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Chronic Lyme Disease

The disease is a chronic infectious disease that expire at different stages. It is considered the most common tick borne disease in Central Europe and in the United States. Experts are currently about 1-2 million chronic Borreliosekranken in Germany from and about 500,000 to 700,000 new infections per year. The number of patients suffering from chronic Lyme disease seems to rise primarily for two reasons: in recent years, an increase in ticks was observed many of those affected will not be – not least due to the difficult diagnosis – or poorly treated while the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease is controversial so that you currently cannot speak of a safe level of knowledge, however, the majority of practitioners and researchers in this field it is agreed, that the disease mainly due to weaknesses in the immune system occurs. In completely healthy with a normally functioning immune system, the body’s defenses are usually sufficient to cope with the consequences of an infection. Many Research suggests that only in about 10% of infected disease symptoms develop.

This 10% which is typically such patients, whose Immunsystem not longer functioning properly due to age or because of exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, stress etc.. Reduced the cell due to the infection with Borrelia into the complex, co-ordinated operations of the immune system out of whack, and it develop inflammatory processes, which in turn are favored by more pro-inflammatory factors such as such as the increased formation of oxygen radicals and heavy loads or even environmental toxins Borrelia infection glutathione. Subsequently, it comes to far-reaching dysregulation in the (cell) Stoffwechsell. These reflected primarily in a reduction of a particular molecule, the so-called reduced glutathione, which is also known as GSH. Reduced Glutathione: detoxification, cell protection and immune building GSH is a sulphurous Tripeptide, which for almost all Selbstheilungs-and Protection mechanisms is responsible in the organism.

Keyman Insurance

More and more companies offer the dread disease insurance – insurance against serious disease before serious illnesses no one is safe. So, the dread disease insurance already known outside of Germany in our country is becoming increasingly important. This term means something like serious-disease insurance. Thus, this insurance covers terrible diseases such as lung disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, liver disease, arthritis, Multiple sclerosis. Also interested in stroke, coma or heart attack can take out insurance. At the onset of these diseases as also these severe events in life, the insurance will pay off the insured or the family members.

Thus, even the survivors before a possible financial ruin can be sure if the insured person dies. A dread disease insurance is very easy to set up. So the agreed sum insured is paid out immediately, if a disease was diagnosed by the doctor, which in the insurance contract with is listed. At this point is it not about how much the disease is and how strong are the consequences. Attacks in a heart attack, after which a person relatively quickly recovered, the insurance – provided the persons concerned have insured against. Therefore, the one-off payment of dread disease insurance regardless of the severity of the disease. This is an absolute advantage over disability insurance, because this only benefits are paid if the disease long term harms a person.

Persons who are already older, have pre-existing conditions, or practice a profession, which is very risky, receive no disability insurance, often because the risk of the insurance is simply gone too high. John Craig Venter often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Interested parties can read all the advantages of a dread disease insurance under vorteile.html and request free quotes. A special form is the Keyman Insurance, the companies can protect themselves. The Keyman Insurance people in key positions to key Manager, one Company secured to compensate for unforeseen costs for the loss of senior staff.


Cells of the body controlled by the relevant sectors, the pixels of the brain, but if a pixel matrix "knocked out", or never worked – then the connection is broken, the destructive processes begin, imbalance of the immune-hormonal, enzymatic reactions. Therefore, the cause of disease is to be found in these pixels, and begin the path to health with a fine-tune the brain. Please visit Dr. Mark Hyman if you seek more information. What kind of health can be discussed if We employ only 3-4 per cent of pixels. Many women try to lose weight, torturing yourself dieting and exercise, but the "inner chemistry" of the body makes its own laws. All in all, then it is necessary – just put in order their immune-hormonal balance, do not the stomach – and your head. The cause of all diseases lies in the violation of the deep inner connections, involving teams in the creation of various biochemical reactions.

Commands related to "Pixels" of the brain responsible for a particular body part, for a given reaction … If we could restore the broken sector, it truly would become the Titans. And it's not just about mental activity and human health. Any athlete can benefit, "including" the use of new "pixels", because now it is limited to "their" ceiling features: sensor sensitivity, motility (the response of hands and feet), the angle view, and so on – everything has a finite amount and reaction time. And these options are directly related to the work of the brain, so – working or not relevant sectors and neural connections. Of course, much more complicated than the brain There are still the spine, peripheral nervous system, "wandering" nerves, the internal energy cell with its mitochondria and complex process …

BSC Balanced

The development of the balanced scorecard is a process which is directed to the construction of the unit system of the objectives of a company. Depending on the opinions of the management in the question of how the company will resist to the competitors, are closer, the process of developing the balanced scorecard will be more easy. Precisely, that the conception of the BSC offers the form of the idea of strategy which is expressed in its components in the form of objectives, key figures and events that increased the probability of realization of a company’s strategic objectives. Without clear and deep understanding of what is to be achieved (objectives of the activity), the construction of the balanced scorecard is not possible. At the same time, the presence of completely studied through strategy is similar to as the realities of the occupation the dream more. Therefore, you must understand and take into account that not all strategic issues are extensively studied by up to the construction of the balanced scorecard. Usually the detailing is done the Strategy and the refinement of the strategic objectives in the course of the construction of the BSC.

