Garzon Man

Well, it shall be said, this is precisely what all the world proposes. Politicians of all strings, directors of companies, economists, engineers, etc., are in agreement that something must be done to improve relations between man and his environment. Measures are taken, approve laws and violations are punishable. Long as everyone is willing to give priority to ecological issues there will be hope. This consolation is meager as soon as we discover it was based on a fallacy. Give absolute priority to ecological issues is to suppose that they have been resolved in principle many of the racial, national, political, economic, social problems, etc. Now well not only these problems are not resolved, but that they are fair and precisely determining the alarming current ecological conditions. So far companies that intend to take measures to prevent the progressive deterioration of the natural environment have contributed and continue to contribute to that.

It is logical to think that the ecological imbalance has political and social fundamental components. Therefore, it seems obvious that any solution you have to be very radical. Recommendations return to Earth and the protests against the consumer society, which had a naive air, can be purchased in this way a new sense. In its fund beats the desire of men to change thoroughly, basically rectifying its historical trajectory. An entirely new type of society is a true cultural revolution and so this makes sense has to be, to an essential dimension, to recognize that not only the man has right to exist. The man is not morally viable to allow less than that thing not human Earth, air, water, and fire, and the innumerable animal species and vegetables – exist and prosper. Educate yourself with thoughts from Joint Commission.

Live also consists in live and let live. In let-live to our mother, the Earth. And as the poet said: land only. Earth. / Earth for estremecidos tablecloths, / for vicious pupil of cloud, / for recent wounds and moist thinking. / Earth for everything flees Earth. Francisco Arias Solis Cadiz with Garzon. Democrats with the judge BALTASAR GARZON Association by a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary. Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.


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