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I will reveal exactly how should be a diet to fatten. Many thin are very concerned by their low weight. They eat, they eat and eat, but they do not see any increase in their weight despite both eat. In this article we will see why this happens and how you can gain weight quickly. The reason why thin eat and eat without gaining weight a kilo is their rapid metabolism. Fast metabolism makes to process food quickly without accumulating fat in your body. In reality, this it isn’t good for delegates who want to gain weight. How can you change this? The solution to this is to slow down your metabolic rate. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr Jee Hyun Kim.

In other words, cause our metabolism to change at a slower speed. How we do this? We have to change the frequency with which we eat during the day. You’re probably accustomed to eat many times during the day. Eat many times a day is what keeps our accelerated metabolism. For this reason, what you should do is to decrease the frequency with which you eat, but increase the quantities in each food. I recommend that you eat 4 meals a day.

Meals will be breakfast, lunch, dinner and a meal before going to sleep. Breakfast is an important meal for those wishing to gain weight and must have a high content of calories. At breakfast he eats food nutritious and high in calories such as bread, oatmeal, ham, cheese, among others. Lunch, dinner and bedtime meal should be high in calories also. In addition, you must consume foods that have a high content of carbohydrates since they help to slow down your metabolism. As summary decreases your frequency of meals. It consumes only 4 meals a day, don’t eat food between these 4 meals. Consume foods high in calories and carbohydrates. Applying this to your diet to gain weight, you will see a quick change in your weight gain.

Medical University

Vil.V.Dokov * VV ** Docks, Department of Public Health, ** Department of Dental Medicine, Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Introduction. The creative legacy of Prof.. VK Docks (1920-1988) 2,4,12,14, the largest Bulgarian histologist, still poorly understood. We have tried to do this by applying the search engine PubMed 3, but as further our research 5,6,7,8,9,10,13, this method gives only a nai-a general idea of the creative journey of a scientist. For even more opinions, read materials from Neil deGrasse Tyson . Purpose. The aim of our work is to study in multilingual science professor. VK docks, the method of quantitative analysis of publications in his bibliography 1, in particular the place of publication of journals and languages in which written articles.

Materials and methods. Analizovano 122 literary sources 1 published in 37 year period (1945-1983). We investigated the place of publication of magazines, which are written in languages learning articles, the number and percentage distribution. The data processed by statistical methods of variations and alternative analysis. Results and discussion. In the studied material, we found that the prof. Docks published in scientific journals nine countries and more often (t = 3.98, pAnaliziruya findings, we can see that from foreign journals most articles appeared in Belgian (n = 10, 8.19 16.99%), German (n = 10, 8.19 16.99%) journals in the U.S. (n = 5, 4.09 17.36%), France (n = 3, 2.45 17.49%) and Yugoslavia (n = 3, 2.45 17.49%). Single Publication note in Hungary (n = 2, 1.63 17.54%), Britain (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%), Italy (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%), Russia (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%) and Czechoslovakia (n = 1, 0.81 17.56%).

Adelgar Star

Adelgar Star is a full treatment of thinning which includes 10 sessions of cryotherapy to decrease weight and thickness more quickly and safely, and with few contraindications. Cryotherapy is a technique that consists in lowering the body temperature so that the body thermoregulatory system active metabolism and fat burning to maintain constant temperature. Increase caloric expenditure thinning becomes massencillo as well as the effect of the cold reaffirms tissues. Also progress problems such as varicose veins and tired legs. The treatment includes: history clinic and pristine physical examination with tests that the doctor deems necessary to assess the State of current health of the person. With a body scanner checked, bioelectrical impedance test with which we obtain the measurement of essential parameters to assess body composition (determination of body fat, muscle mass, fat masalibre, basal metabolism, bone mass, the percentage of water for) (whether or not there is fluid retention, metabolic age that we will indicate the ease to melt calories..) etc. Nutritional plan more effective and enjoyable for every patient they made with all results extracted by means of usual intake, daily monitoring and tests approximately 3 days, and a nutritional behaviour questionnaire, our doctor and the team of Dietitians and adapt the power of each person according to their tastes, preferences, schedules and pathologies (if any). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Mark Hyman. Medical and dietary control is continued throughout the treatment.

