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Medical Care

These include the daily care of textiles, clothing and footwear and housing. Ways and means of establishing personal relationships in the family, group, public disclosed in the subjects' family 'and' Culture of behavior. " Children are taught how to behave at the table in a store, transport and t.d.Vazhnuyu role shaping the children and skills development to use means of communication, transport, shops and medical help. These skills form when those "Transport", "Trade," "Communication", "Medical Care." Lessons on social orientation conducted with children primary and secondary group 1 time per week, with children older and a preparatory group twice a week. Organize these activities so that children have the opportunity to observe the actions of adults and participated in them.

Of great importance is the gradual formation of skills, providing the simplest to master at first, and then more complex actions. Tiflopedagog method uses the phase display and refinement of all elements actions with each child. It is also used verbal regulation and correction actions of children. Visual aids for lessons on social orientation is chosen in view of obtaining high-sided information about objects or phenomena being studied. Children are introduced to the subjects of the nearest environment, teach them to perform certain actions in accordance with the appointment. Submissions received expanded and fixed in specially organized didactic and narrative role-playing games, on trips and talks. For knowledge and skills in social and consumer orientation of the applied variety of instructional techniques: explanation, display, plot and role-playing games, excursions. A great place for special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation of the plot and play role-playing game.

In games, improved object-action, formed compensatory ways of knowing the world. During the games in an accessible and entertaining way assimilated standards generally accepted behavior, form of interaction and communication skills with peers and adults. Tiflopedagog in the process of implementing the program on social orientation has the following objectives: – To help children adapt to kindergarten .- To help children adapt to treatment and recovery process .- teach children to regulate their conduct in the elementary situations of life (in everyday life, in communicating with peers and adults) in accordance with generally accepted standards .- Prepare a solid foundation for successful self-employment of children in school. To achieve the identified objectives the following tasks: 1. The education of children of adequate representation of the outside world to based disorders (for visually impaired children with strabismus and amblyopia) or residual (blind children) and vision intact analyzers in children of all kategoriy.2. The education of children the ability to comprehend and reflect in speech perceived by their subjects, their attributes, properties, kachestva.3. Teaching children to understand and correct reflection of the essence of speech events and yavleniy.4. Development in children visual-spatial adaptation (ie required volume of spatial concepts and skills, if they can freely and independently navigate in space and communicate with their environment). 5. Implementation relationship maintenance special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation with general studies and with the work of carers with children in everyday life. Thus, in special remedial classes on social and consumer orientation of the children formed their understanding of their sensory capabilities, adequate self-esteem, the ability to orient himself in the simplest of household and social situations.

Wolfgang Radhouane Kalan

forget-me-not is communication with a new partner and three new power ranges on the market. Thus the uberlinger communication specialist among the owner-managed agencies now has an offer that is unusual in its breadth. The company makes fit for the care of large national and international brands. in 2008, the forget-me-not Werbeagentur GmbH was founded, 2010 launched the forget-me-not PR unit. Now, the company widened its range again. With the forget-me-not event unit under Jochen Stark went a third power range at the start in July 2013. The Business Manager offers a wide range of services the Agency customers.

This ranges from the planning and organization of annual meeting, conferences, B2B events, fairs, company anniversaries, Christmas celebrations to the successful product placement, incentives, or sporting events. Since may, 2013, forget-me-not cooperates also in partnership with GMCTechnology. The Salem company has the Specialized technology consulting international operating companies. Technology consulting is business consulting from the innovation and technology perspective to the understanding of GMCTechnology, because founder and owner Schadnusch Nejad is a recognized technology expert. After his professional career at Bosch Nejad held leading positions at various technology companies and established itself with the ATMvision AG and ATMgroup GmbH successful high-tech companies in the area of measuring and inspection systems, and nanotechnology.

ZGMCTechnology myosotis shares in future market research conducted by Kathleen Nejad. The diploma in business administration and Bachelor of Arts worked among other things at Bosch in the central marketing, as well as the MTU in the strategic management and ATMvision. Their performance portfolio ranges from customer and image analysis on international market research, competitive analysis, case studies of individual market or customer segments and studies on market developments to support the product, design and communication optimization or use tests. With the three new service areas, forget-me-not as owner-managed agency now offers a range of services, which is unparalleled in its breadth and Lake Constance in Baden-Wurttemberg. Contact person for questions: Wolfgang Radhouane Kalan, 07551 9472911, Jochen Stark, 01525 360 5715, Kathleen Nejad, 07553 82098800, basic information to forget-me-not: > founded: 2008 > company: independent, owner-managed > divisions: forget-me-not Werbeagentur GmbH (Wolfgang Radhouane Kalan, Achim Gunter, Jens Schroder), forget-me-nots (Antje Efkes) PR unit, forget-me-not event unit (Jochen stark), GMCTechnology market research (Kathleen Nejad), GMCTechnology technology consulting (Schadnusch Nejad) > employees: 18 > references: alsecco, Baden-Wurttemberg, Deutsche Post, Draenert, EDEKA, ELCO, Hymer Leichtmetallbau, Rieker, Ravensburger u.a > operation: project management, oriented to the GWA-standard > creativity: “1 x Gold at advertising professional of 2012, 4 x in the year book of advertising 2013 > mission: brand makes an unforgettable experience!”


