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Tandoori Chicken And Summer Beer Lift The World Cup Mood

‘Fan fare’ in the Dortmund Hovels House brewery to the football World Cup expanded the Hovels House brewery the culinary offer: from June 11 to July 11 guests may can daily taste of tandoori chicken. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Mark Hyman. That all people an Indian dish to the football World Cup in South Africa is on the menu, for good reasons, the Manager of Hovels House brewery, Axel Stockmann has. Tandoori chicken, marinated chicken are in yogurt and lots of exotic spices. In the Hovels House brewery it is served with a chilli and Ginger Sauce, Curried rice and fresh yogurt (14.90). To delete off of delicious sharp judgment, Axel Stockmann recommends to enjoy freshly brewed summer beer. Speciality with which I want to make even tastier the soccer World Cup guests are both”Axel Stockmann says.

Of course also the fan primary health care is secured: all World Cup matches in the Hovels House brewery on a big screen transmitted. Who still wonder why an Indian Court for the football World Cup creates the jump on the specialty card, you will get by Axel Stockmann a surprising answer: have you not heard because that Suresh Kalmadi, President of Indian Olympic Association, announced a few months ago, 2026 wants to pick up the World Cup after India? “, says the restaurateur with a wink. But in fact the original Indian Court in South Africa is rooted. In the course of the migration, tandoori chicken has found his second home in particular in the area around Durban. The city on the East coast of South Africa is home to the largest Indian community outside of Asia and is the venue of the World Cup. Here is the opening match of the German national team. And so closes the circle of the German summer beer to the Indian tandoori chicken…

By Because – Wait And Drink

A seal of approval that might be interested in tea drinkers and tea trinkerinnen tea drinker who is often not easily has it, if he goes to a cafe or restaurant. Tea is the stepchild here, and the staff is often not properly trained. Now, you might upset all day. You can also try finding a solution for it, how to make it better. The company tea home, based on the principles of a modern network, has opted for the second option. A small team consisting of made themselves tea experts, marketing experts, graphic designers, Web developers, and especially the so-called tea-Scouts, on the way, to improve the tea consumption in Germany. Who is tea-drinkers, often not easily has it, if he goes to a cafe or restaurant.

Tea is the stepchild here, and the staff is often not properly trained. Now, you might upset all day. You can also try finding a solution for it, how to make it better. The company tea home, on the principles of a modern network is based, has opted for the second option. A small team consisting of made themselves tea experts, marketing experts, graphic designers, Web developers, and especially the so-called tea-Scouts, on the way, to improve the tea consumption in Germany. We break with the routine that has crept into the Cafes and restaurant over the years\”, so Marc Konemann, thought leader and coordinator of tea home. A routine that the drink has coated with a patina of solid tee and quickly absorbs any emergence of new trends and includes.

The tea industry and the restaurateurs stuck in a cycle from which no easy breaking out seems possible. Just because the sales of recent years are stable, the place deer have little motivation to real innovation. This new, stylish tea brands on the way have made in recent months to blow away the dust and give the spot the hot beverage in Germany, he has long been in other countries.

Plum Jam Recipes – Plum Jam Themselves Make

… therapist and masseur Christian Holzer has a particularly good crop of plums, so consider what so that everything can be done. Some housewives are particularly creative in this direction, they know what they are boil or bake, if they first have plum jam. Plum is usually quickly prepared. There is really so much what must necessarily be tried. In the autumn, it has ensured that even in winter much of the rich fruit harvest remains. You can prepare much of plums and apples.

Plum puree should be serving as storage for the winter. It tastes quite good and healthy. It likes to eat plum jam with pancakes, as a filling in the cakes and the pies. Puree the apples and plums ingredients 1 kg of apples and plums 1 kg – 1 kg sugar, 1 glass of water. The preparation of which core the plums cut apples into small pieces. Put this fruit in a saucepan, pour the water, cover with a lid. Everything is cooked so long, until it is soft. Then not allow to cool, rub through a sieve.

