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For This Investor

Along with such global threats as global warming, energy shortage, environmental pollution is particularly important problem of acute food shortages. At all international forums on this question the participants' views with the hope of turning the Ukraine – countries that, having fertile soil, favorable climatic, geographical location and hardworking people can play a key role in providing the world's population quality, organic food. The current leadership of the state understands the situation and gradually creating conditions for the elimination of agricultural production to the forefront. For This is contained in the order of the land legislation, introduced advanced technology, attracts foreign investments, etc. After the last Economic Forum in Davos has become warmer investment climate in Ukraine for foreign investors, began to emerge more clearly market prospects for agricultural land, the principles of movement and processing of raw materials, government guarantees of agricultural risks. This creates a good opportunities for foreigners to increase their capital by investing in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. But despite the high assurance about the openness of Ukraine to foreign investment, yet there are still many obstacles that foreign investor without the support of professional experts from Ukraine practically can not overcome, and his case will collapse when faced with such a phenomenon as bureaucratic obstacles, legal conflicts, ignorance local conditions and traditions, etc. Today, entering the Ukrainian market, foreign investors need a strong base that can provide the Ukrainian experts in the field of information and legal support to ensure security business, etc., with which the investor can not cope on their own. Theoretical physicist takes a slightly different approach. This factor is intended to become a pledge to the investor feel comfortable here. With specific examples of such cooperation is well understood Ukrainian company "Interest-Information-Investment", which set his services contributes to the investor in a successful business, always keeping his business slogan: "It is easier and cheaper-to detect and prevent negative developments than to correct or recovered from the damage. "

Egyptian Scripture

Has ever heard the astral plane term? Astral travel? Astral projection? While up in the Bible and many other scriptures of makes thousands of years are referenced or described in detail, as in Egyptian Scripture, the astral plane is for many people a subject relegated to fantasy, madness or children’s literature. However between the most prestigious intellectuals and scientists of all ages always can be found references in his works and his discoveries about this elusive plane of mind. What is it called astral plane? What is astral projection? What is astral travel? The astral plane is a kind of parallel universe, a world completely different to this, but that is related to this. Every night when we sleep is entered in the astral plane. Dreams occur there.

Astral projection, also called astral travel is the fact given has that you one is in the astral plane and move freely inside the and Furthermore, remember that upon awakening. The plane Astral is a world ruled by some laws similar to physical laws, unique and very different. Bodies and three-dimensional objects have their correspondence in this plane, in which however there is no gravitation (characteristic of the terrestrial physical world); is also different from the molecular cohesion of bodies, so that the solids can be penetrated, etc. The vast majority of human beings are not aware of the phenomenon of ghosting, nor what happens later. (Not to be confused with Dr. Mark J Berger!). In the best cases, these experiences remain in our memory as dreams, similar to mental fantasy in waking state. We repeat mechanically the day’s events or project our expectations towards the future, so that we only remember some vague and confusing dreams. On the other hand, if we despertaramos astral consciousness we us those moments in the same way or with more intensity than in the waking hours. We would have a way of knowing us directly themselves and the cosmos that surrounds us.

Vladimiro Montesinos

Friday, 06 August of the current year. Jaime Bayly on his television program the franc shooter among other things, shows the Genaro Delgado incident on the outskirts of the Court that sees its case. Shows as channel 5 employees say the following: age is no reason for the impunity! that Genaro is 80 years old. Also shouted: judiciary, not support the corrupt! Jaime says that he is a friend of Genaro, but that doesn’t mean to defend everything bad that Genaro has done. But if so, that justice punishes him, and regrets that people pull him eggs and tomatoes, because we are not a country of savages and energumenos, for that they are the judges. Jaime recalls much as Genaro put him on television when he was 18 years old, and gave him his first job in television. Mr Shuts lives in Switzerland, and ran away from the Peruvian justice.

