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Hotline Store

New and cheap furniture today is special offers in the online furniture store furniture magnate in December hardly nor anyone imagine a Christmas without gifts. The year is coming to the end, and why should you bring a little fresh air in one’s own four walls. Finally, a new year starts in a few weeks. So, take the opportunity to clean up your old life. More information is housed here: Somatic Experiencing. Yourself new furniture at a low price. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Mark J Berger.

The furniture store magnate has revised its “Special” category. On a regular basis can be found there new furniture offerings at a special price. Also the furniture, use countdown. Furniture, Countdown will be shown daily for a limited time a new product at a fabulous price. Once the countdown has expired, the product is again offered at the regular price.

So take your chance on especially furniture and access to. In addition to the furniture, countdown has the category “Special rates” to offer cheap furniture from the furniture store magnate. Most Furniture in this category are available for far less than 100 euro or far below 200 euros. So for example there computer tables already for 59.90 euros are available. Mostly the families consult, they want to give whom what for Christmas. Finally you would like to give away yes double everything. This knowledge can be clever. You know that someone gets donated to a new computer? A computer table would be a good idea for a Christmas gift, and what would a TV without a TV table? This is available in the furniture store magnate from 139,50 EUR. In addition to these pieces of furniture, many more furniture at fabulous prices are available in the category “Special rates”. Mirror cabinet, a complete bathroom facilities or Christmas accessories such as candles, Christmas elves, the furniture store magnate meets almost every wish. Buy not the pig in a poke! You have any questions about the product before you place your order? Then call the Hotline, 039387-21002 map. There, you will assist you and will advise you comprehensively. Currently still orders that are delivered on time to the Christmas party. Here you will reach magnate directly the special offers of furniture: specials.

Successful Symbiosis Of Innovation

Stadtwerke Munster equip vario Mercedes E-CELL with bott future-oriented, customer-oriented, ecologically and locally. According to these maxims, Stadtwerke Munster supply electricity, heat and water in their region. A meaningful harmonisation of ecological and economic requirements for the energy supplier this is self-evident. To ensure a reliable infrastructure customers, the Munster have a large fleet of service in use. Today it consists of numerous cars and two-wheeled vehicles with electric drive. It’s clear that the energy producer wants to use its products in combination with advanced technology to demonstrate his principles.

This fleet is now complemented with four Mercedes Vito E-CELL. This is before of model of series types, with the Mercedes ushers in a new era of the transporter. So the vehicle manufacturer so far still not purchased admits a limited number of pieces, that acquiring commercial vehicles to selected clients for the long term test of Suitability for everyday use in the commercial use. Three of the new members of the fleet at the Stadtwerke Munster are equipped with bott vario vehicle facilities. For the award of the contract to the experts, the low weight of bott was vario of enormous importance as weight for the efficiency of alternative drives plays a crucial role. Also their claims to occupant safety, stability and durability saw the decision-makers in Munster by the solution offered by bott best implemented as bott is no compromise in favor of weight reduction on these issues. Also causes the material mix of anodized aluminum, high-strength steel and beautifully shaped plastic, the bott vario is based, an extraordinarily innovative and fresh design. Thus the Interior from Gail village nestled seamlessly in the future-oriented service vehicle a.

About Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group of companies is one of internationally leading providers of vehicle and equipment for commercial use. At several European sites are products and Solutions with the highest product and service quality standards developed and produced. Bott, customers in industry and craft, use these services through a global organized distribution network worldwide. Synergies are bundled at the location Germany, the headquarters of the Group of companies. Here, the feedback from all the markets converge and lead to a continuous innovation strategy. Efficiency and security of the customers are in the focus.

HoVELER Services

Workshop by HoVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING develop company strategies in order to purchase marketing services ‘price grow’. Companies must woo customers to achieve the planned sales. While their marketing are however particularly in times of tight budgets often facing the problem: quite limited financial resources available for this. Against this background the Unternehmensberatung HoVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING GmbH specializes in the procurement management, a consultancy offering marketing services price worth to buy a “developed. This aims to develop strategies to optimize the procurement of marketing services with the managers in the company. If you have read about John Craig Venter already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This aim can be, to cut marketing spending or to get more out of the existing, limited budget”, as Dr. Bernhard Hoveler, Managing Director of purchasing management consultancy HoVELER stressed HOLZMANN CONSULTING.

The range of services so to speak consists of two components. First determine the shopping consultants on behalf of the Company selected budget items, such as events or printed documents who buys what from who at what price in what quantity a? “.” Also they associate the items contained in the invoices and estimates the various trades / product groups”. “Because without this knowledge, so Hoveler, no solid starting points for an optimization of purchasing can be identified”. The shopping Advisor with the buyers of marketing services and Department representatives to a workshop meet the necessary evidence exists. They define together, how can the potential savings and improve the cost-benefit ratio. For example, by a volume concentration and the development of a company-wide supplier pool. Or through a systematic price benchmarking, because often several departments purchase similar marketing services at different prices.

