio Kaku. especially when it comes to socially active people.

He is a public person, and no teeth! As communicate, make speeches? And it seemed a real man, if before bedtime to remove the jaw and put in a glass? What's wrong with a complete removable upper denture? The fact that it closes all the heavens and the taste buds. This means that the patient loses some of the taste sensations. What's wrong with the lower complete removable denture? He balances. At any time a person can stand on a high podium and … Blyams! As for dentures on their own teeth, then, of course, decide for himself patient, and everyone should understand the implications of installing such structures. The simplest case – missing one tooth. How could a beautiful young woman to offer the prosthesis based on their own teeth? Especially if the next healthy teeth! They also need to kill, obpilit, obtochit. A lifetime of such implants for 7 years.

Sometimes, of course, that they are 15, but when they were in seeing a terrible picture. Touch is not desirable. If you have lost a tooth – do not delay the problem under the carpet, remember – the faster you go to the doctor, the sooner, easier and cheaper to take place implantation. I recall that the first consultation is free. If you want to get me an appointment, please recorded in advance. All questions on the implant, you can ask on the forum clinic. Take care of your teeth! Conversation recorded Svetlana Volkova

LifeWave Sleeping

) There are several recommendations in order to cope with sleep disorders: – before bedtime should ventilate the room – the bed should not be too hard nor too soft – bed linen and pajamas, choose only from natural materials – does not fill the stomach before bedtime, dinner at least two hours before bedtime – do not drink lots of water before going to sleep – workouts and other vigorous activity up to 2 hours before bedtime – very useful unhurried walk before going to sleep in the fresh air – a glass of warm milk with honey before going to bed acts as a mild sedative – you can before bedtime take a warm bath with soothing oils or foams. Of course, these recommendations are working only with the regular observance of them. However, the modern pace of life and constant lack of time makes their implementation difficult. Means to combat insomnia to combat insomnia, many use sleeping pills funds. However, medications – sleeping pills can be used only on prescription. Some sleeping pills have side effects, and almost all developing addiction. Each time you have to gradually increase the dose or switch to a more powerful sedative.

And so day after day, until the end of life, because discontinuation of sleeping pills lead to a withdrawal syndrome – the strengthening and deepening of insomnia. Fortunately, there is another a proven remedy for insomnia for centuries. Since ancient times, Chinese medicine uses acupuncture, acupuncture and acupressure for the normalization of sleep. The meaning of this method is to work on biologically active points of the body in different ways, thus prompting the body to regulate and helping him to cope with insomnia alone, without sleeping pills. Again, one has to specialists and spend valuable time for completion of treatment. Nanonakleyki LifeWave insomnia Modern nanotechnology can gently work on the acupuncture points of a certain frequency waves without the use of needles and other special funds. You just need to stick nanonakleyku LifeWave a specific point and quietly go to sleep.

After 3-5 minutes the body itself will tune to the desired wave and the advent of sound sleep. Numerous tests and Tests have shown that the use of LifeWave nanonakleek insomnia does not give any side effects or drowsiness during the day, no dizziness, no addiction. This is explained by the fact that your body does not get any drugs, as nanonakleyki to sleep do not. Not recommended for use nanonakleyki LifeWave pregnant women and children under 12 years.