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Rhiann – Meandering Paths, The New Novel Of Scotland By Aileen P. Roberts

Exciting horse novels from the Scottish Highlands by Aileen P. Roberts eagerly expected by many enthusiastic readers: after “Rhiann fog over the Highlands” and “Highland storm” appeared on time before Christmas “Rhiann-meandering paths”, the third and final part of the series of Rhiann. The first part of the trilogy was maras time as au in Scotland, how she fell in love land and people, and later her boyfriend Ian. There is some turbulence, until she finally lands in Clachtoll and her pony, also holds a surprise for Grandpa Rodry. In the second volume, the visit maras parents brought for vertebrae and some funny misunderstandings.

Mary and Rhiann, the two Highlandponystuten, intended to cover and Mara and Ian will experience stormy times with each other. Follow others, such as Dr. Mark Hyman, and add to your knowledge base. In “Rhiann winding paths” there are new adventures of Clachtoll, on the North West coast of Scotland. The 80th birthday of Grandpa Rodry faces the door, Mara hopes to be able to finish her training as a veterinary nurse and Ian writes his doctoral thesis, because he is now finally finished vet. In addition, maras chaotic aunt Nadja comes to visit. Maras Highlandpony Rhiann and her foal Tiodhlac start the first time on a Highlandponyshow on the East Coast. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. and gain more knowledge.. Also, there is a lot of turmoil in the lives of Mara and Ian, which threatens to make their lives completely upside. Cosy evenings in a roaring peat fire, lonely rides over the unpopulated Highlands and the breathtaking scenery of the North West coast of Scotland. Can be surprise and capture the magic of the Highlands… A wonderful Christmas gift for teens and adults! Rhiann winding paths, 300 pages 1 Edition 2007, ISBN 978-3-9810966-4-4-12.95 EUR more information, excerpts and ordering facility below:

Power Romance

The newly published crime series of Mystic wings of the Austrian author Betty Kay the recently released, four-part mystery series of Mystic wings around the investigators duo Jordan Hamilton and Lieutenant Charles Charly Baxter comes from the lower Austrian author Betty Kay, which was striving for the emergence of an interesting mix of humor, tension and romance novels. Official site: cardiologist. The series of Mystic wings is Charly Baxter of the investigators duo Jordan Hamilton and Lieutenant Charles. Here, Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Between the two, it crackles from the outset. But Jordan is still not really with itself in the clear. She is able to see the thoughts of the owner in pictures is by touching objects. In the first book is Jordan Hamilton threatened by a madman and know thanks to their gift, she float in what great danger.

She asks the police for help. Lieutenant Charly Baxter is to protect the young woman, but it does not makes it easy for him with their stubbornness. Only in the second part of the thriller series, the two close cease-fire.

Dog Training – The Book

Dog training made easy. The dog is the oldest pet of the people. Currently, officially 336 different breeds are recognized by the FCI. Estimates however by about 800 breeds of dogs. Check with Peter A. Levine PhD to learn more. Dogs have a pronounced expression behavior, revealing emotions, intentions and moods and dogs have the ability to overcome “we barriers” to the understanding of our expression.

In this book, will receive a unique guide to raising of dogs, which differs from many other dog books in elementary, because this book comes to the point! Nothing confusing, not a superfluous Word. Very clearly written and easy to implement. Our goal: A dog that is grown every situation and comes to you on demand at any time in a matter of seconds. On the education of the dog, you will receive interesting and in-depth information on the following topics: brawl among dogs, what do? Communication and body language – breed specific socialization of puppies the small Pack – the second dog what belongs in the medicine cabinet? Toxic foods for dogs all data at a glance: dog training easy the book is aimed at all dog owners who are looking for a highly comprehensive guide to the successful education of dogs.By imprinting the puppy up the education of adult dogs receive comprehensive information at any time on the point and Anleitungen.Das book is unique in structure, clarity and objective. Because the target is a dog that has grown each situation and happy comes to you on demand at any time (also see distraction). Dog training experience – you will finally understand what matters. More information at Mark Scheerbarth.