Add to the cooked puree sugar, carefully stir and continue cooking. The puree can be thick or thin, everyone even decides how he wants to have it prefers. Depending on the mass will cook for longer, the sauce is more viscous. “Recipe sauce” from the washed plums the remove the seeds, which place fruit in the enameled saucepan, Cook with a bit of water. The plums must be soft. Rub the hot mass through a sieve after eight minutes and the Cook bring. “Recipe soup with plum jam” soup-puree of rice, apples and frozen plums. Cook the rice. The fresh apples and prunes in small pieces cut, add sugar with the water pour over and cook on a low flame. It must be stirred constantly until the apples are soft. All food together yet so long as they are hot rub through sieve. Then bring to the boil and simmer for another 5 minutes. Put sugar, butter, and salt to taste. Rice- “2/3 glass, apples – 5 pieces, plum – 6 pieces, sugar – 3 TBSP butter – 3 TBSP, wheat bread – 200 g. recipe plum” preparation wash the plums, cut and remove the cores. Turn the plum through the meat grinder. Give the measurements in a wide saucepan or a large pan. Bring to a boil (on medium fire). For getting the liquid state, it is enough if the mass Cook only 5 minutes. If the plum should be thicker, must Cook the mass on 1/3. You can also decide how sweet to be Damson-cheese. Would someone have him particularly sweet, it shall be given immediately after cooking the sugar in the Pflaumenmasse. The proportions are not fixed, they can be different – 0.5: 1 to 2:1 (the weight of the sugar to the weight of the Pflaumenmasse). After the sugars, the puree should simmer for another 5 minutes, of course, you must constantly stir the mass. Who would like to get a very natural plum jam, allowed no sugar in it Stir in the whole thing. Now prepare the jars and lids. It then populates the plum jam.


History of port wine always a discovery! Justifiably, port wine is one of the history of Portugal. Many archaeological remains from the Roman period that have to do with the wine-making can be found in the area around Porto. Religious orders later contributed much to spread viticulture in the whole Douro Valley. In the 17th century, wines from Porto found”a first commercial distribution by increasing imports of England as a result of high taxation of the wines of Bordeaux by French politicians. Merchants from England in search of new wine supplier discovered the advantages of the Douro wines. Agencies were established as a result, 1703 an English Portuguese commercial agreement was finally signed. From this point on, you started with the up strengths of the Douro wines, a technique that should determine the character and soul of the port. First the wines from the Douro had nothing to do with the now famous port wine together.

The wines were dry and full-bodied, but also aromatic and with a high natural alcohol content. To to make more durable with the wine for the long voyage across the sea to England began to intensify the wine with brandy. You could find subsequently that the wine interrupting the natural fermentation lost some of its acidity, kept a part of the sweetness of the grape must was elegant and is duplicated the flavors the birth of port wine. The simple wine from the Douro is turned into vinho”do Porto. The famous Marquis de Pompal, who as a Minister in 1755 reorganized the Portuguese economy after the devastating earthquake of Lisbon, met finally a revolutionary decision: 1757 he ordered to restrict the areas under vines in the Douro Valley and mark the position of the best vineyards with granite blocks. With the aim of achieving highest quality in the exported wines he set precise rules for the cultivation of vines, wine prices, transport and obligatory wine tastings, with whose help he quality monitor, and the production quantity of export demand could adjust.

Portugal had set up already the first denomination of controlled origin almost two centuries before they began in France of famous wine regions, thus. “The founded in 1765 by Royal Decree Companiha geral da Agricultura dos Vinhos do Alto Douro” compliance supervised strictly. Nowhere in the world, a wine region possessed a such strict supervisory body. “Today, this task takes over the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro Porto”. Curious and appetite get? Then test it equal to one of our ports and discover the Special!…

Blessing Rather Than Sin – Doner Is However Slim!

The right mix of fat, protein, and carbohydrates of Kusterdingen is crucial to 15.03.2011. Most people think when a dad not on healthy eating, let alone remove. But of course diet recipe refurbishers brings to light, what many do not consider possible: the popular fast food variation calculated doner kebab is due to their balance in the area of carbohydrates, protein and fat not as unhealthy as commonly thought. Is Doner but beautiful? The online service recipe Sanierer to find free of charge on recipe refurbishers, confirmed: the Doner complies with all its ingredients the running diet condition in all respects. The Feil in 2009 by Dr.

