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Parkinsons Disease Help

Dementia is increasing strongly. Effective treatments exist hardly. Can chelation therapy be an interesting option? Did you know that in Germany more than 900,000 people suffer a dementia disease? 650,000 under Alzheimer’s disease? -A shockingly high number and one a doubling of numbers for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease cases expected in the next 10-20 years! The causes of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are still unclear. A group of polluters are generally heavy metals and metals. This includes also the lead, cadmium in addition to the dangerous mercury and in the case of Parkinson’s disease even iron.

A novel method of treatment, the so called chelation therapy, offers hope. In the natural healing practice Kallmeyer in Hanover are treated with the chelation therapy chronic diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is heavy metal detoxification. well Esselstyn Jr.. The experiences correspond with those of countless other naturopathic practices. As the chelation therapy affects often cheap course of the disease and can sometimes even to slow it down. Alzheimer’s disease: Yes,. Quality of life: (still) good! Alzheimer’s disease is still incurable.

The quality of life that still can be achieved also with the disease, however strongly depends on how early the disease can be diagnosed. First signs of Alzheimer’s disease are for example General forgetfulness, repeating the same question or story. Here a doctor should be consulted as a precaution. The average life expectancy after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is approximately eight years, but varies from person to person. Acquaintances were figures who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, for example: Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston and Inge Meysel. Parkinson’s disease: often result of heavy metals it could be shown by Prof. Haley, that heavy metals Parkinson’s symptoms can mimic or trigger. The mercury is in the spotlight. The Parkinson’s syndrome is one of the most common diseases of the nervous system.

Gum Disease

The dental practice of Neumann Berlin informed even after many years of dental education Gingivitis is still the most common dental diseases at all. The Berlin dentist Andreas Neumann discusses the origin and treatment of gingivitis, which often precedes a destructive periodontal disease. A gingivitis is associated mostly with the following symptoms:-the gum takes a bright red to purple coloration. -It reacts to lightest pressure stimuli with pain. -Already in contact with a soft toothbrush there bleeding. -The gum recedes ever further. Academy of Art University spoke with conviction. Gum inflammation caused by bacteria-containing coverings, which formed in the interstices of the teeth and gums and there cause the secretion of toxic metabolites.

The contact with these harmful substances eventually leads to gum inflammation. An unchecked gingivitis damages the gums to the formation of deep pockets and inserting a bone-depleting periodontitis. The To avoid loss of teeth, gums inflammation of professional therapy needs. After a thorough dental and gum cleaning by a dental professional, which includes in particular the critical gaps, an average pronounced gingivitis can be cured after only two weeks. Gum inflammation is usually due to a faulty daily dental hygiene of the patient.

The correct use of the toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash prevents the emergence of bacteria-containing plaque and the training of gingivitis in combination with every six months following professional dental cleanings by a dental professional. It comes to the loss of teeth due to a damaged periodontium, it is too late. An effective prophylaxis is therefore of greatest importance when it comes to maintain long-lasting dental health. Neumann Berlin dentist practice prevention experts committed your against this background with comprehensive consulting services and skilled therapy services for the preservation of the health Patients. Any further information ask for dental prophylaxis. Press contact dentist Neumann Andreas Neumann Hauptstrasse 87 12159 Berlin Tel: 030-850 762 40 fax: 030-850 762 39 E-Mail: website:

Chronic Lyme Disease

The disease is a chronic infectious disease that expire at different stages. It is considered the most common tick borne disease in Central Europe and in the United States. Experts are currently about 1-2 million chronic Borreliosekranken in Germany from and about 500,000 to 700,000 new infections per year. The number of patients suffering from chronic Lyme disease seems to rise primarily for two reasons: in recent years, an increase in ticks was observed many of those affected will not be – not least due to the difficult diagnosis – or poorly treated while the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease is controversial so that you currently cannot speak of a safe level of knowledge, however, the majority of practitioners and researchers in this field it is agreed, that the disease mainly due to weaknesses in the immune system occurs. In completely healthy with a normally functioning immune system, the body’s defenses are usually sufficient to cope with the consequences of an infection. Many Research suggests that only in about 10% of infected disease symptoms develop.

