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Mustard Mill

Swords mustard mill and walling in the market of walling combine two culinary traditions beer mustard is a new product that combines two traditional company of the region in a delicious way: the Walling Urtrub the swords are mustard a very special flavour, which gives double pleasure the Westphalian gusto. DC and DC joins, they say. Carl Rogers is often quoted on this topic. This is actually on the walling and the mustard mill swords. Both are companies from the region with a long tradition. The Walling is the parent company of Dortmund crowns, that mentioned in 1430 for the first time and deemed to be Dortmund’s oldest restaurants. The roots of the swords mustard mill date back to 1845. Another parallel can be found in the manufacturing process: the Mash Tun is necessary both for the beer and mustard production. The two companies have created but now even the largest commonality: the Walling beer mustard.

In this culinary speciality, mustard in complete symbiosis with each other go the Walling Urtrub and the swords on. 20% walling Urtrub give it a spicy, unmistakable flavor the medium-spicy mustard. The mustard tastes so good it surprised me almost not much more anyone on this idea is coming”, says plant manager of walling, Jorg Kemper. He can give this now its mustard the guests to the food in the Walling”. For home use, the Walling exclusively offers the mustard.

Knicknclean: Food Freshness Long Also

Who does not know it? The strawberries are ready for the trash can after only two days in the fridge! Spoiled food not with knicknclean but what is it? This question can be easily answered, because research has shown that up to 11.4 million bacteria on a single square centimeter of refrigerator interior space romp! This corresponds to 100,000 times the amount of the bacteria to be found in rule on toilets! Since it is no wonder food rot much faster than they actually need, and also the frequently serious true unpleasant fridge smell traced this! Regularly wipe out of the refrigerator the number of germs in the low mass, but only is here of course generally advisable, diminished provides you with easy opening, new foods and touch a constant supply of new bacteria to the food! Also apparent solutions offered by manufacturers low cooling compartments, silver coating, etc. are in the fight against this, proven mass just eyewash. Only knicknclean can it really afford remedy, and that even the Food Institute of the University of Hanover. Using simple kink enabled, the knicknclean rods only three days eliminated all bacteria, spores and bacteria, without affecting this desired yogurt cultures or noble rot. Even older refrigerators in the nu are replaced once a month seed – and odor-free, what has the consequence that all foods are much more durable (Strawberry up to 10 days) and the refrigerator saves even power, because with knicknclean an increase of cooling temperature on ncshank C is sufficient.

This amazing effect of knicknclean, as in the German drinking water treatment is achieved, was which with the same active ingredient with different prices, most recently the industry Prize 2009 (category: biotechnology) award. Because knicknclean has not only a suggestive of 2.20 euros in the month, but also prevents the throwing away of many of Food and saves up to Euro 25,-per month so a family of four. Also is knicknclean now as maxi-system for cold rooms and containers of any size!. .

Nutritional Value

Changes to the regulation of food characteristics and the growing demand of consumers increasingly …veranlassen… Alexa Demie usually is spot on. create more and more companies, the food, or process, to pay more attention to the topic of nutrition labelling.Also in the kitchen and catering companies is a growing awareness for carbohydrates, protein and fat. (Similarly see: Eva Andersson-Dubin). Nutritional with nut.s. software is now the appropriate software for it. But software alone is not enough there. It takes data that enable all these calculations at your fingertips, nutritional values, washer-disinfectors, GDAs making losses in the background, all of this is available in the background for the compliant use. Can then combine to an elegant recipe management, which arm automatically can spend also the often requested health claims (rich in vitamin C,) sodium, etc.

Menu plans, nutritionally optimized? No problem one show alternatives “-function lists similar foods with low nutritional value distributions.” nut.s the latest Software of date thinking tools. date thinking tools has focused on this topic and offers affordable software solutions for all aspects of nutritional calculation and marking. Industry, kitchens, nutrition consultation, find all the appropriate software. For the small companies, offering to store the calculation of the nutritional value to date, is particularly interesting. Since 1980, software created so far in this area. The Federal Department of health was also a customer, the Robert Koch Institute and the Max Rubner Institute. Will be provided for close cooperation with science and research. The knowledge for the practical feasibility and usability provide clients such as Unilever, Milupa, Kotanyi and of course the many kitchens and operations of community care. date thinking tools, Cornelius lane 4 A-1060 Vienna, Austria