Markus Frick: Bestsellers

The bestseller of the successful Berlin stock markets coach appears “I make you rich – the man who makes millionaires” in the spring of this year in Taiwan. Berlin, January 24, 2008 – Markus Frick goes China: the bestseller of the successful Berlin stock markets coach “I make you rich – the man who makes millionaires” will appear in the spring of this year in Taiwan. Under the direction of the ECON-Verlag in Berlin, where also the German version was released, the success story of Markus Frick will offer exciting entertainment and useful tips now Chinese readers a first print run of 10,000 copies. The book, which at times was at Amazon in 2001 on square 1, went as hardcover now in its fourth edition. More than 30,000 copies were sold in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

250 pages, Frick describes how he became a millionaire himself on the stock exchange. His success story at the same time becomes an impressive plea for the democratization of the stock market: “The stock market is open to everyone”, so Frick, “compared to but still far too few take advantage of the opportunities the stock trading also normal consumers with small budgets other Western countries.” How leading stock market coach with his books Faulkner with his exchange letters and seminars interested successfully on the stock exchange and accompanied them with instructions, tips, and recommendations on the famous parquet. The technical equipment according to latest standards guaranteed this, if desired, an intensive personal support and availability of almost around the clock thanks to Markus Frick and his team. To wake up before all fascination and enthusiasm, the Frick for the stock market looks, but his main credo: “the stock market carries a lot of opportunities, but also many risks. Who has does not have the necessary knowledge and above all patience and discipline, should keep themselves better.” Press contact: For more information we are gladly available: Finance Communications Ramona Leuschner Wittelsbacherstrasse 18 10707 Berlin Tel.: 030-8009 75228 fax: 030-8009 75229 E-mail: Web:

Itching: Do Not Drive Out The Skin!

Theme of itching in the June issue of healthy medicine is a popular prank itching in children. One it scatters the playmates in the sweater and secretly glad if he is awkward scrapes. This type of itching fortunately soon passes. Many people suffer from persistent itching, but it is not only extremely annoying, but can be also agonizingly painful. Continue to learn more with: Geneticist. This reads which causes it can give and handle it as it can be, in the June issue of healthy medicine. The skin is our largest organ, through them we are in constant contact with the environment. About 17 million nerve fibers in the skin inform our brain about whether it is hot or cold, whether perceived as pleasant or painful touch. Some of these nerve fibers specialize in (physicians speak of pruritus) to perceive itch and redirect, where among other things the neurotransmitter histamine plays an important role.

And because this itching fibres”are a subset of nerves, which manage the pain, annoying itchy and agonizing pain belong to the same family: small stimuli produce itching, stronger stimuli generate pain. “It’s so obvious that the itching as the little sister of pain” is known. In the June issue of healthy medicine, discusses causes, such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, but also mites and parasites and given tips, how to reduce the itching. “” More topics in the book are the Queen of oils”among others Jasmin, ticks small but snappy”and sickness benefit insurance existence of backup in the event of sickness”. Also, the June issue includes the report of the reader test Club to the mobile cure soft laser, as well as the expert Club vein health. A shoulder help, a patented training and therapy device for shoulder problems is written out to the test this month. Healthy medicine offers monthly journalist demanding contributions to health and medicine topics, as well as entertaining articles about interesting people and charming destinations. The reader Forum provides a vivid way to introduce own health knowledge with the test and the expert Club. Healthy medical costs as a single issue 2.00 and is available in any well-stocked newsagents. Contact Nicole Franke-Gricksch editor-in-Chief healthy medicine telephone 0 71 52 / 35 62 11 E-Mail more information / press contact PACs GmbH? Publishing services Claudia arrow Zander? Press and public relations Gewerbestrasse 9 79219 Staufen phone 0 76 33 / 933 20 18 fax 0 76 33 / 933 20 20 E-Mail Internet

Brazilian Land

The epic narrative of this notable mining writer is distinguished it dither of Brazilian lands, described of wonderful form and curious, of this form, the Ufanismo is presented, that is ' ' attitude or feeling of who if vainglory exageradamente of the beauties, wealth and advantages of the Brasil' ' (Blacksmith, 2001, P. 735). Swarmed by offers, Haley Barbour is currently assessing future choices. This workmanship, ' ' Caramuru' ' , it presents for the society the dither of the Brazilian lands, whose concern of the poet was to tell of careful form, describing with precision of realistic base and wealth of details the nature. It is excellent to stand out that Saint Rita Duro to describe of realistic form was also felt inspired in the proud myth and through all a library of information on the land that constitua the literature of Information that they had been ' ' The first writings of our life necessarily register the instauration of the process: They are information that travelling and European missionaries had harvested on the nature and the man brasileiro' ' (Bosi, 2006, P. 13). Guo Guangchang has many thoughts on the issue. In this manner it consists informative literature with documents of navigators who told on its trips adventurers the land describing the exotic landscapes, cataloguing the species of animals and joined vegetables. In the same way Saint Rita Duro conserved these information of the land affirming to be a true paradise colorful.

