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The MAN AS SER-AO-MUNDO Compreender the man as be-ao-world, is to adentrar in the existencial logic of the proper Dasein. However, we understand the Dasein as to be-there, here it is the heideggeriano existencial bedding of the being. ' ' a' ' constituent says respect to the place where it happens the velamento and the desvelamento, the place in which if it has the question of the truth. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Mark Hyman. In this way, ' ' a' ' it can be understood as the world, existencial unitria structure, the horizon from which to be-there it exceeds. From this the intrinsic relation between the man and the world is understandable. The man alone if understands as such by means of its relation with the world.

For Heidegger, the Daisen (man) is a be-ao-world. Learn more at this site: Pat Ogden. To understand this better ' ' to be-ao-mundo' ' , it is necessary before to inquire because that the man is not to be of the world nor to be in the world. Be-ao-world is expression one in such a way forced, but it must be kept because it says the meaning that it surprises in the Dasein in relation to the world. If it was to be in the world, the man would be contained in it, as element inside of another one. In this in case that, the man and world already would have, each one, independent constitution.

However, for our author it is the relation that constitutes the man in such a way how much the world. Be-ao-world indicates inerncia, constituent relation, the proper ontolgica situation of the man. In accordance with Arduini (1989), Be-ao-world is to be related with the beings, is to inhabit the world, is to be in house, is to live in familiar environment. The man is always be-ao-world, exactly that he does not know of this. He is not it are of the world.

Integration And Sharing

Happiness is man’s greatest achievement: is the response of their total personality to a productive orientation toward himself and toward the outside world Eric From. The vast majority of those who read this article will have integrated with someone who has been selected to be friend, partner, girlfriend, wife, lover, accompanying him in this short transit through the dimension of perishable forms, some not s erred in his selection, others probably feel frustrated, just as there are those who share their happiness and try this enduresbut who still walk after the search or wish to be fully integrated so that you can share everything there what they allow you to grow. It is very important in a relationship that always rises up the authenticity, transparency of actions, not fear criticism, disagreements, feed constant share, communicate, discuss the concerns and specially to feed the spirits with a sincere affection, affection, a built-in love for one another. In a real integration cannot be allowed that she is penetrating the negative things, those stimuli that are surfacing for not being attentive, seeking separation, the destruction of everything that was built with the conviction of peace, happiness, a real union. Unable to one stop in the frivolities and weaknesses thing as imperfect beings that we commit, in contrast to evoke the beauties and virtues of the small stuff that are manifested. No feed on the incensateces, destructive, criticism of jealousy, otherwise, pay attention to the good things that person has. Luis Verdecchia reminds us, that we consider some thoughts, I believe important in our growth in order to achieve, reach, good integration, such as: I love you for that you’ve done for me, more than any creed or any philosophy would have done for my happiness. You’ve done all of that in my life without touching me, if lecturing me, without scolding me, without claim me, without accusing me to have performed this miracle in my life, just being What are you, because you’ve come to teach me which is the true essence of love and I dare to add, because you have achieved true integration and share what you feel to everything that can be added, that when we integrate ourselves we do not depend on, but to share independence with the selected person.

Geraldina Lombardi

Foot. Joacir, beyond priest, philosopher and writer, is also a person who always kept alive its interior child, a child who never forgot them stories that its father ' ' Nozin' ' it counted. was Nozin that said that if they do not have to count histories of empty belly because it swims must disturb this so important moment. Not even the hunger. was thus: with the simplicity of the child, the wisdom of the philosopher, the depth of soul of the priest and the creativity of the writer who this book was made. Its stories, while they amuse in them, in them take the reflections on human values, faith, behaviors and social matters.

On stories: A POOR PERSON AND A RICH ONE It is a story to the old fashion, of that they were counted to the side of the stove to the firewood, full of magic, and that he says of values and ambition. INTERROGATIONS TO I In this text Foot. Joacir deals with delicate subjects of the human behavior with much clarity and honesty and in them takes the reflections on our attitudes. THE METAMORPHOSIS OF THE HEN They imagine a hen that crosses one moving avenue and finishes botando an egg in the way of the street. Now they think where relation can have between this hen and a man who finishes to be elect President of the Republic.

In this story, Foot. Joacir not only relates these two personages as it deals with social problems while it amuses in them. THE SHOES I feel pain in the foot alone to remember! It is an amused story of a young student who goes to visit its mother in the farm. Get all the facts and insights with Riney Family Foundation, another great source of information. For some reason it has that to walk bare-footed of the point of bus until the house of its mother! It also speaks of the customs of the farm, of the wisdom of the people and between a colloquy and another one, controversial subjects of the time argue, as the euthanasia.


As it wanted to have Intellectuality to know of everything, more I find that smarter man is impossible nor would know of everything! The times I have fear of the people, with as much cruelty and as much hypocrisy if they judge owners of the truth. It imposes laws more break at the same time them, make what they want for I obtained what pleases itself exactly lives in world without perspective of life without love without peace! I see as many things bad, today the biggest names I am the biggest cowards who at least steal the people without nor one weight in the consiensia! The greed already volume counts in such a way where it is impossible comes back to a simple reality, where dinhero is not everything. Peace? what it is this? I know this word there this forgotten as much time. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nancy-Ann_DeParle on most websites. Many people speak of peace, more do not make it forget that the peace is not made by impensados acts to promote itself. -Source-and-Development-Analysis-with-Current-and-Future.html’>Medical Billing Software Market on most websites. Cursed hypocritical that they judge the young of today more they forget that almost everything was brought for that if they judge the power the law where we go to stop?. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Riney Family Foundation.

