Geraldina Lombardi

Foot. Joacir, beyond priest, philosopher and writer, is also a person who always kept alive its interior child, a child who never forgot them stories that its father ' ' Nozin' ' it counted. was Nozin that said that if they do not have to count histories of empty belly because it swims must disturb this so important moment. Not even the hunger. was thus: with the simplicity of the child, the wisdom of the philosopher, the depth of soul of the priest and the creativity of the writer who this book was made. Its stories, while they amuse in them, in them take the reflections on human values, faith, behaviors and social matters.

On stories: A POOR PERSON AND A RICH ONE It is a story to the old fashion, of that they were counted to the side of the stove to the firewood, full of magic, and that he says of values and ambition. INTERROGATIONS TO I In this text Foot. Joacir deals with delicate subjects of the human behavior with much clarity and honesty and in them takes the reflections on our attitudes. THE METAMORPHOSIS OF THE HEN They imagine a hen that crosses one moving avenue and finishes botando an egg in the way of the street. Now they think where relation can have between this hen and a man who finishes to be elect President of the Republic.

In this story, Foot. Joacir not only relates these two personages as it deals with social problems while it amuses in them. THE SHOES I feel pain in the foot alone to remember! It is an amused story of a young student who goes to visit its mother in the farm. Get all the facts and insights with Riney Family Foundation, another great source of information. For some reason it has that to walk bare-footed of the point of bus until the house of its mother! It also speaks of the customs of the farm, of the wisdom of the people and between a colloquy and another one, controversial subjects of the time argue, as the euthanasia.