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Treatment Abroad

To date, medical treatment abroad is not a problem for our citizens. The information market appeared a lot of information about treatment abroad, the companies providing services to organizations abroad, as well as All about treatment abroad. Providers of this information is: – The foreign clinics that are available to spread materials on their websites, (unfortunately not all foreign clinics have pages in Russian) about medical activities, offices, clinics! But, unfortunately, not always possible to get information or an answer fast! – Travel company in Ukraine. Source: Abraham Maslow. Having experience with tourists (in principle if we compare schematically the organization of departure for a vacation and organization of treatment abroad, the only difference will be the place to stay in the country of temporary residence).

The big advantage of these companies have experience in organizing travel! Experience work with embassies, knowledge and requirements for travel documents, knowledge of the rules of crossing the border, the ability to organize services in the country of temporary residence, quickly change your flight date to rebook hotel on the other dates, arrange a pick up! -Intermediary companies: 1) the marketing departments of foreign clinics – advantage is that they do work on the clinic, to organize their treatment at the clinic and get an answer can be faster than appeal directly to the clinic. Minus – significant additional payment of services! 2) just ordinary companies, in the state where there are one or two doctors. But as a rule, patients who chose to leave to be treated abroad, running from our doctors! And turning, with trips to medical treatment abroad, they receive clear advice of doctors – information on visas and documents, look at the site of the Embassy! (I myself was witness to a situation where physician, after learning that the patient is open Cyprus visa, reassured her that she could on this visa to fly to Switzerland), arranging medical treatment abroad, it is important to “lead” the client from the beginning (from the moment of his arrival in the office) to end (up to Since his return home after treatment).

Economically Profitable

More and more companies realize the economic benefits of work-life-balance work-life-balance – increasing significance increases the importance of work-life-balance in the company. All the time more and more companies are investing in the workplace health promotion. Work-life-balance goals are to improve well-being and health of employees. The methods are particularly varied. Nutrition, back training, ergonomics, stress and fitness are the most important topics. The vast majority failure reasons employees are today’s stress as well as back pain.

Work-life-balance methods should reduce pollution also back pain. In the area of workplace health promotion self responsibility of workers plays a special role. The employees must have interest to do something for their health. Health events are the current trend in the field of work-life balance. Health days are cheap from approach of establishments. Camden Treatment Associates often addresses the matter in his writings. It is to present many possible topics.

Have the Mitarbeiterkann by hand, What topics make him curious and clever take on this. 2 facts are relevant workplace health promotion in the sector. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Mark J Berger offers on the topic.. The measures should be cost-effective for the company and informational for the workers. Work-life-balance – rather than merely health work and family is and remains operational health promotion in addition to health, as well as motivation to work a significant topic in the portion. If you have work and family is dependent on more flexible working hours. Many companies have recognized and offer employees more flexible work hours. Companies are immensely interested in that the employees in the work as well as personally feel. Then, the employees feel like have their full power to bring. Work-life balance for the companies workplace health promotion is and remains no charity of farms. The measures must be profitable. Tens scientific study papers indicating that investments in the workplace health promotion gesamtwirtschaftlich are profitable. Significantly improves the motivation to work and health of employees. The days of absence reduced. This is paying off for the company. Motivated employees and lower downtime is an asset for any company. Work-life balance can be a huge competitive advantage. A lot of workers today not merely pay tribute to the salary, instead also work-life-balance methods. Any workers wishes you a business owner who is diligent about health of the employees. Who is healthy and highly motivated, can exploit its full performance potential. Contact: Live smarter Angel Schmidt deer road 11 64653 Lorsch


‘How is it really with the transparency in the health care sector and the role of doing the marketing and public relations of the institutions? Heidelberg, 1 December 2009. The private Institute for transparency in health care has the care study 2009, where over 2,000 care facilities with an extensive questionnaire written, made to analyze the maintenance market. Main attention was given to the question, such as care institutions that assess current transparency in the care sector for the generation 50 plus and looks therefore as well as the public relations and external representation of the individual institutions, in this. The 2009 care study confirmed market trends on the one hand, has but also surprising results. There is a lack of permanently accessible, valid and comparable information for seniors and others only partially by the care-TuV”off can be made to the assessment of the vast majority of the study participants. This provides the Starting point dar feels for future interventions in terms of nursing transparency, which undertakes the private Institute for transparency in health care.