This 10% which is typically such patients, whose Immunsystem not longer functioning properly due to age or because of exposure to environmental toxins, heavy metals, stress etc.. Reduced the cell due to the infection with Borrelia into the complex, co-ordinated operations of the immune system out of whack, and it develop inflammatory processes, which in turn are favored by more pro-inflammatory factors such as such as the increased formation of oxygen radicals and heavy loads or even environmental toxins Borrelia infection glutathione. Subsequently, it comes to far-reaching dysregulation in the (cell) Stoffwechsell. These reflected primarily in a reduction of a particular molecule, the so-called reduced glutathione, which is also known as GSH. Reduced Glutathione: detoxification, cell protection and immune building GSH is a sulphurous Tripeptide, which for almost all Selbstheilungs-and Protection mechanisms is responsible in the organism.

Beautiful Teeth

Creative dental clinic performs 3D-Analysesystem arcus Digma II a minor teeth misalignment, caused by defective fillings or crowns, can a negative health effect on the entire body cause. For this reason, it is important that dentists and dental technicians consider a holistic approach in their treatment. Chronic head – and joint pain, neck strain, back pain, even ears or dizziness have a strong influence on personal well-being. Often only the symptoms be treated then with the help of painkillers and physiotherapy and achieved at best a short-term improvement. The root cause is often in a disorder of the interplay between the upper and lower jaw. With effects on muscles, the human teeth teeth misalignment is a highly sensitive system, which is subject to many external influences over the years.

Is the interaction between the upper and lower jaw, for example, by misaligned teeth bad, fitting fillings or dentures even slightly disturbed, so this can cause tension in the entire musculature. In addition, this out of course also negatively affects the durability of newly inserted tooth replacement and may also cause a worsening of previously healthy tooth substance. It is all the more important that the treatment involved dentists and dental technicians with take this into account in the context of a holistic approach: the use of conventional and implant-supported dentures requires high precision with regard to the accuracy of the teeth and in the design of the chewing surfaces. These must match exactly the opposing teeth in the final bite and may not interfere with sliding movements of the mandible. In the context of gnathologischen treatment, the dentists in determine all important parameters with special methods and devices. The task of the dental technician is then to translate the resulting values into individually unique inlays, crowns or bridges. Diagnosis with arcus Digma II- 3D analysis of chewing movements one of the leading systems of analysis in this area is arcus Digma, KVo German manufacturer.

The further developed version of this 3D-Ultraschall-Messgerats II was introduced in the past few weeks at creative dental. In addition to the investment in the system itself, especially the extensive training the dentist and dental technician by the KVo representative Prof. Ulrich Wegmann (Universitatsklinikum Bonn) in the clinic’s own training center in the Center stood. The Budapest clinic specializing in the comprehensive treatment of patients from EU countries thus expands in the their technological and qualitative leadership: excellent performance at an exceptionally good price for your dental health. The creative dental clinic in Budapest is considered one of the most modern dental clinics in Europe. Over 35,000 satisfied patients from many countries around the world have been treated in the past 14 years. Ten dentists and 16 technicians with the highest qualifications to provide patients in perfectly equipped Treatment rooms with qualitatively high-quality restorations.

Vitalis Health Centre Dusseldorf

Working with and friends is part of the corporate philosophy, sports with and among good friends is the desire for our members. After nearly seventeen years locally as sport, fitness, movement and health care providers in Dusseldorf, us has become especially important this goal. Support in a world that is dominated by dates, coercion, pressure and performance we want in addition to the topic health & movement above all the human”. And there is what there could be better if is to get fit and healthy together with and among good friends? Therefore, we are now offering our summer campaign to get to know and appreciation! Friends and acquaintances of our members, who do not know fitness and health training or our wellness and beauty offers in the Vitalis health centre Dusseldorf, pay only 19,90 euros in the first month. Our new fitness and performance test, with which they thoroughly checked from head to toe, works with the latest measurement technology.