In each session they attend and apply cryotherapy treatment the Dietitians, as well as regret, take measurements, analyze urine, etc… The success of our exclusive technique is ensured by the experience accumulated throughout the 18 years which has clinical Adelgar and all cases successfully resolved. Above we have therapies with therapists enormously qualified and experienced to help all people who are associated with the problem of obesity and overweight eating or anxiety disorders. And all this in quiet and pleasant elambiente of our clinic.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery which is the repair of deformities and correction of functional defects. In addition, most reconstructive procedures have an inescapable aesthetic component, since the location of the incisions to the choice of one particular technique compared with other possible, respond to aesthetic criteria. So-called aesthetic or cosmetic, surgery is performed in order to modify those parts of the body that are not satisfactory for the patient. In many cases, there are usually medical grounds that endorse the need for surgical intervention. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease often expresses his thoughts on the topic. One of the most widespread interventions, due to the demand of the current canons of beauty are mammary interventions.

When we talk about breast surgery comes us to mind the breasts increase, with implants of breast prosthesis, however; surgery can also get breast reduction to relieve, e.g., back problems, arising from the excess weight of the moms. It can also help through surgery to get a fallen breast lift, breast reconstruction, or achieve a correction of the breast to achieve symmetry. What is essential to ensure the success of our intervention and above all, to not put our health at risk is put in the hands of professionals, whose experience and good work transmit us the necessary security to this type of plastic or aesthetic intervention such as: increase breasts Seville, facelift, rhinoplasty, Otoplasty, in the surgery clinic plastic Seville inform them personally of the details of all your treatment process. Because Sevilla cosmetic surgery they have over forty years dedicated to improve their image.

Microwave Food?

The microwave oven is an invention which is due on the 20th century. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mark Hyman, MD is the place to go. makes it clear that the services are available between 500 and 1100 W, where there are different levels to prepare the food. As the name implies, microwaves that are responsible that the food be reheated. Apart from a klystron microwave in a frequency range of about 2.45 megahertz are released, with the effect that molecules of water, sugar, or fat be made to vibrate. Gain insight and clarity with Michio Kaku. This friction heat, the food can be heated now.

Are there any radiations, which are harmful to health? The Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz, also to various studies proved that damage the food were in any way, as well as no radiation to be released. Recent studies also indicate that no dangers of microwaves. Many people believe that the food in a microwave oven is vaghela. These rays put only the individual molecules in Movement, without causing further damage. Therefore, the only damage because food is not evenly cooked.

So are so-called “Cools spots”, where bacteria can collect. Because these areas not sufficiently heated, the bacteria have all the prerequisites to develop here. Also, microwaves can destroy antioxidants, which are in turn valuable food for the people. Regardless of microwaves can do no harm. Can you buy microwave ovens so confidently? Because there are scientific findings that clearly prove that microwaves cause no damage, it is absolutely safe to use these devices. Certainly the mentioned damage may crop up where it is not sustainable dangers, that attributable to radiation. Consumers can use microwave ovens without having a bad conscience and benefit from this system.

Brief Intervention

The applicability of the technique of Brief Intervention is based on the motivacional interview that it aims at to the change of behavior of syndrome of dependence of the tobacco. The principles norteadores are explained of the following form: The objective of the Brief Intervention in the primary attention is to promote the perception of the patient of whom its use of the substance is placing it at risk and to encourage to reduce it or to leave the use from strategies and goals constructed between the professional and the patient. You may find that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. can contribute to your knowledge. One of the used techniques of IB is based on the method FRAMES, that are composed for six basic principles: 1) Feedback (Return): a devolution of objective information on the standard of substance use of the patient. This return (feedback) can be offered, for example, presenting to the patient its result of AUDIT or ASSIST. The return is a step important to promote the perception of the use level and to initiate the motivacional process.

