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Heat Helps Loneliness

Hot food cure loneliness and cold sensation lonely hours standing actually related? Students of of University of Toronto could happen to two unusual experiments on himself, to make exactly this question. What was previously only suspected, and used as a metaphor, has been confirmed now. The Internet health portal reported. When you feel lonely, you could simply increase the room temperature, warm food, or take a warm drink. Researchers at the University of Toronto come to this conclusion.

Scientists have proved that social isolation with the cold sensation in the context is. Experiment to the loneliness In the first experiment, 65 students were divided into two groups. One group should remember to be personal experiences in which they felt socially excluded, lonely or isolated. The other group should remember, however, experiences, in which they were recorded. Then the participants should the temperature estimate- Span ranged from 12 to 40 degrees Celsius. Those much less appreciated the room temperature with the bad feelings.

The relationship between ball games, warmth and loneliness In the second experiment should play a ball game the students on the computer. This game was programmed but not on randomness, but was created so that one got the ball played to more than others. Then, the students were asked to evaluate their desire for hot or cold food or drinks. Pat Ogden follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The players during the game, rare ball contact had, rather opted for the warm food and drinks. Those who often had ball contact, however, preferred cold food and drinks. Warm food at solitude, the lead investigator, Chen-Bo Zhong told BBC that experience, to be excluded, actually freeze could leave people. It can help loneliness so actually, to cook up a hot soup. Social recognition keeps healthy. Consult with the help of the imedo health news.

Mycosis Summer

Many women suffer from in the summer of the Bikini bubble or the unpleasant vaginal fungus in the summer is here and attracts the cool water for refreshment. Visits in swimming pool, the sea or lakes belong to the largest summer pleasures. But be careful: who to long wet bathing suit wearing, risked a painful bladder infection and vaginal yeast infections. Undercooled the body and the immune system is weakened. Pathogens can more easily penetrate into the body and cause inflammation and infections.

The vaginal fungus is particularly common in the summer. A humid environment is ideal for yeast fungi, which cause an unpleasant infection (vaginal Mycosis) in the vaginal area. Intestinal bacteria, cystitis and their unpleasant consequences in 80 percent of cases cause a bladder infection. Especially girls and women are often affected. The female urethra is shorter than the male. This triggering bacteria from the intestinal area can get faster in the urethra and there Result in inflammation. Usually antibiotics are prescribed to treat a bladder infection successfully.

These help the urine way infection while treating, but attacking the mucous membranes of the vagina. The vaginal flora gets off balance and fungal infections of intimate areas are the consequence. Alternative remedies are cranberry juice or cranberry products, as well as the amino acid L-methionine available. Eight out of ten women suffer at least once in the life of a vaginal fungal infection. Would not be this vicious cycle of bladder infection and vaginal fungus, woman should be sure to offer minimal agar the bacteria. The consumption of probiotics such as yogurt, bread trunk or kefir seems to have positive effects. Bladder infection and vaginal fungus successfully prevent a bladder infection can be avoided by the body is protected from hypothermia. Joel Courtney may find this interesting as well. In the summer months it must quickly switch wet bathing suits. Generally speaking, cold feet should wear belly-free clothing, and eliminates the sitting on cold surfaces.

Combat Childhood Obesity

Lose weight for a child can be difficult because there isn’t really any good diet tailored for children. Eat healthy foods, the total consumption of calorie reduction and exercise could bear fruit. Not all foods are good, but if you follow a low-fat diet you will have more possibilities. Exon-5.html’>Duchenne muscular dystrophy describes an additional similar source. When it comes to losing weight, you must start slowly by the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Find recipes for foods that you like to their children or make a list of things in their likes and dislikes, that way you can know what to buy, why are a few basic and useful suggestions for not only the aesthetics of minors, but also of their health care.

Talk with a nutritionist or a doctor before starting a diet: A lot of diets are not for children, and some are even harmful to adults. Try to have only a small snack between each meal: for example, grab a banana, since it is very abundant and is also healthy. Sometimes, you feel that you need to eat, but you are not really hungry. Listen to your body, if this is the case, drink water or chew gum. Drink plenty of water.

