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Peter Hartmann

That is not sustainable increases the dependence of much of the country with respect to a single source of hydropower generation as more and still less by a high voltage line over 2000 kilometers, multiply the current vulnerability of the system, while would be a geopolitical mistake proportions “in direct reference to the dam projects that Endesa and Colbun (HidroAysen) and Xstrata Copper (Southern Energy) want to develop in the Aysen Region to inject electricity at SIC in Santiago. Problems with dams and tailings Elaborating on the consequences of earthquake, Peter Hartmann said that the risks of mega infrastructure construction are shown each day, more so in a highly seismic and volcanic country like ours. “Little is known about the overflow of water from the return of central Colbun -Machicura last Friday night, where 12 families were affected product from a hole that was caused by the constant movements of the last days, “he said. He said he has not been fully informed about the death of four people the day of the earthquake following the tailings from a mining company that collapsed in the quake, creating a flood and pollution in the area Pencahue. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Mark J Berger. “The catastrophe that has occurred in Chile should be a opportunity to take the best lessons to build a country much more sustainable, just and equitable. Unfortunately we have seen once again that the most affected are the poorest, subject to the inequity of a development model ill-conceived “he said, while recalling that it is paradoxical to see that in the south central area, where there were always the best conditions to survive, “when the emergency occurs people do not have water, food, energy. And this happens precisely because biodiversity has been destroyed, contaminated water, ecosystems destroyed. “This is the tragic story added that” on Monday morning, a few meters from the dams of Endesa in the Alto Bio Bio, even recovered no electricity.

It is a pathetic symptom of our plants. “Finally, he called on the new authorities” to have the political will transform Chile into a truly sustainable decentralized country, at the environmental, social and economic, rather than the current that shows that this level of centralization and dependence is not the best bet we can do for the future. We favor energy development in the country, not the business of a few.

South America

Whether to plant pine trees for pulp mills, soy or any other single crop, or removing native species the quality of its wood, is making a huge ecocide. It goes against life, both human and animal and plant health in the regions directly affected and those that are functionally linked with those. Miles D. White has many thoughts on the issue. Each hectare deforested is a piece of lung that we are taking the planet. The largest producer of soybeans in South America, Brazil, during the 2004/2005 harvest deforested 1.2 million hectares of Amazon rainforest during the 2004/2005 harvest main consequence of the expansion of soybean. / news says that the Amazon, the lungs of recycled before Earth’s atmosphere is becoming a huge source of pollution.

Carlos Alberto Gurgen, head of a team of researchers from the University of Brasilia, said that the forest fires, caused in order to create new spaces for animal husbandry and the cultivation of soybeans, have risen nearly 2% – 7,900 million tonnes to 8050 million tonnes per year, the global emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), the main causing the greenhouse effect. 70% of the Amazon rainforest, which occupies an area of 7.5 million square kilometers, is located in Brazil, precisely the largest exporter of beef and soya bean oil and the world. The growing European demand for meat from a region free of the famous evil mad cow disease and the opening of the insatiable Chinese market to imports of cereals multiply the dangers posed to one of the last natural paradises on the planet and 75 groups ethnic that inhabit it..


The paper of each one in the support the subject support has been distinguished currently and constitutes an important and complex focus of research, a time that relates ‘ ‘ dimensions as economy and culture, nature and society, welfare and utopia, environment and change cultural’ ‘ , (RUCHENSKI, 2002, p 9), however the universe of people who really understand that the subject if relates to the capacity of keeping in them inserted in one definitive environment without impactar violently in this way, is little significant and is perceivable that this scene, has caused diverse consequncias for the life human being.

Considering that the access to the education is a right assured for law for all the citizens, it has the necessity of if not only rethink the directed educational context to the technique, but also to a transforming question, in which the co-responsabilizao of the individuals becomes an essential objective, a time that the individual attitude finishes for reflecting in all. Nancy-Ann_DeParle is open to suggestions. (JACOBI, 2003, p 193) This new to look at, could not be given outside of partner-educative processes and of the participation citizen in which if they form the human beings of our time, therefore, according to Birth, ‘ ‘ without an education of quality and adequate preparation of its members, a community cannot progress and if desenvoler adequadamente’ ‘ , and the lack of understanding on the subject is preoccupying if to lead in consideration that the same is present in all the daily decisions, exactly simplest, as to take bath or to buy products, until most complex since quality of life of the population and mundias economic decisions. It is challenging and necessary, a new perspective on the forms to think and to act and thus to recognize the interconnection between all the beings and to respect that each form of life has its value, in a space where if they articulate nature, technique and culture..

