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Michael Bauer – The Voice Of The Heart

Michael Bauer – the voice of the heart – inconspicuous produces new songs in the Studio, the Saarlander Michael Bauer is not no unimpressive with his appearance and his demeanor, however it is less that one as his unique voice characteristic which convinced the media. Despite the large mass good rankings as charts, Andy’s music paradise, happy TV, TV is for example the title “I’ll give you eternity” in the terrestrial broadcasters like radio Salzachtal, Radio Bremen or in TV shows like the German Schlager music and folk music TV he still always unknown. 2009 the first Maxi CD titled “Dear Darling” (in all download shops available) with him was produced, the composers and lyricists of his songs, such as for example Hans Klipp (G. G. Andersen), Ludwig Rauscher (Francine Jordi, Edlseer), Johannes Haslauer (Gruber Taler, Zillertaler Hader Eliseo), Christian Losch, Jorg Laasen, Eddie Germany have worked for years with great success in the music business. She convinced all this unusual voice that a little bit of Camillo Rims, Heino and Ronny recalls at the same time.

In January 2010, the Grand-Prix winner Tommy Mustach wrote (Mireille Mathieu, Christina Bach, Hansi Hinterseer, Patrik Lindner & v. m.) for the Grand Prix der volksmusik (ZDF) the title “the magic word satisfaction”. As a performer, they decided for Michael Bauer. Just the song missed the top 5. “Different in the best of the German Schlager charts” by smago and ADS, where the magic word reached satisfaction immediately place 5. The 55-year-old, which missed out on the music portal SMAGO nicknamed “Samson” again in the Studio is now. Currently working on a new CD in the Studio North of Bremen (Fettes Brot, Mr. President, and others). This time a team of the first League works with Michael Bauer, such as Stefan Zauner (lead singer of Munchener Freiheit), and Hans Jurgen Osmers from the musical stage School of Hamburg. Source: dhs / more information:

Maria Nefedova

From 1993 to 1997, “The King and the Clown” performed by St. Petersburg’s clubs “there-there”, “Polygon”, “Mountain,” “Ten”, “Sawmill”, “Rock Club”, “Art-clinic” and so on. In 1995 he joined the band guitarist Jacob Tsvirkunov. In 1996 he was removed a half-hour program about “The King and Shuteev,” which aired repeatedly on the air Channel 5. Click Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. to learn more.

The result of this program began filming four low-budget video for the song “A fool and lightning,” “Sudden head,” “Gardener” “Wander the shadows.” Their debut album “Stone on the head” was recorded and released in 1996. The following year they released their second album, “The King and the Clown”. But the remarkable success to the group only came in 1998 with the “acoustic album” This album is different from punk-rock past to become more melodic. On this album, the band joined violinist Maria Nefedova, which greatly influenced the music of Kiss, creating a strong bias towards the folk-rock. Most popular won the ballad “jump off a cliff,” got on the first line of “Chart a dozen.” Since then, the group became known throughout Russia, in early 1999, she gave a recital in the concert hall Olympics. On TV the first professional broadcast video of the song “Eli meat men”, which also falls into the hit parade Nashe Radio. In 2000 she released another album “Heroes and Villains” from which the charts hits song “Remember to Drevlyans bitterly.

Aznora Ulbashev

When the Honored Worker of Culture of Kabardino-Balkaria Aznor Zhambekovich Ulbashev goes on stage, his face always lights up a smile. It is worth to him to sing – the song is carried away to the tops of the mountains. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. The singer is very clear, unmistakable tone of voice, because it can not be with someone confused. Speaking candidly Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. told us the story. For more than fifty years of concert activity Ulbashev found his own performing style, has amassed an extensive repertoire, which is always picked up with the taste, in the strict according to their capabilities. His personality especially pronounced in the performance of folk and modern pop Balkar and Karachai songs that he sings freely and enthusiastically. His listeners well-educated and highly appreciate his art, wins also for always cheerful, optimistic and infect others. – This is a very sociable, cheerful, kind person – characterizes Aznora former member amateur Cherek district, which has more than four decades, led Ulbashev, now the leading soloist of the State Musical Theatre of the CBD, the honored artist of Russia Galina Taukenova. – I think that his creative life, and he and his seventy years, has managed to keep his voice is associated with generosity.

Especially surprising is that Aznora tenor, and, as you know, the vocal cords holders tenor wear rather quickly. Ulbashev – is a versatile talent, whose repertoire incendiary, tempo, lyrical and patriotic songs, folk tunes. He is able to support both a folk singer, performing masterfully "Ezhiu," which admittedly is not so simple.

Provocation Genius Talent

Brilliant techno – pop draft a young star, world-famous violinist and composer, is represented by an intriguing and mysterious name Anael. Anael music is on par with the greatest masterpieces of world classics, despite the fact that all the music author, created by a young violinist and reflects the spirit and trend of the 21st century. Music Anael – is the perception of the present and anticipation of the future, embodied a new form, and adopted the guise fabulously beautiful melodies. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Reflection of reality through the prism of music over talent. Anael – is undoubtedly a phenomenon, capable force of his talent to allow people to understand such a complex instrument like a violin. Music Anael – like fresh air in a hot sunny day, the rays of light, warming the earth after the cold endless night. Anael challenging academic congealed classical school, Anael steals the show representatives of the pop classic – introducing a new brilliant music.

Moscow Rock Laboratory

In the following year – the beginning of civilized (meaning civil) period in the development group: NAIVE is a member of the Moscow Rock Laboratory, and in 1990, NAIVE released his first album ‘Switch-Blade Knaife’ on the American label ‘MaximumRock’N’Roll’. The album sold well in America, enough just to say that it had in my record collection, Kurt Cobain, not just saying that ‘it is best that he knows about Russia. ” The debut album NAIVE ‘Switch-Blade Knaife’ (Fink) “(1990) months stayed in the charts of national radio stations and took sixth in sales among the most popular in the USSR album of punk-rock followed by a second album NAIVE ‘Beer for Naive’ followed by a tour of Europe, organized by the Danish firm Subvert Productions in 1993: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Italy – a total of 40 concerts (of which 10 are with a group of Coffin Break from Seattle, and one speech in Berlin with groups Coffin Break and DOA).

In the New Year’s Eve NAIVE participates in the ‘first night with Oleg Menshikov‘ on NTV with its own version of the song pop singer Valeria ‘Chasiki’. January 30, the club point is the 7th Festival ‘punks in the city. ” For the first time the festival has been invited Western group.