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Happy Day Doctors

Medicine emerges as an instinctive act in the daily struggle that man waged against the physical nature and animal; but since its inception was a social Act: anyone and everyone were their creators; over the centuries the history recognized three milestones: the first of them is Aesculapius (or Asclepius,) for the Romans half half legend * truth represents the Magica-religiosa interpretation – Ritual, the second is Hippocrates, 460 years BC, who managed to gather all medical practice from antiquity and is considered father of the rational and empirical medicine; the third milestone is Clacudio Galen (129 years DC) who makes scientific synopsis of all the Greco-Roman medicine. In Peru, the Civico-escolar calendar recalls on October 5 as the day of the heroic action of Daniel Alcides Carrion Garcia and more than 30 thousand doctors celebrate on this day the day of Peruvian medicine. Here, cardiologist expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Historical background from pre-Columbian believes has existed in plants of the Peru andes a deadly disease causing fever and pallor and affected the capacheros (miners) that extracting minerals with which their peoples Siam to the incas. So Vadilla Gago described in Chronicles of 1630 published at the beginning of the last century, however the first epidemic that remembered Dr. Learn more at this site: Ultra Wellness Center. Odriozola dates back to 1865-1870, when he was working on the railway in the train of the Center (which went from Lima to San Mateo) is the one who makes the first academic publication of this disease and is known since then as la Oroya fever. In the Government of Mariano I. Prado (1876-1879) when great prosperity (saltpeter, guano, sugar, minerals, etc.) lived the English who already exploited the mine open pit of Cerro de Pasco (polymetallic mine) decide built a railroad (a train with many freight wagons) to replace the donkeys and you until in transporting minerals from the mine to Callao. This was an ambitious work: had to drill 68 tunnels and build 60 bridges, one of which, the Galera tunnel, it was to 4781.

Download Videos

How to download videos from I recently encountered the following problem: I do not know how to download videos from the project We had to climb in many forums in the internet, look for info, try various ways. I have tried several programs, but somehow they were all buggy … And a few conventional time units I came across a very powerful way! I seem to have found a way to download a video project video! And it's all done very, very easy! But let us not grow long bubbles, turn to 100% of th way race with commercials And so, you need to do … Let me remind you that this method is very similar to the jump roller with Yutuba! Simply select the movie (or rather the one page, which it is located) and copy the address of the buffer. Once there go to this page. Now paste the copied address in the blank line on the page and click "download". If all goes well, you will see a link type "link to the file." Well, now swing roller so you're used to download files through a browser or a rocking chair … that's not such crafty manipulation …