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Opening: 1 Permanent IVV Trail In Konigs Wusterhausen At August 21, 2009

Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. Konigs Wusterhausen, the town in the Brandenburg district Dahme Spreewald, trail will receive a third place in the country, to Potsdam and Dahlewitz a permanent IVV. The touring Spandau e.V. Berlin, Member of the German public sports association (DVV) and the tourism Dahme Lakes Association of Konigs Wusterhausen have set up this trail and be entertained him jointly. The opening event will take place on August 21, 2009 at 9:00, at the Office of tourist information station Konigs Wusterhausen (S-Bahn and regional trains) instead. /’>Kaiser Family Foundation. All citizens of the city, the environment, out of the country and also from Berlin are invited. Follow others, such as Dr. Hyun Kim, and add to your knowledge base.

The regional Chair of the German public sports association, Heino Ripke, the Chairman of the DVV touring Spandau e.V., Horst Zander and representatives of the Tourism Association of Dahme Lakes, like also Andreas Peters, with particular usage the cooperation between tourism association and Spandau has organized touring, have announced your attendance to the opening ceremony. The first permanent IVV man has set up 3 different long hiking trails 6 km through the Tiergarten, 12 km to the Wustershausen Lake and 22 km to the Krupelsee trail in Konigs Wusterhausen. Start/finish is always the Office of tourist information at the station of Konigs Wusterhausen. More information can be obtained on the Web pages of the Organizer: and on the opening day are the interested walkers, especially runners, Walker, Nordic Walker and the simple recreational athletes led after purchasing the start map of Andreas Peters about the 22 km route and by Horst Zander about the 12 km route. With the start card for 1.50 you can get free also tender for the permanent IVV trail and a detailed description of all three routes on the start/finish. 1 permanent IVV trail in Konigs Wusterhausen, which means, hiking without set times and without any further Edition or binding, except the daily opening hours of the tourist office.

Hiking almost every day on selected routes and with scoring ability to the acquisition of the popular sports badge of the DVV also means. The hikes will be settled each a start card for every hike and each participant according to the guidelines of the DVV on acquisition. You can get in a personal classification folder in the Office of the tourist office to stamp entry confirm the individual successfully completed hiking miles. Get Wertunghshefte Wanderverin Spandau e.v.. In the tourist information Konigs Wusterhausen also the tendering of the first permanent IVV are hiking trail in Berlin Spandau Citadel City Berlin-Spandau (10 km distance) and of the first permanent IVV Nordic walking trail in Berlin, Bull ditch trail (5 and 12 km) available. The 1st Nordic walking trail in Berlin by the touring Spandau e.V. just with great success the 01.08.2009 opened on.

Successful Muscle Building

Why breakfast is so important if you want to build muscle and reduce fat why that breakfast for a successful fat-burning or an effective muscle building is so important, becomes clear when one shows up the following. Typically one has six to eight, the lucky ones among us even 10 hours of sleep, and thus during this period led to no food and nutrients the body. The whole body is so nutrient needs. That is, if one feeds the body now no food, at best a very high-energy or carbohydrate-rich meal, then the body will continue throughout the day on the “Back burner” only very low. The reason why the body without breakfast on the “Back burner” is because the body thinks: OK, once I’m up I get no food so I have to drive down metabolism to conserve energy. For this reason, the breakfast is very important and crucial if you want to reduce fat or build muscle, just for the reason of the increase in metabolism or the Preventing the metabolism slowing down. Many people eat enough ever to take off from their Gesamtkalorienbilianz.

And just the breakfast is therefore an important key to the reach its goals. At least 1/3 of the total turnover of the day should breakfast be, because the other 2/3 are feasible in the course of the day then in any case. The breakfast fills certain, is for the body essential functions: revitalize the cells. After several hours night sleep without food intake, our organism needs again fluid, proteins, fats to carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to the renewal. Prepare the body for the day.

During the night, our organism has continuously produces glucose to maintain the functioning of our vital organs. In the morning, the body of new force must draw and refuel. Regulate the appetite and therefore weight. By we omit breakfast we favour a kind the body’s compensatory response at other meals and thus the organisation of fat reserves. Studies have shown that people who really have breakfast, suffer less from weight problems. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should deliver 25% of our daily energy intake, i.e. 350 to 450 calories (depending on the needs of each person) as already mentioned. The ideal breakfast is a mixture of short and long chain carbohydrates and quickly absorbable protein to prevent muscle breakdown, and to support muscle growth. For example of 300 ml low-fat milk with ca 30 g protein powder (whey protein… is within half an hour of the body taken) to oatmeal and a banana and a glass of juice! What I as a breakfast also everyone warmly recommend can, is a homemade weight gainer shake. This weight gainer shake has everything what body after a long and poor night again power and energy needed to soak up the. More about nutrition, muscle and abdominal training on fun and success during training!