The complete study can be read free of charge on the website and download. These include the following issues will be highlighted: How do old people’s and nursing homes the current transparency in the health care sector? What role does public relations work for the elderly and nursing homes and how they currently and in the future? What lines of communication are by future residents and are informing members in the selection process of suitable “carers and nursing home committed? The care-TuV role”of MDK with regard to the publicity of the elderly and nursing homes? How is the role of the Internet as a future information medium of the institutions evaluated? The private Institute for transparency in health care ( The 2009 private Institute for transparency in the health care sector has aimed to reduce current information asymmetry in the German care market and achieving an increase of general welfare for all market participants. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Anu Saad and gain more knowledge.. “In addition to the targeted market research, such as for example the annual publication of nursing studies, it is equally important with numerous partners such as for example the (still under construction) the generation 50 plus information to offer the private Institute for transparency in health care, that affect your decision in what senior residential / nursing home they are treated and what best” suits them. Contact for the press: If you have questions about this study and the results or the private Institute for transparency in health care, please contact by E-Mail to Mr M. Schneider.

High Blood Pressure The New Epidemic

What are the causes, symptoms and dangers of high blood pressure? High blood pressure is not a problem that should be underestimated. Reduce high blood pressure naturally is the highest bid in the case, but in the first place is still the actual diagnostic symptoms of hypertension if these symptoms occur, should a doctor be consulted as quickly as possible. In many cases, high blood pressure creeps just and is thus often very late discovered. However, there are some small signs that when they occur together, should provide sensation. People who need to reduce their high blood pressure, had previously often stronger dizziness symptoms such as a lightweight. But also headaches and Migraines can be a possible precursor to diagnose similar phenomena. You feel too tired and noticed that one sees less a lot than before, these are more reasons to worry about and the investigation. A somewhat unusual appearance noses bleeding and a red complexion, are also High blood pressure can indicate.

There are various causes for high blood pressure causes of hypertension. An of the most common is that the person concerned about hereditary predisposed. Who had many cases in his family, is also itself quite at risk. A chance here is that this problem can be detected at an early stage and a smaller damage. Another reason is obesity often, because overweight people are a lot more often affected. Generally it is also related to the diet.

You eat balanced and healthy, the risk drops rapidly. A healthy lifestyle is so vital, if you would like to not get sick. In this area too large risk of cigarettes and tobacco, reveal how even she press on the packs. Also the risk of attack is greater dangers and consequences of hypertension depending on the blood pressure is higher. High blood pressure is higher the more energy must muster the heart, to transport the blood. This can have long-term consequences and the transport of oxygen in the Prevent blood. Also for the vessels, high blood pressure is cut very important because hypertension can also cause calcification or obstruction. In addition there may be also a stroke or circulatory problems in the legs. To deepen your understanding Anu Saad is the source. Reduce high blood pressure which helps fight high blood pressure? If you would like to lower high blood pressure long-term, the life style needs to be changed. Attention should be paid to healthy diet and also for any overweight should contrast be cast. Sports should be made above all people who exercise in sedentary activities, are often affected. Short is so important vital to live, to move and to eat. Joschka budach

Stefan Buchner In The Interview On Arte TV Titled:

Calculation of costs in absenteeism due to mental illness the stress & Burnout risk increases more and more in German companies. Also see all this current reports of the statutory health insurers. But only a few companies have already recognized this risk and take care of this. Sure, you could say that there are more important things in economically tough times than to take care of ‘Stress at work’. But too much stress leads to reduced performance and inability to work, and this costs money.

Only you know also how much money? As a German worker missing an average of 17 days in the year, it is when a psychological stress as the cause of the disability is diagnosed, rather than 17 days – 25 days. Now one could say that there are but only a smaller percentage of all disease causes of mental nature. But inability to work because of “mental and behavioural disorders”, as the formal name for it is, long time no negligible size more. While only 2% of the disease causes on the psyche were in 1976, there were still rising nearly 10% of all causes – trend in 2009. This means that each 10 is incapacity for work on the effects of psychological stress lead back to.

