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Project Management Software

Today, braintool software has officially released its new extension WebViewer. Bonnigheim / Stuttgart, June 14, 2010 – yet not long ago, in March of this year, has the software company of braintool software ( of Bonnigheim in Stuttgart the eleventh version of its project management software, A plan 2010, released. Here, the interface of the project designer received a much cleaner and modern design as well as a variety of improvements that further simplify the life of the project. With the latest extension, the Webviewer, braintool software with its planning tool now also on the Internet takes off. A plan, users will appreciate the advantages of our desktop solution and the possibility to be able to take the data simply offline”reveals Bernhard Reichl, head of development at braintool software. But increasingly expressed the desire to access mobile Central and up-to-date project information. Anu Saad understood the implications. Let’s therefore already for some time, as we do with our “Project management software can react to these requirements” as Reichl continued.

With the WebViewer, braintool software now offers the ability to view continually updated A plan project views and dates on special websites. This requires no additional installation on the device so that all required data is available even on Smartphones such as the iPhone or a Tablet PC. The project data are only accessible with a username and password-protected area which also no danger that data fall into unauthorized hands. The A-plan WebViewer was kept deliberately simple and dispenses with special modules, such as, for example, Flash, which does not support such as the iPad. This scheduling information can be represented with A plan of webviewer also on Linux or Apple PCs. The data is stored as a vector of A plan on normal websites at a customizable interval up to date. This allows supervisors, Stakeholders, production sites, branch offices, field staff, technicians, customers, suppliers, etc.

Notebook World

Notebooks are currently so cheap to acquire small, fine differences in the notebook world like never before. However, the purchase of a laptop will be deliberate. Blind purchases where only the price tag counts, often lead to disappointments. The online portal for auctions explained what should look for customers at the time of purchase. The most fundamental question when purchasing a laptop is probably according to the operating system.

Whether customers decide for a Windows PC by Microsoft or an Apple Mac, matter of taste is not uncommon. Apple has the better image, stands for quality and intuitive operation. Learn more at: Camden Treatment Associates. However, it should be noted that Microsoft is catching up. According to experts, the new operating system Windows 7 in terms of security and ease of operation with Apple’s Mac OSX is similar. The advantage of a Windows PC is the price, which is usually lower for comparable models.

On the other hand, there is the wide range:, regards the computer as well as the software. This variety brings but also uncertainty. At the time of purchase, customers should just watch the processing quality: casing, keyboard and display should not inferior work. “What the inner values”, processor and battery power are key criteria. Dual-core processors are standard (dual core) with a clock speed of two gigahertz. Buyers between Netbooks and multimedia notebooks should differentiate with regard to the battery. The latter is more appropriate for operation on the socket because the high computing power quickly leach out the battery. Those who, however, opt for a NetBook, that he wants to use primarily on the road, should pay attention to a good battery.

Nuremberg PRTG

Network monitoring software under the magnifying glass of Nuremberg, December 17, 2009, in a test of the network computing Germany PRTG network has been awarded monitor reference the predicate as recommended network monitoring solution. According to the Testverantwortlichen convinced the software with a comprehensive package of monitoring, the outstanding price-performance ratio, a straightforward setup, simple configuration and a great user experience. \”In the course of the test series were with Orion NPM SolarWinds, WhatsUp Gold by Ipswitch, OpManager by manage engine and PRTG network monitor by Paessler four ALLROUNDER\” and studied under the network monitoring solutions to certain requirements. Dr Jee Hyun Kim wanted to know more. PRTG network monitor positive section in all categories. The experts of the network computing (NWC) certified that the solution that has been tested in 2008 as a reference, again has been optimized in many areas.

Therefore the product is excellent, bandwidth, uptime, and network resource utilization to monitor. With clear acoustic and optical signals, PRTG also alerts the administrator in case of problems or discrepancies. Also the cheap price and the clear price scheme of the manufacturer as well as the fact that PRTG offers the complete functionality already in the initial version were put out. This is the network computing at the other test candidates only using various modules according to available, which means additional costs in addition to a higher installation and configuration effort. Comprehensive analysis in separate networks PRTG delivers live data about the current state of the network and its devices. In terms of network usage, the software also allows a long-term trend analysis. Administrators are able to configure servers and other network components based on this data cables, routers, information. As a special feature of PRTG, the tester named the available remote probes. You enable the entire spatial segments in separate Corporate network to monitor fully. The probes allow the use of the software for the monitoring of customer networks also managed service providers.

