Technology In The Field Of Radio Equipment

Often the use of radios in the mountains – first, the portable radio is needed in case of dangerous situations where any delay could cost .Vo Secondly – if you ride group, the radio will provide you with prompt. constant between group members, if you get lost when you are away from each other, or in trouble or when they simply want to tell their experiences with friends after a crazy descent. Why do I need portable radio, I have a mobile phone? It is believed that cell phones often can not bail out – or the connection fails or you 'specifically' will be taken to roaming. Although today's radios boast a high level of adaptability, and serve to coupling constant communication with each other in a big team – whether different kinds of outdoor activities, or collective sports, just a family field trips, hiking, hunting or just riding in cars. Many believe – it is 'indispensable' attribute is only for people with excess cash, or for those who have not played enough in childhood spies. Why should I buy the walkie-talkie? 1) first come to mind bad words when it comes to poking frozen fingers in strong winds and snow in the mobile phone button to dial your friends. And using the radio, pressed, and talked to all known – the broadcast. 2) Do not climb into the far pocket or in a deeper place – per cell is constant, when you need someone to find.

3) You make the call by pressing one button. 4) Acceptance by automated. 5) Phone freezes in the cold! 6) is free and great efficiency of negotiations. 7) Telephone often lost in the snow or falling from the lift, and put the radio into a deep pocket before going out and everything. If you decide to buy the radio station, you need to know the following main features – a distance (or radius) of walkie-talkies.

What does it depend on? – Capacity of the radio – the more the better. – As a rule, driven by describing the characteristics of range can be achieved when 'ideal conditions', ie this implies a complete lack of barriers, different weather conditions, 'fed' batteries, the absence of electromagnetic interference. If you select the radio for skiing in the high mountains, you'll come in handy: the presence of moisture protection. We recommend not to mix up and distinguish between moisture protection from waterproof to scan channels (portable radio automatically calculates the required channels), what do you want such features as indication of charge level and signal strength are not required explained. Most likely, first you get the radio, thinking about its necessity, a couple of times to lose each other on the slope, but then you do not notice that she will become your irreplaceable 'toy'.