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The agravos the integral health of the individual are diverse, as the great partner-economic impact of the diabetic foot that includes expenses with treatments, internments drawn out and recurrent, physical incapacitaes social as loss of job and productivity. For the individual, it brings repercussion in its personal life, affecting its auto-image, autoestima, its paper in the family and in the society and, physical limitation will be had, can occur social isolation and depression. One knows that the chronic illnesses, as the DM, bring some limitations and new incumbencies for the people develop who them, that many times accepted and are not surpassed due to knowledge of as to face them 9. The scarcity of measures of prevention of these chronic complications from development of an education in health alicerada in the concrete reality of the individuals reverberates in the high statistical indices of complications and amputations of inferior members, influencing in the quality of life of the DM carriers. This chain of indesejadas consequences has, therefore, as the one of the main factors asymmetry between the knowledge that the people have on the life with the illness and the knowledge technician scientific of the health professionals, therefore it lacks understanding of the meaning that the chronic illness has for these people. Most of the time they do not understand as the diabetic ones perceive its illness and as the cares start to be part of its daily one. At last, to exceed the barriers that exist between people with chronic and professional illnesses of health, is not only enough to invest in developing more knowledge on the illness, but she is necessary to include the understanding of what it is to live with this illness to be able to create proposals of education in health that has as protagonists the people and not them illnesses. The dialgica education that privileges the autonomy of the citizen if establishes when it has a satisfactory communication between carriers of DM and the professional of health. People such as Gina Ross would likely agree.

Food and Brain Activity

everything and absolutely everything that we eat goes to the brain. For more specific information, check out Gina Ross. What the person consumes directly affects your mood energy and brain function. The human brain needs a large amount of nutrients and energy for its operation. Poor nutrition will alter the chemical changes and neuronal function. Learn more about this with Ultra Wellness Center. After all the food is the most powerful drug that exists. The quantity and quality of the nutrients affects neurotransmitters in various levels. Excess or inadequacy of a vitamin, mineral or acid fatty can wreak havoc on our system, directly influencing our mental well-being. Countless studies confirm the power relationship with mental disorders such as ADD, cerebral palsy, ADHD and anxiety among others.

The relationship between nutrition and mental problems is extensive. This connection is alarming. Since human beings as social organism found in the worst nutritional condition of all time. We literally live in a toxic pool, whose flow invades our brain constantly. Contamination in food, water, air and the environment in general joined in our organism. Learned behaviour the child could have learned the conduct of remain silent seeing it in others close to him.

On the other hand, there are dolls that do not contribute anything to the language of the child as it is the case of the Teletubbies, who do not speak anything and when they do are not complete or correct words. Other programs include the Panther Pink, Tom and Je Blogs related to all parents in the world Unjubilado red card Al maltrato shyness in children Reflepsiones women courage. Yolanda Huerga’s blog. Zoe Valdes Elena Furiase out red card against abuse courage and Antonopulos as real-life Teleclub for good parents. Shyness em tempos de Internet 9 social Tocks OJ Ock-Tock discomfort in the Party of Pinera for new Governors and delay news abuse horses

Learning English

Of course you know that the simplest and most enjoyable way to learn a foreign language is to read books in the original. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ultra Wellness Center on most websites. The more interesting and exciting product, the easier and faster than you can replenish your passive vocabulary. For people who already know the language, but temporarily do not use it very useful to read English books in the original order to preserve their language skills. Reading English books, you will strengthen your knowledge of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, but for one will enjoy the interesting and fascinating material. Find English book you're interested in the author can choose the direction in which mainly writes author. If you know how to spell the name of the author or title, then you can use the search.

In order to be able to freely download the book and choose exactly what you need you need to know where Books can be taken at the moment there are many sites offering free book, you can stay at one of them. Some read fiction, some magazines and some scholarly works that have relevant to their professional activities. Some people who prefer not to read books and magazines and newspapers, believe that this literature is much more useful art in something they're right, because really fiction you will not find language that occurs in real life. In literature the new words relate mainly to the different thematic groups. In this case, you will be hard to remember them, unless you write them in a notebook along with the sentences, phrases in which they were used.