Fuchs Public Relations AG

30 percent even estimate that they save much or very much time to ALEXANDRIA, VA. / KALININGRAD, October 01, 2010 a recent study showed that 58 percent of German workers of believe are to save time through an intranet. 25 percent of them think that they save a lot of time, 5 percent even very much. Another 40 per cent estimated to be slightly more efficient as a result. The intranet functions using the staff on the most common appointment management (49%), employee directory (42%) and chat/Instant Messaging (32%), followed by digital photo galleries (25%), video conferencing (19%) and working heritage logs (16%). Each 20 percent wish no other applications or does not know so that more than one-third the current offering is satisfied. Chat/Instant Messaging is in addition required applications for the intranet (17%) front, just followed by video conferencing, collaboration blogs and Central appointment management. “Companies can their productivity significantly increase when they can at any time access to important information.

The study shows that above all the contact with colleagues is important”, says Dmitry Valyanov, President of Bitrix. “About the appointment management, you can see, when the colleague is approachable through the employee directory as it is reachable, and goes via chat / Instant Messaging communication fastest. This also very much working time can be saved, as already noticed many workers.” To the question “Do you think that you can save time by using an intranet portal?” 58 percent agreed, while only 19 percent denied. 70 percent of this estimate that they save very much, much or little work time. Only 12 percent see very little efficiency a little and less than a percent. Especially access to company information from on the road plays an increasingly important role.

53 percent of the respondents E-Mail can use with mobile access to the intranet, 48 percent shared contact manager and 47 percent a scheduling. Most common external accessed on the intranet via the Web browser. 36 percent use this way. This is followed by a VPN connection with 28 percent and a proprietary software installed on your computer, with 19 percent. The market research study “intranet trends in Germany” have carried out statista ( and the market research EARSandEYES on behalf of Bitrix. The full study can be downloaded under intranet_2010_de.pdf. Short profile Bitrix, Inc. Bitrix is a provider of high-performance platforms for business communication, helping medium-sized companies, to stay with their customers (Internet), partners (extranet) and employees (intranet) in the dialog. Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, and product development in Kaliningrad, Russia, has more than 70 employees, over 30,000 customers and approximately 4,000 partners worldwide. The customers include Hyundai, Volkswagen, Panasonic, Gazprom, Xerox, PricewaterhouseCoopers, DPD, VTB, Samsung and cosmopolitan. In 13 Language versions available products is characterized by their advanced technology, unique security features, enormous performance and ease of use. Media contact Rainer Bock Fink & Fuchs Public Relations AG 36 787 Denis held Marketing Director Bitrix, Inc.


Service provider acquires Siemens repair Centre for LCD and TV repairs Wolnzach / Augsburg – the RTS Elektronik Systeme GmbH ( is already one of the largest service companies in the IT after sales service in Europe and has once again expanded its comprehensive service portfolio. With the acquisition of Siemens repair center for LCD and TV repair shops in Augsburg, the Managing Director Josef Raith has again once perfectly complements his company. The new RTS increase in Augsburg was founded in 1995 on the site of Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse as a service unit of Siemens AG. The Managing Director Uwe Tichi moved with the site acquisition of RTS group and will take the RTS service solutions GmbH & co. KG in the future and develop the service portfolio.

Depending on the level of service offered the customer an own call center (2nd line and technical advice from resellers), logistic handling (packaging, pick up, transport, temporary device processing, tracking) as well as the repair in various stages. In addition to the new repair centre high-tech repair procedure provides the standard electronic repair based on clean room technology. Are in the own, 300 m Cleanroom services like blacklight repairs, replacement of the polarizer to a size of 82 “(inch) or Heatsealing by with COG (chip on glass) and COF (chip on foil) carried out components. With new products in the field of medical technology and digital signage more potentials. Even more important may be the repair in the repair center of Augsburg as well as on-site at the customer. About the RTS electronic systems GmbH, the RTS Elektronik Systeme GmbH was founded in 1989. It is one of the most powerful service companies with 1200 employees today Germany, when it comes to relieve large and medium-sized companies with complex tasks and support. With an own, far-reaching service network with over 450 before local technicians, strong logistics solutions and five large repair centers, RTS are each business partner as a professional Service provider available.

