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Stein Friends

Pet: Conte Fabyulos (Cont Fabulous) my LDN (Flying Friend Forever), he is very proud and real bat, I dress him in cute little clothes. Hobby: I love ulybatsya, laugh and Encourage your friends. Big disappointment: Lack of vegetarian dishes in kripaterii (cafeteria) School of Monsters is very bad. Favorite subject in school: to write essays. This allows me to write good stories about their friends. Unloved subject in school: Geography. After 1.599 years, I was everywhere … twice.

Favorite color: Pink Favorite food: I'm a vegetarian, nasty blood is not for me, so that the fruits, vegetables and foods containing a lot of iron for me. LDN: Frankie Stein (Frankie Stein) and Claudine Woolf (Clawdeen Wolf). Biography of Frankie Stein, Who is this: just sewed (Just Got Stitched) Age: I'm 15 … days total. Parent monster: Frankenstein and his wife. Bags: Monster High Frankie Stein killer style: My friends say I have an ideal the figure for fashion.

I'm not entirely sure it oznochaet, but they took me shopping for some terribly cute clothes that are absolutely killer. Bizarre drawback: Sometimes my stitches soskolzyvayut in most inopportune moment. As in the day during strahlidinga my hand and flew away before the prizemlilsas skolzikim Man Monster High. I was disappointed. Pet: Vatzit (Watzit) I'm not sure what it was made, but a license to Vatzita pet a lot of content pages. Hobby: Since I'm only 15 days, I do not have a favorite class! I want to experience everything before you choose.

Uzbek Meat

An important element of this kitchen are sharp and sweet-sour sauces, such as Georgian or satsebeli tkemali. The Azerbaijani kebab is lamb, which is chopped into small pieces with bones and cartilage, and no flavor. For the Armenian shish kebab on-Kara preferred rather large chunks of meat alternated with fat-tailed fat. For other meat is cut smaller and interspersed with vegetables – medium-sized tomatoes and slices of eggplant. In contrast to the Caucasian kebabs Uzbek has more pieces. They also strung on the line with the fat-tailed or fat wrapped in thin plates, which absorb heat from the coals and transfer the meat fat and juices.

Something like this is, and Turkish shish-kebab. In addition to natural meat in the Azeri, Uzbek and Turkish cuisine and use chopped. This is the kebab – it is made of minced meat, which includes lamb onion, a little bacon, spices. Minced make sausages, put on skewer and grill. By type of barbecue cook and kidney, tongue, lungs, liver, heart, stomach … Prepare the barbecue and poultry, and fish. Among these dishes special place skewers of sturgeon, which is marinated no more than ten minutes (otherwise collapse) and flavored with nutmeg, beating off an odor. Here, as in most cases of Caucasian cuisine, based marinade is vinegar.

That wine, because the usual, according to experts, kills the taste. These masters of their craft and do prefer juices, such as lemon or pomegranate. Pretty well the marinade on the basis of dry white wine (red frying spoils the color of the product) and a good soda mineral water. Meat roasted over an open fire, a frying pan, oven, hundreds of different recipes, you naedete on the 'catalog of recipes. " In preparing the article, I found out that the above matter to the marinade occasionally replaced beer, wine, and a mixture of vodka, brandy, tomato or cherry juice, soy sauce, mustard, mayonnaise and even yogurt or yogurt. Well, let's not argue – that someone like that.

Comforting Babies

These babies have sufficient relief of the tension for the lasting contact of the skin and the continuous rocking. Perhaps the clica of the 3 months is a symptomatic attempt to receive contact of skin, much-needed to the development. In this in case that, the experience says that the use of chupeta can be useful and also sleep in a cradle of rocking. For the shelter children, the shouts bring little result, since no worried mother reacts they e, of this way, do not receive no devotion. Therefore also not they are fed in improper schedule and they are saved of the clica.

The improvement after 3 months according to Spitz, this occurs because the children develop another possibility of if exempting of its tensions. PROBLEMS OF BREAST-FEEDING the problems of breast-feeding can in such a way have its roots in the mother as in the son and also contain crisis traces. If the mother does not have milk, this many times is felt as a lack, what she really does not leave of being truth. For backwards of this it is of course an attempt unconscious, but clear, not to give nothing of itself to the son, leaving of feeding it. If the child does not take the initiative suck, the responsibility is visibly of it, and there she is necessary to decide if it cannot or if it does not want. Possibly it is so weak or immature who the consequence of the suction not yet functions.

In these cases, she would be natural to interpret the responsible situation literally therefore. If in contrast, a mature baby rejects the seio maternal, the crisis many times was programmed. While the mother, who refuses its milk, always can run away for the medical rationalizations in this case the clearness of the message is painful clear: the son not accepted nothing that comes of it and does not want nothing of it.

Sick Building Syndrome

Negatively charged oxygen ions considered revitalizing elements in our breath. In indoor oxygen exists largely only “passive”, which can bind no pollutants. Oxygen is only biologically active and health-promoting, if it is negatively charged. Clean air at the seaside or in the mountains contains approximately 3,000 4,000 negative ions per cubic meter. Indoor urban apartments, there are often less than 500.

In Office buildings, meeting rooms or for example in modernized schools their number often drops to below 100 negative ions per cubic meter, which can lead to impaired concentration, headache and general fatigue. These symptoms are exactly syndrome at the Sick Building”(SBS) described. In Office buildings with air conditioners, the problem worsened even more, because they withdraw the last particles of energy the air. The filtering effect of negative ions and space is that they attach themselves to the dissolved pollutants and they allow to fall to the ground. The air is so clean and the person feels fresh and vital. What are the causes for the minimization of the number of negative ions in the indoor air of buildings? The Sick Building Syndrome has been known for the first time in the 1970s. It is therefore to be expected that the lack of Environmental hygiene and modern technical building materials and construction methods have a not inconsiderable share of it. The portion of the site, not investigated so far with the exception of the study of radiation from radon.

Studies by Robert Endros (the radiation of the Earth and its impact on life”), however, confirm the acceptance of negative ions of geopathogenic zones of stimulus, such as underground water runners or geological faults. The importance of natural incoming energy in the living room is therefore excluded from science until today because the divining of these forces has been a domain of the dowser. Today, there are however sensitive instruments that can detect the change of natural potential of tensions about imperfections in the subsoil.