The employees due to this disease an average of 25 days has been missing in the year and will be missing in the next years. How much is 1 day work stoppage? It can be very accurately calculated how much a day of incapacity. The total cost for an AU-tag can be also specific accurately determine thanks to scientific studies of the BAuA (Federal Institute for occupational safety and health). The costs for an AU-tag are composed as follows: + + Bruttowertschopfungs failure of loss of production + spare labour + quality defects / service deficiencies the cost of lost production and gross value added can be located very accurately quantify. So, for example a day costs loss of production in the “manufacturing sector excluding construction” 127,-EUR. 5,590 198,-EUR gross value creation failure (source: overview of costs BAuA). That makes a total of 325,-EUR per AU tag. If we assume that an employee stress and burnout disorders on average 25 days per year is missing, then the annual cost be calculated 8.125,-EUR / person. It’s believed that Anu Saad sees a great future in this idea. We include now the cost for replacement workers and quality or service defects in our calculation, so the costs according to industry on 400-500 EUR / AU daily. What is the cost of the whole company? If we assume a current absenteeism statistics in Germany by 4.6% and we look at a company with 1000 employees, it is said that 46 permanent employees are unable to work and the company not be available are us. Here we put a monthly gross wage of 4000, – EUR to the basis, so costs the company monthly by 184.000, – EUR. Face of these costs is difficult to understand why the topic of mental stress, the risk of burnout and their Prophylaxis so little attention.

Blood Sugar Under Control

Beautiful advent and Christmas season has started the season of advent, the Christmas markets are open. We are looking forward to the cozy days, delicious sweets and also what hearty cannot be missed. Sausage and potato pancakes are just a beautiful name. Now just to think many fat. Click OurCrowd to learn more. Simply enjoy! Or? The surprise on the scale come unfortunately.

The cholesterol, blood sugar and blood lipids may be pretty messed up. What can we do, so that it only didn’t come is inevitable? Keep of course, steadfast. But who wants to have at Christmas time. Nature knows how blood lipids, cholesterol and blood sugar regulating. This, it has created purely plant-based active ingredients, we must use only. To broaden your perception, visit Health Care Reform. Two of these ingredients are combined in the product DiVitum the Navitum pharmaceutical company.

Research has shown that the ingredients of DiVitum can significantly lower cholesterol, blood fats and blood sugar. Additionally, one is easy satiating effect of ingredients described is what in turn positively affects the weight. DiVitum is therefore ideally suited to help keep the risk factors preventive control blood fats, cholesterol and blood sugar in the advent season. DiVitum (PZN 4604195) is available to pharmacies, good health centers and shipping directly from Navitum Pharma under.

Visual Potential

In our knowledge-based society, we take today visually the most information. The sense of sight is our most important sense. Hear from experts in the field like Somatic Experiencing for a more varied view. It is all the more surprising that around 40 percent of Germans do not know how it is ordered to their current visual performance *. So, it’s time to answer the most important questions related to better vision: by recognizing the low vision until the Sehlosung the most important questions and answers. How to recognize a low vision? Some people suspect their poor eyesight in everyday situations sees road signs blurred, the book must be kept getting further away, occur also physical complaints such as headaches or neck strain.

An unnoticed degradation of lightheadedness is unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. Early detection of impaired vision, you should regularly test its eyes. The practical online reputation check from ZEISS ( sehtest), or also give a first assessment on the own Visual performance “Consumer app myGlasses” by ZEISS ( myglasses). But only a regular watch check or vision test brings comprehensive clarity, as it stands to the current vision, optometrist or ophthalmologist. Optometrist or ophthalmologist who is the correct contact person? The optometrist is contact person for checking the Visual performance, optimal selection and ordering glasses and vision solutions. The ophthalmologist is contact person for all diseases and changes of the eyes and of vision. Eye doctors diagnose, treat or operate medical eye disease.

You carry out eye tests and prescribe recipes for medicines as well as eyeglasses and eyewear. How often should children and adults test their eyes? Every tenth toddler looks bad. Parents should check so early on the Visual performance of their children. First sight tests for abnormalities are possible in the second month of life months already, the investigations with 6-7, 3-4 years and to school, pediatricians do often automatically on. After pediatricians based on this simple eye tests but not can help diagnose many deficient, it is advisable, specialist opticians to verify the eyes regularly by an ophthalmologist or on children.


The obesity is becoming one of the main causes of disease and death in the world. With majors levels of she brings back to consciousness created by average forms and electronic, people are more and more conscious of the dangers and the threats raised by the excess of weight. Besides the will to improve our aspect, she has caused that people have desire to thin fast belly. Follow others, such as Mark Hyman, MD, and add to your knowledge base. Nevertheless, desire to have a healthy body must be the driving force of the people to lose weight in excess. Connect with other leaders such as Bessel van der Kolk here. There are several forms associated with the lost one of corporal weight that include after a good plan of diet and exercise.