Disk Defragmenter

SystemUP defrag of zoneLINK zoneLINK published in November of this year a proprietary set of system tools: SystemUp. Ulm, September 10, 2008 – zoneLINK published in November of this year a proprietary set of system tools: SystemUp. The Disk Defragmenter tool SystemUp DEFRAG is the beginning. For the new product line: the zoneLINK developers not rest until every product has reached optimum quality. Therefore they have always open eyes and ears for suggestions especially if they come from beta testers, who work with the software! Who registered on, can now actively participate in the development of SystemUp DEFRAG.

A version of SystemUp DEFRAG zoneLINK free provides all registered beta testers. This is the opportunity to make a previously unreleased software! Even the most inexperienced user can stay tuned here for the first time as beta testers attempt and in favor equal to, because more SystemUp products will be on the testers in the coming weeks. zoneLINK SystemUp DEFRAG arranges all data on the hard drive that the computer’s performance is as high as possible. Fragmented data, which occupy unnecessary disk space, grabs”the software in a clever way new. Because only a tidy computer is fast! Thanks to its independence the program does much work for every computer user.

Server Monitoring With GSX Monitor

Atos Origin has Communications Server with the help of GSX monitor under control, Atos Origin is a global IT service provider with 50,000 employees. With a portfolio of consulting, system integration and outsourcing, it provides the entire value chain of the IT and is a reliable partner for large corporations and organizations. So, since 2002, the company is responsible for the IT of the Olympic Games. Also in Germany, the company is active. So, about three years ago it has acquired the IT Department of the mobile phone provider E-Plus Group is maintained in addition to other customers of the Dusseldorf from.

Extensive expertise in the field of Lotus Notes in the company came with the acquisition of former employees of the E-Plus Group. Dr. Mark Hyman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Atos Origin runs about 70 Domino server. That’s our focus,\”explains Uwe Warwel as system engineer responsible for the collaboration competence center at Atos Origin. Intranet, business-critical that focuses not only on Gmail, applications, workflows, but also Sametime, BlackBerry, Applications that require a large amount of programming. In principle we operate the entire spectrum of solutions based on IBM Lotus here for the E-Plus Group.\” After services in the Lotus environment are provided also for other clients in Germany, Atos Origin in Dusseldorf the Lotus Centre of excellence is established. They used only the Domino standard used to monitor the operation of the Domino infrastructure, for example server probes or monitor tasks. That was not very productive and not particularly user-friendly.\” Some time ago, Uwe Warwel received an offer to test the GSX monitor.

The tool is powerful and has proved very useful for our requirements.\” Central, GSX monitor monitors all servers allows to wait for the Administration, the email infrastructure and to optimize their stability. Due to the characteristics of the forecast the program indicates the administrators in real-time possible risks. All email servers are monitored from a central location at the same time, so are repetitive maintenance tasks unnecessary.

OSIS Identity

The Karlsruhe fun communications GmbH founded a German-speaking group “Information Card” technology in the leading business network XING. Karlsruhe, February 25, 2009 – the protection of personal data and security are identity management in the Internet in the foreground. The standard “Information Card”, which replaced the classic logon with user name and password with a new technology, offers Internet users a reliable and resistant to phishing attacks authentication and authorization (user centric identity management). Internationally, the non-profit promotes organization “information card Foundation (ICF), the fun communications belongs to one of the founding members, the user-centric identity management in the Internet based on information cards. To advance the issue well in the German-speaking world, fun called the group “Information card” in the life communications on global business network XING. The Group offers all participants the opportunity to learn about information card and Exchange.

