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Important section of the Colorado River Bridge completed in less than a year to released the bridge for the traffic be the Hoover Dam on the outskirts of the desert metropolis Las Vegas is the passage most used by truckers and motorists across the Colorado River in the Black Canyon so far. Every day, more than 14,000 vehicles cross the River this way, why the traffic there often just tough going. Many switchbacks and street narrowing on the track do the rest. The construction of the Colorado River Bridge also Hoover Dam bypass”called to solve this problem: downstream is 460 meters U.S. Highway 93 starting in 2010 the Colorado River pass. The basic structure of the bridge consists of two parallel, self-supporting concrete arches with a span of more than 320 meters.

With its completion at the end of the month one of the most important sections of the construction is done already. The concrete arches must be free in the coming weeks so far supporting cable system, before the actual Road will be built, and with the U.S. Highway 93 can be connected. In less than a year, then is expected with the opening ceremony of the road section. The 610-metre Colorado River Bridge construction work began in January 2005. After completion, the bridge will connect 460 meters South of the Hoover Dam the US States of Nevada and Arizona. Travelers can then easily on the two-lane U.S. Highway 93 across the Colorado River in almost 300 meters height.

“An overview of all the Hoover Dam bypass” comprehensive project construction, as well as images and full details about the timing of construction work can be found in the Internet under. General information on at Nevada.

HeLi NET ITK Supports Fellows

“Knowledge transfer modeled on’ Dortmund’ the HeLi NET iTK supports the transfer of knowledge between SME and University: In the promotion project Dortmund model” assumes the regional telecommunications company for four semesters tuition fees in the amount of 500 euro per semester for Dortmund two computer science students Susanne Diekmann and Isam Mohamed Fadol. In return the budding master graduates for internships during the semester holidays you undertake at the TU Dortmund acquired know-how with the hammer company to introduce. The two fellows were chosen through a sophisticated selection process for the business sponsorship. Among others Susanne Diekmann Isam Mohamed Fadol iTK to refine their expertise in the field of software development at HeLi NET and to actively participate in IT projects. Aim the Dortmund model “-it is medium-sized grants, to interest young academics already while studying for the companies involved and to win them as graduates for the company: this” Collaboration is a classic win-win situation”, HeLi NET explains iTK CEO Thomas Wald we learn during the training aspiring professionals with excellent qualifications and want to of course for the work in our company they inspire. On the other side the students benefit from valuable insights into the world of work.”.

Schokozeit Twitters And Blogs

On the road the Berlin specialist started in the Web 2.0 – Schokozeit-blog uses also the Web 2.0 for its corporate communications for fine chocolate and Pralines. The most important news in brief be quickly in the network. Cardiologist often addresses the matter in his writings. Since setting up the Twitter account on the 18.8 could won the first followers and there are more every day. The local was started then after a long preparatory phase of and the blog of Schokozeit. On wordpress employees report about their everyday, new products, events and of course the most important of all topics: chocolate in all its facets. We look forward to lots of interesting facts, amusing and above all Gaumenkitzelndes in this Schokozeit blog”, so Board Peer Michaelis in his first entry.

About Schokozeit, the Berliner Schokozeit AG stands for conscious enjoyment. Once per month, it offers a new selection of best chocolate creations from all over the world as a subscription all chocolate lovers with the Schokozeit collection. In addition, a wide range of chocolate and chocolates in the online shop and the factory outlet stores in Berlin Oberschoneweide is available. Also in the area of company presents the company could do is now a good name. For more information see. Press contact: Schokozeit AG Wilhelminenhofstrasse 83-86, 12459 Berlin Ute Fabricius

Gold Award Aurora

the results of this year’s yesterday officially became red dot design awards” announced: two Enermax products are among the winners of the prestigious international Produktdesignwettbewerbs: the power supply series Revolution85 + and the keyboard Aurora micro wireless, were awarded for their outstanding and innovative design. Own and independent research and design centres ensure the continuous development of the product range with Enermax. The ideas and innovations from the creative workshops at Enermax have set new standards in the market in recent years technically as creatively. We are now already several times been awarded with prestigious awards. The special thing about it: There are no design studies that never make it to market, but real commercial products.