It is a fact that came to public light the crime of Shuts, because Genaro bought the video in which appeared the Lord Shuts Landazuri receiving money from Vladimiro Montesinos, that channel 5 will assist the Government of that time. Mr Shuts was in Argentina; He had a prisoner in the Argentina time, then he was under house arrest, and in a mysterious way, and very effective, managed to escape from the Argentina to Switzerland. But Genaro also met with Montesinos. Received no money, but if did favors, as censuring Cesar Patria in the year 1999 words of Jaime. Genaro took control of Panamericana thanks to a political move of Alejandro Toledo. It was Toledo who said: well what?, Confisco Shuts and Crousillat channels as I advised Vargas Llosa, and give them tender?, or find a way to make my friends take control of those channels? He made the second. Then the Miro Quesada took control of Channel 4, and Genaro took control of channel 5 mentions Jaime. Jaime us still documenting: Genaro alone wanted to put the false door to channel 5 with the political help of Toledo.

Nothing forced him to buy that lawsuit. But made by rancor or hatred to Ernesto Shuts. That incidentally, bought Panamericana because Genaro, didn’t want to pay them to his brother Manuel, and his nephews Arthur and Alvaro sons of his deceased brother Hector what had been agreed. Or if Genaro had fulfilled the gentlemen’s agreement, Ernesto Shuts would have never entered into pan. Then Manuel and his nephews turned to another prospective buyer. And Manuel Delgado down is Ernesto Shut that if he must be cursing have been gotten with Lourdes, is this such and alias Catano because you must be thinking that their dossiers before messing with her, slept the sleep of the righteous and now with all this scandal, they should again be seeking them for sentencing as it should.

Overall Production

The details of technology, I deliberately silent, the more that there may be variations in each individual case. Wood-shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushroom, honey agaric how cultivated culture carry considerable potential has not yet disclosed opportunities practice cultivation. In contrast, this type of mushroom fungi can be grown in the open (outside of special structures) areas. And not just on stumps in mind the complexity and duration of the growth process. Much faster get the result to other known method – growing mushrooms in bags, pre- in cultivating indoors until the formation of the mushroom block.

All of the above draws on the full cultivation technology mushrooms and strict compliance with specific farming practices. Knowing about the habits and requirements of the culture in these growth conditions can be substantially corrected the technology itself, making it more accessible and flexible. This valuable information needed to produce not alone. For this purpose, to bring together producers of mushroom production. The fact is that everyone involved in growing mushrooms adheres to the overall well-established pattern. At the same time in its arsenal, have little secrets, know-how.

What does the union effort? 1.What would receive a product with low cost and stay on the market, opposing large business and dictate their conditions. 2. What would to help solve technological problems of their colleagues, do not let them go under. What you need: 1. Establish an information bank that will store selected and processed information (emergency information help). By creating such a virtual club can avoid costly real problems. ps I am sure that it is wrong to develop the only intensive industrial area of mushroom production, an alternative should be to grow oyster mushrooms and other fungi on open areas in the natural environment, receiving environment-friendly products. In the high-tech complexes in their technologies in industrial production initially and permanently incorporated a number of drawbacks. For example, a major factor in this production is – as much as possible out n; with a production area. Hence we have an extremely high concentration of biologically active substances, many times exceeding the natural background. Why are only the fungal spores? Without pesticides, ventilating air-conditioning equipment here neoboytis. The quality of mushrooms, the higher the closer they are to natural conditions, but optimum temperature and humidity. For example, the oyster is very sensitive to lack of fresh air. Hence, long limb, wrapped formless fruit. In practice, this can be accomplished by growing mushrooms in conjunction with plants such as vegetables, form a significant shading. In our own experience, I was convinced that plants cope with the microclimate, increasing the overall yield from 1 sq m, the production area. Provided no application of pesticides, mushroom blocks attract beneficial insects, forming an optimal ecosystem, which automatically improves the quality of environmentally friendly products (mushrooms and vegetables).

Internet Earnings

Hello dear reader! Agree that now is becoming increasingly popular internet income. Now a lot of retirees over the years do not come for the pension, and you know why?, But because they earn on the internet is not bad money. I seen quite a few students who do not ask my parents money, and even themselves pay for their studies, and where they take the money back to the same Internet. I recently retired friend from work where he received $ 1000 per month, and surprised the authorities. And you know that he said had left when the boss? He said they said – "For me the thousand dollars a month after I started working on the Internet has become the daily wages, working 3 – 4 hours a day," I began looking into people which also operate on a normal work at a no whether his uncle and earning his son on a new Lexus. And every such person who works at his uncle all goes in one direction birth, education, work, retirement, death.