Staying hydrated really accelerates weight loss and also suppresses appetite. You can also add lemon to the water to give flavor but not substitute juice (high content of calories), queues, and other drinks sweetened instead of water. Develop a need or a love a food healthy but satisfactory: there is nothing wrong with a love for taste and health.Try to create awareness to their children that certain foods, drinks or sweets are bad for your body. Source: More hints and tips on health in Salud.

The Ayurvedic Treatment Of Atopic Dermatitis

The winter time is an unpleasant season for calm your skin very dry and care is now particularly strained. The cold, dry winter air cut off her very much moisture and she liked the continuous exchange between icy cold and dry air in addition. The Ayurvedic medicine but can help to relieve skin complaints. The skin the skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects against environmental influences and infections and helps maintain our body temperature stable.

Vata, pitta and kapha are the three doshas, which perform certain functions in the normal anatomical and physiological processes. Of these three, pitta is responsible for the health of the skin. It makes for a fresh and healthy complexion and sufficient skin moisture. The skin is composed of seven layers, of which each meets their own function. Skin diseases differ in which of the layers. General pathology of skin diseases skin covers our entire body and seven types of fabric wraps (called also seven dhatu: blood, lymph, muscles, fat, bone, bone marrow and sperm or ovum).

She has a close connection with this, which makes any disruption the dhatu on the skin is visible. Skin diseases are due to a dosha imbalance can be caused by many factors. Some of them are unhealthy food, adverse behaviour, genetic factors and psychological factors such as stress, depression, nervousness, etc. The emergence of diseases in three roga marga unfolds according to Ayurvedic theory\”(disease-inducing areas). For more specific information, check out Abraham Maslow. These Bahya include roga marga, Abhyantara roga marga and Madhyama roga marga. Blood (Rakta), skin and skin layers (dhatu) Bahya rogamarga form (the periphery). Skin disorders develop due to a specific pathology that develops in the outer area. Rakta (blood) causes it, if it is contaminated due to a dosha disorder. Atopic Eczema is a common Skin disorder that is chronic. She can emerge from a disturbance of only one of the three doshas, two doshas, or all three doshas together.

LASIK Claim In Private Funds.

LASIK is no luxury performance for many a long request, but according to recent legal opinion. LASIK is no luxury performance for many a long request, but according to recent legal opinion. People with private health insurance can now be a reimbursement claim against your insurance, says Dr. Sybille Kessal-Wulf, a Bundesrichterin of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH). “There’s already policy judgments, when is the private funds, not least to a completion of silent” had decided (E.g. LG Dortmund v. 29.11.2010 AZ: 32s 32/10) following arguments are essential to the future attitude of the courts: one is wearing a visual aid, such as glasses, no treatment, but only a relief of refractive of error. Continue to the insurer may not necessarily reference its members the cheapest resource.

Last but not least a privately let fix his defective vision through an operation, if he qualify for a medically necessary Complies with medical treatment. One assumes the need principle, if you met established criteria by the Commission for refractive surgery (KRC). CityLasik, a network of treatment centers for correction of errors – and farsightedness is assisted as Privatversicherten. In an informal interview with the free consulting hotline 0800 learn 60 60 200 quickly and easily, whether you fall under the criteria of the KRC. A short visit to our centres are the last certainty. Equipped with a quote, you talk to your insurance company about the refund.

Should your insurance refuse, you indicate that the attachment of the Bundesrichterin and the decision of the LG Dortmund. Their insurance will offer most likely a goodwill way refund part of your fare, to avoid a hochstrichterliches judgment in this matter. Press contact: RR2 CityLasik GmbH Sandra Daniels, knowledge str. 18a 44137 Dortmund Tel.: 0800 60 200 60

Professional Association

The Bochum dentists Tak & Heermann inform about the relationship between periodontal disease and vascular occlusion, rheumatism and diabetes before the hazards of undiscovered gingivitis of the Bochum-based dentist Dr. Jorn Thiemer, MSc warns: scientific studies have confirmed the negative impact on many diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Also can be triggered to heart attacks, strokes and premature “, stresses the doctor established in Bochum-Wattenscheid and points to a new test. With this, the inflammatory material MMP-8 can prove that affects many processes in the body. Considered to be secured, that when gum disease with a high MMP-8 value, the risk for a heart attack doubled. In addition, the risk of stroke and thrombosis increases as inflammation substances in the arteries can lead to a closure. Who had been a such disease or problems with the vessels, should determine its MMP-8 value to the security Let “, explains Dr.

