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Managing Emotions

MANAGING the EMOTIONS Jose Aderaldo de Miranda Souza the way for the happiness passes for a life option, which option you made? After to have done its option, you has been disciplined the sufficient to guarantee its option? The human being is very complex, is a compound of emotions, brings a genetic load, has the interactions with the way, what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe. Exactly thus what more we want and the happiness. To be with health is not only pain absence, is a complete one welfare mental, psychic, familiar, financial, professional, ambient physicist, spiritual. Any one of these 0 variable being in disequilibrium intervenes with the health. Trio that we must prevent because they are the great causers of illnesses: anger, envies and vanity. To prevent yes, because to live completely without these causes of illnesses it is very difficult and it must be our goal the constant search for a balanced life. Style of life is the form for which a person lives deeply world, as choices behave and make.

Which its style of life? How you manage the pleasure and the happiness? Its behavior and choices for its personal life the difference makes all, this style of life must be managed with balance and wisdom. Most of the attitudes necessary to improve its style of life depends basically on disciplines not necessarily and a good management of the behavior and its choices and of money. The longevity has not felt if it will not have pleasure in the life, the great one cheap is to obtain to unite quality of life and longevity with balance, taste very to see velhinhos athlete if feeding correctly, dancing, making maritime cruises and living the best age with sufficient intensity. Some factors that affect the happiness must have special attention for not changedding itself into impeclios to the happiness.

Healthy Habits

Education in values requires the application of a serious effort, steady and methodical of all of society to achieve the individual training that meets the requirement of being useful, durable and appreciated by the people and the estates as necessary, useful and worthy of be maintained over time. We need to respond to a planned action by the state and in which the commitment must be achieved, at least three key players: the family with her dedication to training from the early stages of childhood, the school and teaching methodology oriented to emphasize the development of their students as human beings and the individual himself as primarily responsible for their own education. What has failed so far the family? The family has failed in several key aspects related to its sacred responsibility to be the first school and the first source of knowledge for those who grow up in its bosom and take her to her first teacher, his early education and the first light which illuminates the ways that have to travel throughout their life. As an educator the family will have to review and improve their behavior. Here are some areas where you should do: 1. The members of the family, especially parents and adults in general should understand that children learn by imitation and not just “record” the behavior of citizens, but also try to act like them.

An honest person should have to worry about healthy behaviors, but even more to implement them before the children so that they have a mirror in which to look and thus draw a course of action consistent with the moral and healthy habits. 2. The family must have a total coherence between speech full of good advice and practical prohibitions and their behaviors in daily life. It is no use saying and doing. A lack of consistency at this level will only lead to confusion settled in that small simple and practical way to address what their parents do rather than implement what parents say. 3. It is important to re-assume the liability have to society and God in the sense of being responsible for the upbringing, it is entirely delegated. Circumstances of modern life both parents have turned to the productive sector to offer their workforce and the work of accompanying the children has been delegated to a family or the same maid, who is the more time that passes alongside the minors and that ultimately passed his values with the aggravation that has not, “nor should be,” a pedagogical and methodological claims allowed to form better citizens.

Eat To Lose Medication To Lose Appetite

Medications causing lack of appetite or anorexia, also known as anorexigenicos have been used in different ways to lose weight. There is general agreement that can be used when there has not been a significant decrease of the weight for some time have been carried out a nutritional management and exercise. The anorexigenicos Act on different processes of metabolism, producing a State in which a State of satiation occurs but not completely suppress appetite, until States where definitely appetite is lost completely for long periods of time. In these last cases in the absence of an adequate caloric intake, the body starts to use energy that is deposited in fat by accelerating the process of thinning. In general terms, there would be no problem with using this type of medication if only they were complements for nutritional therapy and physical exercise, however there are many doctors that start with this type of therapy instead of compromising their patients in the discipline eat properly and create a healthy lifestyle.

Even worse is that often, a person with overweight or obesity rely on the anorexigenicos without a prescription. This in addition to not contribute optimally to the reduction in weight because he has only temporary effect that lasts the administration of the medication, may also contribute to develop another type of both neurological, cardiovascular or metabolic undesirable problems. It is therefore advisable that before resorting to a therapy with anorexigenicos consult a specialist in the subject, but above all what is best is able to attach to a nutritional regime, consuming food that accelerate the burning of fat in the body and complementing it with a proper physical activity. If this is achieved keeping with perseverance, the benefits of losing weight are long term, contribute to overall health as well as the beauty and avoid the use of any drug. If you’re interested in delving deeper into this topic visit my blog eating to lose weight.


Although there are recipes to increase breast size, today, the safest method is the plastic surgery of the breasts, which is characterized by being one of the most common surgical interventions within the clinics of beauty of the country and the world. While there are many women who perform breast augmentation only on a whim or because they think that his bust is too small, should take into account that there are also women who undergo this type of surgery because of psychological needs, for example breast reconstruction because of the destruction of these by cancer. One very important thing is that breasts or large breasts are not symbol of beauty, nor should be an impediment to feel good about yourself. The breast augmentation is not the ticket to happiness and success, nor so if you know this, you can continue with your idea of breast augmentation. Benefits of bust classified as a cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, a common insurance will not cover the costs of the Sinus surgery, but if you need to make you the operation for health needs, things are different, there are many companies that can cover the procedure in much of the same. Breast augmentation can be performed using breast implants, silicone gels and using saline solution; However, considered that Silicones give a more natural look to the sinuses. Breast implants to increase breast can be positioned over the pectoral muscle or below; If the second way is used, there is less risk during mammograms.

Size and shape of size breast implants of breast implants must be determined by the patient in conjunction with the plastic surgeon, because although looking a cup size C, perhaps not the most appropriate for you. With regard to the form of implants, there are teardrop shaped and round. The first are more expensive than the second, since they were made to give a more natural way to bust, but if they desacomodan can give an unpleasant look. As for the round are cheaper, but do not choose the correct size look unnatural. In breast augmentation surgery you can not give for granted no detail, so I advise you well with your plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure along with the complications that might arise. Before making any decision inform you, that help you to choose the best according to your physical and mental health. IEL, Dow Corning and the structural glazing with silicones learn how to choose the size of your bra VOTEM NAS moms that VOS FAZEM lesbian Vice PT Peixe goat Nao Morde more Marra! Does ‘ ELLs, Patty, Fail completo, Videos, Cartoon’s, Non-sense, Interessante, Bizarro, photographs, Actualidade Blog Archive accurate Quem of large breasts? The clip that best suits you (I): how to calculate your correct size For them and more