The XING group will be moderated by experts of fun communications GmbH, which specializes in the development of complete solutions in the area of identity management with OpenID and information cards. “We see in the standard information card the future security technology, which is characterized by high reliability and ease of use.”, so Stefan Bamberg, Managing Director fun communications. Steffan Lehnhoff follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The XING is free membership and participation in the Group of “Information Card”. Interested in detailed information about the Group see: net/informationcard. Fun communications GmbH for more information see and net/informationcard brief the fun communications GmbH, headquartered in Karlsruhe develops customer-specific complete solutions in the areas of identity management and communication services, banking products, as well as smart card-based applications on the Internet. For years, fun communications successfully emerged with its applications on the market: Deutsche Telekom AG, Lexware, service Credit Union, academic Association publishing and the S-CARD service belong to the companies that rely on solutions from fun communications. fun communications is involved in the initiatives BITKOM e.V., Baden-Wurttemberg: connected (bwcon) CyberForum e.V., mobile region Karlsruhe, the charge card Association of the initiative, the volunteers self-control for multimedia service providers (FSM) and international in the initiative OSIS (open source identity systems), in the information card Foundation, in the Liberty Alliance project and the European technology platforms eMobility and NESSI. Contact person for the press fun communications GmbH lorenzstrasse 29 D-76135 Karlsruhe Senior Manager Marketing: Iris Wandler phone: + 49 721 96448-163 fax: + 49 721 96448-263 email: all mentioned company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of the respective owners.

Price Comparison

Member Service builds with atacama from BKK Essanelle, BKK Essanelle atacama Software GmbH, Bremen’s electronic health record, February 12, 2009 – the BKK Essanelle, with around 400,000 insured one the largest company health insurance funds of in Germany, enables its members as a service a comparison of tooth replacement. As the first health insurance company in Germany, it offers immediately a module which is integrated in the electronic health record. This service,, is free of charge and without obligation for the insured. To ensure a smooth process, he transmitted necessary treatment and cost plan (HKP) electronically in the personal electronic medical record of the patient in the Internet presence of the BKK Essanelle for the price comparison. The HKP are atacama using the case management software ZE of the Bremen provider atacama captured and transmitted. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is the source for more interesting facts. “The secure exchange of data between health insurance and Internet we ensure with our solution atacama ” PIX. Requires the consent of the insured person, which is deposited in the partner portal must be. Necessary for the data transfer pseudonym as identification is already created in the insurance application.

It is not predictable one-way encryption, in the person of the pseudonym cannot be determined”, describes atacama CEO Dr. (Similarly see: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). Jurgen Deitmers expiration. eresting facts. The solution can integrate different systems and platforms. The price comparison allows dentists to make an alternative offer for desired treatments. With this new service is according to the BKK Essanelle to the equity share of the insured to reduce more than half. In addition, a flawless and complete collection of dental data is ensured.

Walldorf Software House

Users have a scheduled often have no resources and budget for migration projects Bad Oeynhausen/Schwetzingen, 02.06.2008 – most SAP users are prepared conceptually not yet available on the modified business intelligence orientation of SAP AG after the acquisition of business objects. The benefits of the merger for the company is also critically evaluated in many cases. On these findings, a survey of consulting comes coretelligence and the business portal under SAP users. In 71 percent of companies indicate that they have currently no answer to transitioning the BI strategy of the Walldorf Software House. Only every tenth user sees already able to align the own business intelligence targets it. 18 percent of respondents have no estimates for this purpose. A similarly ambiguous position prevails in the question of how the companies should evaluate the modified BI strategic perspectives in the SAP environment.

Users are the largest group with a total 43 percent the are skeptical or even very critical comment. However, only a quarter of the companies has positive expectations, while a third is still undecided in the assessment. Current phase use accordingly reluctant to modernise they show a majority, when it comes to the next steps. So neither the resources nor the budgets are at 34 percent currently, to respond to the changed conditions. Another 42 percent have not engaged in relevant planning. Only 12 per cent in the coretelligence/ survey indicate that the manpower available would be for such future-oriented BI projects, the financial resources available at least twice as many companies. If users because concrete have begun migration projects into account, these measures should be implemented especially with external support. This in particular free consultant (13 percent) or expertise of SAP AG (8 per cent) claim want to companies. However, almost three quarters of respondents have Take no decision taken.