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Modifying Power

In the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar also is how the paradigms in our mind and the way form in which those ideas atrophy totally our life, but most important it is than it will know to implement the strategies to surpass them, little by little its mind will accept its new perception until finally it will yield the power to him and is here where it will realise splendid things. Which is its greater challenge? It is to resist the change process, not to yield before his own inner fear, to rise of the falls that same you have ordered, to follow incessantly, to look for answers and its greater shield will be its desire of overcoming, to be arranged to obtain its intention in spite of any obstacle, when that strong decision is had and the determining factors for the profit are known only are an option and are to prevail. So he is indispensable to put in a corner its own fears, to begin to see the world of different way, to this normally is called major to him conscience, of that form the creative power will be aligned with its desires and what a principle was obstacle now is satisfaction. .


Before travelling, exactly that you already have made a good course of English you are necessary to take the good and old English Portuguese dictionary/, it he is the rescuer for that one palavrinha that you forgot. Moreover, to know as they are the customs and the culture of where if it is also going is basic, for example, if you will be to travel for England you are custom to take flowers or wine when the person receives invitation supper in the house from somebody. In the hour to leave the hotel, she is that the problem can be ugly, by chance you knows to ask for a table in the restaurant? Or to say that its necessary meat well to be passed? To help in these situations we mount a small guide of the salvation its English to leave without error: It has a table for ? /Have you got table will be? I want to reserve a table/I want you reserves table the account, please/The check, please I am vegetarian/I' m vegetarion Coffee of the morning/breakfest Lunch/lunch Supper/to dinner Entered/to starter Well last/well done To the point/medium Malpassado/rare Coffee /coffe Cup/glass As to ask for to the cardpio/' ' Could you bring the menu please? ' ' As to ask for some recommendation to eat and to drink/' ' Would you recommend something you eat and you drink please? ' ' Directions for the bathroom/' ' Could you please tell me where the toilets ploughs? ' ' If you will not be if feeling very well/' ' I am not feeling very well.' ' In case that it wants directions for the hospital next/' ' Could you please tell me where the nearest hospital is? ' ' In case that he needs that some light friend you/' ' Can you please take me you the hospital? ' ' In case that &#039 needs medical lapsing/; ' Can you please give adds me medication? ' ' With these tips certainly you obtain to leave with tranquillity for the streets and to use to advantage its trip!. .

Gain Muscular Mass

We see since recommendations we must follow to follow an feeding to gain muscular mass: One of most important is to supply our body with nutrients that promote the muscular growth (as it is the case of the protein) every 2 or 3 hours. Therefore, we will have to eat 5 or 6 times to the day to obtain that our muscles can continue growing. Many create of erroneous form that realising the exercises is sufficient to secure the body that we wished. Nevertheless, this belief is totally erroneous our human organism needs all the nutrients in the necessary amounts still more and when we put under our organism the high stress as is the case of the muscular training with weights Besides realising the training of correct form, we must provide to our human organism the necessary nutrients so that it can grow of fast and effective form. Another important macronutrient for the muscular growth is the carbohydrates. These provide ” combustible” to the muscles and the human organism and they cause propitious hormonal state for the muscular growth since the levels of insulin, testosterone and factor of insulnico growth are increased type 1. our diet approximately.Exactly the protein would have to compose between the 30 and 40% of The protein is a very important macronutrient for the formation of muscles and so that our body can burn the fat of effective form. Also the protein is essential to obtain that our muscles grow and essential also for the human organism.

Thus for example, itself we eat proteins we will not have the energy necessary to turn the protein into muscle since the human organism does not absorb of effective form the protein without carbohydrates. Whenever we eat we would have to consume the amounts adapted of carbohydrates, proteins and fats since each of these macronutrients must be present in the human organism in the right amounts so that we pruned to absorb them of suitable and effective form. we must consume calories of nutrients that they promote the muscular growth as it is the protein.

Medical Care

These include the daily care of textiles, clothing and footwear and housing. Ways and means of establishing personal relationships in the family, group, public disclosed in the subjects' family 'and' Culture of behavior. " Children are taught how to behave at the table in a store, transport and t.d.Vazhnuyu role shaping the children and skills development to use means of communication, transport, shops and medical help. These skills form when those "Transport", "Trade," "Communication", "Medical Care." Lessons on social orientation conducted with children primary and secondary group 1 time per week, with children older and a preparatory group twice a week. Organize these activities so that children have the opportunity to observe the actions of adults and participated in them.

