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Jovian Polarity

These proportions vary with increasing diameter of the ring, although the width of the ring with almost constant. Sometimes in order to gain hronarnoy Energy in its lower part is an additional third hole. However, this does not necessarily produce as ordinary people excessive force Persten can only hurt. Fig. 3 Women's Signet Ring Atlanta or Valtshayma Both types of rings with both of its sides are of different polarity. If on the one end at the edge of his laid positive Yang Nature has a plus Masculine polarity, the downside is negative, the negative polarity of the Women's Yin.

Fig. 4 Polarity Persten Atlantis Ring Atlantic is always worn the opposite pole of the pole arm. Then is, if the finger of positively charged, then it puts a ring on the negative side. His attraction poles should complement and not rejected by similarity of their nature. Everyone knows that the same poles are mutually repel each other. Sowing pattern is evident, and no proof needed, because the nature of Yin should always take account of harmony with Nature Ian. Some philosophers believe that Ring still need to wear to the positive pole each finger. However, it is not so, because its effect is either neutral or negative and can cause bears his faint or even harm your health.

On the polarity of the same hand, I'll tell Tepe later. Wear Ring Ring him with open edges. And when putting it on your arm to straighten it a little better, and vestments after the squeeze. Others do not require a phalanx of effort per se, they need only choose the size. In addition, Rings can be worn not only on his hands, but like you can also wear it on his leg. Compliance with wearing on the foot like that, as in the hand. The only recommended to wear it on the bias fathoms. That is, if the person is Male sex, he should wear a ring on his right hand and another on his left leg on the same finger. This is done in order to complement the female nature, for in harmony, and power lies. The only thing you need to follow the polarity of the dressing ring, on the same toe, will have opposite polarity with respect to arms. To intensify the action Persten in recovery or destruction of pain, it should be placed as close as possible to the sore spot, or put on finger, which corresponds to that body. Ailing people in need of active influence on the disease so that it could quickly retreat. In order to complement the nature of treatment, can be worn for several rings at once. Indeed, for some illnesses according to astrological location may correspond to different fingers, as well as the phalanx. About when it comes to liver disease, the different parts of this body on Astrological rules apply to different signs and Planet. The upper lobe of the liver are influenced Cancer. To a large extent this authority is under the influence of the Virgin, at least under the influence of Sagittarius, as well as she rests under the influence of the planet Jupiter. Therefore, the first Ring can be worn on the Jovian finger, and another to put on extra phalanx of the Virgin or Sagittarius. If a person is wealthy and can afford three rings, then it is desirable to hoist them on this one object.

Deepwater Horizon

Scientists believe that the Gulf of Mexico as a whole is almost recovered after an oil spill that occurred a year ago. However, experts are concerned about the mysterious deaths of hundreds of young dolphins and turtles, the appearance of a strange color in crabs and dead areas on the seabed. The main problems lie at a depth in hard-marshes, as well as a very leisurely food chain. Some of them are science will not know for several years. A year after the spill of nearly 5 million barrels of oil, about 66 miles of the Gulf Coast are in varying degrees, contaminated thousands of square miles area remains closed to fishing businesses. The consequences of the accident at the BP platform, continue to threaten the flora and fauna the world of the Gulf Coast, say environmentalists.

Oil companies have not learned the lesson of disasters that occurred last year on an oil rig Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, and still plan to catch at sea without environmental risks, say environmentalists. The situation remains tense in Japanese death toll in the devastating earthquake in Japan and the ensuing tsunami continues to grow. Learn more at: Eva Andersson-Dubin. According to published in Saturday data, the official death toll is 14 000 238 12 228 on the list of missing persons. The greatest number of people killed in the prefectures of Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate. At this point continue the search work, including the emergency evacuation zone around nuclear power plants 'Fukushima-1', where, according to rescuers, may be thousands more victims.

European Union

Let’s look at an example, we have the European Union where although most countries have different languages and different cultures, there is increasingly a homogeneity to unify different criteria of the countries that comprise the Europeanness. Globalization is a phenomenon that will always exist and that will continue because it is dynamic and continues to grow, but also I will try to explain why you can break a harmlessly and without that will produce greater inequality between rich and poor and between industrial and emerging countries. Large companies such as multinational corporations and their powerful brands have diversified the world hogging large markets, producing large profits, and destroying large companies in local markets, but my questioning leads me to think why it does this? For their great strategies brands, and their commercial schedules or lack of nationalism in some countries? I think the answer to that it lies in the ultimate that I raise, I think that there are more Nations predisposed to consume products and brands foreign to their own national and have nothing to do with quality standards or business processes. Facebook for a more varied view. Laurel Hubbard wanted to know more. Let’s look at an example of regionalized in Peru, there is a drink that is called Inca Cola, which is the beverage most sold throughout Peru, is yellow and has a great flavor, is direct competition from coca-cola, and you believe it or not he was selling much more than Coca Cola. The positioning of Inca Cola in Peru, was so strong that the Coca-Cola company had to purchase because it was losing many markets in this country. This example does not demonstrate that regional products and nationalist beliefs can stop at a certain point, not at all, then not be badly interpreted by globalization. But if that can curb this phenomenon that so much damage this occurring at the global level, there are many more examples of these cases, see in the Middle East, Japan where many American companies don’t have been able to penetrate as they wanted it to achieve.. Frequently Eva Andersson-Dubin has said that publicly.

