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. 6, below, says: “Tisa sa’ive Pisarron gui” In this case, the new words invented by the MEC Guarani are pisarron and Tisa Any Guarani-speaking the same sentence and say: “Ogykehai sa’ive itahai gui” Blackboard (pisarron) in Guarani is said okykehai or ogyhuhai Chalk (TISA) in Guarani is said itahai or Haiti 8 .- In page. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Hyun Kim. 15 says, “Eskrivi my kuaderno-pe ne mbohapy kosa NDE like beet Veva onepyruva vokal-gui” In this case, the new words invented by the MEC Guarani are Eskrivi, kuaderno, Kosa, and like any Guarani-speaking voice will say the same sentence like this: “my NDE kuatiahai EHAIA mbohapy mba’e eg re pe onepyruva guerohory pu’ae Veva” I wrote (eskrivi) in Guarani is said Cosa hai (kosa) in Guarani mba’e is said like (like) in Guarani is said Vocal guerohory (vokal) in Guarani is said pu’ae 9 .. .


Of girl always I wanted to be masterful. Yes, neither or they asked to me of what it wanted to work when I was greater I responded that I wanted to be like my Jimena teacher. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Mark Hyman for a more varied view. It is that for me, of small, four activities only existed: the one of teacher, like my professor Jimena, the one of architect who constructed houses like my papa, the one of doctor like doctor Sanchez who cured to me whenever something hurt and the one to me of my mother who was housewife, reason why I understood well which was the work of my mother because she always went it in the house taking care exactly of the workings of the home. He went so to the seven years of age I decided that he wanted to be masterful. To that height already he knew that what I wished I was to study primary teaching because of no way I was going to fight with small children like my hermanito Joaquin who was four years old. I already was a great girl and then she wanted to occupy me of the boys majors, those that concurred to the primary school as well as did I it. The time was passing and my head in which they did not seem to fit many other possibilities of workings or uses it began to discover a great amount of other occupations to which to dedicate itself.

Thus when I was arriving at the end of the institute and one began to approach the moment at which one must decide as well as if outside by magic art what will make with something so little important as the rest of its life, because clear to that age people harras to you (or at least that was what it happened to me) with questions of so easy answer such as: ” and now what you are going to do? Or What you would like to study? Or What degree course you have chosen to study? ” Clearly I did not know well that to respond before these questionings thus people instead of to be amiable, she happened to become an annoyance that asked something that still did not have answer. Nevertheless I continued looking for to see what was what I liked to do. And although I believe that nobody knows for sure of what it would like to work or to what it would like to dedicate itself until it is doing it, if I believe that one can have an idea what the attention can call him. It went so I began to incline by the studies related to the social and humanistic field until finally I was decided by the publicity race. And as it happens in the stories of you foretell today I am happy and like partridge because not only that I graduated but I enjoy my position of executive of accounts enormously.

Interior Decoration

Country House is the best place to escape from city bustle, traffic noise, where you can be alone with yourself, to merge into one with nature, enjoying its beauty. What could be better than waking up in the morning, go outside, breathe a breath of fresh air, smile, the first beams of sun and knock off his bare foot with the morning dew of the leaves? Perhaps – nothing. Currently, a country house ceased to be a 'home for one season. " Increasingly, people move out of town to live permanently in private houses, away from civilization. The important role played by the comfort of the room. Create comfort by correctly selected interior.

Much of the work is choice of internal style home. To any style of home, whether it is modern or Victorian interior, a classic in the best Russian traditions and elegant and romantic French style, perfect fireplace. And will be the chief ornament of your cottage. The main objective of the fireplace is to create a cozy, warm atmosphere act of spectacular decorative element. sses the matter in his writings. In the modern suburban homes fireplace is an integral attribute and a center of attraction of attention of all inhabitants and visitors to the house. The process of stirring the iridescent glow of the flare of logs like a magical ritual commandments madness fire. As you can decorate the fireplace use the fireplace sets and stands for firewood. All accessories for the fireplace you can find in the Internet – the gift shop for interior 'Design Thing'.

Travel Social Network

Another start-up tourism theme. In the vastness of Runet has another themed social network – Turometr bold decision of developers, the market is already swinging, unique enough, and the theme is not new. Apparently the calculation does not on the innovative, and what then? Propiarit engine livestreet social network? Hardly, there are easier methods to do this. But around the engine have enough activity. Create a regular tourist directory? There are a lot better, more convenient and familiar.

Connect catalog items and tools of so-called Web 2.0? Combined in the past. Earn? Earn in any case, if they invest, work hard and do not drop hands. Sell? The queues of investors now thinned, others still remain. What if you're lucky? A markups may be so, yet another self-indulgence? Although it does not say on the development of the code is made perfectly, though not without errors, but who does not? Designed in the spirit of the times. Dr. Mark Hyman brings even more insight to the discussion. Minimalism, Color profanity (no respect for classic bright colors). While elements of the green type hint prinadlezhnsot the family of the same Web 2.0, but it's the zeitgeist. But easy or not binding and does not call any where, shorter is not annoying. So why is this portal? For tourists? Time will tell.