Of great importance is the gradual formation of skills, providing the simplest to master at first, and then more complex actions. Tiflopedagog method uses the phase display and refinement of all elements actions with each child. It is also used verbal regulation and correction actions of children. Visual aids for lessons on social orientation is chosen in view of obtaining high-sided information about objects or phenomena being studied. Children are introduced to the subjects of the nearest environment, teach them to perform certain actions in accordance with the appointment. Submissions received expanded and fixed in specially organized didactic and narrative role-playing games, on trips and talks. For knowledge and skills in social and consumer orientation of the applied variety of instructional techniques: explanation, display, plot and role-playing games, excursions. A great place for special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation of the plot and play role-playing game.

In games, improved object-action, formed compensatory ways of knowing the world. During the games in an accessible and entertaining way assimilated standards generally accepted behavior, form of interaction and communication skills with peers and adults. Tiflopedagog in the process of implementing the program on social orientation has the following objectives: – To help children adapt to kindergarten .- To help children adapt to treatment and recovery process .- teach children to regulate their conduct in the elementary situations of life (in everyday life, in communicating with peers and adults) in accordance with generally accepted standards .- Prepare a solid foundation for successful self-employment of children in school. To achieve the identified objectives the following tasks: 1. The education of children of adequate representation of the outside world to based disorders (for visually impaired children with strabismus and amblyopia) or residual (blind children) and vision intact analyzers in children of all kategoriy.2. The education of children the ability to comprehend and reflect in speech perceived by their subjects, their attributes, properties, kachestva.3. Teaching children to understand and correct reflection of the essence of speech events and yavleniy.4. Development in children visual-spatial adaptation (ie required volume of spatial concepts and skills, if they can freely and independently navigate in space and communicate with their environment). 5. Implementation relationship maintenance special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation with general studies and with the work of carers with children in everyday life. Thus, in special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation of the children formed their understanding of their sensory capabilities, adequate self-esteem, the ability to orient himself in the simplest of household and social situations.

Learning Communities

Learning Communities In his book "A Comprehensive View of Education" Ramon Gallegos tells us that refers Learning Communities a holistic educational environment where all participants both teachers and students, parents, administrators and employers participating in a process of mutual education, the goal of all irrespective of their role is to learn. The concept of learning communities is used by educators holistic to identify schools or comprehensive educational environments have two main principles: 1 .- It moves away from the idea that school is for children to learn to view that all members of the organization to learn. 2 .- Provide support and conditions designed to facilitate spiritual experience. In an education based on this concept says NO! to the dominant vision of the modern era with its values of standardization, materialism, efficiency, profit and power, instead it follows a path in which recognize the various dimensions of human, moral contexts, cultural and ecological as well as various learning pathways and understanding the experience as a guide to the evolution of consciousness (8). The college or school that pays attention to the cultivation of their souls, become sanctuaries for both students and teachers (9). This means that the school should be an integrated system of souls, not so much a place but a state of consciousness where these can flourish. Both students and teachers look forward to being in school because they feel that their spirits are nourished by the environment that there are, respect, care and reverence, they feel loved valid human predominates love instead of fear, they feel heard at heart level and there is a sense of community. .


The participant citizens had shown that it has a good knowledge on the affection, however knowledge never is of more and always aid. Graph 10: Percentage of how many of the participant citizens they will go to look for to know more on the Affection. When answering a question to know if the participant citizens would go to look for to know more on the affection or if they found that the knowledge was useless, 92,1% had answered that they would go to look for to know more, however the waited one would be that all had will of looked therefore to the affection therefore this are each time more affecting people in the entire world. Consideraes Final: This article had as objective to point the knowledge degree on the Affection it enters the academics of the College San Francisco de Barreiras, as well as verifying the attitudes of the searched ones ahead of a case of Affection in the familiar seio and pointing the capacity to recognize the symptoms of Affection for the searched academics, being had been therefore alcanados.comprovando that the academics have a basic knowledge, that they will know to behave itself ahead of a case of Affection in the familiar seio and that they will be able to help other people. One had many positive points, well we were received by all, thus getting the attention of the searched ones. One sends regards to work the subject more Affection for the fact of that this illness acomete people in the whole world, having necessity of lectures to acquire knowledge all the population.