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Russian Women

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Managing Emotions

MANAGING the EMOTIONS Jose Aderaldo de Miranda Souza the way for the happiness passes for a life option, which option you made? After to have done its option, you has been disciplined the sufficient to guarantee its option? The human being is very complex, is a compound of emotions, brings a genetic load, has the interactions with the way, what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe. Exactly thus what more we want and the happiness. To be with health is not only pain absence, is a complete one welfare mental, psychic, familiar, financial, professional, ambient physicist, spiritual. Any one of these 0 variable being in disequilibrium intervenes with the health. Trio that we must prevent because they are the great causers of illnesses: anger, envies and vanity. To prevent yes, because to live completely without these causes of illnesses it is very difficult and it must be our goal the constant search for a balanced life. Style of life is the form for which a person lives deeply world, as choices behave and make.

Which its style of life? How you manage the pleasure and the happiness? Its behavior and choices for its personal life the difference makes all, this style of life must be managed with balance and wisdom. Most of the attitudes necessary to improve its style of life depends basically on disciplines not necessarily and a good management of the behavior and its choices and of money. The longevity has not felt if it will not have pleasure in the life, the great one cheap is to obtain to unite quality of life and longevity with balance, taste very to see velhinhos athlete if feeding correctly, dancing, making maritime cruises and living the best age with sufficient intensity. Some factors that affect the happiness must have special attention for not changedding itself into impeclios to the happiness.

The Couple

They were there well in front of me, seated next to a table of the square of feeding in the garden of that hospital-maternity. Young, pretty Casalzinho, visibly pregnant it, with pretty barriguinha already of one eight months, feet a little swelled, face slightly spotted and entumecidos lips, things of pregnancy. Both had appearance of people of middle class. They did not eat nor drank nothing. On the small table it was a great white envelope with timbre of some medical laboratory, certainly I contend examinations.

The two argued in voice low but heatedly and it, very exaltada, at time in when she put ahead of the face of it a finger in laughed as she threatened if it, almost leaning in the nose, from which it moved away and deviated the face. They were very angry. An employee of the hospital if approaches with a paper and the delivery it, little looks at who it with airs of case she inside puts and it of the white envelope. It not of to the fact the no attention, the employee goes even so and the quarrel recommences, in voice always low but giving to perceive that the climate enters the two were pssimo. It smoked and played smoke pra all side, little if sandpapering for the delicate state of the woman. At no moment it looked at for the face of it, what it gave to perceive itself that annoyed it very to the fact, therefore constantly tried to find the look of it and she almost leaned its face in the face of it so that he faced it, but it immediately turned over for the other side. I perceived air of disdain of youngster in rare moments where it raised the sight, when it looked at of soslaio for the woman and sketched a sarcastic smile, and I also perceived the raging skill with that it looked at also it.

Summer Baby Care

The summer is arriving and is important to offer to its baby beyond comfort, security and protection. In places that are very hot, and that if to protect of the sun it is basic, the choice of a stand of correct baby is very important to guarantee that its baby will be protected. But she is not necessary to have one of these to protect correctly, is important to have a protection as an umbrella so that the sun has not beaten directly in the baby, the fabric of the stand must be which had a little lighter to the heat. Some models exist that possess the lateral of the stand made with those fabrics with furinhos to refresh better. Beyond the cares in the choice of the stand you are important to take care of well of the feeding of the baby, hidratao, therefore in the strong heat it is essential to have these cares.

Supplementary Food for Babies

Recently, scientists assert that it is not necessary to hasten the introduction of complementary foods. Since the baby in 3 months is just beginning to form an adequate level of immunity of the intestine, a number of mature digestive enzymes begin to work arrangements to help swallow food. To refrain from the introduction of complementary foods before 6 months, there are many reasons: The child may decrease the need for sucking, which would reduce the stay of breast milk. The early lures and switch to IV may cause the appearance of allergic diseases in children. The child may be intolerant foreign product because of lack of preparation of digestive system.

It is not excluded infection toddler body through food, not yet ready to resist. But the introduction of complementary foods after six months can cause problems with the adaptation of the organism to food. There The following rules introduction of complementary foods: Complementary feeding should be given before breast-feeding. To begin the introduction of any new product can only be when the baby is healthy. You can not start the introduction of complementary foods in hot weather and during time of vaccination (one week before vaccination and one week after). New products should start to give in small amounts (with juice 0.5 teaspoon, and mashed potatoes and oatmeal – 1 teaspoon) and gradually increased up to a week full portion. The next type of feeding should begin to enter no earlier than 2 weeks. Immediately after the baby was feeding, you attach it to your chest! Feeding let's not from a bottle through the nipple, and a teaspoon small portions (at the tip of a spoon) and gently place the baby in the middle of the tongue, then it is easy to swallow it. Never feed a child in a reclining position! A kid can drown, to be fed at an angle of 45 degrees.

Kabbalists Nature

Marina Fateeva Any desire – indefinitely, as the proceeds from the Creator, that is why the material aspect is no end to greed. But if the desire is drawn to the spiritual interests, then the person can climb up to his source at infinity. Rabash watching himself and the world, it is possible draw a simple conclusion – we always want something. Bet achieve, insist on your own efforts do, fight and put up. What do we want? – A comfortable state of inner harmony.

But why, after incredible efforts, achieving your comfort, we again something we want, desire, seek a new comfort, and so all my life? In Kabbalah, says that the essence of man, his foundation – that desire, and not just a desire, a desire to enjoy. But the nature of human desires selfish, it makes us enjoy for themselves, without regard to others. Desire – it is like a void. We’re like standing empty vessels – pleasure fills this void and annul the desire. The desire to be as closed issue has been resolved. But in its place there arises another.

Because the essence of man remains the same – the desire to enjoy. And the lack of content will bring suffering. We again turn into empty vessels, and run after another dream. Then a brief moment of bliss and then hunt for a new pleasure. It turns out that the man laid down some imperfection. But why people can not be happy, always full? Whatever the horizon before him open! Whatever the creative force he was! Life would be a wonderful flight. Why then is so constructed? Because, according to the Kabbalah, and that people should ask this same question – about the meaning of his life. And the answer is gives the same science. Creator, or the universal law of nature that created us, ‘refers’ to mankind as a unified whole. Therefore, the Kabbalists say that each of us is connected by invisible threads to each other, each dependent on the other. AND Now it begins to unfold in the world – globalization, global crisis, global climate change. It affects everyone. Why? – When the body is sick and may die, a single cell can not hide or away from him. We need to understand that we – humanity – are united. What you need to change his selfish nature to return – to treat others as ourselves, with love. After all, love is valid under the law and nature itself. Then we get anastomosis, where filled with the joy of return. We give to others, and others – to us. And the pleasure we pass through, but do not stop there. And because the system is closed (it’s humanity) is just giving each other love and care, we will be infinitely happy. And we will pass through an infinite content, giving new force to the impact and creativity. The wisdom of Kabbalah, which translated means science of getting pleasure, gives us this method of gaining eternal and perfect state of harmony and happiness.