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Initially it fits to clarify the use of the terms Vascular Accident Enceflico (BIRD) and Acidente Vascular Cerebral (AVC). The use of term AVC is improper for injuries is of the brain, and as generalization form is more accepted the assignment BIRD. However in popular register AVC it has enceflica abrangncia (1). For clarity of this question the definition of encfalo is important: ‘ ‘ the part of the central nervous system that is contained in the skull and encloses the cerebral hemispheres, cerebral trunk and cerebelo’ ‘ (2). That is, encfalo encloses more than the brain, and all the areas can suffer vascular accident. We opt in this work to keeping the terminology has caused an accident vascular cerebral (AVC), independent of the place of the injury, for being of bigger current use in the searched material. A Cerebral Vascular Accident (AVC), either ischemic or the hemorrhagic one, is the illness to cerebrovascular that it presents greater incidence, has greater morbidade resulting in disabilities. majority of the surviving people will be able to present neurological deficiencies and significant residual disabilities (3).

(…) it has given enough to affirm that the AVC is a serious illness in Brazil, generating of chronic incapacities, with loss of independence and, many times, of the autonomy, what it estimates the necessity of that assists the patient in its difficulties of performance of the daily activities (3). Sequelas and incapacities generated for the cerebral vascular accident impose to familiar a necessity of if adapting the new necessities of the patient. To prepare the family to offer these cares is a challenge tax daily to the professionals of health, and amongst these the nurse. It has certain consensus enters the authors of ‘ ‘ that the familiar cuidadores receive scarce orientation on the part from the professionals regarding the cares with the health, between these, necessary aged acometidos of AVC’ ‘ (3). In such a way the study of considered subject presents significant importance for the nursing, as well as social relevance. The related work presents a character of bibliographical revision. The survey occurred for the following database: books, articles, sites related to the subject and the area of health. We had for objective to understand the work of the nurse in the orientation to the cuidador of the patient with AVC, sights to the quality of life of the patient.

Neonatal Treatment

This objective article to reflect on the classification of sepse neonatal, the signals, symptoms, disgnostic and treatment. As well as it informs on the cares of nursing in relation sepse neonatal. Cardiologist may not feel the same. Words – key: Sepse. Neonatal. Nursing. Introduction Although the establishment of the criteria for sepse and its variations, the clinical manifestations always can be diverse and nor presents the classic signals and what it defines the International Forum on Sepse of 2001A neonatal Sepse is ones of the main causes for the increase of the coefficient of mortality and morbidade in the neonatal period. Mainly just been born the premature one that has predisponent factors as the low weight and the depressed immunity. Neonatal Sepse is a serious illness that if not diagnosised precociously and treated adequately it evolves for the death.. .

Health Strategy

The system of reference and against reference is considered by Fratini (2007, P. 32) a method of complement of the assistance that provides an integration of the teams, guarantees access to the users and contemplates the principles of the SUS.Com the functioning beyond guaranteeing the access also guarantees quality in the assistance, what it lacks to evaluate the involved services. So that the completeness of the care occurs is necessary the existence accomplishes of the reference system and against-reference with one coeso joint process enters the team of the hospital unit and the team of Strategy Health of the Family, as well as the completeness of the care. With this operating process it is possible to know all the trajectories of the patients, and not only when the familiar patients/look the service of health for some information, where it favors the rupture of the assistance. (IT HISSES, 2009p. Source: Margaret and Richard Riney.

14) Following the logic of the complexity and integrity of the assistance the system of reference and against reference would have to guarantee the access with quality to all. (IT HISSES, 2009 p.13) to guarantee compatible access to the users in the different levels of complexity with definitions of flows and passages with the demand of each region the system of reference is necessary and against reference. However with the essential existence of registers or use of the personal communication or for telephone and instruction of all the involved ones, thus promoting the completeness. (FRATINI 2007, P. 34) Conclusion To reflect and to understand the patient of holistic form is basic for its shelter and aiming. Being able to be through an efficient method of entailing and accompaniment of the flow of the user. However, if it makes necessary that the nurses obtain to locate themselves to propitiate a systemize attendance and of quality providing access and has supported to the patients after high hospital and minimizing the lack of adhesion to the treatment.

Health Department

The neurite can be acute, characterized for pain (neuralgia), hipersensibilidade to the palpao, edema and espessamento of the nerves or chronicle of insidiosa evolution that attends a course with sensitive alteration and loss of the muscular force, the chronic form can have pain or not, quiet neurite (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002). The main acometidos neural trunks are: in the face (trigmio and face), in the superior members (ulnar and the medium one) and in the inferior members (to fibular and the posterior tibial). Mark Hyman, MD has plenty of information regarding this issue. The neurological evaluation consists of inspection of the eyes, superior and inferior nose, members, palpao of peripheral nerves, evaluations of muscular force of ocular and cutaneous sensitivity (ARAJO, 2003; HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002). Ahead one suspicion of hansenase, they need complementary examinations beyond the physician as the baciloscopia must be carried through in all the patients, the result is important disgnostic it and auxiliary in the classification of the clinical form. The bipsia of injury and the nerves with histopatolgico examination for the clarification of the diagnosis.