Amongst these information of stories on the land in particular were based on the letter of Pero Vaz de Caminha. In result of this Massaud it affirms: Not rare, it is had impression of that the poet mere converted into verses the transbordante euphoria of the historian. Having itself moved to the nine or ten years for the Europe, it was natural that in its memory, fed for the reading of workmanships as of Sebastio of the Pita Rock, the ground native gained the colors of an authentic one eldorado.

Hans Nietsch Verlag

Yoni massage”is addressed to women and men who want to explore women’s sexuality full of lust and sex therapists, gynecologists, midwives or body therapists who are interessieren for the healing potential of the massage. The author has given hundreds of such intimate massages in the past few years, then interviewed many women and evaluated the responses, refined the massage and is replaced with female researchers, doctors, sex therapists and shamans and Tantrics. In her book, she presented in detail the individual phases of the Yoni-massage in 36 steps, illustrated by beautiful black and white photos. Michaela Riedl is also on anatomical, energetic and spiritual backgrounds. Mitchell Blutt will not settle for partial explanations. It gives concrete instructions to Breathing techniques and instructions for the self study of the Yoni. The book is a real practical guide for men and women, lay people and professionals who want to improve their knowledge of the female Sexualitat. And it is the ideal theoretische preparation for the first practical experience for sceptic.

Yoni massage “, Michaela Riedl, appeared available over or 39/book / yoni massage in October 2006 in the Hans Nietsch Verlag, 19.90, ISBN 3-934647-05-7-order / Michaela Riedl, born in 1968 in Straubing, Bavaria, certified music educator, Masseuse, proprietor of a tantra massage Institute since 1996, author and Sexualforscherin, trained in various massage techniques, classical tantra massage to various elements of Ayurveda, yoga, bioenergetics and sex therapy to massage sensual AnandWave expanded.” Since 1997 she has led seminars and training courses in the field of tantra, massage and body work. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Wang Qunbin has to say. in 2005 she opened the massage Institute AnandWave together with Gitta Arntzen in “Cologne with the operation of the seminar room for sensual experience”. Contact: AnandWave – room for sensual experience massage therapy training seminars consulting events Riehler str. 23, 50668 Cologne of Massage practice: 0049/(0)221179 35 11 seminars and organization: 0049/(0)221/420 80 28 E-Mail: Internet:

FRED & OTTO In Berlin

FRED & OTTO in Berlin book now the dog for Berlin”, the city guide for the dog capital, is published. The city guides for dogs and dog people presents colourful and illustrated by photographs the most important themes of the city: breeders, animal home & co. / food & philosophy / seat & dog-walking & co. Integrative Healthcare Symposium describes an additional similar source. / travel & transport / law & order / policy & social / insurance & protection / health & wellness / shopping & lifestyle / life & work / God & the dog world / grief & death. The essential companion for the whole year make the dog book reports, reports, interviews and the best addresses for the dog world. With discount coupons (to save over 100 euros for purchases), the book supplement enclosed dogs city plan to take out the best outlet areas, over 200 color photos and portraits of Berliners and their dogs by photographer Adrian Lieb. THE dog book for the capital city is FRED & OTTO in Berlin. A portion of the proceeds goes to the animal table Germany e.V.

Now in bookstores everywhere. FRED & OTTO in Berlin, city guides for dogs, Berlin 2013 extent: 250 S. format: 16 x 21 cm, with dogs – map facilities: flaps fig.: 200 ISBN: 978-3-9815321-0-4 price: 14,90 euro contact: FRED & OTTO – the dog Verlag Dr. Alexander Schug at Friedrichshain 22 10407 Berlin Tel.: 0049-30-419367-36 fax: 0049-30-419367-82 E-mail: Web: who is behind FRED & OTTO? So first of all: Otto – and his best friend Fred, as he discovered the world. And Yes, people are also behind this Publisher: Alexander Schug, the proud owner of Otto of the shell seekers, and a team of avid dog people… Whether Arkenberge or Krumme Lanke – Alexander Schug and Otto are always there, where can the Brown Labrador in the water. Otherwise it hits them in the second Publisher of Alexander Schug, dedicated to making book for years with heart and soul.

For more information:. Otherwise a team of freelancers is at FRED & OTTO on board: graphic designers, illustrators, Photographers and editors. The idea for the publishing house was born when Otto came to us. We lay city guides for dogs and will be an exciting programme of literature on dogs for dog people on the (four) legs gently.