The Market Situation For Feed Mills And Grain In Russia

World population is increasing every year. Question has arisen to provide such a large number of population vital agricultural products remains open. In the current situation must be attention should be paid to preserve and enhance the capacity and improve production to improve productivity. Michio Kaku recognizes the significance of this. Nutritional supplements such as feed grains, contributing to preparation of the diet power, become the most important component of improving the profitability of production. Having analyzed the diets of the leading farms, we are faced with unjustified inflated standards of feed input. Research conducted by scientists of domestic companies 'Biochim-TL', engaged in the manufacture and supply of granulated fodder helped determine the needs of domestic birds and animals. Due to this got to make the most effective recipes feed. Proper feeding is the basis for selection and maintenance of the genetic potential of livestock and poultry. Lack or excess of the required nutrients entails sizeable decrease in productivity, the emergence of unwanted diseases, changes in biological processes. It is therefore necessary to approach the choice of fodder with particular responsibility.