Jan Heermann. Serious consequences threaten also pregnant women. And even teeth and dental prosthesis such as including the implants are in danger. To prepare for a pregnancy should include also a dental check “, requires Ulrich Friday, gynecologist and member of the Board of the Professional Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. In particular, the dentist must examine whether chronic gum disease exists. “Due to inflammation of the gums substances are released, which can lead to premature labor and then trigger a premature or miscarriage. Especially women who are already pregnant, should be thoroughly examine their teeth.

The MMP-8 test suited for this, because it delivers results quickly and painlessly “, explains Dr. Jorn Thiemer. Diabetics or patients who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, should be also tested. The MMP 8 provides that in both cases a worsening of the disease. The blood sugar fluctuates and is worse adjustable. This leads in turn to a greater susceptibility to gingivitis. In arthritis, there is more tissue damage “, warns Dr. Jan Heermann. Early diagnosis is so important, because then a quick and targeted treatment can follow. So, partly serious consequential damages teeth and the whole body can be prevented. Interested parties can obtain advice without obligation in practice. Information under Tel.: 02327-239 73 and

Age And Conceiving A Child

Pregnancy & Birth magazine survey was conducted among 2,000 Englishwomen at the age of 30, which showed that many young women are not in the best physical shape for conceiving a child – 60% drink alcohol, while 40% are smokers. From smokers, only 26% refused to nicotine when planning a pregnancy, and among their counterparts did 23%. Only 44% of British women during conception, trying to eat healthy foods. Abraham Maslow contributes greatly to this topic. Among the respondents, one third of men and women planning to conceive, have a weight problem. The best age to conceive a child 70% of Englishwomen was named 26 years.

Among the reasons that women still do not have a child, many have called a sense of unwillingness to give birth to a new man, the absence of a partner and a desire to make a career. Editor of Pregnancy & Birth Sarah Hart said: "Women often spend his youth in an attempt to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, and if it does not, then later they all may not be able to give birth. " "We must find a way to persuade young women to give birth to her first child to 30 years. After all, then fertility begins to fall steadily. " According to statistics from the log to 35 years chance of having falls 2 times on what was a woman in 25 years, and to 40 – still twice what was 35. Dr. Alan Pace (University of Sheffield) said that in England every 7 couple has problems conceiving a child that is caused by a variety of factors: women postpone dates of birth first child, the spread of STDs, obesity, etc.

"Giving up smoking and alcohol gives couples a better chance of pregnancy, which will bring a healthy child due to the fact that during the first weeks of pregnancy – a time when organs begin to form, he will be relieved of various toxins. More importantly, Pace said, until it is possible to conceive a child – it is necessary to use it, because then: "People are starting to struggle to have a baby, and ready to go on almost anything to get pregnant. The main thing – do not waste time, until all you can do naturally. "

Envoy Medical

Joie de vivre and a turbulent life in everyday as long as people mobile and good walking, thinks hardly anyone about it after, as it is, if this ability is it due to illness or accident – has been restricted or completely lost. Rehabilitation and medical technology companies offer articles, which can guarantee mobility and bring back optimism and joie de Vivre in the everyday life of many interested parties. One of the major suppliers in this area is the Schulte-art group with its central headquarters in Lunen. For assistance, try visiting Pat Ogden. This includes a number of subsidiary companies, where are Rehab helps produced and distributed over 9 warehouse almost in the entire Federal Republic. Products include also electric wheelchairs and mobile, in addition to the usual products for care and needy people. For about 2 years, Werner Schulte art GmbH as a dealer for rehabilitation and medical technology with an online shop under Salah be reached and offers retail customers the direct purchase of tools of any kind on the net. The clientele consists mainly from people of advanced age, starting from 30 years upwards.