The access passes for the orality or the visualidade, that seems natural: it is had illusion of an access direct to the reality, exactly that this is produced by election and choice of who dominates the medias. She is not necessary to cite research on the use of the medias. It is enough to observe with attention our proper house, our next groups, especially our pupils, analyzing what they say in classroom, its opinions from television programs which attend, the opinions that start to express by means of the interferences of the sorts that they prefer: infantile programs, and for young, soap operas, telejornais, programs of interview, necessary etc. to be intent, over all, what they start to want to consume by means of the advertising: merchandises, products, particularly the ones that announce fashion, beauty and happiness. Ultra Wellness Center often says this. On the other hand, some sorts bring valuable informative contents for the Education. Without entering in the merit of the relevance or not of the contents, the reporters and information. In the set of practical cultural related to favour and are part pparently of a leisure that does not have cost. From there its force of socialization. Gina Ross helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

In the school we have a formal resume, that its community is fruit of a collective bargaining with the all, but need to rethink this another informal resume represented by the media, that has much force with our children and young, potencializando with a come back pedagogical work so that our pupils are not receiving liabilities of the miditicas messages that receives, taking to reflect them it on what he sees, hear and read. The education has as object the transmission and production of knowing, with the purpose to form collective citizens, that must fight> for the transformation of the society. Thus all educative formative process/that it occurs in the necessary to be thought and analyzed society. .

The Doctor

I did not have more luck with other co-workers, at the gym, or with the neighbors of my house that had more confidence. No one seemed to have seen him. On the other hand, I didn’t make more than cross me with him. Without be able to address you, without getting to talk to him. The man was elusive. Almost evanescent. A new concern began to occupy the site until then filled the senselessness of the persecution he suffered.

And if all this wasn’t more than a figment of my imagination? And if I was going majareta? No impossible. I am a balanced, sensible, sound, individual without any tare. Even so, who knows? Someday could be the first to start with rare symptoms like these. I went to a psychiatrist. I looked for it in the phone book. I chose to which occupied more characters in the Guide: it will be the best, I said to myself, do not lose anything with test. That he has never talked to him or commented the doctor, after hearing my story. Effectively.

And says that he laughs at you so seems replied, without committing myself. You can not be more than a mere coincidence said the psychiatrist, as wanting to relativise the issue. Do you think? It is no coincidence. The guy is causing me. And why did turn you to me and not to the police? I kept quiet. Confusing. It was not very clear, actually, why was there nor what were my concrete feelings toward the intruder who had broken into my life. Wouldn’t know what to tell the police was right to answer at the end. Tell you the same as me. The composure of the doctor was hateful. Their linear responses. His lack of imagination, of human warmth or what do I missed missing know. After a monotonous session that I did not do more than repeat several times my story, I was in to see him after a week, although I was very unsure of wanting to do it again.

Ritual Baths

For them our ritual battles in which we took everything within us as attachment to eject and live in harmony, even with our fellow man that tore our bread from our table or we remove a brother from our house to disappear. They do not understand. If we are two worlds and yet we accept it with things that we are aberrations that are irrelevant to our visions and our way of life for millennia. Despite the mockery that make us our brothers that patients with fever West believe the truth, but tell him the truth he has done with their knowledge and Western religions, if not destroy the world in which we live. Before you could walk through the forests of the plains and get lost in it, playing with all beings that inhabit it, take the clear water that flows into it, savoring the sweet colorless odorless dish that my lips were. Now for the action of the same runes that degraded by the doctrines of Western man have awakened in the all ills, like greed, usury, and many more who have disfigured and I can not find if it is the rune of the people of my nations or whether they are beings of the most horrible horrible nightmares that would create a film director.

It was late in the hills and all of us with our dismayed faces ignominy could not heal the white man against our heritage, that we receive from our parents, grandparents and ancestors. Now I walk along paths covered with mineral dust scattered over what was once large fields with crops of all kinds. I remember as a kid I mamacona sat with my mother to eat their precious hands soft corns with freshly ground pepper in the churn. He played in their ditches with my brothers Yanas, like we were on an equal footing, regardless of whether I was a child and they planted the sons of my land. As Lazarus not forget the faithful charger Mamacona My Mother used to stay in the Indian markets to help his family after being banished from our village.

And it hurts me soul tears for their responsibility in a time of oblivion and my mischief by venture to learn more no one to guide me. I went there I recognized very tender the mission was for me before my people, that hurt me in the soul the misery that we imposed the Caras, Mistis Westerners. And it still hurts me is my people, but some do not want to admit it, because on my back by the legacy of all that history that forged at the beginning of those great nations that settled and that I look at these my eyes looking at the heights where my ancestors walked his feet. Tupac Yupanqui Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos

The Couple

They were there well in front of me, seated next to a table of the square of feeding in the garden of that hospital-maternity. Young, pretty Casalzinho, visibly pregnant it, with pretty barriguinha already of one eight months, feet a little swelled, face slightly spotted and entumecidos lips, things of pregnancy. Both had appearance of people of middle class. They did not eat nor drank nothing. On the small table it was a great white envelope with timbre of some medical laboratory, certainly I contend examinations.