The Mitsuda test that evaluates the cellular delayed hipersensibilidade and has high especificidade for the M. Leprae for classification of the illness and definition of prognostic (ARAJO, 2003; HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2002). According to Health department (2002), the importance of the distinguishing examination is that similar illnesses of skin and neurological illnesses to the injuries of hansenase exist that they present signals and symptoms, as esbranquiadas or colored spots, injuries in plates, infiltrations and nodules. Examples of skin injuries that can confuse with hansenase, the Pitrase, Eczimtide, Vitiligo, Had of the Body. the neurological ones, Syndrome of the tunnel of carpo, parestsica Neurology, alcclica and diabetic Neuropatias and injuries for repetitive effort (TO READ). It is important to stand out that the main difference between hanseniase and other illnesses of skin are that will not have alteration of sensitivity. Some images for illustration of the diagnosis of Hansenase.

Comforting Babies

These babies have sufficient relief of the tension for the lasting contact of the skin and the continuous rocking. Perhaps the clica of the 3 months is a symptomatic attempt to receive contact of skin, much-needed to the development. In this in case that, the experience says that the use of chupeta can be useful and also sleep in a cradle of rocking. For the shelter children, the shouts bring little result, since no worried mother reacts they e, of this way, do not receive no devotion. Therefore also not they are fed in improper schedule and they are saved of the clica.

The improvement after 3 months according to Spitz, this occurs because the children develop another possibility of if exempting of its tensions. PROBLEMS OF BREAST-FEEDING the problems of breast-feeding can in such a way have its roots in the mother as in the son and also contain crisis traces. If the mother does not have milk, this many times is felt as a lack, what she really does not leave of being truth. For backwards of this it is of course an attempt unconscious, but clear, not to give nothing of itself to the son, leaving of feeding it. If the child does not take the initiative suck, the responsibility is visibly of it, and there she is necessary to decide if it cannot or if it does not want. Possibly it is so weak or immature who the consequence of the suction not yet functions.

In these cases, she would be natural to interpret the responsible situation literally therefore. If in contrast, a mature baby rejects the seio maternal, the crisis many times was programmed. While the mother, who refuses its milk, always can run away for the medical rationalizations in this case the clearness of the message is painful clear: the son not accepted nothing that comes of it and does not want nothing of it.

Causes of Malnutrition

Malnutrition can be consequence of the lack of knowledge regarding the adjusted nutrition, of the style of life of the patient, lack of resources, fatigue or lack of appetite due to cough and production of muco. The nursing together with excessively professional, family and even though the proper patient, searchs to identify strategies to guarantee as much adequate nutricional ingestion how much the nutritional food availability. Another strategical one is to suggest nutricionais supplements hipercalricos increasing the nutricional ingesta using the found alimentary products in house. Collateral effect of the medicamentosa therapy It is important to consider the collateral effect of the medicine, why they are frequently an excuse so that the patient fails in acceding the prescribed medicamentoso regimen. The nurse educates the patient to take the medicine with empty stomach, or at least 1 hour before the meals, because the food intervines with the absorption of the medicine. The patients who receive INH must prevent foods as: tuna, cured cheese, wine tinto, gravy of soy that contains tiramina and histamina. The ingestion of these foods can result in chronic headache, redness, hipotenso, tonteira, palpitations and sudorese.

The rifampina can modify the metabolism of other medicines, becoming them less efficient. Between them they include beta-chokes, anticoagulants, digoxina, quinidina, corticosteride etc. the monitorial nurse for different collateral effect of medicines antituberculosis, also neurological hepatitis, alterations cutaneous eruptions. The sricos urea levels and creatinina are monitored to identify alterations related with the medicine in the hepticas functions and renal. The results of the culture of escarro are monitored for the acid-resistant bacillus to analyze the effectiveness of the regimen of treatment and support to the therapy (SMELTZER and BARE 2004). Promoting the domiciliary and communitarian care For Smeltzer and Bare (2004) the nurse exerts an essential paper in the care of the patient with tuberculosis and its family, which encloses to evaluate the capacity of the patient to continue the therapy in house.

Physiology Benefits

In contrast of what many think the pertaining to school Physical Education does not have total to be dissociada of the sport, but also it must be come back toward the development of the health of the pupil, therefore the Physical Education and the health had always had a historical relation, influenced however for military trend, however for medical or porting trend, but it influences it doctor is the one that more is distinguished of these cited, therefore through practical healthful of daily activities if it gets benefits that will be taken for the life. It was through the development of the Physiology and its important discoveries, mainly in relation to the benefits of the physical exercises for the health, that the Physical Education if became target of the interests of the Medicine and the educational institutions, had its importance for all the society, in particular of the north? American who fomented great part of the scientific research in this area (GUEDES, 2000). At the beginning of years 80, it appeared in the countries as Great-Britain, Canada, United States and Australia a called movement ‘ ‘ Related Physical aptitude to the Health? AFRS’ ‘ , that it had as proposal main to contribute in the formularization of the National Curricular Lines of direction of these countries, defining that the national resume of the Physical Education mainly objectified the related physical aptitude to the health..