Frequent Water

The basic rule of maintaining a healthy lawn is elastic – uniform and timely watering is not as fundamentally important – manual or automatic. Frequently Anita Dunn has said that publicly. Another thing is that hand watering will never achieve the uniformity of water distribution to the entire lawn. Also do not forget about some features characteristic of any person, and especially "Uncle from", which is called the gardener, and who, on more deeply care about your efforts in the creation of a beautiful landscape. No offense be said for many gardeners, but the sloppiness in the work, the frequent 'deterioration of health', excessive forgetfulness and lack of even elementary knowledge of plant care are critical in comparison with automatic watering the lawn. A distinctive feature of the automatic watering – exclusion of human factors, and therefore – to ensure continuous operation when watering the lawn. Journal of the American Medical Association gathered all the information.

It seems a little distracted – back to the automatic watering system! In an explicit effort as soon as possible to get long-awaited velvety lawn, often overlooked some very important points, such as planting grass to produce a design and installation of automatic watering systems. Lawn puts some additional requirements to watering, especially if it's fresh lawn seeding or sod just laid. In the rare irrigation (from output to output) lawn grass just fade in the sun. But do not get carried away and over the lawn and fill with water, since excess moisture can lead to stagnation of water. Yellowing of the lawn, redness, the appearance of heterogeneous regions lawns are the cause of various diseases due to waterlogging of the soil. Typically, high-quality automatic watering the lawn or use surface irrigation sprinkler.

The amount of water needed for automatic watering the lawn, depends on the type of lawn grass. On average, automatic watering the lawn should need to provide water to moisten the soil to a depth of 8-10 cm resulted in a shortfall of the daily water needs lawn, is a superficial root system development and as a consequence – increased the likelihood of freezing in the winter. As noted elsewhere, the optimal time for the automatic watering the lawn – Early morning and late evening. At other hours watering the lawn is not recommended for young crops and grass just is contraindicated: the sun's rays passing through water droplets burn immature shoots lawn grass, and standing midday heat causes to the momentary water evaporation from the soil surface and soil crust formation. Even if the cold days came – automatic watering the lawn still recommended for morning and evening, as suddenly clear up a breeze may bring to naught all automatic irrigation uniformity. Lawn, as a rule, is especially necessary after the automatic watering trimming, fertilization, during the period of active growth and tillering, especially if the lawn is planted several species of certain herbs.

Health Affection

The information necessary to develop this research had been to appeal the sources secondary, using scientific book, articles and visit the field carried through next to State secretary of the Health, with the purpose to get given referring to the problem of the proceeding affection of the climate and the incidence registered in the SES. Beyond the climatic data of the meteorological station of the SEMARH. This research is of great importance, therefore arcabouo of referring information to the affection consists in one and the climatic variability, in view of that the affection is a problem that comes affecting the health of the aracajuana population. In the research the interference of the climate in the affection was analyzed, as well as its variations. Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence can aid you in your search for knowledge. The importance of a bigger knowledge of the population reveals here on the times of the year where the incidence of affection epidemics is bigger, therefore with this knowledge, the population will be if preparing to fight this problem.

2 the CLIMATE, MAN AND HEALTH the climate are a natural element that exerts one strong influence on the life of the man. In view of that it is constructed by some elements that are of utmost importance for the survival human being, as air, the water, the temperature and the humidity. The man if becomes dependent of the climate that also it influences in the way of the man to live and if to dress, and also it influences in the food production. Throughout the time, the man started to influence in the physical aspects, then modifying the natural environment, stimulated for the capitalist way of production.

Spin Computer

Health can not buy, and save it, as you know, our own peril. One of the factors affecting the formation of posture in children is wrong landing during training sessions. But many problems in adulthood from childhood … even in school Education now difficult to imagine without a computer. If the execution of the lessons a child spends two hours a day, you notice how much time he spends, such as playing computer games.