Or optimizing a specification, which reduces the number of variants such as print products. A important lever is also according to Hoveler to ensure that marketing and shopping to cooperate more. Here, it gets stuck in many companies. Therefore, a central question is often in the workshop: How can purchasing and marketing cooperate with each other, that marketing such as contract negotiations benefited from the experience of buyers? Furthermore: What arrangements are needed for this? Agreements under Hoveler can the result be like: the savings remain in marketing. With the saved money, projects such as the expansion of advertising presence be financed.” Or: We define although a cross-functional process of shopping. The marketing however, remains responsible for the definition of the specifications and the final selection of suppliers.” After the workshop, HoVELER HOLZMANN CONSULTING created a documentary, where in addition to the savings also the paths are pointed out, to realize this. If desired the purchasing professionals also help implement the measures defined the company. For more information about the range of services marketing services price value buy”get interested companies under.

Managing Director

“Forth Forder logistics and specialist service provider offers wide range of services with the transport logistic” the world’s largest trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management at the start was early June in Munich. Approximately 53,000 visitors, including this time reinforced also interested parties from China, France, Russia and Turkey, strolled through the exhibition area to now nine exhibition halls, on the more than 2,000 exhibitors from 64 countries their solutions for logistics and freight transport, telematics and transport and material flow presented GmbH issues, also for the LOEWE logistics & care & co. KG Herford every day of great importance. Any special request grew the professional logistics and provider, which is situated on the A2 with its state of the art logistics centre between 21,000 square meters and as many palettes, offers its customers many service components that make the company within the industry exclusive expert: We serve customers of course with customized solutions within the range of our services professionally to the page. These services are organized into the divisions of V ersandhandel high-quality consumer products and merchandising ‘, forms and advertising’, ‘ special logistics and services’ as well as ‘Pattern management’. But also logistical tasks that exceed the standards and claim expertise in particular are no problem for us.

“On the contrary: they are challenges that we face daily with great passion”, know Klaus Hoppe, Managing Director of LOEWE of logistics & care GmbH & co. KG. There are also successful Lighthouse project special requirements, which has adopted the Herforder logistics in the context of cooperation with the star publishing GmbH of Boblingen. Since November 2012, both companies are working on a successful Lighthouse project, through which they essentially relieve Daimler AG in Bremen: in a so-called “Just-in-sequence’-process we ensure that daily 1,300 cars paper bags our work in exactly the order leave, where they plant in Bremen are mapped to the new cars in the Daimler”, explains Hoppe.

Non-smoker Protection According To ISO-norm

Successful re-certification proves: quality is not a coincidence as the first company in the industry for technical non-smoker protection the Luner GRT Wuttke GmbH the stringent requirements of ISO certification turns. The certificate awarded in September 2005 entails a rigorous regular review. The certified companies it investigates every three years through its paces. The certification of the GRT Wuttke GmbH was now successfully renewed after this review. The ISO norm 9001:2000 a recognised seal of approval is already for many years, to make measurable quality in companies. The certification is however optional.

With the current recertification, the GRT Wuttke GmbH proved that the company committed to a standard of quality at the highest level with 32 employees. Clearly structured work processes and the permanent monitoring of all internal and external processes – the basis for successful national and international business relationships are the result of the introduced ISO-norm and unwavering criterion of high quality of all products and services. The ISO certification is an essential element of our strategic planning”, confirms Lothar Wuttke, Managing Director of GRT Wuttke GmbH. The demand for the product range has changed with the introduction of the new non-smoking rights in Germany. We have to act in time and taken many innovative products for technical non-smoker protection on the market. No matter whether for interior or smoking pavilions for outdoor smokers we offer smoking cabins for each request on an individual solution”, as Wuttke next. The aim of our company is to provide our customers with products of impeccable quality, of course supported by the best possible services. We guarantee this also permanent monitoring in the framework of ISO certification.

The PCB Advent Calendar Helps Save

Reminder service for conductor plates needs a high-tech specialist, the Basista leiterplatten GmbH, offers a special advent calendar. The final sprint “calendar shows up when printed circuit boards should be ordered before Christmas without express service. Just at the end of the year the timely appointment of the PCB needs perish in the daily business quickly. Then, the PCB in the express service must be ordered. It costs extra money. In time the order of needs to remind the customers, the Bottrop PCB specialist has the final calendar on its homepage. The clear, colored graph shows at a glance when is the last day for standard and express production. The user is immediately up to what date he should order his head plates required.

The final sprint “calendar can be viewed as a download in the customer area and printed out. A short message about the homepage enables the contact form the easy request of Sprint is sufficient for interested parties without customer login “-calendar.” The delivery is carried out in PDF format to the email address. Everyone can benefit from this overview and thus avoid express services. For us, the customer service is top priority. Therefore we offer traditionally the comfortable Christmas reminder service for years.

