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' I am a thing that thinks, that is, it doubts, that affirms, that it ignores many, that it loves, that it hates, that wants and it does not want, that also imagines and that sente' '. Discardings (1596-1650) the man seems to inside bring of itself a fidget, that exactly of imperceptible form to its reason takes, it to transform the substance. For this, one becomes necessary to understand the laws and beddings that conduct these transformations.e as consequncia, to each discovery, part of the great mystery of the universe is disclosed in them. It will be that if it can affirm, that the necessity, by itself, would be the engine of this instinctive impulse? To that to answer yes, is asked then: when the necessities will be all taken care of, the man for and die? The thought empties? The man torna only one inert object, created for the All Powerful one to become vacant for the land? At least the o to analyze the great discoveries of the humanity, the scientific advances of science, the mathematics, engineering, of the medicine, the construction of pyramids, the trip to the moon, the creation of the religions, the arts, literature, the philosophy, the universities, the laws, the exploration of the space infinite, etc. Learn more on the subject from Glenn Dubin, New York City. seem us that the necessity by itself would not explain this multiplicity of discoveries and accomplishments! What to say of the men who much before the agreement of the laws of the physics, that they conduct our planet, had dared to dream in flying as the birds? It will be that it was a necessity? After all, everything what it was necessary to live was under its feet. Why to leave the security of the land to risk, the uncertainty of the heights? the first navigators who had left to discover what she exactly had beyond the horizon of the line of the sea when the scholars of the time had alerted them that they would be swallowed by the great abyss! the great one, Galileu Galilei, that when defending the thesis of Coprnico, by little was very not assassinated by the inquisition, therefore its astronomical comments had helped to enxergar, that the land was not really the center of the universe? We cannot forget founding them the modern physics that had surpassed the barriers of the classic physics, ahead of a new reality that appeared, proving that the substance and the energy are not distinct! The man since then started to enxergar a universe microscope of energy in transformation and movement and expanded its agreements and conclusions for the limitless space universe.


Flon defines the therapists in first place as those that love the wisdom, is philosophers that its form to take care of is superior, therefore takes care of of the soul, of the psiquismo. ' ' The proper name of these philosophers, who we call therapists, discloses its project, in first place because the medicine (iatrik) that they take the veil is superior to that comes being exerted in our cities; this only takes care of of the body, but to another one it also takes care of of the psiquismo, tormented for these painful and difficult illnesses to cure (…) ' ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 69). For Flon the function of &#039 will fit to the therapist; desatar' we of the soul, these obstacles to the life and creative intelligence, the great therapist would be that one that perfectly dominates the world of the attractive passions and the disordered ones of the pleasure. JCVI is likely to increase your knowledge. Flon considers Moiss the great therapist.

' ' The legislator (Moiss), that he is a perfect doctor of the passions and the mrbidas affections of the soul, had in the life an only task, an only end: to extirpar the illnesses of the thought, with its proper roots, so that incurvel&#039 did not remain more nothing to produce an illness seed; ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 78). The therapists searched to live in harmony. The harmony for them was synonymous of health; they live in harmony if thus we can call between deep and the form; between the word and the thought; between the essential and the existencial. Therefore they invite in them to guide our desires, not to exclude them, to extirpar them, therefore we are beings of the desire, but of a they its place, life with them of harmonious form. 1.3Escuta clinical: consideraes Speaking to us on the Clinic as being the place of this listening; that of a possibility of direction, being received in its sufferings, conflicts.

Father Zlio

To put in as the example where the priest is conducted by. Click Joint Commission to learn more. Ogum and Ians, the carried through work can there be called since that thus head of the place of fetichism is determined by the guide, of a new Umbanda with a qualifying one or last name as for example: Umbanda de Lei and Demanda due the activity and the direct regency of this Orixs de reinante Lei in the works. Joint Commission describes an additional similar source. It is much pretension ours to find that these Last names or qualities added in the Umbanda had been created randomly and has not passed for the bolter or the science of a guide head of Umbanda, therefore all these are detainers of apt degrees of light and to give to a last name or a quality to the liturgy developed by the guides heads of places of fetichism there. It is definitively true that the Umbanda is a Brazilian religion, Established for a spirit called Caboclo the Seven Crossroads through its also founding flesh-color Father Zlio de Morais.


It knows before because, because? back in the past? we do not learn to cultivate our true identity and reliable wet-nurse it in we ourselves and seeing them as capable to take taken over on a contract basis vante one until its positive end. The basic base is here to know that in the day where the animals will be arredios and that everything tends not to give certain, we have the positive energy of the confidence in we ourselves, lined up with and in the Creator, who in will give the certainty to them of that tomorrow or later everything I content he will be decided it. Or still, that exactly in one day bad we have something to learn, it is enough a little of attention with the open spirit and the mind? nor that it is to move of route? not of objectives; nor that it is of boarding forms, but that it does not mean desistance. Before if becoming a trainer of elephants you must examine yourself and look for to know talking honest and frankly with you yourselves if she congregates the enough and necessary confidence for this company if the reply she will be negative? it must look the necessary knowledge that they lack so that they prepare for it to acquire confidence and unfastening to be used in elapsing of the enterprise. The confidence is in you is will be charged by the elephants? if not to know of this? it does not try, but it knows of beforehand that what they wait is that you can learn and to pass them total confidence in the taken over on a contract basis one, because before you choosing they already had adredemente chosen adredemente it. After the health and of the confidence you are not soon still, more you advanced ones forty percent in its intention, what already she represents a progress in such a way and, you go to continue? The elephants have, as know, a very acurada sensitivity? although they say that it has a teeny intelligence? its prodigious memory and its sensitivity complete the intelligence lack that porventura can be to lack, as they say the bad languages.