The two argued in voice low but heatedly and it, very exaltada, at time in when she put ahead of the face of it a finger in laughed as she threatened if it, almost leaning in the nose, from which it moved away and deviated the face. They were very angry. An employee of the hospital if approaches with a paper and the delivery it, little looks at who it with airs of case she inside puts and it of the white envelope. It not of to the fact the no attention, the employee goes even so and the quarrel recommences, in voice always low but giving to perceive that the climate enters the two were pssimo. It smoked and played smoke pra all side, little if sandpapering for the delicate state of the woman. At no moment it looked at for the face of it, what it gave to perceive itself that annoyed it very to the fact, therefore constantly tried to find the look of it and she almost leaned its face in the face of it so that he faced it, but it immediately turned over for the other side. I perceived air of disdain of youngster in rare moments where it raised the sight, when it looked at of soslaio for the woman and sketched a sarcastic smile, and I also perceived the raging skill with that it looked at also it.

Flower Pests

Flowers are one of the most beautiful components that can occur in a garden, but to preserve their beauty is necessary to try to avoid the presence of pests of flowers and for the task it is best to know more about the different pests of flowers and so have some knowledge when it comes to combat pests that can damage the image of flowers. Scale insects: also known as cooked, are small insects that have a protective shield to attack and when the flowers stick your spear in the leaves to get the sap of the same, resulting in discolored leaves, that loss sap will eventually yellow and fall, also part of the expelled sap consumed in liquid form and in such liquid settle fungi. To combat the insects can make use of a cotton ball soaked with alcohol or apply insecticide anticochinillas. Aphids: small insects are colored green, brown, black and yellow. Get more background information with materials from Gina Ross. When in flower nailed its peak and will absorb the sap, which have the effect of deformation of the leaves, also give way to the formation of fungi, also attract ants, as these tend the aphids. To cope with this kind of pests of flowers, the leaves can be cut if an attack is weak and gently wipe the leaves with water and some soap, but if the attack and advanced it is necessary to use an insecticide.

Whitefly: As the name implies are small white flies, which are more in flowers like Begonia, Fuchsia, Dahlia, Geranium, Poinsettia, Rose, Laurel, Gardenia, Cole, Cineraria, Primavera, Sage, Gerbera. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is the place to go. The damage these pests cause the flowers is due to a constant pecking, which leaves discolored, if it is severe the leaves are deformed and may even fall, also produced an excretion that will usher in the presence of the Mushroom. To address this type of pests of flowers is good to spray the undersides of leaves with chemical treatments, which should be repeated several times. Trips: These are tiny insects barely measure a few millimeters, which cause discoloration on the leaves of the flowers. Indeed this type of pests of flowers does not cause great harm, but it is sometimes necessary chemical intervention. black Donut: is a type of caterpillar is feeding the neck of the flowers and lower leaves, which is a great destruction for the flowers. To eliminate the pests of flowers as the black donut should use pyrethrin-based products by applying it in the evening, as this pest is nocturnal. rose-beetle: they are a sort of shiny green beetles, which eat the flowers, leaves, shoots and buds. Usually you do not need chemical treatments, but should be attacking with your hands or some means to capture them or crush them.

Your Eyes

Your eyes … Dr. Mark Hyman is likely to agree. Seated in a chair in my room. Alone. I started to relembrar what I thought on your eyes Similar the two columns of the Celestial Temple, thus are your beautiful eyes, Had fascinated me, captivated me The surplus that encircles your eyelids discloses the clarity of your fancies. Each eyelash is as the end of the one wing fnix. It has in them a flame that arde and burns until the last wire of hair of my chest.

suddenly, as the sea that bathes beaches Caribbean, your look becomes aggressive, however not violent. It starts to intensely beat in the walls of my heart, showing who is the owner of my desires. … My imagination started to remake my closer desires of long ago It has! As he would be pleasant to be able to see them every day, to the dawn, to the dusk I remember of when looked at you me, fixed, she made me to estremecer of passion and deliriums I remember of when closed you them, exactly that she was for as, you were as if the light of my life left to exist. I remember when you them it hid of mine, was as if my body lost the direction of your lips. … Was at this moment that I reflected on the reality Moan, moan every day where still I breathe, for the lack that to your makes me affections Today, eye to my redor searching your eyes Not! I do not see more to them! That brightness not more left that me alucinado of love exists. It was erased! I was extinguished! … And what it remained? The emptiness.