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A double chin gnaws at our self-confidence, however, must we not accept this, but can do something about it with few resources. Genetics may be responsible for the good and bad things and decide about our appearance. Including a double chin. Even thin people can suffer from a double chin and is thus not only a problem with overweight. The natural aging process is also not to stop. With age, our skin loses its elasticity, muscles become weaker and it forms a double chin with ease.

There are really simple methods, to prevent the emergence of a Chin or this collapse, if you already have one. With the following tools, you will can remove your double chin and again have a younger and fresher face: lie down comfortably with outstretched legs and laid next to your body, arms and hands. Raise the head so you can see your feet. Hold this position for 10 seconds and relax up for 10 seconds. 20-30 Times, repeat this procedure. Sit down with gradem back and bend your head backwards. Now pull the skin of the Chin to the Adam’s Apple down with your hands and hold this position for a few seconds. Now slide your lower jaw forward and firmly press the lips together.

Cons get this entire process some times. Lie down on your back and try several times to push your Chin to your chest. Place your palms under your chin and push the ball firmly against the Chin. Now press with his tongue firmly against your palate and repeat this several times. You will thus feel the muscles under your chin and thus strengthen. Open your mouth as far as possible and pull your lower lip to the inside of the lower teeth. Now move your jaw forward, as if to wanted to scoop some of the ground. Repeat the process 5 times per day. In the standing position, tilt your head backwards and tight pull down the skin of the Chin to the Adam’s Apple. Beating with slight pressure with the help of top Palm of your hand against your double chin. This trains jaw and Chin muscles. In addition, you can stretch out your tongue in or alternatively tilt the head backwards, wohrend you keep your mouth closed and put the tongue on the palate. Lie down on your back and lift your head as if you nod at the “Yes” tell. Then shake your head like the ‘no’-say. Turn back as far as possible and then your head to the right and left, to tighten the belts. Push your Chin down onto your chest and then raise the shoulders. Pay attention to your diet and try to lose some weight, if your double chin is the cause of obesity. Use the training unit, which has been specially developed for the double chin. You will find here information about the device. (c) Orbis aureus

Health Problems

Today, the most common health problem is overweight, a problem that is experienced by a large number of the world’s population. A condition that not only cause that you locate the grease, but people also brings several health risks that leaves them in danger of losing their lives every day concern of people overweight-related health grows because many of them have understood that this problem can make their quality of life dusminuya too even at a level where death threat risks of being obese areDo: type 2 diabetes diseases of the heart and cerebrovascular accidents? table body mass index Cancer Sleep Apnea osteoarthritis disease of the gallbladder fatty liver due to this fact that we are seeing every day in a greater amount governments are trying to create laws that oblige as restaurants and food suppliers to show the amount of clorias that have their menus. All these laws are being created in an attempt to control this epidemic that ends with millions of lives each year and not only affects people who have this condition, but also its loved ones, since they are losing people who love a problem that was not very important in the past, but is now putting too many lives at risk original author and source of the article.