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Floor Exercises

Technique. Sit on the floor so that your feet are placed at the bottom of the block. Wrap stocked with feet shoulder strap, and attach it to the bottom of the unit. Lie on the floor, and slide back, pulling the rope of the lower block. Straighten your arms back and grab a solid footing.

If you use a lower block simulator for crossovers, grasp the opposite end of the simulator. Can serve as a support and legs partner. Lift the pelvis, pull knees bent legs to his chest by bending his back and trying to "get rolled up into a ball, then slowly return to starting position. Perform 3 sets using a weight with which you can do 12-15 repetitions. 3 best exercises for isolating targeted, isolated elaboration abdominal muscles 1. Twisting the torso from the upper block effect of exercise. Concentrated study of the abdominal muscles with an emphasis on the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle.

Technique. Go to the top box (usually used a simulator to perform crossovers), and attach the rope handle. This exercise can be done sitting in a back and face of toward the upper block. Sank to her knees, and securely lock the handle arm in back of the head or around the shoulders. Leans forward, arching his back and pulling the thoracic to the pelvic area. Avoid movements hip joint, just a "twist" and "unroll" the spine. Perform 10-15 repetitions, concentrating on the sensations in the rectus abdominis. 2. Twisting with abdominal bench Effect exercises.