The Triumph Of The Tonfa

The triumphal March of the tonfa, historical background the triumphal March of Tonfas of the tonfa (also Tuifa, Tuifu, Tongwa, Tunfa) is in addition to other “farmers arms” from the island of Okinawa certainly the most famous. Today all over the world, it is used in various permutations at security forces, the police and the military. Originally the tonfa was only a 50cm-long beam with t-handle and was attached to a millstone. Here he served as a crank for the stone and could be removed but was a deadly weapon in the right hands. The former occupiers of Okinawa (Sutsumer) had prohibited the carrying of weapons of the population. But could drag a bad all Tonfas, because these were used Soy nuts or rice to grind grain, and thus secured the livelihoods of farmers and also of the squatters. Whether the tonfa was transformed for the first time by the farmers on Okinawa to the weapon is no longer comprehensible. However, there are records from other far eastern countries, such as China, where the tonfa as Iron ruler is known. However it can be assumed, that the improvement on Okinawa held found. The fact that you greater leverage to the required, turn the Muhlsteines you can understand well that the t-handle to the original Jason was a good bit longer than with the today’s varieties. As the tonfa to the weapon was turned, probably also the currently known different versions emerged as round, square or mixed varieties. The original structure but always remained the same. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dr. Hyun Kim. “Tsuka the grip and the timber Monouchi” the known variants serve but rather the optics, since you discovered some vulnerabilities on closer inspection. So, the angular variation of the Monouchi unlike the rounds has the great advantage that the wood adapts itself well and fast on the forearm. However, the choice of the right material is more important than the form. It should be dense and well balanced wood. These elements ultimately decide whether the tonfa in the rotation reached a sufficient speed. This shows whether the tonfa to the Fighting is good or rather than decoration. Summarized one can say that a good wood for a good tonfa is a prerequisite. The shape, size, etc. should be tested by the individual martial artist and adapted to it. These elements has KWM, in its Jason, as in all Kobudowaffen, internalized, and offers its customers the highest quality. KWM manufactures its tonfa real blood wood. This wood is extremely dense and easily absorbs shock energy. The multiple oils of natural product protects against chipping and makes the wood more durable and grippy.

Sports Nutrition

One of the largest fitness shops in Germany is now on Facebook. The well-known sports food retailer Christian Engel from trier made known now also his Sportnahrungsshop sports nutrition Angel for his website on Facebook. On the Facebook page of sports nutrition-Angel you can find all relevant information, a customer needed for shopping at sports nutrition Angel. Especially for customers coming from the region of Trier, directions and opening times of the Facebook can refer to page. In addition refers to sports nutrition in Angel covered also on the latest information in the field of bodybuilding. However, a major innovation on this Facebook page is the wall. The latest information on sports nutrition products can be found on the wall of sports nutrition-Angel.

In particular products, such as body attack LIPO 100, which were included in the Repertoire of the online shop since latest are posted there. But not only about new products are there identified also information about the correct training. So, the owner of sports nutrition-Angel (Christian Engel) has begun to absorb training exercises on video and post on his Facebook page. This creates an incentive for newcomers in the field of motor sport immediately to learn the correct way of training. Latest information about the nutrition partners are also on this page (E.g. football regional League team Eintracht Trier and Vollyball Bundesliga TBB Trier) posted. Thus, the Facebook page of sports nutrition-Angel is much more than a pure information portal for sports nutrition. It is an interactive portal with information about the area of motor sports and interactive training opportunities. Everyone interested in weight training and bodybuilding has, should this Facebook once look at page.

Effect Of Amino Acids In

Amino acids offer athletes different effects such as muscle growth and regeneration amino acids are generally divided into various classes. On the one hand there are the essential amino acids, are the necessary amino acids, of which there are nine different. The drawback of essential amino acids is that they can be made not by the body itself, but must be ingested through daily diet. On the other hand, there are the non essential amino acids, which can be made by the body itself by synthesis. f information. They must not be included through daily food, however it is quite for athletes, that they suplementieren this because there is often a bottleneck during intensive training.