Wolfgang and Herbert Steffny should promote weight loss developed eponymous diet not waiver, but metabolic activation. The specially developed course diet of course diet makes it possible to test favorite recipes and meals recipe refurbishers core element each it now and find out whether they are balanced and metabolic activating effect. To do this it is sufficient to put the ingredients in the recipe refurbishers. In the course, it will be shown what still is missing, so the recipe for activating effect and contributes to weight loss. The user can optimize his recipe so long until it meets the running diet requirements. In addition to the right calorie balance particularly emphasis on the balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Also to ensure that each dish contains enough spices, herbs and vegetables. Lose weight without the yo-yo effect that applies to the Doner kebab, the most diets completely exclude from your diet plans. Wrongly, because one of the most conventional diets have in common: too large without the cravings and the willingness to throw all resolutions over board increases to popular food. Removed those extra pounds are faster then also because of the yo-yo effect again on the ribs, that decline has lasted. Only with a diet, the the Metabolic activated and involving alleged sins such as shawarma or other favorite dishes, you can have sustained success. “Dr. Feil: with the run diet recipes succeed easily and with pleasure, permanently remove 3-10 kg.” About running delicate and balanced eating and lose some weight by the way: that in January 2011 by Dr. Wolfgang Feil founded health and diet portal, headquartered in Kusterdingen, helps slimming willing and conscious thanks to a specially developed diet program with recipe ideas that accelerate the metabolism and help the body to burn nutrients more effectively, to reach their ideal weight. Using a recipe sanierers, user can directly check even free their own recipes and be instructed until they have put together a perfect meal. It aims to improve the nutritional situation in Germany within a very short time. See Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. for more details and insights. Pioneer of the portal is”the 2008 race diet book, which to one of the best sellers in the area of the diets.

Wine Tasting Dinner

Interesting facts about a wine tasting with friends, there are 3 factors that contribute to taste a wine: the grapes, the wine-growing area and the technique of the cellar master. Make sure that a Sauvignon Blanc from France tastes different than a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. A blind taste test can lead to an entertaining and informative evening with friends. And if contributes every bottle of wine, this must be no costly pleasure. Here are a few things that can help you.

The ideal conditions for using wine tasting you clean, odor-neutral glasses and make sure that the area is free of food smell, smoke and perfume fragrance. Also, no flowers and fruit bowls in the vicinity should be. In assessing color, natural light is best. Also, make sure that the wines have the right temperature. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Red wine consumed mostly somewhat too warm, too cold white wine. The ideal temperature varies depending on the grape. The rough guideline for red wine, but so is approx.

18 C below room temperature. White wine should be easy cool, CA have Uncorked. As a neutralizer between the wines, you should provide the best water and bread. How one wine tasted our senses are most grows before dinner and plan a tasting before dinner. Pour the glass of wine only to one-third full, otherwise you can swing it properly. The first step is the evaluation of the appearance of the wine. What color is he? To do so, you hold the glass at best something bias and against a white background. So, you can easily judge the color and clarity of the wine. In the second step, turn the wine. Viscous wines form called tears. They are a sign of a high alcohol content of the wine and say nothing about the quality. Now smell the wine. They have no inhibitions, to stick the nose deep in the glass. What do you smell? Are looking for in your memories and try to assign the flavors. The third step is the taste. Professional wine tasters Slurp and chew the wine. But that is up to you of course. Here, beware the mouth feel, the body of the wine, the intensity and the balance. What do you say to acidity, sweetness, alcohol and tannins? How do you judge the finish? Write if you want to make it a competition, is, that you prepare evaluation sheets. So, anyone can make a your own tasting notes and record points such as grape variety, color, bouquet, taste and review. Maybe you also want to guess from which country or which region comes the wine. Here are no limits their ingenuity. Enjoy the journey of discovery. Petra Naubert New Zealand wine boutique

Cake Baking: Bake With Beautiful Cake Forms The Perfect Cake

Today nobody can imagine, if he bakes a cake or a loaf of bread, that he should give up the beloved bread baking pan or cake pan. There are bread baking tins, baking dishes and also back part today in a variety of materials. There are baking pans made of tinplate, tins of black metal, tins of enamel. All this baking pans, no matter whether bread tins or baking frame or cake tins, have very different properties and are they are made different by the price, depending on how good. Enamel baking moulds have a hard, smooth surface and it is very advantageous that they are not sensitive, so that you can cut his cake or bread in them without hesitation.