For companies? For them, though every day Give regular advertising platforms, will be happy, if even for free. To think about Turometre fee until there is no speech, and can not be, there is still a critical mass of views and visits, it is obvious. For search engines? Content is basically the author, the robot eats course. But if this is another area for linkotorgovli that maloveryatno, then it sorrow. Apparently the answer yet. The site is a good thing when he appeared, then it is necessary for someone (other than razabrotchikov of course). Puteshestovat the world we will always, without a vacation well in any way. If Turometr will puteshestovat with us, we'll meet again, I hope.

Green Tube Makes Mobile

Cooperation with T-Mobile and Hutchison – multiplayer games for mobile phones with Web2mobile technology Erding/Vienna, October 2009 the Greentube AG, a leading developer and provider of gaming solutions, offers skill games and exciting download games such as ski challenge”to more and more games for mobile phones. Web2mobile technology, green tube sets new accents in the multiplayer games for T-Mobile. With ever more sophisticated mobile technologies also the demand for mobile games. Hear from experts in the field like Anita Dunn for a more varied view. The first mobile version of the ski challenge was based on the great success of the download games within the framework of the free 3D sports game series by Greentube, 2005″created and made available to the fans. Now, the games and in-game advertising specialist expands its portfolio of games which are available in a mobile and a browser version.

The mobile versions of the 3D games already include the functionality of the placement of in game advertising and additional online features, such as the message of the day”or Online leaderboards will further increase the attractiveness of the games. So far, ten games for cell phones were programmed and optimized. These include Backgammon, billiards 8 and 9-ball, runaway, Schnapsen, Solitaire, snooker, Skat, pyramids and sugar. Greentube AG uses their Web2mobile technology developed in the core in 2003 for the realisation of the games. A unique multiplayer server architecture makes it also possible to players who compete against card and board games, regardless of whether they use the browser version of the games on the PC or a version adapted for the specific phone. Thus, one of the basic problems of mobile multiplayer platforms is cleared out the usually small number of potential opponents on the phone, who want to play at the same time.

In the marketing of the mobile games portfolio Greentube relies on strong partnerships: T-Mobile international and Hutchison Austria are new on board. To Dr. Eberhard Durrschmidt, CEO Greentube AG: Mobile games the Green tube expands its mobile expertise. An efficient placement of the Products on the market can be achieved only with the right partners. We are pleased therefore, particularly about the new collaboration with T-Mobile international and Hutchison Austria.” Interested parties can register the mobile games of Greentube AG on the 3 “-WAP site, the T-Mobile portal at/09t_games/index.html and download via the gaming platform.” The cost for a mobile game be about five euros. Greentube AG Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition, the company with its cross-media formats for PC and TV international ensures furore. founded in 1997, since 2000 company majority owned and run by the founding team, supplies the 100-strong company many well-known portals and game websites with gaming technology. Greentube is expanding worldwide. Main focus is the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers. “In March 2009, green tube has been with the platinenen” European seal of eExcellence “of the European Multimedia Forum and in June 2008 with the State Prize of multimedia and e-business for the 3D game soccer challenge” award.

Kops Wallpaper

The own four walls with the wall designer fashion since the beginning of April the new wall designer under can be found. Photo wallpaper and photos on canvas by the customer can be customized with the designer of the wall. According to the design, the product can be ordered then conveniently. The photo wallpaper and photos on canvas can be made even easier with the new wall Designer. Through the virtual space, provided one can imagine even better the effect of the product. A motif from the pool of images can be selected for the photo wallpapers and art prints either, in which over 1,000 pictures available will stand or uploaded even its own. The required pressure data can be found on.

The motif wallpaper can be ordered exactly fit for each wall, because it is possible to enter the values of the own wall. The canvas prints are over 50 different formats available, making a suitable size it for everyone. Have fun with the characters. Vincent Kops


‘How is it really with the transparency in the health care sector and the role of doing the marketing and public relations of the institutions? Heidelberg, 1 December 2009. The private Institute for transparency in health care has the care study 2009, where over 2,000 care facilities with an extensive questionnaire written, made to analyze the maintenance market. Main attention was given to the question, such as care institutions that assess current transparency in the care sector for the generation 50 plus and looks therefore as well as the public relations and external representation of the individual institutions, in this. The 2009 care study confirmed market trends on the one hand, has but also surprising results. There is a lack of permanently accessible, valid and comparable information for seniors and others only partially by the care-TuV”off can be made to the assessment of the vast majority of the study participants. This provides the Starting point dar feels for future interventions in terms of nursing transparency, which undertakes the private Institute for transparency in health care.