Themselves Judge! First, you live with your parents and learn, and then what? And then you vyporahivaete of the nest the parents, you need money to buy even a studio apartment. But if the question of money, yet somehow solved the work, then That is a question of his least-room not dare work not at all. The fact that you no one can answer, and you yourself can not understand how you can buy an apartment for 40,000 dollars in salary of 500-700 dollars, well, even in 1000 rubles, no, well, even in the 1.5 million rubles (this is if we are lucky to climb the corporate ladder for 10 years) Every day you wake up go to work, work 8 hours a day at least, come to work must to do household chores, and children simply no time left, there are taken from poor assessment of children you have poor health and no rest, your salary is constantly painted when you want to buy something brand new you have only one solution – a loan, you again seek bail after falling off a huge percentage. How did it all hard, as much hair stand on end. And you just think that there is no way either of only pray to God that would survive until retirement and get some rest. Consider that you have a solution, and an online business..

Retail Market Crisis

For the past six months, our island of tranquility plunged into crisis. And now it is hard to find anyone who has a question about the crisis replied: – ‘What crisis? All of this will be a couple of months, if not start. ” The crisis touched all. Particularly retail. Watching the retail market, I once again find confirmation that it is retail is the skeleton (if I may say so) the economy of any state.

I remember once I was asked to live in far in 2007 about what to expect retail, what are my predictions for 2008. Then I said that government should understand the importance of retail as one of the drivers of the economy and should not prevent the slowdown in this segment market. Thousands of jobs are created for the maintenance of any large retail facility. And not only at the expense of businesses or suppliers of its own staff. Here and an adjacent warehouse business and shipping, and easy Industry (clothing), and supply of equipment and much more, which provided thousands of jobs. This impressive chain can unwind long. And in the end to show something more terrible than U.S. government presented a chain of horrors from the Big Three U.S.

automakers. The mere enumeration of the consequences of the collapse of at least one company that most of the Big Three should have been intimidated ordinary citizens and to guarantee hundreds of billions of public assistance. But all hopes of a country in our country were well-fed in 2007.

However, this segment operates in accordance with any other retail markets – long- wholesale and retail channels of distribution, high margins of intermediaries, the need to invest in advertising, branding and promotion in retail chains, etc. Investors often underestimate the costs and complexities associated with access to the consumer market briquettes in International Delivers First Global Education Program Event PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance – Mar 24 02:26pmUrbanisation to shift to developing nations by 2025: McKinsey PTI via Yahoo! India News – 2 hours agoShould Governments Subsidize Health Insurance? Cato Institute – Mar 25 10:10amPromotional ResultsMake Yahoo! Your HomepageEverything you love on the Web, all on your Yahoo!
Western-Europe related searches:
free map of western europeeuropeYahoo! Search Assist’>Western Europe. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Pat Ogden on most websites. Even experienced entrepreneurs forget that the final retail price includes at least: – the cost and profit of all intermediaries engaged in the wholesale transportation, storage and distribution of the parties, verification and quality assurance of biofuels, the cost of commercial credit to retailers, etc. – Costs and profits of retailers, including marketing, branding, commercial areas and arrange delivery to customers, etc. – Value added tax, other taxes and charges in the country of implementation – the cost of retail packaging, however, the supply of briquettes only to the direct consumers is not unique to the success of biofuel production.

In this market intermediaries – not always speculators. They often serve important functions and provide additional effectiveness of distribution channels. The main types of intermediaries: 1. Traders engaged in supplying industrial consumers in the export market of Russian fuel briquettes, perhaps, the most active trading companies, representing the interests of industrial customers. This is – as a rule, companies or entrepreneurs with experience in various fuel markets, professional traders. At the same time they are ready work with relatively small amounts of each, so as accumulate briquettes produced in different places, and deliver it in bulk to its customers.

Western Europe

The world as demand for crude acrylic acid is projected over the next 5 years (2007-2011) will grow by 3,7% annually. Growing demand for basic acrylates are also estimated at 3.7% annually, and the icy acrylic acid production superabsorbent (SAP) – at 4.1% per year. The high concentration of superabsorbent in the market and increased demand from manufacturers of acrylate by 0,5% a year expected to restrain growth in consumption in North America. In this region expected demand growth by 1,6% annually from 2007 to 2013. After a slight fall, demand for acrylic acid in Western Europe increased again. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. It is expected that this market over the next 6 years will grow annually at 0.7%. Major exporters of acrylic acid and its salts (HS2002 code 291611 – Acrylic acid & its salts) are Germany (20% in 2005) and U.S. (14 percent). It is also important suppliers are the Netherlands, Japan and Malaysia.

The biggest importers of acrylic acid and its salts are China (18% in 2005) and Belgium (16 percent). It is also important suppliers are the United Kingdom, Brazil and the Netherlands. The U.S. is the largest producer of acrylic acid in the world with a capacity exceeding 1.3 million tonnes / year according to the In 2006, the U.S. – the second largest global supplier of acrylic acid on the world market. The main products manufactured from acrylic acid – acrylic esters. They accounted for 55% of global demand. Crude (unpurified) Acrylic acid is used by companies for their own needs, and almost in its entirety goes to the production of acrylates (the most important ones are: butyl, methyl, ethyl and 2-ethyl-geksilakrilat), as well as other derivatives, used in the manufacture of paints, paper, textiles, adhesives, specialty coatings and inks. Ester with the greatest volume of production – butyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate and then.

Mystery Shopping

Quality customer service can become an important competitive advantage, which is why the problem of estimating and improving the level of service is relevant for many companies. Using customer surveys to assess quality of service and brainstorming has some significant drawbacks. Firstly, it is very time consuming and expensive process. Secondly, buyers are not always able to articulate an answer to the question: "What in the staff formed from them or that impression? ". Therefore, companies are increasingly using the service, mystery shopping. Its main advantages – secrecy and surprise inspections and the possibility of using professionally trained agents. What is a "Mystery Shopper"? Despite the fact that the term "mystery shopping" (from the English Mystery Shopping) can seem very mysterious, the concept of marketing research by using This method is actually very simple. The method is in the evaluation of selling and service divisions of the company using fake customers and clients. The main task of studies – to provide the company's management by objective data on how to improve client business processes, workmanship standards and procedures, as well as to evaluate the work of staff in terms of unbiased consumer. Secret buyers has been successfully used in various industries such as retail, restaurants, financial institutions, shops and gas stations, service providers, manufacturers, shops, tourism, Entertainment and many others. The task of mystery shopper is to visit the organization or call the company under the guise of an ordinary customer and then provide a detailed assessment using questionnaires. The visit, of course, be applied incognito, and the seller has no clue about what it is checked. With the help of secret shoppers can evaluate the quality of service, equipment sales, decoration of the hall and style, appearance and manners Sellers, their behavior in conflict situations and other settings. Technology 'mystery shopping' gives the customer a huge amount of information that can be used for: – development of trade regulations and staff – a training program – clarify motivation programs – certification trade and service personnel.


Before registering the company must prepare a package of documents (charter, memorandum, etc.) to determine the legal address and activities, share capital and its form of payment, to pay legal costs, file an application with the notary. We recommend to order the preparation of documents for the professionals, it is not so expensive, so save on that. As a result, you will win at least on time. When the necessary documents ready, you can go to the tax inspectorate and to apply. Not so long ago adopted a position in which the documents required to pass the mandatory presence of one of the founders. After five – seven days executed documents should reach the legal address of the firm, which is specified in the founding documents. Dr. Mark Hyman can aid you in your search for knowledge. Then we need to make a print, opening a bank account, register with extra-budgetary funds (HIF, FSS, FS). Here short procedure for registration of companies and enterprises.

In reality, the original document may take a long time. If incorrect data in the documents may be followed by a legitimate denial of registration and You will have to re-lose precious time. The simplest procedure for registration of the LLC, there is no need to register the shares and take other actions related to the issue of shares. Today, you can open a business in any organizational and legal form of company (Limited Liability Company), ZAO (Closed Joint Stock Company), OJSC (Open Joint Stock Company) and FE (individual entrepreneur). PIs can do the same types of business that Company, JSC.