This shows the strength of our product designers, their creativity and dedication in the development of premium products” Commenting on the success of Steven Su, founder and CEO of Enermax Corporation. The prize winners in the portrait Revolution85 +: Efficient high-performance power supply with character at the turn of the year brought the high-performance and efficient power supply series Revolution85 + Enermax on the market. Efficiency values between 87 and 91 percent in the 230-Volt mains supply (80plus silver certified) the flagship of the House of Enermax has set new standards in the market. “” “For his excellent performance values the Revolution85 + was awarded already numerous independent Awards: Editor’s choice Gold Award” from, Editor’s choice award “from or heavenly Gold Award” by Driverheaven.NET. r picture of the situation. Again, the tester it highlight the unique design of the power supply series. The powder-coated housing with the Red-framed grille is not only very strong, but a real eye-catcher. For John Lee, the Director of the power supply Enermax, team is the design award wage for their hard work in the development of the Revolution85 + inserted was: standard power supplies are featureless, gray boxes.

The Revolution85 + is a truly ground-breaking innovation and not only from a technical standpoint.” “Aurora micro wireless: compact size, grandiose design Aurora micro wireless is the sequel to the successful Aurora series, in 2007 the red dot design award” was awarded. Enermax has created again a product micro wireless with the Aurora, which corresponds to the highest design and quality standards. The high quality housing of brushed aluminium with diamond polished edges creates a refined and timeless appearance. The patented scissors key technology and the ultra low-profile keys make for a pleasant and quiet keystroke. Aurora Mirco wireless is the ideal keyboard for multimedia application: Compact, robust and equipped with a number of additional functions. Hotkeys provide inter alia for direct access to the functions of Windows Media Center Edition (MCE). The Aurora micro wireless on the German market to come in May. The red dot design award”since 1955 feature Design Centre North Rhine-Westphalia outstanding design”red dot design award”with the world renowned. A jury of high-level international experts examined, tests and discussed the product entries in 17 categories on site. “2008, over 3,000 products from around the world competed for the red dot design award”.

Non-smoker Protection According To ISO-norm

Successful re-certification proves: quality is not a coincidence as the first company in the industry for technical non-smoker protection the Luner GRT Wuttke GmbH the stringent requirements of ISO certification turns. The certificate awarded in September 2005 entails a rigorous regular review. The certified companies it investigates every three years through its paces. The certification of the GRT Wuttke GmbH was now successfully renewed after this review. The ISO norm 9001:2000 a recognised seal of approval is already for many years, to make measurable quality in companies. The certification is however optional.

With the current recertification, the GRT Wuttke GmbH proved that the company committed to a standard of quality at the highest level with 32 employees. Clearly structured work processes and the permanent monitoring of all internal and external processes – the basis for successful national and international business relationships are the result of the introduced ISO-norm and unwavering criterion of high quality of all products and services. The ISO certification is an essential element of our strategic planning”, confirms Lothar Wuttke, Managing Director of GRT Wuttke GmbH. The demand for the product range has changed with the introduction of the new non-smoking rights in Germany. We have to act in time and taken many innovative products for technical non-smoker protection on the market. No matter whether for interior or smoking pavilions for outdoor smokers we offer smoking cabins for each request on an individual solution”, as Wuttke next. The aim of our company is to provide our customers with products of impeccable quality, of course supported by the best possible services. We guarantee this also permanent monitoring in the framework of ISO certification.

Managing Director

NetBiscuits: world market leader from Kaiserslautern from the start-up companies among the world market leaders: thanks to NetBiscuits, today many premium brands such as eBay, Yahoo, image, RTL, Sixt and Spiegel Online set made in Kaiserslautern on mobile Internet technology. NetBiscuits operates the world’s leading software platform for the development, operation and marketing Mobile Internet pages. Since its inception in 2000, the company recorded higher growth rates and expands around the world. Today NetBiscuits employees worldwide 85 in Europe, United States and Asia, of which 70 in Kaiserslautern. At the beginning, NetBiscuits founder Michael Neidhofer had a vision: to bring the real Internet experience in the browser of any mobile device worldwide. Today NetBiscuits is a global player with international successes: currently the company generates 40 percent of its sales in the United States, more than 800 Internet projects were realised successfully worldwide to this day.