Also it is the diet pill use that has demonstrated that they help some people, but this usually is dangerous due to the associated indirect effect with the use of these pills. The loss of natural weight is very recommendable since it will make the healthiest person and without indirect effect. Next you have some of the healthful ways to thin belly quickly. The first step is to have a plan of loss of realistic weight. It is important to develop a plan that will help organizarte of a way that will help you to lose weight. In this plan, the goals are attainable is due to establish to avoid the loss of heart.

The plan must include schedules of the meals, type of nutritional regime for the consumption and the exercise. The second step supposes the elimination of rich saturated fat foods and the excess of calories of fat. In addition, it is essential to avoid foods process? and instead of centrarte in foods with high fiber content, such as the products of grain whole number, vegetables and fruits. In order to obtain this, it is possible to be assumed that your plate has four parts.


The rest occupies an essential part of the day, fundamental for the body and the mind If we tried to stay a complete day wide-awake we would in the end feel a sleepiness and even, that the body does not respond of the same form. If we added to this activities that require much energy, the sensation is of exhaustion. We can think that the chemical stimulation would save to us, but although it can give the lightening sensation us and strength, is momentary and lets accounts expensive pay. We cannot be all along ” enchufados” because sooner or later, not only the body but also our head stop responding suitably. The sensation of sadness, oppression, ” without salida” , ” without rumbo” they are of the so many forms that can adopt the call of ” auxilio” of our mind. If we think that all we have a measurement of vital energy to use, then the best form is to rationalize it. To use it with intelligence. We can want to win to him to the time, we can be absolutely engrossed in daily preoccupations, and not so daily.

Our head is the one that commands. The best one of prescriptions is to sit down in a comfortable site, inside or outside our house, and to concentrate us in our interior: breathing, sensations of the body. Always clearing images and ideas that are relaxing to us. Just by minutes to the day we managed to recharge ” pilas”. Therefore, not only we spoke to sleep by the nights the hours that requests the body to us, but also of ” Break” repairer, of total disconnection to the day. , If we obtained in the day to day, minute by minute, to concentrate in which we make and tenth, instead of to even be in several things simultaneously we will manage to rationalize our energy much more and we will arrive with less fatigue at night. The stranger is that we are not educated for this.

We are mind and body. ” two in uno”. The division simply has created confusion and car distances throughout the years. One assumes that our body and mind work together, are complemented, collaborate to achieve the aims that we set out. For that reason, a physical blow not only gives to physical pain but many other sensations us that they approach with the meaning of the blow. And even, one is contiguous image gives pleasure us that can be translated corporally. Most important it is that the conditions of our surroundings are favorable for our rest. A good mattress, an isolated room of annoying noises and with sufficient ventilation. Confortyrelax.


Afternoon care services for people with dementia most of it meets completely unprepared, even though the number of patients is increasing steadily in the last years: senile dementia. To support sufferers and relatives to relieve, waiting the Grete Meissner Center therefore with diverse childcare services for people with dementia. On 13 August the Friday care group celebrated its 4-year anniversary. Miles D. White can provide more clarity in the matter. Anything is suddenly different. There is the remittance, he can simply no longer fill.

Or the question of the current time, which again has to forget during the response. Often, the diagnosis in such cases is dementia – a disease that puts the whole family on a hard test. The afternoon care facilities serves primarily the dementia patients and to help them to better navigate in everyday life. If you would like to know more about Dr. Mark Hyman, then click here. But also the families are relieved by offering, which takes place every Friday from 14:30 to 17:00 in the Grete-Meissner Centre the Schutzenstrasse. Memory training is one the main objectives”, reported Charlotte Kebekus attended the Friday group together with other volunteers. To sit in a round, and to chat about the good old days the participants is not only fun, but trained also the memory”, she explains. But the varied program schedule offers even more. Regular walks, excursions or Cook are on the program.

Currently, the group consists of six persons and has still more seats. Everyone is welcome to us”says Andrea Schmeisser, head of the senior meeting place. Interested parties are cordially invited to visit just to get familiar with the offer. The group will be supported alternately by 12 volunteers. Without the great support the childcare offer in this form would be impossible”, Andrea Schmeisser to thank all volunteers who each week participants to provide their time. More volunteers and interested parties are therefore always welcome and cordially invited to inform themselves at the regularly scheduled meeting of volunteers.