Thus, it is possible to achieve optimum training control Risks are minimized and the fitness and health training is more efficient and effective. Who suffers from joint pain, should try our Shockwave therapy. After a few sessions, complete pain relief can be achieved. It is worth testing the shock wave therapy! For all Figurgeplagten, we offer the fat treatment with the latest technology, which was developed on the basis of NASA space technology. Drugs are not necessary and the treatment causes no pain. We advise all those who suffer from problem areas and cellulite, comprehensively and find the individual duration of treatment and the optimum number of sessions.

And last but not least, our new staff, who are happy to welcome old and new friends and maintain: Mira Kirscher, Jan Metzler, Johann Kessler, Frederike Sens, Dirk Wollny and Nils Hermanns. There is more information on our Facebook page or our website. And soon, there is also an app from us to download! The Vitalis health centre that Vitalis health centre in Dusseldorf is not only a Fitness Studio, but a Health Center for movement with affiliated centers of excellence for figure, nutrition and therapy. In the foreground, but supervised health training for young and old are not lifestyle or discount. The certified programs in the prevention and rehabilitation sports are recognized by all statutory health insurance. Thus, the cost of the courses in the framework of statutory provisions are applied. Friendliness, helpfulness, warmth and family atmosphere are relevant services, with which the Vitalis wants to be measured. The range of services includes the gym with machine training, courses and sauna, the Rehasportverein RehVitalisPlus e.V. with supervised health sports, Vitamed plus physiotherapy for all cash and private patients, as well as the Vitalis beauty center with cosmetic treatments, wellness massages, medical foot care and nutrition consultation with targeted fat reduction.


Dusseldorf dentist Dr. Hans-Dieter John provides targeted assistance in his bad breath clinic. Antidote such as water and pills are useless and cost a lot of money. Every fourth German has bad breath. A giant market for manufacturers of mouth water, tablets and alternative ingredients, which all promise to help fight the unsightly problem. Each affected emits on average around 312 EUR a year for alleged cure, which benefits is more than doubtful”, the Dusseldorf dentist Dr.

Hans-Dieter John has calculated. He has founded the Dusseldorf therapy center of halitosis and offers professional and ultimately cheaper help in his bad breath clinic. A bad breath treatment carried out according to the latest scientific findings here only 190 euros. It is cost less effort than often many years of taking by means of halitosis. Now we know that 90 percent of the causes of bad breath directly into the mouth and throat can be found. Bacterial coverings, and inflammations are the reason for the bad smell”, explains the dentist. The usual triumphant as the mouth water suppress only the smell, rather than to eliminate the cause. This can be useful for a short-term problem.

The bad breath persists but longer, the causes need to be explored necessarily.” Because untreated infections, as well as hidden inflammation can endanger teeth and jaw bone and become the catalyst for serious diseases. It is even more important to a diagnosis, the specialized dentist Dr. John performs according to international best practices. The breath of the patient is first measured with the halimeter. The amount of measured sulphur compounds indicates whether a bacterial infection is present. Depending on the measuring result, the dentist controlled so teeth, gums and tongue, to accurately locate the bacteria or to find hidden inflammation. To do this he can also draw on the MMP-8 test. This measures the inflammation fabric MMP-8 quickly and painlessly and indicates whether undiscovered Inflammation is present. It is considered certain that the fabric of this inflammation can trigger heart attacks, strokes and premature births. Latest findings prove cancer even to a connection with the emergence. The thorough and professional therapy is therefore about the Elimination of unpleasant odour and a key preventive measure for the whole body. As part of the treatment, the oral cavity is thoroughly cleaned – much like when a professional tooth cleaning. While the livelihood is extracted from the bacteria. In addition, the fixed layer at the back of the tongue is removed. In the wake of the halitosis treatment, each patient receives a personal care recommendation that exactly suits his situation and prevent a resurgence of the infection. In his bad breath Clinic Dr. John cares also special forms of mouth odor, as it can occur in pregnant women, children, young people and older people. Halitosis centres already exist in many large cities of Munich and Hamburg”, explains Dr. John, it was therefore important to provide a professional point of contact for those affected in Dusseldorf.” For the experienced dentist and university lecturers, the bad breath therapy is a consistent complement to existing practice areas such as Periodontology and implantology. On request, the practice is also dates outside of office hours (including weekends). This, however, a timely appointment is necessary.