And for the very urgent we produce always within 8 hours. “, explains Peter Basista, Managing Director of Basista PCB GmbH. The service of Basista PCB GmbH range series in the high-tech method of circuit board prototypes within 8 hours of multi-layer. All printed circuit boards can be calculated easily and comfortably online and ordered. Who ordered the weekend online PCB saves 50% of the shipping costs. For more information, the pcb Basista leiterplatten GmbH, company Eva Basista Cardinal Hengsbach str. 2-4 46236 Bottrop free hotline from the German landline: 0800 BASISTA 0800 = 2274782 Tel. 02041-263641 FAX 02041-263542 eMail:

Pope Mulfingen GmbH

ebm-papst on the Hannover Messe industry 2013 ebm-papst, world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, exhibition shows a series of Russian industry exhibits at this year’s Hanover and others for use in gas pipelines Gazprom. The technology specialist with energy-saving EC fans help ensuring the transport of gas from Russia this year partner country of Hannover Messe industry. The ebm-papst booth is in Hall 15 to find stand F31. Russia is a market where we see future growth,”explains Thomas Borst, Sales Director of the ebm-papst group. Especially in the last few years the business across different industry segments has evolved across very well, especially for high-quality and efficient solutions based on EC technology”, so Borst. For especially quiet and durable fans, there are a number of ways in the construction and interpretation. ebm-papst has already 2012 set new standards with the diffuser AxiTop.

It provides for a significant improvement of noise and efficiency of applications such as E.g. Details can be found by clicking Eva Andersson-Dubin or emailing the administrator. heat exchangers. The acoustic improvement is particularly interesting, if fans in schallempfindlicher environment as E.g. in residential work. The diffuser works like a reverse nozzle and reduces leakage losses due to its pressure-boosting effect significantly.

Savings of up to 27% in energy consumption and at the same time a noise lower by 7.2 dB(A) can be realised. At the Hanover fair industry by 12 April 2013 shows ebm-papst for the first time the AxiTop made from the self-developed wood plastic composite material epylen “.” The material has been tested under the toughest conditions and meets all requirements in use. Mechanical strength, temperature and chemical resistance are relevant for use. The raw materials are produced in environmentally friendly for epylen. So, when making significant CO2 emissions can be avoided. The AxiTop epylen is only 250 mm high, to install and retrofit, a design change of the application is not generally unnecessary, also for retrofitting. With this product, the perfect symbiosis of flow-technical Know-How and resource-efficient materials handling successful ebm-papst. In the field of drive technology, ebm-papst presents first energy-saving drive systems consisting of motor, electronics, software and gear. In January 2013, ebm-papst has time run the gearbox specialists”adopted and thus expanding its product portfolio. Press contact Katrin Lindner speaker press ebm – Pope Mulfingen GmbH & co. KG Germany Bachmuhle 2 74673-Mulfingen phone: + 49 7938 81-7006 fax: + 49 7938 81-97006 about ebm-papst ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors, and is pacing the highly efficient EC technology. In the past financial year 11/12, the company generated revenues of nearly 1.4 billion. ebm-papst has 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations around 11,000 employees. Fans and motors of the world leader can be found, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

Expanding Without Poison

Solution at the turn of the resource efficiency in companies, women are powerful when shopping and in leadership positions. Your purchase will last longer as compared to men. You remember the place of purchase and the items purchased, the purchase of current requirements or new trends. Prepare online for shopping, check article availability locally, do articles, price – and chewing Fort search via Smartphone. Now even if you recognised offline retailer online price-aggressive, because there are no more willingness for good grades pay much or because the local-based shopping excites. Radio and television, which intensified after the cooking shows devoted to environmental, consumer and buying advice (example Germany radio), promote it. The branch network in particular striking changes.

And if only because competition and cost pressure, as well as new technologies or energy shortages so require. Software grants the control of daily life.Previously used at the rear services Technologies to establish itself at the point of sale, influence now in the individual household, which will increasingly take advantage of on – and offline trading. The Internet influence on purchasing decisions and sales of Filialhandelseigenmarken in the online world can be quickly measured even if they are sold through third-party partners (see SCHLECKER, P & C, franchise system heads). Banks and savings banks introduce a new version of the cashless payment, the purchase of a device is unnecessary. The so far barely noticeable by the customer stationary point of sale change your layout (BestBuy, Sears in United States). All modern catchment receives. The customer but now realize that it is in a new world of daily round around the clock shopping. Now even more sustainable, healthier and better portable article innovations that also inspires his desire to buy even at night when he goes by, for example, to the new, energy-less light flags prior to the large-scale and Flachmannern or of his surrounded him Smartphone is disturbed at the nightly rest.