The complete study can be read free of charge on the website and download. These include the following issues will be highlighted: How do old people’s and nursing homes the current transparency in the health care sector? What role does public relations work for the elderly and nursing homes and how they currently and in the future? What lines of communication are by future residents and are informing members in the selection process of suitable “carers and nursing home committed? The care-TuV role”of MDK with regard to the publicity of the elderly and nursing homes? How is the role of the Internet as a future information medium of the institutions evaluated? The private Institute for transparency in health care ( The 2009 private Institute for transparency in the health care sector has aimed to reduce current information asymmetry in the German care market and achieving an increase of general welfare for all market participants. “In addition to the targeted market research, such as for example the annual publication of nursing studies, it is equally important with numerous partners such as for example the (still under construction) the generation 50 plus information to offer the private Institute for transparency in health care, that affect your decision in what senior residential / nursing home they are treated and what best” suits them. Contact for the press: If you have questions about this study and the results or the private Institute for transparency in health care, please contact by E-Mail to Mr M. Schneider.

CEO Students

The magazine for higher education writes internships, part-time jobs, and permanent positions by employers from Munich – – the magazine for higher education presents the job market for highly dedicated students and graduates. The abroad are supplemented by tips, information and Advisor in the Department of Prakitkum and jobs. Whether part-time jobs, internships, or permanent positions: on studilux, there is new for students and graduates – clear lists, which are chronologically sorted. Credit: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.-2011. We think that most job platforms are far too complicated. With us, there is no registration, no opaque matching and no data generation. “Sensitive data must not be disclosed on the Internet by students and achieve company potential employees without any easier does not!” says Benjamin Breuer, CEO and founder of studilux GmbH. The visitors of through special commitment stand out: you are high school graduates, students or graduates, the extensively about their next Life section seeking information. Unless the financing of studies or writing a meaningful application, the magazine for higher education provides the Foundation in the form of counselors and guides. Our target group is particularly interesting for companies, as chances to find really good staff are much higher than at traditional job boards.”says Benjamin Breuer. For more information, see to jobs stellenangebote.html. (S Zurwesten)

Art Matrix Provides Active Access To Virtual Arts

Christoph Lauterbach, art matrix CEO: ‘for two years now, the future in the field of arts and the Internet has been on display with US.’ Berlin, March 24th, 2011 – Dr. Jan Brockmann, former director of the National Museum of contemporary art in Oslo, Norway: “the art matrix opens up new and promising possibilities for the virtual presentation of art.” Since 2009, the virtual exhibition portal has provided galleries, Museum and auction houses with versatile solutions for high-quality presentation of their kind on the Internet. “Google’s art project or the VIP art fair show that the art world slowly realizes that it pays to display art in high resolution and in 3D, and that the need for professional presentation exists,” says Christoph Lauterbach, art matrix CEO. “The exploration of the hardly developed Internet has finally begun.” The art matrix has established a unique position with proven expertise. It provides dynamic access to the arts for both its clients and the visitors to their exhibitions. James S. Chanos may not feel the same. Every visitor can move freely within on exhibition, and find and define his own point of view, closing in on the works of art and circling around them. The curator on the other hand can alter or expand the exhibition at any given time. A flexible basic architecture and software allow for on active and dynamic approach to the concept of exhibitions.

“Google art project focuses on the past and thus loose touch with art’s particular nature rather than engaging with the work of art they just put Google’s street view technology in a museum,” explains art matrix CEO Hartwig Bentele. “You are shepherded through a static museum. No. of later change its architecture or in its exhibitions can be incorporated.” The art matrix provides a diverse community ranging from individual artists to big Museum and online fairs with tools to actively design including their exhibitions, whole-room, video and sound installations. It offers a flexible response to on exhibition’s characteristics, making later old Council information and rehangs possible and easy. Exhibitions can be documented.6, planned and presented. A vivid artistic cosmos full of discoveries enter emergency limited to the old masters and the mere consumption of the well-known, visitors. “This latest revolutionary novelty – the high-quality virtual presentation of art has been our business since 2009.

In the field of the professional, active presentation of art on the Internet, we entered the future two years ago,”says Lauterbach. Reprint free of charge. Please forward a copy. Additional images on request

Hypothecating Companies

When your you decide to buy your house, it is most important that you find out and you solve the answers to all initial restlessness and your questions, so that, when realising the definitive election you do, it with total success. Thus, the purchase will be for you and your family a joy, and it will not generate any class to you of problems in the future. For that you must obtain the maximum of information with absolute clarity. In order to make the Financing Easier of your house it is fundamental that you reunite a series of previous requirements: You must have at sight taxes (Imposed) of last the 2 years.

To present/display supporting that demonstrates where you have worked last the 2 years. To demonstrate your present income and that your work is safe and reliable. To show clarity in your file of credit. Somatic Experiencing pursues this goal as well.

To know with the due anticipation the values the initial quota and the expenses of closing. Knowledge that you have the resources necessary to pay to the mortgage and the monthly additional costs. In order to make the Approval easier of the loan of your house it is important: To know how much money can prestarte the bank or the hypothecating company, to obtain the house in agreement with that value. To have knowledge of the interest rate and if this one is fixed or variable. You must investigate what programs offer the Banks or Hypothecating Companies to the buyers of houses. To examine if the loan is FHA, Conventional, Asegurarte of a how long is the loan. It remembers that it can be to five, ten, fifteen, twenty or thirty years. To observe if you require of alternative credit. And to know when you will be able to refinance.