Games can serve as a rest and simultaneously be developmental, but it’s important not to forget the correct position the body, either during work or school or during holidays. A few simple tips on how to properly sit at the computer: – Sit up straight – Spin hold exactly, the body, expand strictly to the monitor (you can not sit half-turned) – Feet do not cross your, put both feet firmly on the floor or footboard – Loins slightly arched, resting on the chair – Relax your shoulders, arms relaxed place on the table (or on the keyboard and mouse), relax your fingers – shoulder line should be located directly above the line of the hips – Forearms can be put on the soft armrests at a height such that the wrist located slightly lower than the elbows – hands I shall always be support. – Hands straighten more than half (the angle at the elbow should be above 90 degrees) – The elbows are bent and are about 3 cm from the body – put the keyboard below elbow (if possible) or at their level – keep your head straight, at will – with a slight slope forward – the distance from the monitor to eye must be at least 50cm If you observe these, in fact, simple rules for 3 months then later produced a healthy habit to sit at the table. By the way, remember that the best example for your child – it’s you. Themselves as a sitting at which table, for what? On the board you see computer tables from the catalog online shop furniture But the atmosphere in the room creates not only the furniture! Even the existing familiar furniture you can add new colors to the new school year! Self-adhesive pictures from our collection will create a special mood in the room the student. “We have nothing like it, and well attended” – would say someone from skeptical parents. But is not it great that now their children, we can create more appropriate conditions for work and leisure – a fantastic world in your child’s room! And if you go outside the room and walk around the school where the student spends much of the day? We will not add anything, just give photos of “before” and “after.


Flon defines the therapists in first place as those that love the wisdom, is philosophers that its form to take care of is superior, therefore takes care of of the soul, of the psiquismo. ' ' The proper name of these philosophers, who we call therapists, discloses its project, in first place because the medicine (iatrik) that they take the veil is superior to that comes being exerted in our cities; this only takes care of of the body, but to another one it also takes care of of the psiquismo, tormented for these painful and difficult illnesses to cure (…) ' ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 69). For Flon the function of &#039 will fit to the therapist; desatar' we of the soul, these obstacles to the life and creative intelligence, the great therapist would be that one that perfectly dominates the world of the attractive passions and the disordered ones of the pleasure. JCVI is likely to increase your knowledge. Flon considers Moiss the great therapist.

' ' The legislator (Moiss), that he is a perfect doctor of the passions and the mrbidas affections of the soul, had in the life an only task, an only end: to extirpar the illnesses of the thought, with its proper roots, so that incurvel&#039 did not remain more nothing to produce an illness seed; ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 78). The therapists searched to live in harmony. The harmony for them was synonymous of health; they live in harmony if thus we can call between deep and the form; between the word and the thought; between the essential and the existencial. Therefore they invite in them to guide our desires, not to exclude them, to extirpar them, therefore we are beings of the desire, but of a they its place, life with them of harmonious form. 1.3Escuta clinical: consideraes Speaking to us on the Clinic as being the place of this listening; that of a possibility of direction, being received in its sufferings, conflicts.

Garzon Man

Well, it shall be said, this is precisely what all the world proposes. Politicians of all strings, directors of companies, economists, engineers, etc., are in agreement that something must be done to improve relations between man and his environment. Measures are taken, approve laws and violations are punishable. Long as everyone is willing to give priority to ecological issues there will be hope. This consolation is meager as soon as we discover it was based on a fallacy. Give absolute priority to ecological issues is to suppose that they have been resolved in principle many of the racial, national, political, economic, social problems, etc. Now well not only these problems are not resolved, but that they are fair and precisely determining the alarming current ecological conditions. So far companies that intend to take measures to prevent the progressive deterioration of the natural environment have contributed and continue to contribute to that.

It is logical to think that the ecological imbalance has political and social fundamental components. Therefore, it seems obvious that any solution you have to be very radical. Recommendations return to Earth and the protests against the consumer society, which had a naive air, can be purchased in this way a new sense. In its fund beats the desire of men to change thoroughly, basically rectifying its historical trajectory. An entirely new type of society is a true cultural revolution and so this makes sense has to be, to an essential dimension, to recognize that not only the man has right to exist. The man is not morally viable to allow less than that thing not human Earth, air, water, and fire, and the innumerable animal species and vegetables – exist and prosper. Educate yourself with thoughts from Joint Commission.

Live also consists in live and let live. In let-live to our mother, the Earth. And as the poet said: land only. Earth. / Earth for estremecidos tablecloths, / for vicious pupil of cloud, / for recent wounds and moist thinking. / Earth for everything flees Earth. Francisco Arias Solis Cadiz with Garzon. Democrats with the judge BALTASAR GARZON Association by a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.