Mobility Scooter store scooters are, as the electric cars are also called, relatively cheap to acquire. The selection is great and want to buy an electric car, so the decision is not easily made one. The well-known manufacturers of electric vehicles, like Bischoff & Bischoff (scooter Fortis, a 6-km/h electric car) or the Invacare GmbH (scooter Lynx, also a 6-km/h electric car) as well as the scooter BL350 Envoy by drive medical and many others a new manufacturer, the company joins in the well-stocked shop of electric vehicle drive mobile. It is offered an extensive range of accessories for the electric vehicles allowing customers assemble his special request model according to your own imagination. While each of these individual electric cars in the shop is fully described and shown.

Eye Lasers In Turkey

With all State of the art laser treatment in Turkey while the permanent vision correction laser costs several thousand euro in Germany, the price for the same performance in Turkey significantly less laser operations. Low wages and hospital costs are the reason why more and more Germans with the operation from abroad are flirting. A German Agency headquartered in Hamburg interested patients decreases the Organization of intervention. Advice and booking take place in Germany. On request, arrangements are offered shopping tour and city tour included, to combine the medical digression with a city trip to Istanbul. The operation cost, medicines and even the transfer from the hotel to the clinic are included in the price.

The care in the clinic carried out quality, food staff. Wavefront LASIK surgery for 890,-will be offered. Dr. Sinan Goker, is the Director and chief physician of the eye treatment center in Istanbul. He has more than twelve-year experience and is the first physician in the Turkey specializing in laser surgery on the eye. He has conducted more than 40,000 operations. Every day up to 40 laser eye surgeries take place under his leadership. Sevan received the “Honor Award” the ISRS (the international society of refractive surgery) in the United States.

His knowledge in the field of laser surgery has resulted in study already doctors from Germany to Istanbul. The Turkish clinic operates according to international standards. Technologically it is equipped with the latest generation of laser devices, which were made by the German company WaveLight laser technologie AG from Erlangen. More information is available on the Internet at. Contact technical questions: Mr Fikret Bulut c/o Avraspa consulting limited North Channel St.

German Internet

Products for greater well-being over a German Internet pharmacy order an optimal diet is an important criterion for a healthy intestinal flora. Also adequate exercise and at least two litres of water or unsweetened tea should belong to a healthy way of life daily. But everyday and often offer not time enough to move and to eat balanced. A healthy intestine contributes to the well-being and is also a key factor in the strong forces of the pain. To keep the intestinal flora healthy and gaining momentum, there are special preparations, a German Internet pharmacy now informed of the. Also informed a German Internet pharmacy on about the supplemental enzyme preparations which can ensure a faster healing process of inflammatory injury. An intact intestinal take probiotics and enzymes with the plus for a healthy intestinal flora of German Internet pharmacy means a healthy immune system.

Probiotic cultures support the natural function of the Intestine. Not only an unbalanced diet, but also the use of antibiotics can bring the intestinal flora in balance. Here preparations offer, contain the ingredients like probiotics, the appropriate support. The natural movement of the intestines and thus a healthy intestinal flora is supported by the regular intake. Preparations containing these probiotic cultures, are, for example, the orthoextra lac capsules.

Enzymes make a valuable contribution to the well-being. Just then, when it comes to injuries in the budget, at work, at leisure or sport, enzymes help the healing process also injury-induced inflammation. Orthoextra enzyme + is a such drug which is enriched with enzymes to aid the healing process. Health products for greater well-being over German Internet pharmacy buy preparations containing probiotic cultures to support a healthy gut flora, are the orthoextra capsules lac, the can be obtained through The regular intake of this special preparation supports the immune system by supporting a healthy intestinal flora also right now in the cold, wet season. Inflammation include the frequent complaints in everyday life. With enzyme preparations such as orthoextra enzyme +, which is also enriched with vitamins and minerals, the regeneration and allow healing of inflammatory processes in the body can be accelerated.