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Some people do not like to use the foundation and that’s fine. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. However, the foundation is a great way to help protect your face from all those dangerous things that literally “face” every day. The sun, wind, rain – anything can make your face irritated. A good foundation will help protect your face from what is out there. Try a foundation with a light sunscreen on top.

The extra protection will make a big difference. Make sure you do not get a color that is too light or too dark face or will be painted too. It is important to make it look natural. If you really want a warm and pleasant look on his face, a darker foundation is not the answer. Try some bronzer, which will be mentioned later. The general rule is try to match your foundation with the color of your neck.

This will ensure that is the natural color you could use. Blend the foundation on the face and make sure everything is absorbed before the next step. A sponge of the triangle is very useful to mix the best foundation. Hide imperfections. Likely that, like most of us out there, may have some imperfections in the face. Try a little lighter than your foundation shade of concealer. You have the option to apply concealer before or after its founding, but it seemed to make more sense to put things in order. Apply a small amount of concealer on the tip of your ring finger and little DAB on the desired areas of your face.

"What Is A Good Breakfast ?

There is a relationship between a bad breakfast and many health problems! Did you know that our body consists of trillions of cells to keep them healthy and more than 100 nutrients you need during the day, every day? All I ate yesterday can be divided into two major groups: The first group provides energy (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). The second group provides construction materials and repair of cells (proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and others). Energy you spent yesterday when you were awake, and your body used building materials at night to regenerate. Your body wakes in the morning and there are 100 trillion cells that they say in unison, “Give me the nutrients and energy I spent yesterday.” And what are you giving your body the morning? A toast with jam and coffee with sugar. These are simple carbohydrates that are digested and converted immediately into sugar in the blood.

Your body calls for more 100 nutrients – but what will you give?: Sugar!. Raising the level of blood sugar, forces your pancreas to produce more insulin. Insulin takes the sugar from the blood and becomes fat. Low blood sugar in the blood. Feel hunger and weakness or fatigue. Hunger = need for carbohydrates (chocolate, coffee, sandwiches, candy, cookies, cakes, drinks, juices, etc.).. Result: again raises your blood sugar. Each “sugar injection” is followed by a surge of insulin.

This cycle is repeated throughout the day and develop dependence on carbohydrates. Carbohydrate overload dependence and weakens the pancreas, which can lead to diabetes, hypertension and overweight. Too much blood sugar damages blood vessels. The excess sugar will turn into an overweight person by insulin, or it raises triglycerides and cholesterol. And if you examine how you feed it, the answer is: NOTHING TO PLEASE THE NEED NUTRIENT DAILY! AND ALL BEGINS WITH A BAD BREAKFAST!. Or if you skip breakfast, which is common in some people, just slow the cycle a few hours. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT WOULD BE A GOOD BREAKFAST FOR YOU? This should satisfy three basic conditions: Replace nutrients used by your body while you slept to regenerate. Provide the body with the energy used the last 24 hours. Do not raise substantially the level of blood sugar or not “wake up” the pancreas. In short, we need to start the day Restoring, nutrients that were used at night to supplement, balanced daily nutritional needs, the daily supplement of energy.


Once your photo is you can go and try on hair styles in 7 different categories Celebrity, everyday, formal / Bridal, Classic, Mens, Alternative and dreadlocks. After uploading your photo to go to a section in determining the shape of your face. The face shapes are oval, round, oblong, heart, square, diamond and triangular. The face example, the forms are easy to place in your photo. The determination of the shape of your face is a breeze! After your face shape is determined you have to align the eyes in the diagram of their own eyes and adjust the color of the photo as necessary. Then, turning to a different style on The Celebrity category is further divided into several different males woman, black, female, classic female, black male, classic male and the pursuit of celebrity.

There is a long list of celebrity hair styles to choose from and if this is what you're after, Hair Styler is your place! Descriptions of the various hair styles are very useful. Includes information on how long it will take for the particular style hairdo, yque hair care products you need and what face shape and hair texture, style is suitable for. Everyday hairstyles are broken down into texture, with straight, wavy and curly as choices, and short length, the options for medium and long term. Formal / Bridal categories include UpCurls, UpSmooth, DownCurls and DownSmooth. If you are looking for prom or wedding hairstyles, this section will give you enough ideas for your special event.