The effect ranging from amino acids in the sports area of muscle building and muscle protection, support the diet and fat burning to the performance and support of regeneration and recovery ability. You are in the area of amino acids amongst the BCAA amino acids is known for athletes amino acids (branched chain aminoacids – branched-chain amino acids). These are the most important amino acids with a rise of up to 30% in the body. Within these amino acids are Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. The advantage of this BCAA is amino acids that they exhibit a very high biological value. This means that they can act shortly after taking into the body, and in addition also still relatively lossless, reach the workplace. You promote the body’s synthesis of the protein.

Furthermore, they are a perfect energy supplier, which ultimately the athletes is very fast performance. In addition, this BCAA amino acids, as well as other amino acids an anti-catabolic effect, which prevents the muscle breakdown. Continue to amino acids of the insulin levels can be affected by taking BCAA positively. A more important amino acid is the semi essential amino acid arginine, the the Body can produce by synthesis themselves.

Beach Sports Club Nord

Volley -, hand – or football for professionals, families and clubs Bremen, July 2011. Under the action of 90 days summer at the waterfront”waterfront beach sports days held from 1 to July 9. Volley-, hand – or football are played here in the sand. Wolfgang Sasse, performing organizer of beach sports days and Chairman of Beach Sports Club Nord-West E.v., tells what awaits visitors of shopping and leisure centers: we combine at the beach-sport days shopping, feast, fun and sports in an event. The waterfront visitors can enjoy unforgettable days with music and activities of lots of nine.

Family day all adults and children themselves may become active and playing Beach Frisbee target throwing, handball participation games, petanque and streetball, experience free holiday feeling on the river Weser.” The culmination of the event series is the DHB master/EBT qualifying tournament on July 2 with first-class German Beach handball teams. As another highlight of B women’s beach volleyball Cup is on July 8. The The waterfront visitors are invited to watch the games and to support the participants loudly. At the beginning of the holiday on July 7 children and adults within the framework of the family day also from 11 o’clock itself can storm the beach Court and playing various sports experience free holiday feeling directly on the Weser. In addition, the visitors expected great prizes and surprises. For more information see and.

Autumn Season

The running Calendar lists the last weeks before the finish half marathon from September to December 2012 some national and international highlights. Now it is to make the preparation for the autumn races in attack with system and concentration. While disassociating 2013 plan better for the season, experienced athletes with already existing basic endurance can bring targeted in six weeks for the half marathon challenge in form. A detailed training plan as well as the following of general guidelines are essential to achieve the personal form of competition for 21 kilometres. The second half of the marathon season is around the corner! From September until December, the 2012 race calendar lists some national and international highlights. Now it is to make the preparation for the autumn races in attack with system and concentration. While disassociating 2013 plan better for the season, can be experienced athletes with already existing basic endurance targeted in six weeks for the challenge half marathon bring in the form. A detailed training plan as well as the following of general guidelines are essential to achieve the personal form of competition for 21 kilometres.

Basic requirements for a healthy training whether it is Marathon, half-marathon or 10 kilometre healthily and safely to the finish to get some basic things to consider. Listen to your own body and to observe its warning signs, is the Supreme maxim. To tackle the training too quickly or too intense to load only the risk of injury and risk of saturation is increased. Of central importance in this context, an adequate regeneration phase is also not only a competition, but also between workouts. Only in the rest of the body can adapt to the increased requirements. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. describes an additional similar source.

Also the proper diet influenced the own performance potential. Athletes pay attention particularly on the nutrient and energy content of their food. Additionally, the individual racing calendar must be well thought out: despite all ambition are runners well advised to start, located at reasonable intervals to each other only at selected races.

New Materials For High Performance: The TOP IMPACT LINE Of ASICS

With a completely new running-textile line, which is above the World Performance Line, ASICS launches in the S/s 09 season. The TOP IMPACT LINE is technically and functionally a class of its own. Make sure all new materials, cutting techniques and technologies. Dr. Mark Hyman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. She is the new, textile masterpiece of the scientist in the ASICS-Research Institute for sports science in Kobe, Japan, and was designed in close collaboration with ASICS athletes for high performance use in terms of running. TOP IMPACT LINE based in detail on scientific analysis of movement patterns and the interplay between skin and muscles during exertion.

