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Urintherapie In many cultures the Eigenharn was used to treat almost all diseases. Some readers may now overcome a certain disgust. This revulsion, in many cases a consequence of essential hygiene, but in this case is misplaced. Already in ancient Egypt were able to find about 60 healers disease by means of visual inspection of the urine. What happens if we absorb and excrete fluids again? If you follow the homeopathic approach, the following happens: On the way through the body absorbs the water information about all the features that are not completely in order. The urine reflects what the body is not optimally managed. While drinking their own urine is treated like with like. Toxins that are leaving the body, in a diluted, acceptable condition and result in re-admission to an increased detoxification reaction. Urine contains essentially the following components: * * dilute toxins substances that are no longer needed or stored in the bodyUrea can * * * hormones immunoglobulin – antibodies that are used * in the urinary tract to protect against microbial proteins that are to contribute to the re-feeding as modulators of the immune system * Minerals * Enzymes * water (95%) in what way the urine can be used? As a drink, for inhalation and gargling in enemas, envelopes, to rubbing, rinsing, as Bad as homeopathic remedy, scoured for injection () Where urine helps and how it is employed? * Drink * Allergies * Asthma Bronchitis, chronic diseases (rheumatism, arthritis, etc) * Diarrhea * Colds * * vaginal thrush migraine and head wraps dab * Insect bites: * put a compress atopic dermatitis: compresses, rubbing sweaty feet *: * In case of urine-soaked socks water, it is better to drink their own urine, than to die of thirst. In emergencies, the urine is used. Urinkur Drink in consultation with your doctor to Begin for 2 weeks every morning a glass of your urinesober. It should be the first morning, because he is more concentrated. To remove them from left to wait until the first rays of the urine their bodies. They use the so-called midstream. It is best, because at the beginning of the bacteria are flushed out of the urethra. To get settled enough for the initial two to three sips. Note: Urine should be drunk immediately, because it is rapidly decomposed by the rapid multiplication of bacteria and is the main effect is lost. Many substances are ineffective or even inedible to poisonous. Do they have a loathing for the drinking, so you rub two weeks long a one drop Eigenurin in both armpits. As with all health tips, however: never start therapy without first consulting with a doctor or healer!