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Health Affection

The information necessary to develop this research had been to appeal the sources secondary, using scientific book, articles and visit the field carried through next to State secretary of the Health, with the purpose to get given referring to the problem of the proceeding affection of the climate and the incidence registered in the SES. Beyond the climatic data of the meteorological station of the SEMARH. This research is of great importance, therefore arcabouo of referring information to the affection consists in one and the climatic variability, in view of that the affection is a problem that comes affecting the health of the aracajuana population. In the research the interference of the climate in the affection was analyzed, as well as its variations. The importance of a bigger knowledge of the population reveals here on the times of the year where the incidence of affection epidemics is bigger, therefore with this knowledge, the population will be if preparing to fight this problem.

2 the CLIMATE, MAN AND HEALTH the climate are a natural element that exerts one strong influence on the life of the man. In view of that it is constructed by some elements that are of utmost importance for the survival human being, as air, the water, the temperature and the humidity. The man if becomes dependent of the climate that also it influences in the way of the man to live and if to dress, and also it influences in the food production. Throughout the time, the man started to influence in the physical aspects, then modifying the natural environment, stimulated for the capitalist way of production.

African Culture

The settling of the Brazilian territory for the Europeans to a large extent represented the physical destruction of the aboriginals through wars and slavery, having survived only one small part of the original aboriginal nations. The aboriginal culture also was partially eliminated by the action of catequese and intense miscegenation with other etnias. Currently, only some few aboriginal nations still exist and obtain to keep part of its original culture. Although this, the culture and the knowledge of the aboriginals on the land had been determinative during the settling, influencing the object language, culinria, folklore and use diverse caretakers as the rest net. The African culture it arrived at Brazil with the peoples enslaved brought of Africa during the long period where the transatlantic slave traffic lasted. The cultural diversity of Africa reflected in the diversity of the slaves, pertaining the diverse etnias that said different languages and had brought distinct traditions. As well as the aboriginal, the African culture generally was suppressed by the colonizadores.

In the colony, the slaves learned the Portuguese, were baptized with Portuguese and obliged names if to convert the catolicismo. The Africans had contributed for the Brazilian culture in an enormity of aspects: he dances, music, religion, culinria and language. This influence if makes to notice to a large extent of the country; in certain states as Bahia, Maranho, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Minas Gerais, Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Rio Grande Do Sul the culture afro-Brazilian particularly is detached in virtue of the migration of the slaves. 5 CONCLUSION the diversity and cultural plurality in Brazil is very rich, therefore we have manifestations of diverse peoples with different cultures becoming our knowledge an immense value, this cultural inheritance will be used as resources for an improvement of life of our current and future population, therefore we have that to all preserve for the future generations this knowledge that was acquired through the millenia for all these peoples. We have you influence Europeans, Asians and indginas in all the areas of knowledge each one with its inestimable value, fits each citizen to give to the necessary value to all they, as much in the art, sciences, medicine, culinrias, languages, etc, teaching our children as Brazilian cultural patrimony.