2) Responsability (Responsibility): it is proposal the adoption of a position of not-confrontation of the professional and signalling to the patient on its responsibility with relation to its alcohol use and the process of behavior change. 3) Advice (Aconselhamento): clear and objective orientaes on the problems that the patient presents or can come to present and its possible relation with other problems of health. 4) Menu of Strategies: it is the identification of situations of risk for the use of the substance, definition of goals with regard to the use (reduction or abstinence) and strategies to reach such goals. 5) Empatia: the adoption of a emptica and acolhedora position is proposal, but at the same time insurance and objective in the relation with the patient, in order to promote greater acceptance of the aconselhamento. 6) Self-efficacy (Autoeficcia): it is a proposal of promotion of security feeling and autoestima in relation to the problem.

Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has a wide variety of symptoms, such as retention of liquids, breakouts, cravings, mood swings, breast tenderness, fatigue, irritability and depression. If you have these symptoms days before your menstrual period, you may be suffering from PMS. It is estimated that 3 of every 4 menstruating women experience some form of premenstrual syndrome. These problems tend to peak in 20 to 30 years. The symptoms tend to repeat themselves in a predictable pattern. However, the physical and emotional changes that the experience with premenstrual syndrome can be especially intense in some months and barely perceptible than in others. However, you don’t have to leave these problems to descontrolen of his life.

Adjustments treatments and lifestyle can help to reduce or control the signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome for some women, the physical pain and emotional stress are serious enough to affect their routines and daily activities. For most of these women, the signs and the symptoms disappear as menstrual period. Factors may contribute to the condition: cyclic changes in hormones. Signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, change with hormonal fluctuations and disappear with the pregnancy and menopause. Chemical changes in the brain. Insufficient amounts of serotonin (neurotransmitter) can contribute to pre-menstrual depression, as well as fatigue, food cravings and sleep problems. Depression. The depression by itself does not cause all of the symptoms.

Stress. Stress can aggravate some symptoms of PMS. Bad eating habits. Some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome have been linked with low vitamin and mineral levels. Consume very salty foods, it would produce fluid retention, the consumption of alcohol and caffeinated beverages can cause mood disorders. Natural treatment of the SPM change your diet. Eat frequently and small portions, remove the salty foods, the alcohol and coffee, eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods rich in calcium. Do exercises regularly, this can help to control symptoms such as fatigue and depression. Try to reduce stress, this will help with insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. Some natural remedies could help as it is the case of Dr. Relax-Pro consumption of 1,200 milligrams (mg) of calcium in the diet and calcium supplements, can reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Take 400 mg of magnesium supplements a day can help reduce the fluid retention, breast tenderness and bloating in women with premenstrual syndrome. Daily doses of 50 to 100 mg of vitamin B6 400 units international vitamin E, reduces the production of prostaglandins, substances similar to hormones that cause cramping and breast tenderness. Ginger, leaves of raspberry, dandelion, Chasteberry and evening primrose oil. However, few scientific studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the herbs. Natural progesterone creams. These are derived from the soy and wild Yam. There are no scientific studies that show its effectiveness. If signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are seriously affecting their health and daily activities, consult your doctor. Original author and source of the article

South America Teeth

Fortunately, things are gradually improves. Increased attention to hygiene and appearance of teeth. But even in this sphere is not so simple. Even in the West, not all understand correctly, what dental aesthetics. When it comes to creating a 'Hollywood' smile it is often more dentists doing the same patients, large and evenly white teeth, but when it comes to bits, it is also badly divided between themselves the teeth. This happens for several reasons: lack of understanding of dental aesthetics from the doctor and the inability on his part to make aesthetically correct operation, not to mention his indifference to other people's problems on the one hand, and blunt follow the wishes of patients, after watching Hollywood movies and do not understand what his teeth really need to be considered beautiful.

Modern dentistry is uniquely dictates: aesthetic that estesstvenno. Human teeth is not the same white over its entire length. They yellower in the neck, more white in the center and transparency at the cutting edge. Upper front teeth, which are mostly visible when smiling, are different in shape and size. Not all teeth are identical in color.

