Quality Criteria

Ceramic tiles attached with cement mortar or with adhesives and mastics, made on the basis of rubber and rubber. Recent elastic and easier to work, but quickly become useless and are afraid of high temperature – detrimental effect on them can have a neighborhood with a dryer in the bath or riser with hot water. Before starting work, ceramic tile soaked in water for 8 – 10 hours. Thanks to soak tiles soaked with moisture that significantly increases the strength of their adhesion to the cement and cement. All operations on the installation of the tiles is to produce the level and slope.

Use tags and beacons (reference tile, determine the level of future cladding). Do not straighten uneven walls with an adhesive for the tiles. Indicators of quality of work is: on the tiles are no traces of mortar, mastic, and mechanical damage. The joints between the tiles are vertical and horizontal line with a tolerance of not more than 1 mm to 1 m. The thickness of the seams the same everywhere. The tiles are in one plane, without or buckling. Tile joints should be filled so that solution was flush with the tiles lining between the tile and the base is not void.