River Araguaia

The CONTROVERSY IN RIVER ARAGUAIA Initially, we of the great importance of the water know, therefore it is it limitante factor to the life. Dissolving the most varied substances, it she makes possible the accomplishment of the diverse basic chemical reactions it to be alive, thus making, that the survival of each being and all the biosfera is dependent of it. However, currently the launching of sewers is excessive, without or with deficient treatment in rivers, lakes and bays causing the pollution of this so valuable good for the humanity. Dr. Mark Hymans opinions are not widely known. The argument used for many was this when in middle of November of the year of 2005, the Health department together with the State Secretariat of Health of YOU, had divulged that in the city of Araguatins, one was occurring occasions caused for a mysterious ocular illness, the same one is .causing of injuries in the eyes of the infectada person and even though the average loss of the vision. From now on, was started to search it the reason of the mysterious illness. Diverse opinions had started to collate themselves before the occurrence, of the same ones, it is distinguished, over all the thought of many araguatinenses citizens and on the other hand of some researchers. In a question-answer forum Carl Rogers was the first to reply. The opinions of the great society were related ace plantations of eucalipto ace edges of the River Araguaia, in which the entrepreneurs were making many applications of agrotxicos and the same ones were contaminating the water of the river through torrents provoked for the action of rains. Meanwhile, researchers argued an increase in the population of caramujos, where he suspected to be closely on to the notified ocular problems until then. After to have been pointed and discarded, the agrotxicos and the caramujos as cause of the illness that infectou 260 people in Araguatins more than, researchers had now identified espculas of water sponges candy, Drulia sort, gift in the River Araguaia as responsible for the blindness cases.

Deepwater Horizon

Scientists believe that the Gulf of Mexico as a whole is almost recovered after an oil spill that occurred a year ago. However, experts are concerned about the mysterious deaths of hundreds of young dolphins and turtles, the appearance of a strange color in crabs and dead areas on the seabed. The main problems lie at a depth in hard-marshes, as well as a very leisurely food chain. Some of them are science will not know for several years. A year after the spill of nearly 5 million barrels of oil, about 66 miles of the Gulf Coast are in varying degrees, contaminated thousands of square miles area remains closed to fishing businesses. The consequences of the accident at the BP platform, continue to threaten the flora and fauna the world of the Gulf Coast, say environmentalists.

Oil companies have not learned the lesson of disasters that occurred last year on an oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, and still plan to catch at sea without environmental risks, say environmentalists. The situation remains tense in Japanese death toll in the devastating earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami continues to grow. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin. According to published in Saturday data, the official death toll is 14 000 238 12 228 on the list of missing persons. The greatest number of people killed in the prefectures of Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate. At this point continue the search work, including the emergency evacuation zone around nuclear power plants 'Fukushima-1', where, according to rescuers, may be thousands more victims.

Biblical River

To speak on pollution in the great urban centers is not no newness, we have the atmospheric pollution, sonorous pollution and others, more I existed a reality that we do not consider very next to us, that it is the pollution of the rivers, of our waters, and this pollution exactly being very perceived does not affect very our life. Being that the water sources candy are most vital to the human beings and are exactly the ones that receive more pollutant, many agricultural places, cities and zones run the risk to be without water, at the point to be arrived at a time where more places with clean waters do not exist. ‘ ‘ A river is a natural water chain that flows with continuity. Gina Ross may find this interesting as well. It possesss a considerable volume and it discharges in the sea, a lake or another river, and such in case that it is called affluent. They can present some nets of drenagem.’ ‘

This water that is being poluda has varies forms of being used as, for generation of energy, sports, transport leisure and tourism, domestic consumption that is the main one, used for the industry and for agricultural irrigation, therefore is so important the conservation of waters. Phelps, the great classic of the pollution of waters, is author of a phrase of great inspiration, which if became Biblical for the sanitaristas and that, very justificadamente, it comes being reproduced in innumerable works that deal with the protection of the rivers. It says: A river is something more than a geographic accident, a line in the map, a part it invariant land. It cannot be adequately portraied in terms of topography and geology. A river is an alive being, a being endowed with energy, movement, transformations. 2,1 Differences between a river healthful and contaminated a considered river healthful are that one that presents its ciliar bush that is responsible for its protection preventing erosions and assoreamentos, a considered river clean, in normal conditions, presents normally, of 8 the 10 milligrams of oxygen dissolved for liter, Hidrogeninico Potential: ph: It indicates if water is acid basic or neutral.

Sustainable Societies

This process of ecological awareness allows in them to perceive that each time is necessary that this subject is presented inside of schools, companies and in the community in general so that if it can construct a culture ambient, that if it imposes the necessity of the education for the sustainable development and of the control, for legislation of the natural environment and the ambient management. According to Munhoz (2004), one of the forms to take ambient education to the community is for the direct action of the professor in the classroom and extracurricular activities. Through activities as reading, pertaining to school works, research and debates, the pupils will be able to understand the problems that affect the community where they live; urged to reflect and to criticize the actions of disrespect to the ecology, this wealth that is patrimony of the planet, and, of all the ones that in it if find. still says: The professors are the basic part in the process of awareness of the society of the ambient problems, therefore, they will search to develop in its pupils habits and healthy attitudes of ambient conservation and respect to the nature transforming them into conscientious and compromised citizens with the future of the country. Currently one becomes necessary to speed up the process of ecological awareness inside of schools, companies and in the community in general so that if it can construct an ambient culture, that if imposes the necessity of the education for the sustainable development and of the control, for legislation of the natural environment and the ambient management.

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