And it is holistically designed and comes with more than a new technology at the start. The CORE BALANCE technology is used, a completely new technology for stabilizing the body Center in sprinters, the tights and shorts of the new line. You brings the pelvis into a more upright position by a special federal structure and the surrounding muscles to increased physical activity. In the two shirts of the TOP IMPACT LINE is the new PRO-FIT technology used. The cutting technology works with bi stretch material inserts which facilitate the arm swinging movement and improve the fit and freedom of movement. In addition PREMIUM DRY, a new brand material, which absorbs humidity up to 98% and transported over 90% of them directly to the outside. The body remains dry thus also for highest performance. In the TOP LINE Singlet IMPACT the INNER MUSCLE is technology, with a highly elastic DOW the shoulder blades inward pulls usage in the rear shoulder area XLA, free and deep breathing makes what is the rib cage, and improves the absorption of oxygen.

This leads to a higher efficiency and brings crucial millimetres on the way to the target. During the Olympic Games in Beijing the Athletics Team Netherlands, Ireland, Italy and Australia have LINE already successfully tested the TOP IMPACT. The TOP shows the benefits also Triathlon – Olympic champion Jan Frodeno IMPACT LINE convinced: I have some Weeks before Beijing prototypes of the TOP IMPACT LINE tested. I say only so much that I ran the fastest workouts of my life in the new material. “I was of course TOP IMPACT also in the form of my life, but that LINE has me in their functionality assisted, to run technically clean.” Since April 2009 is TOP IMPACT LINE across Germany in selected specialist shops available. And she is not alone. Color-coordinated to the new TOP IMPACT LINE is a special model of the GEL-KAYANO 15 at the start. A perfect skiing equipment for new best times! For more information about running and running shoes, see. Corporate profile the name ASICS stands for Anima Sana in corpore sano – for the healthy mind in a healthy body. The harmonious combination of body and spirit is the guiding philosophy of ASICS since its founding by Kihachiro ONITSUKA in 1949.

Well For Fasting A Travel Insurance

Just who goes to the fasting in the foreign country, the thinking necessarily a travel insurance. But now what insurance do you need for fast travel abroad?Furthermore, an international health insurance plan must be completed just for fast travel. This is important not only for fast trips, but all abroad, because here very quickly cause a health problem can, which could end up in circumstances in a financial fiasco. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Mark Hyman on most websites. Just for fast travel just this health insurance is especially important, because even if the body is otherwise actually stable, he subjected to yet other circumstances by fasting, which could further incriminate him. Quickly it can be so to health problems, if the body with fasting is not so clearly. Especially with curative fasting happens often when it is believed that one is dependent on medical assistance abroad. So a travel insurance in relation to disease is especially important to keep this but in the financial framework. John Craig Venter is often quoted on this topic. Of course there are several other insurance companies, which could be fasting, as well as the normal beach vacation benefit.

Here you can complete even a travel baggage insurance. Which is good, if for example, when an airplane luggage could be lost. As with the luggage insurance get transferred or paid a certain amount of money, which was previously agreed in the contract. So should the baggage not in the resort arrive, can you buy a new luggage at least with the money from abroad, and enjoy the holidays still to the fullest.


Claudia Schleiermacher: DIPO Pferdeosteopathin, FN horse Physiotherapeutin human physiotherapist and Pferdeosteopathin after DIPO / FN horse physical therapist you know it sure myself… tweaks it in the back, running hard, feels tired and hurts the muscles. Many people visit the physical therapy for this. Sometimes it is the horses as well as humans. And why should we not do something good you.

Many problems in the horse (E.g. performance low, not on the reins approach, discarding in the neck, etc. fight back against the legs,) can be attributed to such as blockages in the spine, muscle tension, dental problems or a non matching saddle. In my treatment, I offer a holistic examination of your horse, as well as control of horse shoeing, saddle and teeth. Of course, the equine osteopathy replaced not the vet or dentist. Therefore, communication between physicians and the osteopaths, and cooperation is important me, a blacksmith and a horse dentist.

X-ray images and the Administering medications do not belong to my range. I perform treatments in the area of Aachen, Cologne, Duren, HS, Dusseldorf, Eifel and the Netherlands. More locations and price on request. Dates Ph. can be made via email. Because I’m much, am I most likely to reach via email, call them back but also as soon as possible, if your number on down have spoken. Claudia Schleiermacher Tel: 02401 9139300 mob.: 01577 4512073 email: Homepage: there find they have many answers to your questions on the topic of “Equine osteopathy”. The horse is healthy, man is pleased 🙂