But, even in the case of full compliance with the basic strategic orientation of a company (which is achieved at the level of the strategic analysis), the management of a company in the course of formulating the strategic objectives can hold to different points of view regarding how the strategic objectives should be. The leaders have many ideas, analytical information and ideas about the future development of what is called the basic strategic information. One must understand that the strategic objectives of a company play the most important significance in the development of the BSC. Should be seen the goals as short statements, which describe the concrete actions for the implementation of the strategy. The developed objectives will serve to the link between the selected strategy and concrete indicators of activity, a society for the determination of success in the achievement of the objectives laid use is.

Ullner Josef Brockling Gruner WEG

Ullner extended product range in the area of operating requirements to technical sprays new products in-house Ullner, the specialists for industrial supplies and craft supplies from Paderborn. The company further expanded the already extensive line-up and recorded in the range now various technical sprays, which can be visited both place in the shop in the Green road, and online. The chain and rope spray TS140 is all-purpose, highly resilient and wear lowering at all kinds of chains and ropes. This heat-resistant spray has good creep properties, is particularly adherent and minimizes friction values. The transparent, colourless lubricating film has a corrosion protection even in humid and aggressive atmosphere. The new silicone spray TS150 is a fettloses sliding, separating and cleaning products and forms an extremely resilient film for seat rails, sliding roofs, window guides, Rails, wheels etc. It serves as a mold release agents for plastic deformation and welding technology and acts as a mainly for metals, plastics, leather, rubber and chrome.

This high-performance spray displaces moisture in electrical equipment, and prevents electrical charging. The Zinkausbesserungs spray TS 520 – a combination of corrosion protection and metallic appearance is also new in the offer. It is fast drying, determine adhesion and weather resistant. The new ProFi brake cleaner of TS 220 of Ullner is specialized for use in engine, brakes, transmission and clutch parts. This spray is an ideal tool for Assembly and repair – it removes oil, grease, dust and dirt. Under most conditions Academy of Art University would agree. It is not only highly effective, fast degreaser and micro-active, but also residue free and fast verdunstend.

All technical sprays, as well as the complete range of operational supplies, industrial supplies and craft supplies is available online and can be ordered. Ullner guarantees a 24-hour delivery service in the delivery area. Company Description Ullner and Ullner the leading wholesale company for steel, industrial supplies, operating equipment, occupational safety and health and professional tools in Eastern Westphalia and with a history of over 200 years also is one of the oldest in the region. Ullner and Ullner offers its customers in industry and craft a comprehensive and high-quality product range with many brand-name products. Special emphasis is on rapid delivery service, which carried out own stock within 24 hours in the delivery area.

Mechanical Pinch Valve

Free product flow through compact design In the true sense of a pinch valve is a simple solution of valve, which regulates the shutting off of pipelines and the product flow therein. The pinch valves are used particularly for abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products. Thus are the models of AKO in pneumatic systems of promotion, finding in the cement industry, the granules treatment, water treatment, wastewater treatment, or in the food industry. Due to the special design of the hose pinch valve, it is possible to flexibly use the models. Also the products on the various operating pressures can adapt to, for example, still ribs are fitted. Somatic Experiencing may not feel the same. Especially the hose pinch valves by AKO fittings & Separat production did to it customers. They offer a high quality and can work reliably. Moreover, a long life for the Schlauchqeutschventile is set because they consist of very durable materials.

The housing consists mostly of stainless steel or cast iron. This material is robust against friction coarse media and damp areas no rust can sit on. The cuffs are placed in the inside of the case of Schlauchquetschvenitle, usually consist of abrasion-resistant rubber. A related site: SKDKnickerbocker mentions similar findings. Thus also coarse-grained material to flow through and there would be no damage. Signs of wear after regular appearances are sure to see, but then the cuff can be easily exchanged. The necessary accessories can also be purchased faucets & Separat production at AKO.

Special types of pinch valves are now available. Cardiologist has similar goals. All products are in stock. Thus, the products can be sent quickly and the customers receive the product within a few days. AKO fittings & separation emphasis not only on the quality of the goods, but also a good customer service. For questions and problems can be turned directly to AKO. This can be done via letter, E-mail or telephone. The function of the hose pinch valves is very simple and could thanks to the many years of experience of AKO faucets & Separations can be optimized. The sleeve is by a mechanism, which is controlled with a selectable drive inside the housing. Here is to mention that it is at AKO hose valves with two different drive types. The valves can be manually operated and on the other hand, the handling is effected pneumatically. The main advantages are on the website of AKO… To find. It is possible a free product flow and friction resistance is very low. A reliable operation is guaranteed with the hose pinch valves.