You should grease but still good baking enamel before use. Due to the good heat conduction of this baking enamel, it saves energy when baking. Cake tins of black sheet are mostly non-stick coating and should therefore practically never be lubricated and still goes to solve the cake or bread without any problems from the cake pan or bread baking. This kind of Form is people not for rather less Abwaschfreudige however, since they are often not dishwashers. Not consider also, anyway to do it, because the material is very sensitive, so you also not should cut it. Not to underestimate the danger is, if the material is not damaged, because then can get materials from the baking-Tin in the cake, which are very harmful to health. The cheapest variant of cake baking, bread baking, or back part of each form is the tinplate.

tinplate is Tin plated iron sheet. For this, they should be lubricated but very good to get the cake out of shape after. Also this is material, as also black metal, very sensitive to cuts, why no case should be cut. There are now on the market a relatively new variant of bread baking, as well as the cake tins, silicone baking moulds. These are flexible in the material, so are cakes or bread from this well off to resolve. All they have to the younger generation are wondering, where are baking pans actually, so what went the advance and what have the people probably used to do without these super tools? The use of dishes or bowls preceded some tins which were originally made from stoneware. This is a hole in a so-called Gugelhupf Cake Pan in the Middle, is likely therefore, that were later discovered, that a faster and more even heat distribution is given through a hole in the middle. All those who like to bake are certainly glad that today there cake tins, baking tins and baking frame in all forms and variants to bake as beautiful and tasty cakes and breads. Now, nothing left to wish you as much fun when baking.

Interesting Facts

Useful about the vegetables highlight of spring asparagus season starts in April and ends on the 24th of June. Whether classic hollandaise sauce with ham or as a base for a delicious salad the variants of the preparation are for the highlight of the spring kitchen inexhaustible. This vegetable is also compatible with fish and meat. But tasty dishes can be conjured up with noodles. Having just 25 calories, 100 grams of asparagus even conscious can enjoy this delicious vegetables without remorse. As a general rule: asparagus dishes using only fresh asparagus. Buy therefore the best asparagus from the local region, the shorter transport distances, the more fresh.

A delicious cream of asparagus can be cooked from older plants and upgrading waste. Season the asparagus dishes always restrained preserve the fine aroma. Cut the freshness test: First about 5 mm from the bottom and then the interface easily compress. If it clearly visible some juice comes out, is the asparagus still fresh enough. Wrapped in a damp cloth, the asparagus in the fridge holds approximately 2-3 days. Fresh frozen, he thinks he’s up to half a year in the freezer.

Do not thaw the frozen asparagus, but directly in the saucepan. Asparagus dishes can be warmed up easily in the rest. Asparagus contains important vitamins (vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2) and trace elements (phosphorus, calcium and potassium). Keep it, should be some salt in the cooking water, where a half completely enough teaspoons of salt per litre of water. Any bitter (particularly in the green asparagus) are neutralized with a pinch of sugar. A little butter and a splash of lemon juice, round off the taste. Lemon juice should not, however, be used with green asparagus, because otherwise this can lose color. Asparagus cooking about losing 50 percent of vitamins, he should be cooked best upright in an asparagus pot with strainer.

Spring Fever Ade!