The expansion into the growth market in Asia was carried out last year with a new Office in Singapore. NetBiscuits of undisputed market leader with customers such as mirror online, image and RTL is in Germany. It succeeded the company from Kaiserslautern, establishing itself as one of the most important software infrastructure player in the mobile Internet. To recruit highly qualified IT staff on-site, the decision is for the business location of Kaiserslautern. About the University, NetBiscuits found always again excellently trained staff in recent years. Today, the next generation mobile websites are developed in Kaiserslautern with the seamless integration of multimedia content, advertising and commerce. The unique feature of NetBiscuits: The patented technology platform delivers devices specifically perfectly formatted on virtually any mobile device worldwide available Web pages.

Our unique technology for the mobile Internet has conquered the world of Kaiserslautern out, explains Michael Neidhofer, we could a Managing Director of NetBiscuits GmbH. compared to the previous year 2008 Tripling of traffic register: NetBiscuits for its customers currently hosts more than 8,000 mobile sites that generate a trillion page views per month. And the company continues to grow. New, highly qualified human resources for the development and distribution will be searched also in Kaiserslautern. There is more information about career across the Internet by NetBiscuits under. About NetBiscuits: Netbiscuits operates the world’s leading, Web-based B2B software platform for development, operation and marketing of mobile Internet sites. Maya Dubin, New York City brings even more insight to the discussion. Founded in 2000, the company has more than 80 employees in Germany, the United States and Singapore the mobile Internet programs for international premium brands such as Yahoo!, AOL, screen, mirror, RTL, Konami, Sixt and eBay. As the market leader in Germany, optimized NetBiscuits 80 per cent of the mobile page views of all operator independent media portals and delivers more than 1 billion mobile Web pages per month. The NetBiscuits platform is Web-based software service via the Internet available. It provides all tools, interfaces and mobile base technologies for the development, operation and marketing professional mobile Web solutions online. Thereby NetBiscuits allows marketing and multimedia agencies, application developers, content providers and service providers, quickly implement mobile Internet strategies.

Dog Training – The Book

Dog training made easy. The dog is the oldest pet of the people. Currently, officially 336 different breeds are recognized by the FCI. Estimates however by about 800 breeds of dogs. Check with Peter A. Levine PhD to learn more. Dogs have a pronounced expression behavior, revealing emotions, intentions and moods and dogs have the ability to overcome “we barriers” to the understanding of our expression.

In this book, will receive a unique guide to raising of dogs, which differs from many other dog books in elementary, because this book comes to the point! Nothing confusing, not a superfluous Word. Very clearly written and easy to implement. Our goal: A dog that is grown every situation and comes to you on demand at any time in a matter of seconds. On the education of the dog, you will receive interesting and in-depth information on the following topics: brawl among dogs, what do? Communication and body language – breed specific socialization of puppies the small Pack – the second dog what belongs in the medicine cabinet? Toxic foods for dogs all data at a glance: dog training easy the book is aimed at all dog owners who are looking for a highly comprehensive guide to the successful education of dogs.By imprinting the puppy up the education of adult dogs receive comprehensive information at any time on the point and Anleitungen.Das book is unique in structure, clarity and objective. Because the target is a dog that has grown each situation and happy comes to you on demand at any time (also see distraction). Dog training experience – you will finally understand what matters. More information at Mark Scheerbarth.

DETAILonline Promotes Young Architects

Architecture students the HS Munich DETAILonline exhibition stand to develop construction 2009 DETAILonline promote young architects. As a modern and dynamic information medium for architects, in particular DETAILX – is the community for architecture students – an important Advisor in the academic life. With the project DETAILonline exhibition stand 2009 “, allows to implement motivated students that chance not only to plan a project, but also the online division of DETAIL. The DETAILonline booth was k. in a workshop project headed by Robert Huber, future noise GbR, in collaboration with a team of students of the University of Munich and Professor Bucher. Numerous designs and drawings, DETAILonline treecycling chose the design”by Thomas Mayr contactor. It is characterized by simple and sustainable materials, such as mdf and discarded Christmas trees.