But it takes the way very well-taken care of it is of great volume and it can costs its survival. Revolt of fast and efficient form was directed for the door and immediately it started to tread its way, when completing the end of the third day, it had passed for as many barriers, it faced the egoism, the disaffection, and was capable to win its proper fear. When arriving at the end of its passage Revolt of far it sighted the old Wisdom, and quickly it was come close kneel itself saying: – Wisdom master of all the scholars of – me the agreement of what it is happiness? Wisdom quickly with its calm and calm voice, said: – It goes to north of this mountain where a pretty field of flowers exists called Perfection, exists all there the types of flowers and of the most extinct species, it searchs with it I assist of the gardener the reply that as much searchs and returns immediately to this exactly local, where we are talking. Wisdom before Revolt initiated its day, informed, to carry through this passage will go to enter accurate 15 days, moreover, the time necessary to find the reply that as much searchs. Passed the 15 days Revolt it said the gardener: I am Revolt and I came the order of the master Wisdom and search the agreement of what really it is happiness? The gardener quickly searched in its closet a great book of black layer, that catalogued all the species of flowers that if found planted in that field. Passed three days the gardener he said: – He looks at for this line has a blank space I have all the flowers that can exist less is that as much looks for, returns immediately and speaks with Wisdom, therefore it will only be able to indicate to it what to make.

Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez

FRAY DIEGO TADEO GONZLEZ (1733-1794) returned to stay asleep, and seated me I found next to a fountain, looking at his very attentive murmur; and being funny there arrived hurriedly. Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez. THE voice of the PREACHER’s tone erotic love poetry of Fray Diego are directed to two women disguised with poetic names Melisa and Mirta, but that obviously hiding two real women of Cadiz and Seville. However, the life of Fray Diego was example of honesty. He loved how he met was friendly says his biographer-because it was good, and attempted to celebrate with his verses the heavenly gifts he admired in any beauty, but in some verses so pure and chaste as his soul.

Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez was born in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca province, in 1733, and at eighteen took the habit of St. Augustine and professed in San Felipe el Real of Madrid. He studied in the capital of Spain and in Salamanca, held important positions in the Augustinian order, He became Inspector General of Andalusia, Prior of loa convents of Salamanca, Pamplona and Madrid, Secretary of the province of Castile and Rector of the Colegio de Dona Maria de Aragon. Fray Diego had since childhood passion of poetry, which was formed to reading, to learn them from memory, the great Latin Classics and Spanish, particularly Horacio and Fray Luis de Leon. Like this, he liked to retire, provided that it was possible, to the orchard of the arrow, where enjoyed reminding the master who managed to imitate with notable approximation. Along with Melendez Valdes, was the most important poet of the salmantine School of the 18th, for example stimulated Cadalso and Jovellanos. He was also known with the poetic name of Delium. Fray Diego Tadeo Gonzalez died in Madrid on 10 September 1794. Fray Diego was a tender and delicate, character who loved, who treated him, by its plain modesty and kindness.

World Cup

A Greek or Trojan soldier into combat not moved (to follow the reference) If an Eagle gave a bad flying in the sky; or if the viscera of a slaughtered bird revealed something sinister. Not to be by the Octopus Paul of the recent World Cup, which was right all results that predicted, not seems to be in the present sources reliable prediction, as corresponds to a time so scientific and shredder of myths which that vivimios. The distrust of everything, even of those vates that you advise, we end up relying on ourselves, almost exclusively, as well corresponds to a modern and post-modern era which advocates to reason as the gift personal, divine and up to contradivino. There are no gods. And so the tale, us is not to us more than ourselves, i.e. reason, logic, the aid of science, political and social. As said our philosopher J.R. Guillent Perez, speaking of the Greeks, by the way, and the message of his philosophy: the man has to be free, has to live without gods.

So the analysis we have to try to predict the future, the consideration in cold the facts, in the middle of the deployment of a mental act very contrary to the implicated in any surrealist or chaotic theory, it observes the Suppression of reason. More how much if you intend to augur is our own security. It exaggerates the effect of a simple visit for the sake of a long-awaited chance of death President Hugo Chavez has been invited to attend the inauguration of the new President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos; and apparently, as it has projected toward the media, the first judge debate is between going or not. No doubt an audacious Act, no more thinking about it, the more in their hesitation. Logic and reason, which is what we have left, as we said, shout temperance, coldness into consideration.