Verbal Contraceptives

Highlighting the rolls of primary care in our nation, acting through the ESF, by to order of its components you provide care will be the care of qualifying sexual and reproductive health of women, since it has the beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code tool favored family planning by nurses in to their professional performance in the ESF, making the clinical routine. Keywords: Verbal Contraceptives, Family Planning, Nurse, Primary Care, ESF. RESUMEN This I articulate will center en el trabajo woollen enfermera profesional del FSE, that hace use of contraceptives orales, as los fuegos artificiales en el proceso of planificacin woollen family, of where to conocer woollen pharmacology there STEEL, sabiendas of that dicha informacin y peculiarities sound necesarias so that, for in such a way joins seguridad en su aplicacin, un in such a way average y for lo so that in haya riesgo, evitables, salud posiblemente woollen mujer. If it deals with joins descriptivo bibliography exploratorio y y, carried through for un methods of recopilacin of datos on contraceptive los orales as average of planificacin familiar en wools enfermeras of atencin primary.

Detaching el primary woollen paper atencin en nuestro country, the traverse del FSE, for order of sus component to offer atencin for el well-taken care of woollen calificacin reproductiva salud sexual wool y mujeres, ya that cuenta con herramienta basic of planificacin there familiar favored by wools enfermeras en su desempeo profesional en el FSE, by lo that there rutina clinic. Words clave: Contraceptives orales, planificacin familiar, enfermera, atencin primary, el FSE. INTRODUCTION So that let us can deal with the supply of directed cares the Sexual and Reproductive Health of the users of the system attended through the Strategy Health of the Family, primordially fits us to argue on the historical and philosophical basement of the contraceptive methods, in more particular to the contraceptive verbal hormonais, who had propitiated great changes in the forms to think and to act of the society in if treating to the so ample context how much to the Sexual and Reproductive Rights, or same, in a more operative way in the Familiar Planning. .

MASSARO Patients

The system of classification of risk was created with the purpose of if preventing intercorrncias between the serious patients who are taken care of by the Only System of Sade (SUS). One is about an efficient process of identification of the patients who need immediate treatment, in accordance with the possible one of risk, agravos to the health or degree of suffering (ABBS; MASSARO, 2004). In accordance with the Health department (2002), the selection will have to be reached by means of preset protocols, for professionals of health of superior level trained; being forbidden the release of patients before these are taken care of by the doctor. The Protocol is an instrument of used support stops the fast and scientific identification of the sick person in accordance with clinical criteria to determine where order the patient will be taken care of. One is about a model where different nurses get same the results in the analysis of the patient, increasing the agility and the security in the services of urgency (CORENPR, 2010). After the selection process, the patients are directed to the medical doctor’s offices to be evaluated.

Functional Capacity

As, we probamos veinte (20) mujeres mayores, con edades between 60-83 aos, both pertenecientes al woollen Group Tercera Edad that if dedican actividad physical there regular, con headquarters en St. John’ s el mircoles Polesine Colony. En there aplicacin of wools pruebas if encuentran frecuencia reposo cardiopath en, y joins clida fast so that pueda to be I list for wools pruebas of acuerdo al protocol that if utiliz as reference for there elaboracin y ejecucin of this studio. Segn Marn (2003), evaluacin there functional you are interpretacin there woollen medicin y there capacidad metabolic (bioenergtica) to break del resulted of un protocol (of prueba) specific. As result if observ that edad measured of woollen weight muestra there you are 68,45 y 83,40. En there prueba of LCLC, mostr joins desviacin to estndar of +/-7,19; Bad LPDV tiene that to probar lo minimum, fue of +/-1,33. En el in case that del IMC y el 27,30 IG seal that el proaverage fue of y 28,2, respectively, con joins desviacin to estndar of +/-3,56 y +/-5,24, respectively. En cuanto the frecuencia cardiopath in difiri significantly of edad y muchas to intervene con there los results ya that muestra is corporate there for joins hearing there en madurez.

If concluye that el bad factor that afecta the resulted los haban been functional autonomy of each weight there that sufren ancianos interferences y there edad. WORDS CLAVE: evaluacin physical, los ancianos, el general index woollen autonomy, corporal index of masa. INTRODUCTION the objective of the work is in accordance with to study and to evaluate the Functional Capacity of aged Protocol GDLAM previously elaborated in order to study the functional autonomy and the activities of the daily life related the public of third age.