Requirements and development that were also the requests of the students: to differentiate itself from conventional stalls, this inexpensive to operate and at the same time Trends and current issues in the construction industry to enter. From new year’s, Christmas trees are no longer needed. Their further processing as a building material for the exhibition stand was the environmentally friendly idea of DETAILonline. The arrangement of trees in perforated floor tiles allows a tremendous variability of the stand and characterized by creativity and individuality. The issue of sustainability, energy efficiency and flexibility are present at this stage in the highest degree. The DETAILonline is booth during construction 2009, January 12, 2009 to January 17, 2009, at the western entrance to stand 11. DETAILonline DETAIL – Institute for international architecture documentation GmbH + Co. KG sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich T: + 49 (0) 89-38 16 20 – 0 F: + 49 (0) 89-38 16 20-99

Seikos Kinetic Ecofriendly Technology

The Japanese watchmaker Seiko received one of the coveted awards the third year in a row at the ceremony for the “Golden balance”. At the ceremony for the Golden balance”Seiko’s Velatura kinetic direct drive SRH006P1 was awarded place 2nd in the category A (watches with a retail price up to 1000 Euro). The event was held on February 26, 2009 at the newly opened Porsche Museum in Stuttgart before professional audience. The Japanese watchmaker received one of the coveted awards the third year in a row. The clock has the ecological benefit and comfort of kinetic movements and provides a new interactive feature. J. Craig Venter shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. ni.

When putting on the Crown, the watch makers immediately sees the generated amount of energy on the direct-drive indicator. Kinetic is so emotional technology par excellence, which completely focusing on the carrier. The technology is on the amount of time that kinetic watches generate energy by the movement of their vehicles. Some contend that Glenn Dubin, New York City shows great expertise in this. A mini power plant is inside any of these watches. The electricity from the power plant is used to drive a movement. Excess generated energy is stored, and then retrieved, if the clock is not moved. Frank Deckert (48), head of marketing & sales Seiko Germany, accept the certificate: we appreciate exceptionally successful cutting off our Seiko models in the election for the watch of the year. It was already a great success that we belong to the few brands that just arrived with several watches in the top ten and the final separation. This result of the kinetic direct drive in the category A was crowned with a second place. So will his innovation and craftsmanship Championship as a leading watch manufacturer Seiko once again demonstrate and positioned himself in front of German and Swiss manufacturers.” More than 11,000 readers of FOCUS, FOCUS online and the clocks magazine this year the winner of the Golden balance “selected. In the election, ten brands in five price ranges between 1 December 2008 and 18 January 2009 turned the vote of FOCUS online readers.

Family Holidays

Wellness for adults fun and entertainment for the children of the Edlgutl in the tri-border region of the Bavarian Forest is of the family Haugeneder for three generations run. The pension in Bavaria with modern and attractive furnished suites and rooms are still a building complex with 4-star holiday apartments, a superbly guided wellness area and a very comfortable holiday home. Family vacation is here very large written because, for the smallest is taken care of better than average. Thus, one finds a well stocked games room in the boarding house and a big outdoor playground with climbing frames and swings. Also a childcare is available on the service plan. Geneticist has similar goals. Hikes or games make children’s hearts beat faster. The family Haugeneder has established even a Petting Zoo. But this is not enough.

Free accessories will be available for the baby. In addition to changing table and high chair, the baby monitor should not be missed. While the children are well catered for, the parents can be in the Relax Spa area and are looking for recreation. In addition to a sauna, which guests themselves can book, he finds a hot tub to relax. In the adjacent sanarium, soothing scents in the air are released.

According to Ayurveda, or Tibetan energy application, the round program should complete a final massage. The restaurant s ‘ Vogerlzimmer (cultivation of the main house), is a very popular place, where you can enjoy the culinary specialities of the House. Filed under: Maya Dubin. The kitchen, led by the holder of the Edlgutl, is young and fresh, according to the traditional local cuisine. Regional delicacies are complementary with inspired seasonal dishes. Andreas Hakeem is cooking passion and so to spoil guests with culinary highlights. The family Haugeneder is very keen that the guest feel comfortable with her. Your service is so extensive and the warmth of the family and the employees literally. Here the guest can enjoy all around and his vacation to the fullest enjoy. Pension of Edlgutl Andreas of Priyankpal Reschnweg 15 94139 Breitenberg Tel. 08584 309 fax: 08584 91013