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Josh McDowell

Hebrew 5:12 the 14. I finish this article, leaving here the following Biblical text for its and my reflection: ' ' Therefore, it judges nobody you for eating, or drinking, or because of the days of party, or of the new moon, or Saturdays, that are shades of the future things, but the body is of Christ. Nobody dominates you its bel-pleasure with humildade excuse and cult of the angels, becoming involved themselves in things that it did not see; being in vain swelled in its flesh time understanding, and not on to the head, of which all the body, provided and organized for the meetings and ties, goes growing in increase of God. If, therefore, stays died with Christ how much to the rudimentos of the world, you they load why still of orderlies, as you lived yourselves in the world, such as: Not touchs, you do not prove, you do not handle? Which things all perish for the use, according to rules and doctrines of the men; Which has, in the truth, some appearance of wisdom, in voluntary devotion, humildade, and in disciplines of the body, but they are not of value some seno for the satisfaction of carne.' ' Colossenses 2:16 the 23. Visit Gina Ross for more clarity on the issue. ' ' Jesus, however, answering, said to them: Errais, not knowing the Holy Writs, nor the power of Deus.' ' Mateus 22:29. in order not to incur into this error, in not leaving to be led by winds of doctrines, let us follow firm in the faith In that one day died in the Cross in mine and in its place. I, Jeane Ktia Dos Santos Hiss, author of the present article, I am thus: Deeply devoid imperfect and of the FAVOUR of God! ——– Before saying: This is only plus a religion, considers what Josh McDowell, it says regarding the Bible in its book ' ' Evidences that one demands veredito' ': The Bible was written during a period of more than 1500 years – during more than 40 generations; for involved authors in the most different activities (kings, peasants, fishing, poets, politicians, doctor, ox-drivers, etc.); in different places (also, different continents), under different conditions (peace/war); under different circumstances (joy/sadness); writing in three different languages: Hebrew (the language of the Old Will); aramaico (' ' language franca' ' of the East Next until the time to Alexander, the Great one, sc. .


It would not give more to come back. But as to follow in front? Where they are the ships? – What we will make? – Somebody asked. – We run in such a way to arrive here. now? – Another one Inquired. – How we will cross? – Age the question of all. But it did not have hope. When they looked at stops backwards, saw the multitude of men, women and children, many children, followed who them. All had been obliged to ahead give a stop of that unsurmountable obstacle.

After much time walking in the desert well that to rest a little it would be very good. Heat, Sun burning the skin, many things being loaded. the children? The worse one was for the mothers who still had its teeny children still babies. To load them in the arms in the escaldante sun How many men already with advanced age with the loaded coasts. They crawled themselves stepping on in the dry dust of the desert trying to follow the people. The panorama was this. When all had stopped happened to inside grow of each one the enormous expectation: our leaders will know what to make.

Daqui little will arrive with the solution. More scholars, preferred to think about a solution that came of the proper Gentleman of the Armies. Moiss lived this drama. Perhaps the greater of all in its life stuffed of them. In the front a great sea. How to cross it? That sea that seemed not to have end, blue and shining with its waves blowing up in the sand. Behind, the people so wanted by it and that he decided to follow it for where wants that he was, to get rid itself of the painful enslaved life in Egypt. In its interior he must have last hurricanes of thoughts. He will be that something still could give wrong? Some thing could be worse of what that? When you will be passed by a very difficult situation in its life.


It knows before because, because? back in the past? we do not learn to cultivate our true identity and reliable wet-nurse it in we ourselves and seeing them as capable to take taken over on a contract basis vante one until its positive end. The basic base is here to know that in the day where the animals will be arredios and that everything tends not to give certain, we have the positive energy of the confidence in we ourselves, lined up with and in the Creator, who in will give the certainty to them of that tomorrow or later everything I content he will be decided it. Or still, that exactly in one day bad we have something to learn, it is enough a little of attention with the open spirit and the mind? nor that it is to move of route? not of objectives; nor that it is of boarding forms, but that it does not mean desistance. Before if becoming a trainer of elephants you must examine yourself and look for to know talking honest and frankly with you yourselves if she congregates the enough and necessary confidence for this company if the reply she will be negative? it must look the necessary knowledge that they lack so that they prepare for it to acquire confidence and unfastening to be used in elapsing of the enterprise. The confidence is in you is will be charged by the elephants? if not to know of this? it does not try, but it knows of beforehand that what they wait is that you can learn and to pass them total confidence in the taken over on a contract basis one, because before you choosing they already had adredemente chosen adredemente it. After the health and of the confidence you are not soon still, more you advanced ones forty percent in its intention, what already she represents a progress in such a way and, you go to continue? The elephants have, as know, a very acurada sensitivity? although they say that it has a teeny intelligence? its prodigious memory and its sensitivity complete the intelligence lack that porventura can be to lack, as they say the bad languages.