Original Tibetan Goji berries for more power and vitality Hamburg, April 2008 Verkehrte Welt! Outside the most beautiful Sun’s rays lure, but at the same time the spring fever makes us tired and listless. What is actually behind the season-low? The fact is: after the body in women requires winter especially iron and vitamin C. iron is important for the transport of oxygen, respiration and energy production. These functions of the body are disrupted, we feel down, just tired of spring”. Stars have discovered a Tibetan fruit such as Madonna and Kate Moss as an antidote, which is known for a long time as a real energy booster: the Tibetan Goji Berry, a vitamin-C bomb at the same time very high iron content. The company Worldfruit which now basing original Gojis Tibet authentic Germany health-conscious forward. Cause of the iron deficiency in this time of year tends to be the burden of the immune system due to colds and the weather changes. Da are all supplies of vitamin C requires, which are in turn so important, so that any iron from the diet can be recorded: vitamin C must be open so to speak only the important trace element by increasing the oxygen transport in the blood.

Stimulant like coffee and black tea and milk products have the opposite effect, by the way, they are true iron predator”. The right combination of nutrients is the be-all and end-all, to prevent iron deficiency especially in the spring and again correctly fit. Straight women have through menstruation usually increase consumption of iron, by normal”diet is hard to cover. And here, Tibetan Goji comes into play: 100 grams of dried berries from Tibet already cover the daily requirement of an adult with 12.2 milligrams iron. Moreover they taste especially good pur in the cereal as a snack in between meals or as a delicious treat with chocolate or yogurt coating. In the spring it is important the iron storage”of several weeks to replenish best with natural foods such as Tibetan Goji, which contain both vitamin C and iron.

Nature can taste so good: packed without additives and preservatives berries from Tibet authentic in 150-gram bags are distributed exclusively by the Hamburger Worldfruit GmbH in Germany. There are the berries to the recommended sales price of 6,99 Euro so far only via the online shop or in selected Delicatessen stores, health food stores or pharmacies. Tibet authentic Tibet authentic at the same time supports the farmers and monks in the region and has committed to fair trade. The company owns the exclusive marketing rights worldwide original Tibetan Goji berries. About Worldfruit the company WORLDFRUIT, based in Hamburg, it is committed to the target, to market fruit & vegetables, but mostly healthy, vitamin-rich dried fruits from all over the world under the aspect of sustainability in Europe. WORLDFRUIT wants to show the conscious consumer that he with his decision for an article from the own series more than just a healthy and high-quality product purchases. Each client supports not only the biological cultivation, but with fair trade also the generator on site.

Responsibility For Consumer

The butcher’s bricklayer from Nuremberg informed for weeks, more bad news from the German animal husbandry scare consumers. Hundreds of animal farms stand still while the media paint a frightening picture of the condition of the meat production that scared many people. The Nuremberg butcher Maurer shows that not all producers of meat products operate unscrupulous sales increases at the expense of the consumer. Their long-standing pursuit shows transparency and quality these days, that the manufacture of sausage and meat products may be associated with a real sense of responsibility for the consumer. An increasing desire set in the course of the last years always cheaper meat products. While many consumers welcomed this development, she promoted at the same time irresponsible business practices, the consequences of which are reflected in the current dioxin scandal, which threaten the existence of hundreds, seven farms. It is evident at present once more, food not to the brutal savings that are but health reasons necessarily require high quality.

For consumers, paying the price of of all food whether with money or their health. For the Nuremberg butcher Maurer, a responsible quality orientation of the basis is entrepreneurial action. From the day of it was founded in the year 2000 the committed team of employees of the company in the interest of its customers did everything, to deliver only top quality sausage and meat products. Multiple product awards bear witness to the continuing quality of these efforts. At the heart of the butcher shop quality endeavor, controlled compliance with particularly strict quality guidelines face the customers through regular inspections and at any time guaranteed transparency. Transparency means that their customers are always able to find out in detail about all additives used in the sausage and meat products of the company and the origin of their meat for butcher’s Maurer. Please contact the Nuremberg selchwarenerzeugung and information comprehensive meat experts to their products, because its products exclusively manufactured with the best meat from welfare, they stand firmly. Answering questions for the production of high-quality sausage and meat products butcher Maurer in Nuremberg, is available for love as well as for a detailed explanation of its quality policy. Press contact butcher Maurer contact person: Mrs Sanford on the Werderau 12 90441 Nuremberg Germany phone: 0911 / 642 60 99 fax: 0911 / 486 44 56 email: Homepage: