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Managing Director

Protect your home against burglary by a tank bolt and window locks with the start of the great holiday begins the holiday season for many. The House, the apartment left unattended. Many burglars have been waiting for that only. Inadequately secured homes offer an excellent opportunity for thieves. A simple front door, patio door or a window are quickly out leveraged.

Cheap and good protection against tank bars (crossbars) or window locks (E.g. protection bars) are. A tank bolt mounted on the door (E.g. PR) offers 1800 ABUS high security against the levering of a door. Patio doors are effectively protected with lots of glass or Windows by window additional backups, such as E.g.

control rods or by an additional window lock. To the Managing Director of the online shop ‘just in the holiday season many break-in messages reach us. Our staff then repair the burglary damage and secure the apartment door with a tank bolt. It is better preventive Burglary protection to operate, and not only when the damage has already occurred.”

A Reflecting Piece Of Art For The Wall

The mirror Involuto is far more than a simple mirror surface. Consisting of many different parts in different sizes and inclination, the mirror offers a whole new perspective on self. Similar to a Cubist work of art, the mirror the face consists of many parts and gives an exceptional look. Almost boring each picture of reminder of childhood days in addition to the mirror Involuto is displayed, each painting. Why should you settle with a same picture, if you can marvel at the diversity of environment in getting new perspectives with this mirror? No guest is left to leave the mirror. Follow others, such as Dr Jee Hyun Kim, and add to your knowledge base. It sometimes seems that the mirror surface exerts a magical attraction in the area. Similar to a kaleidoscope the environment fragments composed from childhood days over and over again, depending from which direction the mirror is considered. The light refracts on the mirror surface at different angles and illuminates the room like an illuminated disco ball.

Dancing Points of light on the walls and the seemingly magically merged mirror image of the environment, result in a very special kind work of art. The mirror Involuto wakes them again – the childlike ability to marvel at the magic of the simple things. Mirror Involuto stands alone! Make your space with a reflective artwork that becomes radiant focus of the institution. If you would like to know more about Dr Jee Hyun Kim, then click here. Whether living or bedroom, entryway or Office, the mirror Involuto give them any room design a quite extraordinary icing on the cake. In the best case, choose a nearly free wall and use skilfully you the mirror there. A colored background in addition highlight the mirror and makes him an exciting piece of your other equipment. But waive a patterned wall decoration.

The mirror Involuto created alone have enough voltage and patterning in its mirror surface. Additional patterns in the background can quickly “overloading the wall” and restless. Not every wall is suitable for the reflective artwork! You can order directly online the mirror and conveniently deliver to home. When the suspension, however, remember that the mirror has a depth of 10 cm, and is quite heavy with 38 kg. Narrow passages and thin walls are therefore not to put the unusual mirror surface in scene. You can achieve the most beautiful and exciting effect also as soon as you provide enough space the mirror, which reflects in the sections. You learn to be amazed like a child again and give extraordinary and artful touch your facility with the mirror Involuto.

Eastern Design

Beautiful living and working with Feng Shui, many professionals spend a large part of the day at their workplaces. So the home provides a balance to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is important to make the rooms comfortable. For this reason, certain concepts and strategies of popular enjoy. The real estate portal informs about the importance of a harmonious environment. At the Eastern practice of Feng Shui, interior design plays an important role. This ensures that positive energy and heat emitted, because people are very sensitive to which rooms to meet their well-being and which rather cause them discomfort. In many German cities, there are focal points for individual advice. A responsive and tailored to the needs of residents, interior design can make an important contribution to the quality of life.

So are including the placement of furniture, choosing the colors and lighting conditions of importance. The possibilities of a harmonious design not be confined to living rooms. Also the establishment of offices can be improved so that a comfortable, but always creative and motivating atmosphere. Also, many hotels, offices and other institutions have discovered the Feng Shui principles for themselves. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


A new forum for builders, home improvement, home lovers and garden has the right solution for each question. If you would like to make the wooden terrace non-slip or not always seeks a design idea for your child’s room – is the solution for your own living room or garden problem at hand. Advice in the hardware store or the call with a friend can be sometimes informative, but is the mutual exchange of experience far more helpful, inspiring, practical. By the builders up to the amateur Cook – in the new forum on, the leading online magazine about the building, living, life – meet like-minded people the questions, answers and ideas interact. 6 sections – 17 forums – infinite ideas are more than 1,500 posts to read in six main headings and 17 topics forums. The spectrum is broad and ranges from specific questions (“Where can I get furniture for an apartment?” or “What does the energy pass for residential buildings?”) to bizarre problems of everyday life. So complaining about a user on the Outhouse in the garden of a neighbor and another remains a mystery the naked prank technique from a television advertising. Whether in their own right or to assist with trade-relevant remarks – and expert presenters sign also the editors here to Word. Your own questions? Then find the new homesolute.

Is Grilling For Men?

A Cobb for all cases – Hei? he gift idea for the woman who has everything! Whether indoors or outdoors, whether winter or summer, whether on the ground, at the dining table or on the planks of a boat: grilling at any time, in any weather, anywhere is now possible. Because the Cobb Grill for hours with only six charcoal briquettes developed its high thermal efficiency – without annoying smoke and dangerous heat on the housing ( The versatile mini kitchen in stainless steel is available for 139 euros and comes with carry bag. Further details can be found at Mark Hyman, MD, an internet resource. With a diameter of 32 cm and a height of 30 cm, the Cobb is an extremely compact device that can be easily transported. Thanks to its design, the Cobb needed only six barbecue briquettes to three hours at 300 degrees smoke-free heat. To read more click here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. While the grill from the outside remains cold so, that you can set it to any arbitrary document ( The reason for this is its structure: one is located in an insulating jacket made of high quality stainless steel removable inner tray made of stainless steel.

Its bottom as a combustion chamber for a fire basket with the barbecue briquettes. A channel, for example, for wine, helps to give special flavors to the food. The hood of steel keeps the heat in the grill and ensures quick and uniform cooking. Particularly pleasant: All parts of the Cobb Grill are dishwasher safe or at least easy to clean