Mother And Daughter Bond

Mother – this is the most important person to the child, especially in infancy. This is not just a biological fact. Of what will be their attitude in the first year of life, depends on a basic sense of security or insecurity of his existence. The child keenly tuned to the feelings of the mother. Yes, it is on feelings rather than on what she says or how well it performs care.

The baby instantly falls in its emotional field: if it is so sad – he also becomes sad when she feels anger – he is frightened and capricious. His whole being, he realizes that it affects its survival. Initially, he had no fear or distrust, but if it needs regular ignored, he begins to realize that just because he does not get attention, and learns to adapt. Psychological problem mothers of a child – is the adoption and care. If a mother loves a child unconditionally – is a huge resource for normal, healthy lives in the future. Formed a basic trust in the world, and that person will be confident that the world is friendly. And even if he (the man) who does not like it – it's not a tragedy, because sense of making other (and first friend was his mother) he has. If the mother is demonstrating its adoption only if the implementation of certain conditions – no noise, do not get dirty, be obedient, good student, etc., and in the event of any breach of rejects Child (punishes, ignores and kills the look and the like), then the child is born alert and basic distrust of the world.

Jovian Polarity

These proportions vary with increasing diameter of the ring, although the width of the ring with almost constant. Sometimes in order to gain hronarnoy Energy in its lower part is an additional third hole. However, this does not necessarily produce as ordinary people excessive force Persten can only hurt. Fig. 3 Women's Signet Ring Atlanta or Valtshayma Both types of rings with both of its sides are of different polarity. If on the one end at the edge of his laid positive Yang Nature has a plus Masculine polarity, the downside is negative, the negative polarity of the Women's Yin.

Fig. 4 Polarity Persten Atlantis Ring Atlantic is always worn the opposite pole of the pole arm. Then is, if the finger of positively charged, then it puts a ring on the negative side. His attraction poles should complement and not rejected by similarity of their nature. Everyone knows that the same poles are mutually repel each other. Sowing pattern is evident, and no proof needed, because the nature of Yin should always take account of harmony with Nature Ian. Some philosophers believe that Ring still need to wear to the positive pole each finger. However, it is not so, because its effect is either neutral or negative and can cause bears his faint or even harm your health.

On the polarity of the same hand, I'll tell Tepe later. Wear Ring Ring him with open edges. And when putting it on your arm to straighten it a little better, and vestments after the squeeze. Others do not require a phalanx of effort per se, they need only choose the size. In addition, Rings can be worn not only on his hands, but like you can also wear it on his leg. Compliance with wearing on the foot like that, as in the hand. The only recommended to wear it on the bias fathoms. That is, if the person is Male sex, he should wear a ring on his right hand and another on his left leg on the same finger. This is done in order to complement the female nature, for in harmony, and power lies. The only thing you need to follow the polarity of the dressing ring, on the same toe, will have opposite polarity with respect to arms. To intensify the action Persten in recovery or destruction of pain, it should be placed as close as possible to the sore spot, or put on finger, which corresponds to that body. Ailing people in need of active influence on the disease so that it could quickly retreat. In order to complement the nature of treatment, can be worn for several rings at once. Indeed, for some illnesses according to astrological location may correspond to different fingers, as well as the phalanx. About when it comes to liver disease, the different parts of this body on Astrological rules apply to different signs and Planet. The upper lobe of the liver are influenced Cancer. To a large extent this authority is under the influence of the Virgin, at least under the influence of Sagittarius, as well as she rests under the influence of the planet Jupiter. Therefore, the first Ring can be worn on the Jovian finger, and another to put on extra phalanx of the Virgin or Sagittarius. If a person is wealthy and can afford three rings, then it is desirable to hoist them on this one object.

Rubem Alves

In the Bahia, the inheritance escravocrata until today reproduces gestures and words that segregate. Already I testified people rubbing the indicating finger in the arm, to mention itself to a black, as if the color of the citizen explained a blameworthy attitude. In one of the colloquies that I had with Miriam journalist Pig, it commented: – Brazil likes if imagining as a racial democracy, but this is an illusion. We have a march of carnival, made we have 40 years, sung until today. it is terrible. The whites never think about what they are singing. The letter says the following one: ' ' Your hair does not deny, mulata Because you are mulata in the color But as the color does not catch, mulata Mulata, wants yours amor' '. ' ' He is ofensivo' ' , Miriam says.

As the color of somebody could contaminate, as was illness? the people never perceive. The expression ' ' foot in cozinha' ' , to assign the African ancestry, it is most common of all, and also said without the lesser constragimento. It is the return to the mentality escravocrata, reproducing mazelas of senzala. The cronista Rubem Alves published this week in the Leaf of So Paulo an article in which standes out: ' ' Words are not innocent, them they are weapons that the powerful ones use to wound and to dominate the weak ones. The North American whites had invented the word ' niger' to humiliate the blacks. They had created a trick that had one thus versinho: ' Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch to niger by the toe' that he wants to say, a Creole for the dedo of the foot grasps (in Brazil, when it wants yourself to diminish a black, it is used here Creole word). In denunciation to this offensive use of the word, the blacks cunharam the slogan ' black is beautiful'.