So they should be to recreate. Artificially whiten your teeth, not only unnatural and dangerous – a substance used for bleaching inevitably damage the teeth in one form or another. Tooth color is transmitted genetically. The color that a person has, can only be yellow with age. If the teeth are attacked, it must be removed mechanically. Chemical effect on the teeth to change their natural color – there is something else, like an artificial human mutilation for the sake of fashion. In a series of such procedures are increasing the length of the neck by not fixing it metal rings (Africa), the insertion of the lower lip circular stone plate in place specifically for this remote teeth (South America) and body pircing – this modern idiocy infecting the country. It must be noted that similar methods are used by people who want to stand out at any price. With no talent or merit, they emit a most primitive manner, disfiguring his body, ie clearly suffer from mental disorders, for endangering their health for the sake of vanity. In cases when there is a real need, there are 3 main ways to change shape and color of teeth by artificial means. Crowns. A crown covers the tooth completely. It can be made of plastic, metal, porcelain (ceramic) and a combination of different materials. Somatic Experiencing helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For example: a metal-coated plastic, or metal coated with porcelain. The most beautiful and close to real teeth (by color) are porcelain crowns on the basis of zirconium oxide. They are more expensive than the common bits of metal and porcelain. Crowns are the most durable way to restore teeth and are indispensable in cases where necessary replace missing teeth. Beniry. In cases when proteziruemom site has all the teeth, veneers can be made – a thin porcelain covering that is attached to the visible povehnosti tooth, giving it the required shape and color. There is a way to change the color and shape of the tooth, without resorting to prosthetics. Geliomaterialy. Today available materials that allow to form a tooth or a portion directly into the patient's mouth. To this end, various light-curing materials. Appearance of such a restoration is much depends on art abilities doctor.

Tea Tree Oil

From what plants do, tea tree oil? First you need to say that "tea tree oil" to the tea does not have a well, not relationships. And the name is a plant was due to Captain James Cook. He and his sailors tried to imagine the healing power of a decoction of the leaves of tea tree during an expedition in 1770. Tea trees grow in Australia and New Zealand. In folk medicine, tea tree used for a long time. Aborigines for treatment of wounds using mashed leaves of tea tree, as well as prepare them to extract the healing, helping in the treatment of many diseases (scurvy, skin diseases, sunburn, tropical infections, snake bites etc. Tea trees in Australia and New Zealand grows two – leptospermum and Tea Tree. Natives called the tea tree leptospermum, but around the world tea tree oil Tea Tree oil became known.

As it turned out probably remain a mystery. Tea Tree – is a low evergreen shrubs or trees with narrow elongated leaves, scented (some of them even like needles) of the myrtle family. Tea Tree is very beautiful blooms. Inflorescences resemble fluffy bottle brush in different colors. At Tea Tree alternifolia, from the leaves of which actually make the tea tree oil, white lacy buds.

Tea Tree is very fond of moisture and light, easy to grow from seeds and growing fast enough. The leaves are grown Tea Tree can be collected, insisting, boil and use as well as tea tree oil. This is a very good antiseptic, which has a complex of very useful for the skin substances. Manuka – it's "popular" name leptospermuma. Online you can find many references to the usefulness of honey manuka oil and manuka. That leptospermum New Zealanders also nazyvyut "tea tree" and is made from its leaves a drink similar to tea. Leptospermum, like Tea Tree, myrtle belongs to the family. It also stunted shrub with elongated rounded leaves. There are many types of inflorescences leptospermuma different colors. One of the most beautiful – leptospermum Rosaceae. The leaves also make leptospermuma essential oil. Call it a New Zealand tea tree oil or manuka oil. In our country it can be found relatively rarely, although manuka oil, according to experts, even more efficient oil Tea Tree (ie tea tree oil). Leptospermum, like Tea Tree, sprouts readily from seed and is growing rapidly. Well formed by cutting and rapidly accumulates. Leaves leptospermuma also always come in handy in your home medicine cabinet.